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Live Feed Discussion - July 29

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  • Live Feed Discussion - July 29

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    Good Morning!

    It's been a heck of a night... make sure you check out the Live Feed Updates for all the flip floppy, crazy in the head details!


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      Trying this on my tablet. My phone has been kicking me off all season. Bridget's goodbye message made me tear up. Is James stupid or is he just trying to get along? Why oh why is he not questioning the guys always wanting to cut Natalie? Why does James never say how about Z or N? I don't think I'm alone hoping that Da, James, Nat, ick Paul, Bridget, Meech and Victor (expendable with Paul) find a way to pull together and get rid of Nicole, Paulie, then Corey, and Z out.
      Hey, lol, I didn't get kicked out!


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        Good Morning Lexie and all who follow:

        Well King Paulie took over the house and went above and beyond to let everyone know who is running the house. Among the series of lies he told was that Da made up that Corey/Nicole had a F4 with Fridgette to Zakiayh. Then he also told her Da came to tell him about her being upset to create controversy between Zak/Da.

        While Paul was telling Da, James et el this was going to be an easy week with Bridgette going after he nomed her with a strong guy to ensure the POV win. Then Paulie went to work literally telling anyone who would listen that Da is the target and would be leaving this week.

        I found this move extremely arrogant given him telling James/Nat/NiCorey et el that only served to scream this is my house and I DECIDE WHO LEAVES.

        He also stopped Paul from putting up Corey/Victor and after he/Corey spoke to their showmances and both said why do I have to go up then both Nicole/Paulie went to Natalie to get her to volunteer as the pawn. When she said no it created a non-stop b*tch fest from Paulie/Nicole about her not accepting this role. James meanwhile is starting to see the light since neither Nicole/Zakiyah have been on the block ie. the pecking order is clear. Even though James knows NiCorey made the F4 with Frank/Brig it's obvious Paulie still views them as being ahead of James.

        James made the point to Paulie that he has nerve damage (or pain) in his arm from last week's HOH and noted he did what the house wanted last week so why aren't they doing what they said this week?

        At one point with Nicole whining (what else is new) and cutting up Natalie (did I mention I despise Nicole this year?) Paulie speaks up and says fine I'll go on the block. What? WHAT? WHAT??? This guys ego has expanded to such a degree that he believes if he's on the block no one would dare vote him out.

        Then again this house has acted so stupid they probably wouldn't. That led to Corey also volunteering and Nicole meekly saying yeah I can too. Bet on Bridgette and Nicole on the block today as I doubt Paul will put up Paulie.

        Fall Out:
        • Can the conversation that occurred last night be a harbinger for James to recognize things need to change?
        • Will James or Natalie warn Da? (please)
        • Can Da get picked for POV and WIN PLEASE
        • Will Zakiyah THINK FOR ONCE and speak to Bridgette to learn Nic/Corey DID have a F4 and she also had a F2
        • Will Zakiyah get mad at Da and out what Paulie told her (re: Da going to him about Zak being upset?)
        • Will Nat & James recognize they are definitely on the bottom of the totem pole? And can they get others aligned to stop the Paulie Reign? Surely if they point out to Victor, Michelle, Bridgette, Da whats up they would recognize once they share stories that Paulie/Corey/Nicole intend to run the house to the end? (maybe TPTB could help here.
        • Can Natalie/James/Bridgette (AFTER POV IS PLAYED AND DECIDED) pull Zakiyah/Meech in a room and out Paulie's plan to cut all the girls one at a time to go to the end with the boys? Even if Nat went alone and told them perhaps it might wake them up. Though I think James also being involved could help. If they told Zakiyah all the things Paulie has said behind her back would that wake her up? Someone needs to point out how stupid they look and how America will be laughing at them for handing Paulie & his boys all the prize money. (then as the care packages keep coming in to anyone but them, maybe then they'll get a clue!)

        Notably I checked a few sites to see where the slop pass votes were falling with Natalie atop many (NO I WANT HER TO GET A LARGER PRIZE). Some had Bridgette and some had Paulie citing the fact it would just add to his belief he was beloved. God I hope he doesn't get it as he'll be unbearable. Some sites were also picking Da which could send Paul/Paulie a message!

        AND as far as people being upset about Da's GB message to Frank let's remember he slapped her ass (twice), told her that her titties weren't hanging properly on multiple occasions, called her a slut (in jest, but still) and tried relentlessly to oust her/ruin her game. I think she was entitled to tell him what she felt!

        Numbered Days (Da's)

        Though Paul wants Bridgette out Paulie is on a mission to get rid of Da and has Nicole & Corey also working overtime to make this happen. Da senses something is up but will Nat or James warn her?

        At this stage I think the only way Da is safe is:
        • She gets picked for POV and wins (& then hopefully someone tattles so she can decide to pull down Bridgette or leave noms the same). Given how fate works odds are this will be the week she doesn't get picked to play Veto which sucks as it will be a true back door. (but we'll keep our fingers crossed)
        • James or Nat plays wins & leaves noms the same
        • TPTB get into Paul's head to take out Bridgette
        • Bridgette blows up Nicole's game to everyone so they see she is really the bigger target
        • Da leaves and immediately returns with the round trip pass, wins HOH and puts up Paulie/Corey on block with Paulie leaving in DE. (I can't even express how much I want her to win DE & be the one to take Paulie out... though Natalie taking him out would also be SWEET)

        I really am curious to see if anything shifts in the house this week or if these inane females can piece together what the boys/Dictator Paulie are doing.

        I'm also pretty sure Natalie/James won't be holding back every again based on what happened last night. Apparently Natalie threw the comp b/c James told her not to worry about winning and she had hit the target several times.

        So, how will the care package effect the house? Will they be told this is the first of many? Will anyone look at the recipient (if it's Bridge,Da or Natalie for example) and think wait a minute?

        So, I'm off to complete some NBA updates on Free Agency and still HOT over the sheer arrogance of Paulie. I suspect the noms will be Bridgette and Nicole and I'll remain hopeful they stay that way with something happening to oust Nicole instead of Bridgette by week's end.

        Have a great day all.
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        • herms is here
          herms is here commented
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          I don't like the way the house is configured, but it would be great if Bridgette could win veto and save herself. But then it would probably be Da and Nicole on the block. Another vet going home. Do you think that right now Paulie and company are just concentrating on getting out the vets. Once that has been accomplished the house then resets again. All the newbies for themselves. Is Paul acting like more of a God since Winn just ng HOH? How will the care packages effect the game. Definitely hope that Paul and Paulie, Zakiyah and Nicole maybe even Michelle don't win anything. Natalie, if she was close to winning should have just won.

        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
          Editing a comment
          Thanks TJeffy AND .. if that is the case that Zak knows perhaps she can see the writing on the wall that Paulie's true intention is to oust all the women. Hmmm

          Herms...... as per Natalie winning - after last week James and Nat decided they didn't need to win this week (nor did they want to given how everyone acted). During the practice time Nat hit the target (apparently 3 times) and then threw a 2 to throw the comp. After what they've witnessed the past two weeks I doubt they'll throw any more comps.

          What's amazing to me is Nat hung in late with the endurance comp last week, Nicole & Zak (who've won 1 comp between them which was the one GIVEN to Nicole) are ranting about Natalie being a floater but why is it they feel so superior to her?
          Last edited by TTOTambz; 07-29-2016, 10:41 AM.

        • CubbyBrother
          CubbyBrother commented
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          @Ken, I grab the parallel with Andy as well. I'm just replaying S10 where Dan was in major danger early, escaped the mid stage and won everything and threw everything at the right times. I think if Paul had somewhere near a likeable personality the comparsion would be greater. That pit in my stomach is forming that Paul will play the Dan of his return season and be cold blooded and win when he has to and he has fallen from the radar and can continue. There is nothing happening with this HOH (so far) that will throw him back on the endangered list. I do agree with you, (almost like always) that he can be seen playing that Andy fiddle as well.

      • #5
        It's 7:51 am and I go straight to my iPad (after I made coffee, of course) and my worst nightmare has will be so insufferable to watch BB this week. Paul, Paulie, Victor and Cory are the bullies I taught my students about....but my students were 10 years old....and these bullies are no different. They are repulsive!
        oh well...another week of only reading Bb Updates so I don't have to listen to them on live feeds or bb after dark! I just can't!
        Paul is just too arrogant now....even more than before hoh, if that's even possible.


        • #6
          Only a few comments to add:

          Worst Outcome Ever (this week anyway ). Da's status as being a POV away from going up, is also known by Z and Michelle. It will be interesting to see if they tell Da as well. Still not sure Paul will actually backdoor Da this week.

          Nicole had some strong magic last night, going from the number 1 target to not under consideration by anyone but Paulie.

          I suspect the Nat bashing by the two P's is more reflection of the girls behavior towards her, rather than a real desire to see her up and out.

          I hope and pray Paulie is on the block today, and that the house wakes up, and stages their own CDT.


          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
            Editing a comment
            That was all grand standing by Paulie so he could push his crown higher while he tells the plebs 'Even I as willing to go up' it's total BS. I've never seen Paulie lie as much as he did last night either.

            When he sets his sights on a female to oust he is relentless. Problem with that is he wants to do it weekly which means he'll only get 2 swings until Michelle at least wakes up. I'm dying to see the conversation with James/Nat today b/c his comments last night showed he does believe Nat & him are on the bottom.

            Paul will be in trouble b/c Michelle/Zak really do want Brig out, so changing that direction just b/c he's safe is telling. When he kept saying she (Brig) only has one target with James sitting in the room I wondered if Paulie is so drunk on his own mist he doesn't get it. Then he says but Da has multiple targets. The fact no one calls him on his BS is incredible! Brig wants NiCorey out, Da, Paulie etc in fact I'd wager she has more immediate targets than Da. At one point he said we have to get her out b/c she could win when Bridg is viewed as a comp threat. SMH

            Also of note: the things he lied about last night like Da made up the F4 between NiCorey/Fridgette are EASILY CHECKED OUT with Brig, James/Nat & Da.

            The group trashing and bad mouthing Natalie who is about the only person I see clean the house on a regular basis or be kind was also telling.

            Can't decide who I hate more Paulie or Nicole. Her holier than thou rant about 'they better not put me up or I'll turn the jury' and 'Nat is just this season's Victoria' were just plain repulsive. No Nicole she's not this season's Victoria b/c she CAN win, has bested you in many comps AND she's not only kinder with a better read of the game, but she sees RIGHt THROUGH YOU!

            Normally I'd be averse to the multiple care package, but I'm anxious to see Brid, Nat, James (hopefully Da there long enough to get one) to receive them while Paulie, Corey, Nicole and Paul get squat. In fact my choices will be HOH dependent on who needs it more from the above group and my Bribe selection will be utilized on someone I believe isn't playing Paulie's game (or possibly someone who'll shift from helping him).
            Last edited by TTOTambz; 07-29-2016, 08:00 AM.

          • Diane40
            Diane40 commented
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            I take it, you don't like Nicole. Me....can't stand Da'Vonne. Too many reasons to mention.

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          Morning all.

          The conference we're attending had Kenny Loggins as entertainment last night. At first I was sad that I was going to miss BB and the feeds, but after reading all that has happened, I know I was better off singing "House at Pooh Corner" with Kenny.

          Gracious. Nicole is off the hook again? HOW THE HECK DID THAT HAPPEN? (I see that my buddy Ken posts that Paulie still has her on a target list, so there is a sliver of hope. But I want him gone too.)

          Since this summer's events have kept me from being online as much, may I rant for a moment? This season is like a dumbed down version of BB16. I, personally, disliked watching Derrick run the house behind the scenes because all the other HGs were blind to it. It was too easy for him...he was too good. KeninVA and others reveled in it, though, because they loved watching his strategic mastery. Who knew the time would come that I'd long for the days of Derrick?

          BB18 again has one person running the house, but this year that person is not a genius like Derrick and the other HGs are not blind to him....they're just not very smart and don't appear to care. Paulie is running the house blatantly with no finesse (and I'm not sure he's using any real strategy). The other HGs all know Paulie is in charge and NO ONE SEEMS WORRIED. On top of that, many of them appear to have wandered onto the wrong set. They're under the mistaken idea that they are on the Dating Game and the winner gets a boyfriend instead of $500,000.

          While Derrick was undercover and brilliant, Paulie is over-bearing and not brilliant....and the HGs are all okay with that as long as they get to cuddle.

          Maybe if they get Da out this week (since they seem to have been hyper-focused on her) the others will re-focus and start playing? (How the heck did they decide Da was so dangerous? She doesn't ever win and no one listens to anyone but Paulie anyway, so Da seems the least of their worries.)

          Oh, least it's got us talking. I'll check back in after the conference and hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow and the HGs will realize they've got trouble in River City (now I'm singing Broadway tunes. It's getting serious.) Y'all behave and be sweet.


          • nonobadfish
            nonobadfish commented
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            Agree with all your points, KeninVA (and the fact that it's almost midway through the season and we're STILL in agreement is one of the most telling signs that this is a very strange year indeed).

          • KeninVA
            KeninVA commented
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            I just ran to the window, the sun is still up in the sky. Hope this is not a harbinger of the coming decision in Nov. A strange year indeed.

          • Walleye
            Walleye commented
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            Tick tick tick. The doomsday clock keeps counting down.........

        • #8
          Hi, everyone. I can't watch the feeds much at all this year (extremely slow internet), so THANKS to the updaters!

          I wouldn't worry about Da'Vonne going home. I'm almost certain at this point that if she is the target, she's going to cause a stink in the house and then walk back in the door with the round trip ticket and the house is going to blow up. Which would be enormous fun for us! At least I hope that's what happens.

          Now going to make a donation!


          • nonobadfish
            nonobadfish commented
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            That WOULD be fun, Border57 . And I'll join you in that donation.

        • #9
          Is it even possible that Paulie's arrogance can reach even higher levels? He has become unbearable for me to watch...

          I think I'd have a hard time keeping my mouth shut. I'd be calling him out saying things like "you know James while your stature isn't large, but your personality is of a titan, whereas Paulie you are of average height, but your actions are Napoleonic" I just can't
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            Good Morning all!

            Last night I gave all my votes for No Have Not passes to Victor. I'm glad I did and will continue to do so after seeing Paul is HoH and hearing him complain just a couple of hours ago about Victor eating everything and wishing he could have made Vic a Have Not. One little way to get under Paul's skin. Woohoo!


            • #11
              One thing has stuck in my brain that Paul said to James and Natalie: that he trusts them most in the game. He then tossed Paulies name in too, but it wasn't his initial thought. I fell asleep at 1am and read thru everything this morning and bemused that only Paul knows his 'pawn' to sit with Bridgette. Finally some mystery in the House.

              Poor Paulie. First his House Wife goes psycho on him and now he's stuck in Pergatory with her for a week while on starvation diet. Then his lap dog won't listen to him even after he cut his hair to look just like him? A test of leadership or his downfall? (And just how much will he and Corey despise Vic for stuffing his face when they're crammed into teeny cars and eating Slop.)

              Every year I bemoan how ignorant these people are. The phrase I want to kill this year is: ON ACCIDENT. It indicates a deliberate action and one can not deliberately do something accidentally! The correct phrase is: BY ACCIDENT. OK got that off my chest though I'd love to go on how they not only lack education about the world, but the curiosity to learn.

              Last thought. I'm actually enjoying Victor more this run. He can tell a funny story and make them laugh. He has proved he has brains and physicality. Too bad he he has that annoying laugh and goofed up his start with Jozea. But, like Paul, he's managed to do a course correction and move forward. Not that he won't eventually be any easy out, but he's avoiding the revolving door for now so good for him.


              • #12
                Maybe this season instead of having America's favorite, we should vote for who was hated the least.


                • joahnn00
                  joahnn00 commented
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                  This^^^^^ only one person Natalie.

              • #13
                Havent posted this year, seems like everyone in and out of the game is so critical and mean about everything instead of just enjoying the game and laughing while most make fools of themselves. It is television and set up for ratings, I think we need to all remember that sometimes. Anyway, even though he isn't liked much on social media I voted for Corey for the care package. It just seems cruel to ask him at 6'5 to get into that tiny car. Can't wait for the noms today, who knows what is really going to happen.


                • Luanne
                  Luanne commented
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                  I do not want Corey to get the care package, but I agree, it is cruel that BB insist he sleeps in the car. They should allow him to sleep on the floor.

                • cutencuddly
                  cutencuddly commented
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                  . . . Hiya!

                • BBhead
                  BBhead commented
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                  I voted for Corey to have that care package as well; partially because of his height, and partially because I want to save a better, more important package in the event Paulie needs it later..

              • #14
                Good morning all. I stayed up so late last night.

                I dislike Paulie- When Paul won HOH, he stated no one needs to talk to me. I know what I am going to do. A promise was made. Look what happened. While he was telling everyone, he hated Bridgette, and this was her week to go, Paulie was telling everyone, Da was the target.. WHAT the heck. In front of James, Paulie talked about how Bridgette was not coming after them, knowing they she would go after James since he put her on the block. He talked about keeping Bridgette and sending Da home. James did not like that. The problem I have with James is, that with that information, he went to sleep. That is when he needed to stay in the loop. When he woke up, Nicole and Paulie both had tried to talk Natalie into going on the block.

                I could see Da's mind going round and round last night. She express concern that Paul stated he wanted a strong competitor on the block to make sure Bridgette did not win, but only talked about putting up one of the girls. She was wondering what happened to the Victor/Bridgette nom that they all talked about.

                I had gone to bed when Paulie said he would go up. I need to go back and watch. I do not think Paul will put him up.


                • #15
                  I hate the Have Not part of the game anyway.

                  I despise myself when I think about it. Because I despise myself for watching this show that tortures its guests, pays people to think of ways to torture people, and thinks so poorly of us that they think that we want to see people tortured.

                  Whenever I am reminded about the Have Not evilness, I truly hate myself for being part of this.

                  Yet still I watch.
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