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Live Feed Discussion-August 1

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  • Live Feed Discussion-August 1

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  • #2
    Morning all. Veto ceremony today. Will Day realize she is the target when she gets puts on the block or will she continue to have blinders. I want to root for Day, but this is all her own fault. She slept through a couple of weeks there and only got up to crap on and set up people that were no real threat to her and she let Paulie take control. I can't feel bad for her even though I wish she was sticking around.


    • #3
      In a perfect world Bridget wins HOH and pulls the girls together and force them to confess all the schemes that the guys have and admit the guys are using B to cut the girls. Put up Paulie and Corey or Vic and Corey so that WHEN Paulie wins the VETO all the guys will see where he stands.


      • #4
        One more, Paulie wouldn't disgust me if he wasn't so arrogant. Doesn't CBS monitor the discussion groups to get a feel for the audience? How do we get to CBS and vent? Why are they getting such a good edit and not showing all the mean girl stuff!
        For some reason my phone has stopped kicking me out of here. Yay!


        • #5
          I see male bonding with Paul and Paulie. I heard Paul complaining about Da, and Vic,and it didn't sound too friendly to keep either of them. He talks about Bridgette like she is history but I do believe he feels once Da's name is mentioned they should follow through. He is not so crazy I think about James or Natalie. His pool company requests the other night were telling. He likes that Paulie had the guts to go on the block and then take himself off with the POV. He thinks Paulie is his only peer in this house. He definitely wants to reduce the ladies and I think he admires that Paulie put z's name into play like love and leave them stuff.
          I don't think jury starts this week in fact with tickets one way home it probably won't start for another 3 weeks which could mean a 7 person jury I wish they wouldn't have jury and let America decide the end two. I think it would make a better game as everyone would play until the end. They also wouldn't have a need for a Victoria.
          Last edited by breakingwave; 08-01-2016, 07:24 AM.


          • cutencuddly
            cutencuddly commented
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            But would you want the decision of who the winner will be left in the hands of the millions who only know the CBS edited version of what went on in the game?

          • slyone
            slyone commented
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            And then there's the continuing discussion as to whether it would be America or ''a''merica that would decide

          • breakingwave
            breakingwave commented
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            This yearI would I am tired of the status quo and really frustrated that in the house guest strategy is to just make it to jury.

        • #6
          I'm with you cutencuddly! Some of the inmates get edits that are so undeserved! Both good and bad. The fans who don't get the feeds or read BBUpdates don't see the Inmates true faces. This is the only site (IMO) that is truly unbiased, and does not bash or ridicule us for posting our thoughts/opinions. I know my info says joined June 2016, but I've been lurking here since season 6, (remember the black background?) Other BB sites, that will go unnamed, clearly have favorites. I would not want the voting to be done by the folks who only see the show on Sunday,Wednesday and Thursday.


          • #7
            Does Da not know she's going on the block? I watched After Dark a little last night, it started with a Paul/Da conversation and the look on her face was almost like she knows she's done for.

            It's funny to see how arrogant the guys have become. Paul and Victor talking about Bridgette like she doesn't matter, they just hope to use her next week and if not cut her the following week. They definitely have an agenda right now to vote out all the women in the house and make it a true Sausage Party.

            Idk, if I was in that house I'd try and make it so I was left in there with 8 women.... that's just me though.
            Last edited by Delvoire; 08-01-2016, 11:32 AM.


            • #8
              Morning all, No change in the house. Da going on the block today. Maybe some fireworks then, but based on Da breaking down a little yesterday, as she realized she is going up, and then pulling out the "I am all alone in the house" card, and I think she may not be able to fight for a flip. Victor is all in with the PP's, which for him, is going to be his demise. Nat will not vote out Bridgette. Nicole and Corey are going to want her out, since she is coming after Nicole. That leaves Z, who after this mornings bonding session with Paulie in the bumper cars, is not going to vote against him, and Michelle, who is already working on being friendlier to Bridgette, since she see's Bridgette has moved ahead of Da, in the boys favor.

              This week is all but over, once Da goes on the block. Bridgette has enough experience to lay low, and let death take Da, without raising her profile.

              All our hopes for a house flip rest on Nat gaining power now, who is the only one in the house, who would go after the main power, and leave for Jury happy to have disrupted the game.


              • belle1
                belle1 commented
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                Nat winning HOH will drop mouths in that house. Then when she noms, it will take them a while to get off the floor

              • DanCuy
                DanCuy commented
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                After Paul told Da that she would probably be going up she had a conversation with Nat. Nat promised her that she would vote for her to stay. She even acknowledged that she had already promised Bridgette her vote but said that she would understand. I think there is a good possibility of a 4/4 split this week. For Da to stay: James, Nat, Michelle, and Z. For Da to go: Paulie, Corey, Vic, Nic. It might be a stretch for Z to go against Paulie but if James tells her that Paulie is planning on getting her out next maybe she will wake up.

              • Walleye
                Walleye commented
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                Nat winning HOH will drop mouths around the planet lol.

            • #9
              This is petty but I was watching BBAD and I turned it on when Nicole was fishtailing her hair and then I heard Z say ..thank you for fishtailing my hair. Z hair was a MESS and Nicole braid was beautiful. I thought that was so weird. It may be magnified bc I don't like N this year but I thought it was weird. OK ..I'm going to take my petty butt to the gym.😜


              • #10
                I'm voting for Bridgette to get the next Care Package. Could cause lots of drama.


                • drpepper777
                  drpepper777 commented
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                  I would expect that Bridgette (she is seen as alone) or Da (she is in trouble) will get it with James as a long shot. I have not seen the popularity polls, but it is hard to imagine that anyone else has much of a chance for the second care package.

                • herms is here
                  herms is here commented
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                  I voted for Da, Bridgette and Michelle. But I might continue to vote for Bridgette, she may do the right thing.

              • #11
                I'm voting for Da' for care package. Maybe a lot of votes for Da' will help convince Julie Chen to find the return ticket in Da's envelope.


                • Delvoire
                  Delvoire commented
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                  A return does seem likely this week, then they have more of a reason to do a double next week.

                  Plus TTO broke it down to where she thinks Da definitely has the Return Ticket, the logic works too.

                • aprilshowers
                  aprilshowers commented
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                  I am giving Da'Vonne 15 of my votes and Michelle the other 5 just in case Da'Vonne leaves and doesn't come back in. They didn't say if the one with the next highest votes would get the package if the house guest with the highest is evicted. If Da'Vonne leaves and doesn't come back I would love for Julie to say, no care package this week. Da'Vonne won and she was evicted so no one gets the care package. (but I doubt they would do that)

                  Not wanting Bridgette to get it. My fear if that she would just do what Paulie wanted her to do and they would use that opportunity to get rid of Natalie in stead of Bridgette.

                  I wish we were voting on these packages after we knew who was HOH. We could really use it to to influence the game them. With voting before the HOH, it is a crap shoot for us since we have no idea who is in danger and who isn't.

                • cutencuddly
                  cutencuddly commented
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                  Yeah, not cool of them to let the voting start during one HOH and end during the next.

              • #12
                I really don't like them referring eviction order as the firing squad. Just not right in my book. These people are awful. The egomaniac and obnoxious P's. ruin it for me.


                • #13
                  I'm pretty much done for this season. If there were only one or two people in the house I didn't want to watch, it would be a different story. I can only take Natalie, James and

                  sometimes Bridgett. That's It. I know as a fan of BB since it began, I should just just chalk it up to typical BB stuff and stop my complaining and just watch. Just can't! They are so

                  arrogant and conceited and unfeeling that it's painful to listen to Paul and Paulie and Cory and Nicole and Michelle....and the rest just are so annoying. I'll continue to read everything

                  on this site....thankfully I can.....and I stopped copying the tv shows (except for Thursday's) and my live feed is just not being used, either. I can't believe that casting can't do a better

                  job for us.....we're trying to be loyal fans! Love BB Updates!


                  • cutencuddly
                    cutencuddly commented
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                    Lately I've only been watching the live show. They didn't show the HOH on the feeds -- maybe to try to get more viewers to tune in on Sunday to see it play out? -- but it didn't work for me.

                • #14
                  Just a quick peek in to say Hi and let my Fantasy Game players know that Results for Round 4 have been posted as well as our upcoming week's Round 6 Questions

                  So scoot on over HERE before Thursday's LIVE show begins to get your answers in for the coming Round!


                  • #15
                    Hi everyone! Long time lurker- first time poster (and donator). Wondering if anyone in the house has connected the numbers on the signs to the numbers on the envelopes. If not, it would be fun to see production give them a little hint about that and make them aware that there is a good chance that Davones' envelope is a round trip. Not sure if they would go for getting her out if there was a real chance she would walk right back in.


                    • cutencuddly
                      cutencuddly commented
                      Editing a comment
                      Oh gosh, let it happen. Especially if she doesn't really have the round trip ticket. It's possible that everyone has a round trip ticket, and Julie just pulls out the one that TPTB want the evicted player to have. But if it's really on the up and up, and if Da' does NOT have the round trip ticket, it would be cool if TPTB would listen to us conspiracy theorists and put some of those ideas in the housepets' heads so they might decide not to awake the lion this time.

                    • Shan
                      Shan commented
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                      Welcome out of 'lurkdom' AmyBeth hope you'll join in more!

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