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Live Feed Discussion-July 30

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 30

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    Morning all


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      Morning Geo, and all who follow:

      Losing my patience with these people.

      This house is full of mean spirited, insecure narcissists! I'm only reading comments on BBU and another site and watching BBAD at this point b/c I just can't anymore.

      Hopes for mastermind dispelled:
      Ken and a few others got me hyped up yesterday with the prospect Paul was literally a mastermind who was setting up Paulie for the big fall. On the block with an opportunity to strike down the leader of the house I was drooling with anticipation and ready to anoint Paul as an incredible strategist. Reality set in and not only is Paul all in with Paulie he's been shifted off his original goal of taking out Bridgette.

      What I find the most disturbing is how Paulie does whatever he wants. He decides who is nominated, who will be saved and even when meetings will occur. He made sure to get to Bridgette first yesterday prior to the P & P meeting to ensure he is seen as the hero.

      Care packages unleash pack mentality:
      I'm happy Natalie knows she is a fan favorite, but I sure wish viewers would have waited to give her something more valuable to her game. Most of the reason I had to step away from BB yesterday had to do with how the house reacted to Nat receiving the first care package.

      I expected the girls to get catty, hey it's how they've acted all season (though Zak, Bridg & Da were happy for Nat), but the way the men reacted specifically Corey, P&P was shocking. The men attacked from every angle including her personality, her usefulness (or lack thereof) in the game, her physical appearance etc. etc.

      Fortunately for Nat I do think the shade will die down as the next package arrives and the house shifts their vitriol onto the next target.

      Of note: I don't think it's wise to send unpopular players care packages thinking the house will turn on them since the mean group will find ways to rationalize why the best packages were saved for them. Therefore, I will not EVER vote for Nicole, Corey, or Paulie to receive a package. There are others I'm not fond of either but since I only like (or can tolerate) Nat, James, Da and Bridgette I need to keep an option or two open given Da is likely leaving this week and there are still 4 packages to send.

      Napoleon Paulie:
      I've gone from thinking Paulie was a nice guy, to he's tolerable and playing the best game to absolutely despising him as a player. It's one thing for a player to manipulate, but quite another to be the one instigating the cruel pack mentality. He seems to enjoy speaking down to the others and revels in making people feel bad.

      I'm annoyed the guys just let him take over their HOH's and frustrated they allow him to choose the target based on who threatens him the most. His new tactic is picking an insecurity of someone and planting seeds to get what he wants. Case in point:
      • Tells Michelle that Da told Bridgette she wouldn't allow her to bully her (not even close to what really happened)
      • Has Zakiyah spinning in circles saying she is petty, mean and acts like a little girl in order to create distance
      • After Victor complains about Nat's eviction message he plays up how Natalie talked about him not being a gentleman
      • Is planting seeds with Paul/Corey re: Nicole for next week
      • Tells Bridgette that James is playing Derricks game
      • Comments on Natalie's breasts and how she is worthless

      His seeds are all meant to create chaos and have all the girls after each other and to point them at a specific man other than him. He systematically tears apart a person via this method having already done his work Friday on Da with Paul, Bridgette, Meech and Zak. Paulie truly enjoys playing the role of dictator with his statements bearing an "or else" type tone to them. Suffice to say I've never wanted to see a player have the rug pulled out from under them more. He's smug, arrogant, cruel and a misogynist.

      Da is a sitting duck:
      Unless she gets picked for POV and wins it seems a forgone conclusion Da will exit on Thursday. I'll obviously hope she has the round trip ticket so she can re-enter and shake up the house.

      I'm most disappointed that not one player has warned her, specifically Nat, James, or Zak who I thought cared about her. Instead she will be blind sided (though I'd bet she has a feeling something is up) while people like Paulie, Nicole and Corey revel in her demise.

      I had thought there would be a sense of irony as Nicole would be laughing only to have the smile wiped from her face next week, but given her snake-like ability to slither away repeatedly this season I'm not betting the bank on it.

      Is there a ray of hope or should we just hand Paulie the money?:
      When Paulie started saying he'd be interested to see how Da and Zak would vote if he stayed on the block I wondered if TPTB were starting to panic given Paulie's boot order is Da, Nicole and he's amping up turning people against James (all the vets).

      At this stage the only person's conversations who aren't being outed is Paulie and he's using it to plant astounding lies like Da made up the F4 with Fridgette as well as Da saying the girls were mean to Bridgette (told to Meech as she's concerned she looks like a bully).

      There are people who could stop this, but they need to share intel and recognize what's happening. It would require several of the players outing intel they have about Paulie like James, Paul and Zakiyah for example. The problem there is James' tendency is not to stir the pot, Paul thinks he is F2 with Paulie and Zakiyah is in a showmance with him. Or they could have a house meeting to blow everything up (yeah right).

      Then again how Paulie spoke to Zakiyah last night was bordering Frank's insensitivity. That convo demonstrates exactly how safe Paulie feels given he's on the block. You would think a 'good' player would know not to create any friction while on the block, but he's so confident he doesn't care. Michelle was in the hall listening as well. Can these girls figure out the warning signals? But no, she'll just go back to trying to appease him.

      Yeah... you see why I'm discouraged as this dictatorship appears to be well in hand with a bunch of players this season who either don't know how to play the game or conversely are playing too scared.

      Barring Nat, James, Zak (surprising everyone) or Da winning POV and having Bridgette come and out everything P&P told them yesterday we are headed for the worst season in BB history (and if you saw the winter session you know that's saying a lot).

      The way the house has gone I won't be surprised if Da doesn't get picked for POV (though she's been in almost all of them to this point). The only thing we don't know is if Paulie will attack Da right after the POV is over or they decide to wait until Monday to pull the rug out from under her.

      Last edited by TTOTambz; 07-30-2016, 08:57 AM.


      • belle1
        belle1 commented
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        Lynette, I was thinking last night that Paulie was acting/being like a cult leader. Unbelievable that others are following him like lambs. Walleye, I was also wondering why James and Da were not talking and gathering folks together. I came to the conclusions that first can James trust Da enough after all her fingers in the pies and second I am not sure there are enough thinking people to pull in to get Paulie out. The guys are locked into a guys only at the end, Nic definitely can not be trusted, Z is not giving up her future baby daddy, and Michele is so jealous of the other girls she won't betray her guy buddies. That leaves only James and Nat and Bridgette and Da if not on the block.

      • Tjeffy
        Tjeffy commented
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        I'm sorry TTOT. I really thought Paul might at least maintain one of his b***s.

      • breakingwave
        breakingwave commented
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        I have been annoyed by these players for quite a while they are worst than 5 year playing dress up. My list of likable is much shorter than your,I am trying very hard to like any of them. I have cut my viewing feeds down to a miminum. It's sad as I look forward to Big Brother all year we count downthetime live feeds start. I loved Frank so that was an unexpected treat but his working with the others was not good ,they don't have BBplayers here they,have whiners,tyrants,pranking immature people who waste my time and live feed money. The one I like is Bridgette and that may be just for now so I will most likely reading here more hoping I hear something worth while of viewing.
        Last edited by breakingwave; 07-30-2016, 02:46 PM.

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      TPTB need to really do something here or this season will end up being as boring for viewers & feeders as Season 16. They surely ( if not Julie) don't want a ratings bomb like that again. Derrick's season was the most painful season to watch from a fan's perspective since season 9 & 10. If Da goes out on Thursday & doesn't have a round trip ticket; I'm done. I just don't care to deal with a REPEAT of season 16. The casting this season has been the worst. The choice of vets sucked, the siblings twist is awful and the newbies have no clue how to play BB and its obvious none of them have a back bone between them. All the twists in the world (care packages) won't do a thing if all the people who WOULD flip the script are booted before a decent care package is given. The twist will just be used to make the boring season even more predictable. Expect the unexpected- yeah right! Lol


      • Walleye
        Walleye commented
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        You know, I thought the vet choices were great at the beginning, but I expected them to have learned something from the first go around. They haven't. All of them are playing exactly the same. How could they expect a different result?

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      TTot, I so look forward to reading your daily posts! I don't get the feeds so I don't know sometimes what's been going on . I knew Paulie was planting lies but I didn't know either what really was goin on in Pauls mind if he was after Paulie or not . I was hopping Paul was playing Paulie but I guess he's under his spell too. So far I can see a lot of every past winners tactics in Paulie , yet NO ONE HAS YET CAUGHT ON! I still have hope that Paul or Day or James or even Meech do something to out him. If Z would turn on him and he would get booted it would be epic! By the way why do they call Michelle Meech?


      • Lynette
        Lynette commented
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        She said her friends outside the house call her that and there is a rapper with that name.

    • #6
      Thanks Lynette for answering 😊I wish we could give Paulie another name , TTotambz called him Napoleon , how about Mr A...hole? Jerk, I'm sure others have much better ideas than me .


      • Lynette
        Lynette commented
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        The Piranha....goes with BettyBoo's Weekly Jaw's Report too!

    • #7
      The peasants will not start a revolt without a leader. The reason I wanted Frank and Tiffany to hang around was not because I liked them (I didn’t). Outside of these two, I see no real leaders other than the dictator Paulie and his henchman Paul. Granted, Frank made too many deals and ran his mouth far too often while Tiffany was an emotional train-wreck and didn’t bond with the other HGs early in the game. Both Frank and Tiffany were not afraid of confrontations with others and neither would back down from a fight with Paulie. Now that they are gone, we are left with a group that will probably not challenge Paulie’s authority/reign until it is too late.

      As usual, we have a very weak group of females. Zak, Bridg, Nic, and Mich are all followers. Nat does not have a strong, forceful personality and will not “rock the boat”. Da is more perceptive and has a better read on the house than the other gals, but she can be very emotional and does not possess the leadership qualities required to mount a flip of the house.
      James, Victor and Corey are followers as well……..definitely not the kind of guys who can skillfully influence others to work in their best interests. Besides, they think they are in a comfortable position and would have no incentive for resisting the dictator at this time.

      Paulie is running the show and Paul is perfectly content to be his #2. I dislike both of them (especially Paul), but they have developed networks within the house that would seem to preclude any secretive rebellion. Everyone wants Paulie’s approval/blessing and will snitch on each other to get it.

      I blame this problem on casting. TPTB clearly have demographic quotas. Each season we have 1 or 2 middle aged or older people, 1 to 3 blacks, 1 to 3 gays, multiple young people who look good in swimwear… never many overweight people, at least 3 guys with big heads (egos) and at least 2 or 3 gals with implants. TPTB insist on having nearly all HGs in the 20 to 30 age group. This is the real problem. This last demographic is why we get many boring seasons. Get out of that 20 to 30 age group!!!!!! ……………or at least find some strong personalities and people who know the game………there should be thousands of them out there. I don’t care if they are fat, obnoxious, lily white, brown, black, gay, middle aged, old or whatever. Just bring some people in who are outspoken, opinionated, and have a mind of their own.

      If you can’t risk going outside the 20 – 30 age group, at least find some females who are not so needy and desperate for the approval of men. There are plenty of young women with leadership skills. Anyone in management would be a good prospect. When you have to manage a business and make hiring and firing decisions, it forces you to become a leader or you get out. There are thousands of young women (and men) who manage restaurants, fast-food establishments, retail stores, etc…… I know some young women in these jobs who are tough as nails or they could not survive. Many of them would jump at the chance to be on BB. I am tired of seeing young men and especially women cast simply because they are eye-candy. Enough with these skittish, unassertive, emotional, risk-averse young women. If BB does not correct their casting formula, interest in the program as well as the live feeds will subside quickly.


      • MrsVee
        MrsVee commented
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        Now that I think about it that's probable not a good idea I'm mean I could just see someone they hated that has to clean the kitchen purposely dirtining up a lot of dishes it could cause a fist fight. And we can't have that Back to the drawing board 😒

      • Ladycop
        Ladycop commented
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        I agree with going with different ages, personalities, etc. much like survivor. I mean there are older people who are able to go the distance and they have to work to stay alive. This is just summer camp for these people and I think those of us who fought so hard in the women's movement cringe at the way the women react within the house. I just can't watch Z trying to manipulate Paulie and his resistance to it. Yeah, I think he can talk to her like she is a child, but she brings that on herself IMHO. Nicole seems to be so whiny this time around. I swear each sentence ends sounding whiny much like the twits from last year. My biggest laugh from last night was when Corey said something to the effect that someone thought he was dumb and I almost lost it.....I think most people watching him this year found him of below intelligence.

      • LCnSummer
        LCnSummer commented
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        Excellent post. I responded at 9pm tonight but wasn't able to effectively quote your post as I would have liked. Lol.

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      Z needs to be put on the block so that she will focus on something other than Paulie. Victoria wasn't this invisible. On the feeds she talks about Paulie and how her butt looks. That's it. Her and Nicole need to grow up.


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        Yesterday I watched Jeff's interview with Frank. Toward the end they brought Tiffany in to the interview. She told Frank that Paulie was running the house. You could tell by Frank's reaction that he was surprised. The HGs don't even realize that Paulie is running everything. It's time for TPTB to give some hints to the HGs that Paulie is running the house. I doubt there is anyone there who could rally the troops but it's the only chance I see of things changing.


        • Walleye
          Walleye commented
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          He goes around telling everyone what to do. How can TPTB make it clearer?

        • Ladycop
          Ladycop commented
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          Walleye, much like Derrick, who's model he is using, he is not demanding. He just states it like it's a fact and the others go along. I don't think TPTB need to do anything. If people are so blind then that's on them. I think everyone within the game is just trying not to rock the boat as long as they aren't on anyone's radar. James is playing just like last time, he tries to get people to see his side but if they don't he's back to "going along".

      • #10
        So many conversations are cringe worthy and after watching the Paulie - Z conversation and her desperation... I was saddened by the caliber of women ... wait ... girls ... in the house. It may go back to the old-old stereotype of strong women being b .tches, weak women get the chest banging men and men should rule the world. They just nominated a woman for President (not that I'm a fan) yet this house group has set the acolades for women back years. I find myself sitting here shaking my head. I am amazed that Paulie assumes he will win and no one questions it. I am shocked at loud mouthed Paul who seems to think the louder he is the funnier he has become. I'm dismayed that a woman can tell a man he is not being a gentleman and instead of trying to correct his behavior he becomes even more rude. I'm at a loss as to these weak, weak girls. Where were their mothers/fathers when raising and reassuring them that they don't need a man to be perfect, they don't need to be beautiful to be beautiful, it's not shameful to have a mind or an opinion and they don't need muscles to be truly strong? This year has truly become the accident along the road - everyone slows to see it but drives away as fast as they can go while counting their blessings it wasn't them.


        • sofieckcs
          sofieckcs commented
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          I've been watching the conversation between Z and Paulie. She's just as bad. I don't believe she was ever crying. She wiped her eyes about every 20-30 seconds and sniffed. When you're really crying, the tears are flowing. She was just acting trying to get Paulie to feel sorry for her.

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        Good Afternoon all,

        Nothing to add. Paul and Paulie are firmly in charge in the house, and everyone is waiting to be booted. James told Nat this morning, who was picked by Bridgette, if you win, make a deal to take Paulie off the block, and leave your friend up on the block. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. And the fear that the House will be mad, if Paulie got sent home, is palpable. Where is this coming from? The irony is that absent most of the emotion and real personal level bashing, Paul and Paulie are actually watchable, as they run boot scenarios, plan the next three weeks, and calculate who puts up who, if they become HOH. They are the only two people in the house thinking about the game. This is the earliest inflection point I have seen in the game. If Paulie escapes this week, one of the boys is going to win, and most likely Paulie or Paul.

        It is just so sad. If Paulie was playing a more opaque game, or doing a better job of maneuvering his targets, or if Paul did not display Mike Boogie levels of fratboy misbehavior, I would be more intrigued. With this cast, the girls are 100 percent worried about their boys, and the boys are 100 percent focused on getting them all out of the house. I predict, Nicole's boot will be facilitated by Corey being the swing vote.


        • sofieckcs
          sofieckcs commented
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          Everyone one of the houseguests, save Paul(maybe), are working as hard as they can to give the 500K to Paulie.

      • #12
        Good afternoon everyone. Enjoyed all your thoughts this morning.

        Just turned on the feeds, all four cameras on Bridgette talking to Paulie. She is very unsure and nervous. She starts the strange laughing when she is very nervous .


        • #13
          And as I predicted after week on end of Da being picked to play in POV this week she does NOT get selected. Meech, Nat and Corey were picked.

          Da's only hope now is for Meech or Nat to win have Bridgette tell them P&P's plans to oust all the females (she'll need to tell Da/Nicole which is highly unlikely) or if someone like Victor or Zakiyah do something prior to Monday to tick off Paulie sending them up to the block.

          What a terrible season this is becoming.

          My only hopes for salvation other than the above is for TPTB's interference in DR that starts them second guessing the guys/Little Napoleon's tactics and flipping the script on Paulie. Obviously, I'm hoping Da has the round trip ticket and further that someone in the audience yells out to her Thursday that Paulie is running the house and wants a F5 of all men. THAT might (repeat MIGHT) actually serve to smarten these girls up, but I'm not holding my breath.


          • sofieckcs
            sofieckcs commented
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            I think they're saying now that it's Victor not Meech who is playing in the Veto. Paulie, Victor, and Bridgette were having a conversation in the kitchen and Paulie told Bridgette if she won Veto to take herself down. How thoughtful. Victor and Paulie said if either of them won, they would take Paulie down but, either way, Da was going home.
            Last edited by sofieckcs; 07-30-2016, 01:11 PM. Reason: more info

        • #14
          The PP egos have been advanced by no one pushing back on Paulie. Should we next expect the HGs to ask the PP's when their departure boot is planned?
          Last edited by belle1; 07-30-2016, 01:16 PM.


          • Walleye
            Walleye commented
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            Lol they should just post a schedule on the fridge. Then they could just kick back and enjoy the rest of the summer.

          • BettyBoo
            BettyBoo commented
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            Love it Guest !!! They all just wanna get to jury, so why don't they all go and Paul and Paulie can do a cage match to see who wins. Then we can take turns in the house and show them how to play it. I'll never be HOH since I'd never make it up those durn stairs!!!
            Last edited by BettyBoo; 07-30-2016, 03:30 PM.

          • mimichick
            mimichick commented
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            Walleye, we need to send them a crayon so they can write the schedule down. May be it will be in the next care package.

        • #15
          Here is my dream...Bridgette wins POV. Between now and POV ceremony Paulie and Z have a fight so bad, that Paulie wants Z up. Meanwhile, the girls wise up (I said it was a dream) and save Z.


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