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Live Feed Discussion-July 28

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 28

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  • #2
    Morning all. Doesn't look like anything has changed. They're in a holding pattern right now waiting for Frank to be evicted. Z and Paulie drama last night, but I don't think it affects the game.


    • #3
      Dear CBS, we get it. You're the only one who likes Paul. Get over it and let's hear from someone else. PLEASE!


      • #4
        Also, it was a shame NO ONE showed any sportsmanship and cheer for Bridget. That was cruel.
        Michelle got a bad edit during the Bridget/Michelle bathroom conversation.


        • Delvoire
          Delvoire commented
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          It was very sad. Others have said it before, but man the way they are acting towards the people they want out of the house this year is just awful. Normally it's just a person or so that do that, but this year it's the majority.

          I loved how Frank was blatantly telling everyone he wanted the Veto used on him and was campaigning, that's what you're supposed to do in the game.

          I'm ready for some house flipping.

      • #5
        My posts are very short because my phone kicks me out every time I try to comment. 13 years and I finally get involved only to be kicked out constantly.


        • KennyERJ
          KennyERJ commented
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          Hmmm, not sure what the problem could be. What kind of phone are you using? What browser? I have Android with the newest Marshmallow operating system using Google Chrome and never have any trouble posting. If you haven't already, maybe try clearing your browser history & cookies and signing back in and see if that helps.

        • Barbso
          Barbso commented
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          My friends have all told me that I'm a glutton for punishment because I consistently watch BB even though this year I think the majority of "characters" are shallow and despicable. This season has me fast forwarding the shows, BB Afrer Dark and not watching the Live Feeds because these people are just offensive to watch. But.....I love this site and it's my only saving grace! To me Paul is just poisonous; Paulie has no redeeming qualities at all and is just too egocentric to care about; Corey is boorish (and not too swift); Nicole is so annoying and just a miserable person; Frank is ok to watch for more tha 5 minutes but I wouldn't ever trust him and he's creepy; Victor is arrogant and pompous; Bridgett has my foul mouth but it's hard to take 24/7; Z cares more about looking at herself than showing she has a personality at all. The rest I can actually watch for a little longer time! My favorite (which you know can change on a dime) is Natalie. All in all they are the most shallow bunch of people that BB has ever cast. However, I do remember posting (which I rarely do) in past seasons that "I just can't watch these people"! But this I really mean it.Really! So keeping up with BB Updates and all of your comments helps me lower my blood pressure this season! Oh... I never seem to mute Natalie and James when they're together on the Live Feeds. Their conversations seem more appealing and pleasant in contrast to the repulsiveness of so many others in the house. Thanks for having this place for me to vent! Can't wait to see who gets the round trip ticket tonight!

      • #6
        MY WEEKLY DARWIN AWARDS (Posted before this evening's eviction.)

        The Fatal attraction award: Zakiyah, I will not be ignored! (Run Paulie Run)

        The Smith Brothers award: Paulie and Paul, same name, some stupid haircut, same potty mouth. Only difference is the size of the dead cat on the chin. (Paulie, forget the switch, I'm getting the razor strap out - what are you doing??)

        The Puppet Man award: Corey, funny when you speak I don't see Nicole's lips move. Also strange that your hand is in the wrong place for a ventriloquist dummy.

        The Wictor, Wictor, Yes! He Vas My Boyfriend award: Victor, every time I hear your name I do my best Frau Blucher from Young Frankenstein. Then your braying laugh fills in for the rearing horses when she speaks. Naaaaayyyyyyyyyy

        The Statue of America award: James, You proved you can stand forever. Now can you play the game without Paulie (aka The House) telling you what to do?

        The Don't Tell Me Different, Know It's a Lie award: Nicole, Yep, lets sing a chorus of the Castaways song "Liar Liar". You got caught out during HOH comp, and stumbled through the 'No, I didn't do that', all the while caught with jam all over your face.

        The Penalty for Grandstanding award: Michelle, Yes you ferociously won the POV, but over-played your joy. However, then you were LAST getting an envelope-say what?

        The Ain't No Fooling Me award: Da'Vonne, she was not buying the Frank and Bridgette 'stuff' with Frank's game offering. Benefited at least for now by Nicole being caught flat out.

        The I Really Was a Cheerleader award: Natalie, please prove it through more than high kicks. Please just win one physical comp!

        The Tickle Me Elmo award: Bridgette, that nervous giggle is so very annoying. Somebody pull her batteries out!

        And the Darwin Award of Special Merit goes to:

        Frank, you were outplayed by those who used your self-confidence against you. You just couldn't believe that you were being played, when it was obvious to everyone else. The kicker was when you nommed the friend of your partner and watched her get voted out. I can't feel sorry for you, since it began with your treatment of the women and your obliviousness to their feelings of your actions AND your denial that you even did it! I doubt you'll get any self-prospective when you get home, but yeah, this is what you quit your job for. SAD


        • JeanK
          JeanK commented
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          I actually knew right away what you meant when you said "he vas my boyfriend! "
          I've got that movie memorized! Hahahahaha!

        • birdiefriend
          birdiefriend commented
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          'Somebody pull her batteries out' ... I love it !!

      • #7
        Morning all,

        Frank is going home tonight, and knows it. There has been no obvious push from the DR, and no one considers him to have an above average chance of holding the return ticket, so my prediction from yesterday did not come to pass. At his point, Frank needs to go to in order for the house to finish it's reconfiguration. If they are rigging the tickets (which I absolutely believe they will do, since they will need it to be played, and they have NEVER had a power not used, since S7, when the DPOV was never played), the rig is not going to be for Frank.

        Paul has succeeded in supplanting Corey as Paulie's number one. He also has a side deal with Victor, and an open alliance with Z, Da, himself (Big Sister) and Paulie, and he is in the BBBros of James, Corey, Paulie and himself. He has really moved up from the bottom in week 1/2 and now co runs the house with Paulie. If we was not so odious, I would be cheering him on, much as I did Andy Herren's eventual win.

        Da and Nicole and by extension Corey, have played themselves into a hole, and won't be getting out, as attitudes firm up, and the guys all look for allies among themselves. This has helped Bridgette, who does not have to win tonight, in order to avoid the block. She will also not be competing against Paul or Paulie, or James (outgoing HOH), and so her odds of winning actually go up beyond her strict numerical chances.

        Corey is going to have to make a loyalty call soon, between the boys and Nicole, and I am certain he will side with the boys.

        Most at risk : Nicole, followed by a close second of Da Vonne. Least at risk: Paulie, who when I run through head to head matchups, gets 5 votes to stay against anyone in the house, with one possible outside scenario, which is Victor as HoH, Paul turns on him reconfigure the house, and Natalie is in the other chair. In that one specific scenario, Paulie goes home in a 4-4 split vote, and Victor would send Paulie out. But, I don't see Victor being enough of a gamer to be plotting that, and I think Paul would keep Paulie around as a bigger target once the house numbers shrink.

        James and Nat are a full on alliance. From conversation last night, Nat is fully aware of the boys alliance, James is watching out for her, and they hope to cut off any attempts to target Nat, before those things come to fruition. If James was a better gamer, that promise might mean more. As it is though, Corey is suspect, though Paulie keeps dismissing Paul, James, and Da attempts to discredit him.

        Nicole finally admits, she wants to replay S16 with Paulie, only now she wants to take the place of Christine (Not really, but that is the practical effect, of proposing N/C form an alliance with James, Paul, Paulie, and after prompting from Corey, include Nat as a plus one). I have no idea what Nicole thinks she is doing.

        Da is on thin ice, and thinks she is better in with the power group then she is. And, from the show, Paul is being auditioned as the new narrator, which does not bode well for Da having the return ticket either.

        Expect real fireworks if Bridgette gets a win, which the show is due for. We have not had a potential evictee, come off the block, and become HoH this season. We are due.


        • cutencuddly
          cutencuddly commented
          Editing a comment
          Why does a Derrick or a Vanessa or Andy deserve to be rooted on though thought to be odious but a Paul does not? Is it just a personal matter? D and V and A weren't odious to you, so you could root for them?

          I'm vaguely rooting for Paul in spite of some of the things he has said because of how well he has negotiated the house after starting in a really bad position.

        • KeninVA
          KeninVA commented
          Editing a comment
          cutencuddly, exactly it is a personal thing. The slur against Nat has set me against him irredeemably, much as I view GM.

        • KeninVA
          KeninVA commented
          Editing a comment
          ManaDee, there are going to be 8 votes next week, plus HoH as a tie breaker. I think Da would vote Z out, over Paulie, based on her behavior the past day or two. More importantly, James, Nat, Nicole, Paul, and Victor, would all vote her out, over Paulie (IMO) and Da and likely Michelle, would follow along.

      • #8
        Sorry...I put my rant as a comment instead of a post....after a zillion years of 99% just reading, I forgot how to post! Betty boo ...I love your Darwin awards


        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
          Editing a comment
          Merci. Lucky to have so many looney tooneys in this house to pick on.

      • #9
        Watching the Paris invasion told a lot about the House. James first instinct was to shout out the announcement on the screen to the House with Natalie standing right beside him asking, should we wake everyone up. The message suggested to keep it to yourself, but they had no understanding how crucial that could be. Paulie shows up and quietly takes it in and as he later expressed was so frustrated by their town crier moves that alerted Frank and Bridgette and put them into the hunt. Paul shows up and goes running around the House shouting,'"I got it, I got it', but gets upset when he can't get James and Corey to get Frank and Bridgette away from the phone. BUT not once did Paul play it as a team sport. He could have given the info to one of his supposed buddies and lead Frank and Bridgette away, but never once did he consider being anything but the mystery solver and winner of the prize. Later, he had to assure his 'team' over and over that he was going to share when the 'time was right'.

        Once he got in, Victor, Corey and Paulie followed, since they had no trust in Paul and wanted to be part of the mystery solution and reward. Eventually Frank and Bridgette got in too. THEN the slugs were let in on the secret although they had done little to solve it. now everyone has a possible Golden Ticket to get back in the House. IF it is Frank tonight, you're going to see some mightily frustrated people. But, what all this shows is that there is no real cohesive team like the Brigrade this year. There are people who agree to vote the same way since it benefits them when they're not the Block. Rather like last year when the maze constantly reorganizes with no firm path to the end.

        So far Paulie is the best player, but that's only by being judged by the others in the game. They come to him for council and approval, all while never being talked about as the next out the door. Paul is the ying to his yang with his loud mouth who doesn't give a hoot what others think about him, saying to their faces what Paulie would love to say. He takes the spotlight off Paulie all while being Paulie's tightest buddy. Paul is fearless about putting nose into everything and reporting it back to Paulie. At the same time he is able to get people to back up when he breaks up private conversations like Frank's with Michelle's before the POV ceremony. While it annoys us, there is a certain perverse genius to it IN the House in keeping the inmates in line.

        I'm not saying that this pairing will make it to the end. Paulie has tried to build the 'Homies' which is the guys, but first Frank stepped in it. Then Corey and James get pulled to their game wives. So he picks up Paul AND Victor, whom he put out of the House? And Paulie picked a game wife who is only thinks she's on the dating game. He may be the best in the House, but that's because its a weak house of players. He benefited from Jozea's foolishness and the taint that put on Jozea's friends. Then Tiffany did her boo hoo hoo act and put the target on her. Frank's big mouth got him tagged. Like an action movie, he's tossing out marbles into the path of those chasing him. Eventually, he will get tagged and how/if he survives will show if he's cleared a path to the end. Will Paul knife him in the end? Very likely since Paul has shown that its all about him. Like Steve last year, he won't take someone to the end who could beat him. I would be shocked to see the two of them together in the Final Two.

        But, as we know each HOH and even more the POV becomes more essential to staying in the game. Will Paulie toss out the clown shoe? Will Victor win HOH and put Paulie up, pissing off his other buddy Paul (or not, hmmm?). Meanwhile the girls continue to attack each other, while leaching on to the guys. Except for Da'Vonne, they judge their value by how they are valued by the guys. Rather sad when we finally have a woman affirmed as a presidential candidate.

        Last word to CBS. I am so tired of them flipping cameras every time there's a real conversation going on. I don't need to see Nicole and Corey canoodling. Anyone talks game and bam they flip to somebody cooking in the kitchen. I only got All-Access this year since it was available on my Firestick. But with them sleeping all day and the restrictions on what we can see and hear, I just don't see the reason to pay CBS each month for the privilege. IF they would just give us more real access, they would sell more subscriptions. To serve the network shows, they have starved All-Access. Maybe the rumored new All-Access version of Big Brother will give us what we want, but right now its not worth six bucks a month to me.


        • KeninVA
          KeninVA commented
          Editing a comment
          Since we are talking about our fantasy All Access BB, I would love it if they would turn the feeds on, and only cut the sound for music, but leave the feeds on for the entire time. Let people watch them rehearse the live show, put one camera on the Diary room, to watch the entire thing, live. You could even build a little app to let people "produce" their own segments by stringing together packaged scenes and diary rooms.

        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
          Editing a comment
          Yep the old Showtime BBAD days were juicy. Previously we got to see so much on live feeds. Now we see more of Dory, Nemo and Jeff then the inmates. Duh, CBS give us more and folks won't cancel All-Access as quickly. Give us our money's worth!!

        • JeanK
          JeanK commented
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          I miss the days of Showtime

      • #10
        I'm ready for some of these bullies to feel the flames a little. It's time for a house flip.

        I bet Frank is really wishing he didn't bamboozle Bridgettes HOH win....


        • #11
          We did not get a house flip in S16, even though one was possible with Nic/Donnie winning HoH. It just feels like Paulie is too insulated, and he is the key to a successful flip. He has three potential number 2's lined up in Corey, Paul, and Victor, and right now, up against them, they would go home over him in a head to head match up.


          • Luanne
            Luanne commented
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            Ken, James also thinks he is Paulie's number 2.

          • KeninVA
            KeninVA commented
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            Luanne, I agree, Paulie thinks of James as a potential second, but James would take Nat over Paulie, so until she is out of the house, I discounted him. In fact, I count James as an evict Paulie vote in the hypothetical matchup between Nat and Paulie.

        • #12
          I'm surprised no one covered Z's meltdown


          • ~2much~
            ~2much~ commented
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            I only have after dark and so far they haven't shown how meltdown. But I heard her say to Paulie ..she didn't like that Nicole was rubbing his hair? That part I saw but I didn't see how Melt down...then again I'm not through

        • #13
          I think this house is going to reveal more than what we currently see at least I hope so. The current take over boys Paul and Paulie do not seem to me will be the ongoing leadership for very long. First they are just terrible leaders , they are short sighted when it comes to seeing the house for the potential. Right now the situation reminds me of that carnival game , the one with the canvas little characters lined up on a shelf and softballs are given to knock them down. While these guys go about controlling the rest with their list of who is next I am hoping that the remaining guests start making some of their own decisions. As far as Frank goes it would be smart to keep him in reserve to comeback and reset the tone of the game. He has learned much and could utilize that info maybe not this week but soon there still is a lot of game to play.
          Last edited by breakingwave; 07-28-2016, 12:27 PM.


          • #14
            Just saw on Twitter that Julie will be announcing another twist where fans can affect the game. Another Americas favorite or ??? Wonder how much of the search for the salle de francois will be shown? More important will Julie finally comment on the biggest event of the season? The gawd awful Paulie scalping!!!


            • TTOTambz
              TTOTambz commented
              Editing a comment
              Other options that it could be:
              * America given a Road Kill (to nominate original and replacing hamster on block)
              * Allowed to give the final envelope to a specific hamster
              * Pick someone to become America's player (thus possibly hurting their game... um I pick Paulie then)
              * Pick 2 hamsters to work together & help them with clues (I'd pick Da to help keep her around and I think I'd pick Paul since Paulie tells him so much)

              * America gets special POV to remove a nominee and replace them with another

              I'm sure there are a million variables.

            • belle1
              belle1 commented
              Editing a comment
              TTOTambz my thinking is that James is paying more attention to Nat's read on the house. To many things she has told him has been confirmed through his talks with others and the actions of others.

            • OhThisHouse
              OhThisHouse commented
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              America will vote for who gets season slop pass. Care package each week, with America voting on who gets it.

          • #15
            Hi everyone just a quick peek in..dealing with sickies since getting back home starting with hubby the night I got back and it's gone through both boys and now seems I might be getting a turn ..blech! No Bueno

            I'm so behind/out of the loop I have no clue what's going on/what I've missed..I haven't even been able to watch the aired shows ..

            okay enough poor me talk lol

            just wanted to remind my Fantasy Game players, if you haven't already done so..hop over HERE and get your answers in for this Round! You have about 6.5 hours left to get those in!

            Hopefully I'll be back on track and hangin out with you guys again soon! *hugs* to all!


            • belle1
              belle1 commented
              Editing a comment
              So sorry to hear of the sickies. Feel better soon

            • Shan
              Shan commented
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              Thanks belle1

            • Starshine
              Starshine commented
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              Take care of YOU and feel better soon.🤒

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