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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Discussions - July 31

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  • Big Brother 18 Live Feed Discussions - July 31

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  • #2
    Good Morning!

    I did a little back tracking on today's Live Feed Update thread, to kinda bring us up to date on what happened last night after I stopped updating...

    I have a bit of traveling to do today, so I'll be back later...


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      Out of complete disgust, I have gonna back and watched most of season 8, all of season 15 and now season 11.


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        Purely by accident, the fans probably messed up with the care packages. Now Natalie will think we liked the others more. James is a moron who once again let the big dogs run him over.


        • cutencuddly
          cutencuddly commented
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          Natalie will know we're thinking of her. The others are just having sour grapes. A week of stewing and hoping that the obvious truth is wrong and that we'll show we like them too.

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        Good Morning Lexie & all who follow....

        So to reiterate re: voting for week 2 and why I'm voting for Da'Vonne & against giving it to James
        • Ocho Rios sign says DREAM DESTINATION -with an EIGHT on the poster. Da'Vonne has envelope 8, so I believe she has round trip ticket (& TPTB will want to keep her)
        • Sends Super Fans/Vets a message fans are NOT happy with season/need a house flip
        • Audience likely will yell out something to Da which she can return (or make up lol) re P & P dominance. Actually I bet someone is sure to yell out Paulie/Corey are using the girls & going to cut them
        • Nat took a lot of shade/jealousy for winning Pkg 1, giving James Pkg 2 only serves to increase target on both, whereas Da is already a target
        • 2 players votes you cancel will know so that's 2 more players focused on getting you out - again Da won't care
        • MOST IMPORTANTLY- If you give James package 2 then who exactly gets pkg 3,4,5? & how does house interpret that?

        My final thought on this matter........... I'm going to give 75% of my votes to Da and 25% to Michelle & my reason is she is the 1 player (more so than Brig) who might make her own decision. She's already talking to Z/James about keeping Da, so I could see her being only 1 of Paulie's plebs who'll do something different than what he wants her to do. In addition Z/Meech discussed how powerful Paulie is & how popular Paul has become so she's also figuring it out. AND I'm okay if the target grows on her back when she cancels votes

        Other notables:

        Yeah - Paulie won POV & it was thrown to him by Victor, plus he was buddy/buddy with Bridgette afterwards so Zak/Meech/James/Nat are all figuring out the power structure. For the first time in the game P&P were pointed out as potential F2 partners!

        Da, at least outwardly is not showing any signs of worry (and no one has fore warned her). This will be a true blindside IF PAUL DOESN'T INVENT A REASON TO PUT UP VICTOR WHO WAS ON EVERYONE'S NERVES LAST NIGHT!

        Funny listening to Paulie who is being extremely careless in the amount of details he's sharing:
        • Tells Corey they can keep Nicole deep in game while getting Victor to target her
        • Tells Paulie they can keep Bridgette for last female cut & has her targeting Da, all the females, James, & likely Paul
        • Tells James they can keep Nat/Zak deep & is pointing him at Vic/Bridg/Nic
        • Tells Bridgette EVERYTHING about targeting females
        • Tells Victor he is F3 with P&P
        • Corey believes he is F3 with P & James
        • James HAD believed he was F3 with P & Corey BUT with P keeping Vic/Bridg he sees that Paulie is playing all sides FINALLY

        AND in the most disturbing events of the day, P & P (especially Paulie) continued to make fun of Nat as he references her chest, lack of game and general uselessness. I'm convinced Nicole thinks she's trying out for the stage version of Regina George. She followed that up by getting drunk with Paul and flirting with Paul, Vic and Corey. It's remarkable to me I actually liked her just 2 years ago. More on this in the next post.
        Last edited by TTOTambz; 07-31-2016, 07:11 AM.


        • Freebyrd
          Freebyrd commented
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          Belle1 YES! I totally agree...It all seems crystal clear to us, but never to the HG's b/c they are fully weighed down with paranoia and anxiety. Can't see the forest for the trees. TTOT - I hear ya', but I truly think Da's days are numbered (I was a fan of hers early in the season, but I honestly don't think she truly knows exactly how to play this game. This is just my opinion. I have tried so many times to root for her, but I am convinced that she is just not cut out for this game ) On a side note: I LOVE your analogy and look forward to reading it every single day.

        • beckyd30
          beckyd30 commented
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          It is so sad, they won't let the studio audience start chanting. You know, something simple like 'Nicole's a snake' or 'Paulie's the new Frank' or just 'Evict Paulie & Nicole'. Would be so great to get those chants going as the HG leaves, and the others hold the door open. I would kill to be in that audience.

        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
          Editing a comment
          Thanks Free.. I enjoy your comments as well. Betty has the market cornered on making me literally laugh out loud repeatedly this season. Ken, LuAnne and a few others have the unbiased analysis down. I try to take that route, unfortunately I tend to get clouded at times b/c I'm frustrated (as per my next post discussing my disenchantment at BB females in general, but specifically this year)

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        Morning all,

        PP continue their march. With Paulie's PoV win, the stage is set for Da to go up on Monday. Z made an appeal to Paul to not nominate Da, but this is an ineffective plea, and Paulie stokes Paul, by revealing that Z warned him about Paul earlier in the day. This will ensure Da goes up, and has moved Mich and Z farther up the boot list. The new hope, Bridgette wins HoH, to nominate Z and Michelle. James also sees he is moving up the boot list, with Nat, but does nothing to change the game, telling Nat, AFTER DE, we will have to change things up. Not clear what that actually means, and since we know, and they don't that DE is not this thursday, the people he needs to "change things up" wont be around.

        Paulie has built a very strong wall around him. James, Paul, and Corey, all think they have a final two with Paulie. And while James has started to question that, Corey and Paul both believe they are riding to the end with him. In addition, Victor now believes he is firmly in the three slot with PP, telling the live feeders, Da, Nat, and Michelle are all high on his list. The chances of a revolution in the house diminish daily, with everyone content to ride on Paulie's side, making it easy to pick them off.

        Paulie has played this week with Bridgette perfectly. He approached her, with Paul, and pulled her into his plans, making her feel like she is part of the Team, and can contribute to helping herself, and them, make it to the end. That was a move that actually entailed some risk on his part, but it is paying off. There is no doubt in my mind, that if Bridgette becomes HoH, she will target Mich and Z on PP's behalf, Nicole and Corey will certainly go along, and with those 4 votes, who ever they want out, will leave the house.

        Nothing much to see today, unless someone in the house tells Da what is coming. Then we might see some fireworks, but with Mich, Z, and James, all in the know, and no one telling Da what is coming, I don't expect that will change.


        • #7
          It is STILL impressive that Paulie pulled this off against 4 veterans, Vanessa's sister, and an initial alliance of 8, after being tagged as good pawn material by Nicole.

          I'm not rooting for him in the slightest, and I _think_ that Paul and Victor are both better competitors than he is, so hopefully they will knock him out. But credit where credit is due considering Paulie's shaky start.


          • Walleye
            Walleye commented
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            I give more credit to bad players. He is doing this out in the open and still nobody reacts at all. Are they all taking Zanax?

        • #8
          Reading Lexie's updates ... see Zak planted a few seeds with Paulie about how Paul could beat him.

          Made me smile.

          Edit: but now I see Paulie is just using that to butter up Paul. He has no fears. C'mon, Paul. C'mon Victor. C'mon James. You gotta beat Paulie.
          Last edited by cutencuddly; 07-31-2016, 08:21 AM.


          • #9
            Why is Paul saying that Da' volunteered to go on the block? Did that happen?


            • belle1
              belle1 commented
              Editing a comment
              I don't remember that happening. I do remember when trying to get first pawn, she said that she was not a strong competitor and laughed that she would probably be picked since she had played in all others. I can't imagine that she volunteered as this is uncharacteristic for her.

            • Lynette
              Lynette commented
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              She volunteered when everyone volunteered initially, not now as replacement. P/P deception.

            • cutencuddly
              cutencuddly commented
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              Don't. Like. Grrrrrr.

          • #10
            Since past is prologue, especially on this season, I am looking ahead at this thursday. Monday, Da will go up on the block, and out of the house Thursday. Votes to evict, Paulie, Victor, Nicole, Corey, Nat (for sure), with James, Meech, Z following so as to not give up position to anyone else for Paulie's trust/favor. Likely winners of HoH, based on past performance: Paulie, Victor, Bridgette, Meech, Corey, Nicole, followed by James, Nat, Z. James has only really performed well in endurance comps, and some carnival game type comps in the past.

            Nicole is actually due for a win, and would likely target Bridgette and Victor, though she might be influenced to use Nat as the pawn against Victor, setting up a potential Bridgette backdoor. This actually plays into PP's game, since they would likely vote out Nat, with Bridgette now after both James and Nicole, over any of them.

            If Victor is HoH, he noms Michelle and Nat, and will use Nicole or James as the renomination. I think they would boot Nicole over Nat, and Nat over James.

            If Bridgette is HoH, look for Michelle and Z on the block, with James as the potential renom. If Michelle is still on the block, she will be the boot. If Z vs. James, they might shift to taking out James, as an endurance threat.

            In any scenario with likely HoH's, I don't see PP coming onto the radar. Only Nat would likely nominate the pair, and use Victor as the replacement. Or, put up Victor first, and backdoor Paulie. The key, she has to win, which seems unlikely given the type of HoH comps coming up.

            One potential game changer, James HoH, noms Bridgette and Victor, Victor gets off the block, and he backdoors Paulie.

            If Da is the return trip ticket holder, it complicates the mix, but might just potentially put her back on the block and right back out the following week, even with a two vote cancellation prize.


            • TTOTambz
              TTOTambz commented
              Editing a comment
              I heard Paulie's eyes got wide when Z told him they were discussing how Paul could win. He in turn told Paul this morning only he emphasized her need to oust Paul. He also told him Michelle said he (Paul) could win.

              Again, I felt that was a bad choice by Paulie especially considering Paul isn't someone known to keep his mouth shut. How much do you want to bet at some point Paul goes to Z & or Meech to inquire about these comments?

              I'm also wondering if Paul is going to get a bit of push back from the ladies to put up Victor or even Nat at some point today. While it's best for Paulie's game to get out Da'Vonne, it's NOT for Paul as Da would target Paulie, Corey, Nicole, Victor and Brigette before him. Why does he want to take out Paulie's number 1 threat when Paulie basically just told him Zac is his? I wonder if Paul would throw a boomerang into the mix and put up Zakiyah instead. Now THAT would be funny! AND a Paul - Zak /Paul-Meech chat COULD have major repercussions on Paulie!

          • #11
            I know I have been spending too much time with the inmates in the Big House. Turned off watching when Paul was trying to give himself alcoholic poisoning. Dreamed that Paul had created a suicide bomb in the house and I had tackled him to the ground. Woke up saying the phrase psychotic breakdown. I was talking about him, but I swear they're making me nuts!

            I find it curious how much they worry about how they're viewed by the fans rather than how they're viewed by their fellow HGs. Then they compound the error by misjudging how much they're liked by fans or in the house. So far Paulie is playing the best game, but many a competitor has lost by celebrating a lead rather than a win. As Will Smith warns in Independence Day, Don't go all pre-patrol on me.

            The much anticipated Double Evict will either strengthen Paulie's control or clown shoe him out. Nat has been tagged due to her reward and that she's more loyal to James than Paulie. Z is on his list since he no longer views her as loyal only to him and has become a nuisance with her jealousy. Michelle is too independent and is a perceptive thinker, so considered dangerous to him. Nicole is under observation, but tolerated since she has not been direct threat to him since she's after the other women. Da is on the next bus out of town, while Bridgette is in a holding pattern.

            I do think Corey is the best one for him to take to Final Two. Vic would be second best chance. Paul or James could beat him if there's a resentful vote, as could a woman if the Jury is female packed as expected. But, honestly I don't see a woman winning the game, unless Da survives and extracts revenge (an unlikely event given the house balance of power). The rest just don't have their head into a winning game plan.

            Well as long as Paul is suffering today with a hangover my day will be good. And tonight is the return of Sharknado, a tv movie that makes more sense than any current BB game plan.


            • TTOTambz
              TTOTambz commented
              Editing a comment
              If it weren't for Paulie being so arrogant and thinking that winning a package was a vote of approval I'd consider voting him Pkg 2 as he'd HAVE TO DISCLOSE WHOSE VOTES HE WAS CUTTING, hence show his pecking order. Problem with that is they may not be told whose votes didn't count & the way the lemmings flock to Napoleon he'd find a way to make them okay with not having to vote.

            • belle1
              belle1 commented
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              Would the HG be required to use the 'advantage'? If Paulie was confidant of the votes he may not use the two vote elimination.

          • #12
            I've was so annoyed with Nicole's audition for Regina George and activity last night I decided to take a look at why it was bothering me so much....

            The Epiphany:

            Watching the events of yesterday it hit me watching Nicole once again sell out her female friend in a conversation with Paulie where she told him Zakiyah is really into you, and also confirmed Zak was talking about him/upset. She couldn't have sunken further in my estimation by agreeing with Paulie about Zakiyah being too invested in him. I wondered why I found it so sickening.

            Do I think Zakiyah is still looking for roses to hand out ... YES. But, my issue with Nicole in this circumstance is the hypocrisy. I've been exposed to endless hours of nonsense from her talking to Zakiyah and pushing her to get Paulie to kiss her then running to Corey telling him Z was upset he hadn't which led to him telling Paulie and the beginning of the end for Zakiyah.

            And this wasn't a solo instance; repeatedly Nicole opined on planning Z & her post BB weddings and babies. Zakiyah believes she is simply venting to a friend in a similar situation, but Nicole is using this information to build a wedge with Paulie who ironically is blaming Da for doing that.

            We've had to deal with tears over Corey looking at her wrong, not flowing with her insecurities or being talked to (let alone touched) by any other female. In essence she thinks Corey is there to win her the 500k (much like Paulie feels the entire house is) but she has zero strategic ability outside inserting knives in people's backs.
            Of course Nicole is reveling in her blanket Olympics, being the only female in the house whose getting action and having 2 guys after her at once.

            What changed in 2 years?
            I'm literally shocked how much Nicole changed since BB16. At that time she was the girl next door who didn't want to kiss on TV or the feeds, wanted to work with Christine to the end and was plotting strategy very early in the game.

            Flash forward 2 years and now she's become someone who can't stand any female getting more attention than her. She whines and complains about the most banal things, lures the other females into insipid discussions then rats them out. Her jealousy of the other females is palpable. Worse it's not consistent as she has different levels & focus of jealousy:
            • Nat: popularity with fans, sweetness, showmance with James
            • Da intelligence and maternal instincts (i.e. Da is usually the first to comfort someone & is genuine about it even with Tiffany)
            • Zakiyah: beauty, showmance with Paulie
            • Bridgette: comp ability, Frank liked her better
            • Meech: ability to get along with and be one of the guys

            The benchmark:
            There have been several women who have played the game twice. Many lost some popularity in their second season b/c they had to be more cut throat than their original seasons. Most were able to navigate a 2nd season keeping their fan base, others saw a slight dip, a couple lost a ton of fans and at least one gained popularity:

            Jordan wasn't as popular in her second season mostly because it was obvious she didn't want to be there, but her romance with Jeff kept her popularity high and she remains adored by many

            Rachel: One of the few players who gained popularity her second go round. She was difficult to take in large doses, but all reports are of her being extremely nice (so much so that Reagan who had more than 1 battle with her became close friends post BB)

            Alison Irwin: employed the flirting strategy and mean girl persona. (Was never a fan, either season)

            Diane Henry: Wasn't around long enough in her second season to lose much popularity and notably had a showmance with winner Drew who came out a few years after he won

            Jenn "Nakomis" : Mastermind of the 6 finger strategy which caused BB to change POV players to random selection instead of player choice. One of the smartest to ever play, I'd pay money for her to replace anyone but Natalie currently in the house!

            Erika Landon: became the butt of Mike Boogie's jokes by believing the showmance was real

            Dani Donato - I was one of the few who liked her better in her second season and I did predict she would end up with Dominic who she married. Recalling Dani's second season I loved how their crew would play games late into the night and talk about something other than the constant degrading of everyone. Something sorely missing from this season.

            Britney Hayes: The Queen of Snark. You either loved her or weren't a fan of her sarcasm (I'm a lover). She was taken down by the Brigade in her first season & blind sided by Frank & Dan's funeral in her 2nd season. I have a lot of favorite memories of Britney such as her parading around in Rachel's hair extensions, but my all time fav is when she was handcuffed to Brendon in the DR and mouthed "HELP ME" while pretending to hang herself LMAO

            Janelle: Another favorite of mine. I so disliked the Maggie crew in Season 6 that Jani became the player I routed for. Mike Boogie never forgave her for voting out Dr. Will in All Stars and subsequently flipped the house to oust her early (jealous much Boogie?) which was what Frank tried to attempt this year with Da'Vonne. She is still gorgeous and in shape, a happy Mom and hey she follows me on Twitter. Suffice to say I'm a big fan.

            Danielle Reyes. My all time favorite US BB female player. The jury was invented b/c Danielle was robbed of winning b/c players got to see DR sessions. Even Dr. Will was a fan & couldn't bring himself to cut her as soon as he probably should have in All Stars. Best female (arguably overall player though Eric Stein might disagree) to not win BB. I shudder to think of what mince meat she would make out of this house including Paulie this season!

            And that brings us to the 2 returnees this season:

            Da'Vonne: An early evictee in her first season. She's getting mixed reviews for jumping too quickly into playing the game. I will counter that with I believe that Da was fully committed to 4 of the Fatal 5 ladies. IMO when she heard about Tiff trying to bring in the Spy Girls, work deals with Paulie and that combined with her inability to process intel w/o divulging it had Da wanting her gone. I also firmly believe many of the moves Da made early against Frank (Corey/Paulie) were because she viewed them as the greatest threats & road blocks for the 4 girls route to the F4. Notably she didn't do that with James or Paul!

            She did seem genuinely upset Nic/Zak threw away the girls so easily for their showmance and I believe their betrayal was something Da never fully recovered from (and also why she felt she had to back track with Tiffany). At the time Da was making her moves she thought Nicole would be her F2 or F3 at worst so knowing Nic was after her from Day 3 devastated her.

            Of note, Da hasn't been clean this season as far as saying mean things, but she is the only one of Mich/Zak/Nic/Bridg willing to also say it to the person's face. She often will walk out of rooms when things start heading in the mean girl direction.

            Looking back Paulie had a moment (discussing Cody/his Dad) where he teared up, ditto for Paul the day Vic left, Tiff (after she sold out everyone who kept her), Nic, Bridg, Nat, Michelle etc. When James wanted to sincerely discuss his relationship with Nat, Da was the one he turned to. At different times each of the ladies has discussed their insecurities (even Nicole) with Da. This speaks to the fact she genuinely cares and why the players turn to her for comfort and it's probably why I cut her more slack than most in the house. Plus, at least she is trying to play a game that doesn't just involve trashing someone's appearance, back stabbing or being cruel. She gave Nicole countless opportunities, at each turn Nicole has pulled out one knife to seek a new location to insert the next one.

            Nicole on the other hand has completely changed my opinion of who I thought she was in her first season. She's playing with an attitude of expectancy. She can't handle any female receiving more attention than her, didn't want another female vet to stay in the house, is incredulous anyone would consider (read: dare) putting her on the block or not doing what she wants.

            Watching her set up the punchline and then use it against her female allies repeatedly has been shocking. The overriding question for me has been who is the real Nicole Franzel? Season 16 she seemed shy and sweet like the girl next door. She refused to kiss Hayden except under the blanket.. apparently a go to move for all her physical connections. Her true F2 was Christine not Hayden who she fiercely protected. And she was strategizing even prior to jury instead of slithering around inserting knives in backs specifically to the females of the house.

            Initially I thought Nicole was reeling from the break up with Hayden thinking it had just occurred and then we learned via the feeds it happened some time ago, though they remained friends. Hayden's cameo this week felt strained to me, like he wanted to do/say the right thing, but like us is shocked by her antics.

            Aside from the fact Nicole is setting back the female gender on BB to a time long before the show existed I suspect she will be in for a shock upon exiting. Some sites still rank her fairly high in their polls, but IMHO she will suffer the greatest dip of the returnees. She was so nasty towards Natalie winning the package I had to stop watching. Hearing her say she would be hurt if she didn't get a package, saying her friends/fans/family were probably saving a better package for her, now Natalie can go on the block b/c that was her excuse, the fans prob did it so we'd put her up and the capper "I'm shocked people would even give her (Nat) a package" mirrors the full gamut of her disjointed, negative, insecure, self righteous play this season.

            Initially when the Fatal 5 formed I had my reservations about Tiffany as she couldn't take receiving a heads-up warning without freaking out (that was totally true as she repeatedly confronted the person). Aside from that flaw with the ladies I was hopeful there would finally be a BB season of female unity and triumph. The problem was DaVonne while possessing very good instincts isn't an overt social player. Da requires a yin to her yang; a player more socially demonstrative and equally strategic. I can't even imagine the damage Da could do with 90% of the females listed above. Conversely I have no doubt Nicole (even with Danielle Reyes) would be searching for the most vulnerable spot of her back to insert the knife.

            The difference is Danielle Reyes would have either cut Nicole right from the start OR used her cunning intelligence to draw out Nicole's insecurities and she would have planted seeds that would have had Nic running to her begging for protection.

            I guess it's why I'm forcing my own desires on wanting Da's #8 to be the return ticket just so Nicole will have to deal with it and hear the audience roar, and then have to witness Da get the next package and seethe over it.


            Twitter Followers: Da'Vonne 49K Frank 55k, James 72K, Nicole 124K

            Instagram Followers: Da'Vonne less than 1K (not sure if this is her account or a fan acct) Frank 17k, James 82.9K, Nicole 396K

            Facebook Page: Da'Vonne 2.1K Frank 6.8k, James 20.1K, Nicole 13.6K & 2nd site 6.9k total: 20.5 (notably on her facebook page she calls herself a competitive cuddler & LOYAL TO A FAULT!

            Side bar on Jozea & his claim of multiple followers: AND for those curious Jozea has 5.1K twitter followers and less than 600 Instagram followers

            I don't understand SnapChat well enough to figure that out.

            Maybe I'm the one being mean now, but Nicole who had by far the largest fan base (due to her length in the house & Frankie being on her season) entering the house had an opportunity to make history IN A POSITIVE WAY FOR FEMALES. Instead we got the Regina George version of Nicole.

            Again, I'm not certain which version is the true version. Will I feel bad for her when karma collects? I can say I won't, but you never know b/c unlike Nicole I don't like to see anyone upset. In this case however I'll close with the suitably apt:

            You made your bed Nicole, now go lie in it!

            P.S. Robin Katz -
            can you do some of your long devoted fans a favor and search for women with qualities akin to Jani, Britney, Nakomis and Danielle Reyes. I'm sure there are many who share my common desire for a female dominant season showcasing intelligence, internal beauty, humor and sisterhood! I know plenty of ladies of that ilk, surely it can't be that difficult for you to find them with the wide base of talent you have to select from.
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            • Pammer
              Pammer commented
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              TToTambz, I wish there was a LOVE button to hit for your posts!!!! 99 percent of what you post, is exactly what I'm thinking (but I can't verbalize it as GREAT as you). Keep it up, I truly look forward to your posts everyday.

            • TTOTambz
              TTOTambz commented
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              Ahhh thanks Pammer. Wish the people who read my NBA posts would comment similarly lol

            • BettyBoo
              BettyBoo commented
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              I absolutely loved Danielle in season 3 and we all know she was robbed. I grew to live Britney as she went from the mean girl to the mistreated girl. Both had wisdom mixed in their witty snarky comments. I didn't see Jani or Dani in their first seasons, but was underwhelmed when I did see them in their return. Jani got easily played by Will, while Dani hung out with the mean girls. Yes, Nakomis was a brilliant game changer, but her secret brothers ties to the Four Horseman took her out. Good analysis. I do think Da is toast, but she at least made it to Jury.

          • #13
            I'm rooting for Bridgette over most of the other people in the house, but she gets blame right up there with Nicole for destroying my hopes of a strong female finish.


            • #14
              Pammer said in LF updates: Corey really seems infatuated with Clay.

              I think I read somewhere that they know each other, which lead to Corey's interview??


              • belle1
                belle1 commented
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                I think you are right BettyBoo.

              • BettyBoo
                BettyBoo commented
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                Hey conflicted gay guys do marry and have kids. And let's be honest, who's the alpha in the relationship with Nicole??

              • Lynette
                Lynette commented
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                He said he was friends with Clay, as well as JoJo the Bachelorette. They run with the same crowds/groups he said. He even said he declined Bachelorette because JoJo was his friend.

            • #15
              Catching up with BBAD and almost unchecked my breakfast listening to Z complain about others just floating thru. Oh good gravy girl, what comp have YOU won? Talk about taking up space.


              • Walleye
                Walleye commented
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                I know. She was complaining about Nat. I'm thinking is she kidding me right now?

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