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Live Feed Discussion-August 3

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  • Live Feed Discussion-August 3

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  • #2
    Morning all.

    Well, looks like Day has a pretty good idea that she is going home finally due to a sketchy conversation with Paulie and a conversation with James. It finally dawned on somebody that Paulie is playing Derrick's game, but with these people they probably have no clue what that means. Paulie and Z had an argument that made him look like a real jerk, but I think they made up.

    Today should be interesting. Will Day try to game at all or is she just going to roll over? They could have votes, but I do not see a way for them to get that 5th vote. Everybody is bro'd up with Paulie or in the case of Nicole attached to someone who is. I just can't with Nicole.


    • Pammer
      Pammer commented
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      What does Da have to lose at this point? I, for one, wishes she'd go for it and spill what she knows to everyone but the P's and Nicorey.

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    What I don't understand is neither Paulie or Paul are putting the round trip ticket potential into the equation with this boot. IF Da does have the ticket, all this boot planning can blow up in their faces. They BOTH have way over played their cards. The house is seeing them for the heads of the snake that need to be taken out the minute the opportunity arises.

    The other thing they are surely not considering is TPTB need to do SOMETHING to spice up this season to maintain viewers now that the show will be competing against the Olympics for said viewers starting Friday.

    I expect the DR to start ramping up the others (Nat/Z/Mich/James/Bridge) to go against the current game flow of team PP. I also expect today the DR getting these five to start thinking about the round trip ticket and implying how Da might have the RT ticket. Add the assuring of Da back into the house. And there might be something to make viewers tune in.


    • #4
      Well, I'm all caught up on my BBU, and now I'm about to watch the 4 hours of BBAD that I DVR'd from last night. Please don't let it be popping pimples again!

      Also, just a random thought, does anyone else feel like Nicole was mentally scarred from her first season....I feel like she transformed her game this year so she can be the Christine/Rat. Wake up Nicole! She walked into the jury house right behind you!


      • #5
        Does anyone else think Paul's mouth isn't as bad as it used to be? Or, heaven forbid, I'm getting used to it. My thought is TPTB told him to clean it up because they couldn't edit him into a coherent sentence for the TV show. Still don't like him though.


        • Ellee1
          Ellee1 commented
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          Could it possibly be that Paul got a bit of a wake-up call when he fully expected Frank to be booed when he left. The fact that others indicated that he received a good reception might have influenced him a bit.
          Last edited by Ellee1; 08-03-2016, 09:03 AM.

        • JeanK
          JeanK commented
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          Definitely Paul and Paulie both got a talking to about their language.

        • Pamawoman
          Pamawoman commented
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          Paul said something about using the word boned instead of the bad word so that he could get some tv time. So it looks like somebody said something to him. Thank the Lord. Now they need to work on Paulie. Even my hubby who is no stranger to the f word said he is completely ridiculous.

      • #6
        Good Morning Geo and All who follow,

        Feeling Angst over Paulie's behavior:
        I've written and erased this entry at least 4 times because last night's Paulie/Zakiyah conversation really bothered me. It brought back memories for me of an ex BF who used to get drunk and border on violence. As I watched it I found myself getting extremely upset, the condescending tone, the interrogation of every word she used, the vacillation between mocking her, glaring at her in anger and when she was in tears he only amped up his attack. He used his words carefully, but the undertones of liar, disloyal, phony and betrayal were all there.

        Afterward he took great glee in sharing and laughing about the episode with his cronies.

        Arrogance leads to Derrick Comparison/avoidable mistakes:

        Ironically Paulie could be called out for everything he accused her of ten-fold and IMO (I'm still really pissed about what happened so it's possibly skewing my opinion... BUT) it may have been the first major mistake he made in this game.

        Zakiyah knows a lot of details about both Paulie as well as Nicole who played the role of concerned friend. To that end Nic would run back to P with embellished details laughing behind Z's back. Again IMO Nicole is worse than Christine from BB16 in the absolute joy she is taking in these events. I will happily watch her demise and when she cries at the point she gets sent packing for all the boys I hope not one person is there to console her. I just can't express how little respect I have for her this season.

        But I digress... this incident and Paulie's burgeoning ego has left him making overt gestures and this unbridled arrogance continues to grow. In spite of his altercation with Zakiyah he still continues to speak badly about Victor right in front of her and release game details . Other than Andy from BB15 I can't recall wanting someone to be called out as much as I do Paulie. It's unusual for a season of BB to run as smoothly as Derrick's did in BB16, yet he at least took precautions. Paulie's devil may care attitude stems from all the seeds he's planted and his belief there is always at least one target in front of him with any individual.

        Ignoring Meech/Zak/Da this week has helped the girls to confirm Paulie is running the house and very likely an all male alliance with Ratcole in tow.

        P&P so arrogant they've forgot golden rule of how BB works:...
        The bigger they are the harder they fall.. and they are DUE to FALL

        What makes this interesting is how sloppy his play has been given the upcoming care packages which they have no idea of what power each yields, not to mention the probability TPTB will return Da to the house. Ever the conspiracy girl I wondered when they were locked out the hamsters to fix the upstairs shower a day ago if that would offer the perfect time to switch everyone's envelopes so that Da's has the return ticket figuring her oust was inevitable.

        Paulie's oblivious to how quickly (and easily) the house could turn on him. The haphazard manner in which he's playing is mind boggling. He tells both Victor and James he outed them for telling Zak about what Meech said. For James this betrayal can be added alongside his demand for Bridgette to go on the block last week and feigning ignorance. James seems well aware of what's up, but he feels hamstringed at the moment but I can see him shifting.

        Last night it was humorous when Paul said, yeah but Bridgette has won comps and needs to go b/c it's not you she'll come after it's me. I just took it for the team, so you guys need to be there next week and return the Happiness. This serves to point out if Paulie again tries to take over another HOH and when Brig is available and leaves Paul out to dry like he did James he could find himself losing loyalty within his own alliance!

        And, if Da walks out the door Thursday expect her to say goodbye Derrick, oh I mean Paulie on her way out the door. She already told Meech he spoke to her like Derrick when she tried to get a direct answer from him (see convo below)

        As much as P&P continue to be leading the charge Paulie made a choice IMO that woke up the females. His action could have easily been tempered, but he's so caught up in his ego he thinks he's untouchable. He could be right, but it seemed like a series of stupid things given all the intangibles.

        Da knows she's the target:
        As for Da she knows she is the likely target following her last conversation with Paulie. He kept trying to be vague so Da was specific:

        Da: is everything good for Thurs?

        P: as far as I know

        Da (gets specific) as far as voting Bridgette out.

        P: I think so unless something else is going on. Natalie said is voting to keep Bridgette, she said she was going to do that.(nice Paulie even in a situation when you are lying to the girl's face you can't resist throwing Nat UTB)

        Da: I’m just making sure the plan didn’t change. You’re definitely voting Bridgette out right?

        I’ll vote Bridgette out. If that’s what Paul wants. (so here he uses wording that can be explained as I didn't lie, eventually I will vote Brig out and then places it all at Paul's feet)

        Da: is that what you want?! Don’t talk in circles. Do you want me to stay in the house?

        P: yeah.

        Da I just wanted to come talk to you and see if everything was okay. All this friendship didn’t start with Bridgette until I got put on the block.

        After she leaves Paulie says I think Da will respect good game play, which is telling Zak that Da is gone w/o saying it directly. Him choosing to make Da suffer her last week in the house is also cruel b/c at least he told Frank. You would think he would understand Da's influence on the jury! Then again he's so arrogant he probably thinks he'll have her vote anyway.

        On top of this convo Da's well aware of all the closed door sessions and whispering and Brig not being worried at all. She has told James (after seeing him 3 times behind closed doors with NiCorey) that she will be extremely hurt if he doesn't vote for her and has repeatedly asked him to tell her if she's in trouble. That and the fact when she entered a convo with Paul, James, NiCorey today and asked what they were discussing to a hushed room they said who to put for DE. When she asked who they thought James inadvertently responded Bridg & Vic, to which Da said why Bridg she wont' be here!

        James in precarious position:
        For James he needs to find a way today to tell Da you don't have the votes b/c even in a tie Paul won't keep you. It's a precarious position for James who senses he could easily fall from Paulie's upper echelon if he hasn't already and yet he knows Paulie/Paul/NiCorey need to be split up.

        Despite Zak/Meech/Da/Nat/James being clued in to Paulie running the house Meech's target is Paul and Nat's is Nic. Da would target Paulie and James might in a DE though I suspect he'd go after Nicole/Brig in a regular eviction.

        Care Packages Strategy A = Da, B= Meech?
        From a game perspective I've been voting for Da every day with my 20 care package votes and if she has the return ticket will continue to. In the event she leaves I'm likely giving that award to either Zak or Meech (who I"m leaning towards more so). I'll make my final decision following Thursday's eviction. I hope this strategy works with Da ideally returning & winning HOH, but I'll happily watch Nicole/Paulie freak out next week if Meech/Zak get the care package as it should send a definitive message to them.

        Notably Paulie hasn't thought through how much Z and Meech know (a lot!). Further if James was to side with the girls and one of them or Nat/James win HOH (or Da who returns to win it) it would be easy to get Victor and Bridgette to out everything they know (again, which is a lot) about Paulie's plans.

        Da smartly told Meech if you win HOH make sure you talk to each person individually and get information from them prior to making your nominations. Anyone running a 'typical' HOH like that (which has yet to occur this season) should be enough to send P&P into full on panic mode.

        After the way they've treated Meech/Zak this week a sudden change to act like everything is okay would only confirm how fishy they've been acting!

        So, since I've written/re-written this numerous times I'm sure most of what I said has already been covered. Anyway I'll close with last night's Zak/Paulie interaction truly disturbed me leaving me wanting him out of the house. Prior to that convo I thought he was an arrogant ass. Now I don't want him on my TV. Ditto for Nicole but for different reasons (I can't stomach a female who so clearly has zero girl code, and for someone who whines so much about trivial things the fact she was laughing at Zak's heartbreak was telling).
        Last edited by TTOTambz; 08-03-2016, 09:09 AM.


        • ElizaJ
          ElizaJ commented
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          I agree with your opinion of the interaction between P&Z. I finally had to stop watching it as I was getting heart palpitations. He is one nasty piece of work and abusive in all sense of the word. I surely hope once Z gets home she has a good support system, seeks advice so she doesn't continue along the path of being the victim of abuse.

        • Pamawoman
          Pamawoman commented
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          That convo between Z AND Paulie took me back to a very sad place. I was ready to go through the tv and drag her away after I slapped him. She has self esteem issues. Probably from her daddy issues and he thinks he is all that. I hope his mama gives him a good talking to for treating her like that. I HATE gas lighting men.

        • breakingwave
          breakingwave commented
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          I just don't see any comparison to Derrick, for the most part it's his mouth. Derrick knew that silence was golden another reason is that Derrick never gave the impression he was I control. One of his famous lines well if that's what you think and then he would present options and by the time he left the person would always think it had been their decision. He also removed himself to the Havenot room to stay out of the way for a while. He was patient and willing to be flexible which Paulie does not demonstrate very well. He in my mind is definitely more of a Frank player. He sees himself as an advisor. He treated Victoria like she was expendable never feeling he had to have her, letting them think it was there decision.. Derrick also constantly told them especially that he knew he would not win anything. That he was safe to be sitting beside or even a number 3. So I see lots of differences between Paulie and Derrick.

      • #7
        Morning all,

        My take, Paulie continues to play a sloppy game, but he has been playing.

        Nicole is a lost cause, who basically told Corey last night that she is happy to play Christine's role of the last girl standing. She wants the final 4 of Corey, her, Paul and Paulie, and in that Convo, Corey brings in James (which should be a hint to her, but is not).

        The key relationship to watch, IMO, is Bridgette/Nat now that James has explicitly read her in on the all boys alliance. Nat sees the writing on the wall, that all the girls are set against each other, and will take each other out, for the guys. If Nat or Bridgette can gain a little power, they might be able to rally the Z/Meech to fight back. But that will inevitably lead to the leader being the next priority boot. It might be possible for James to turn Victor, but his animosity towards Nat, and affinity for the PP team, might just lead to an early boot for James. In many ways, the house is an inverse view of S15, where Amanda Z had established a game affinity with one half of the many house duo's, (i.e. Aaryn/Gm, McCrae/Spencer, etc). It made it hard to strike at her until the mid game, when she chose wrongly and kept Andy over Aaryn. The pairs in the house have established an animosity on one side of the pair with all the single players who could be gathered up. Bridgette is against James (legitimately), Victor against Nat, Z against Nicole, Michelle against Bridgette. This works to isolate Paulie and to a lesser extant Paul, from a credible threat being able to coalesce. The opposition cannot gain critical mass, since they are as afraid of other factions in the opposition as they are of the main threat. (Just like in Syria, but I digress).

        All the action today will be on Da trying to stay, now that she knows she is the target. I still don't expect a flip, but the key will be Paul, which at this point would be a mistake. He has set his plan in motion, and now needs to see it concluded. As I said before, the other key component to watch is Bridgette/Nat, but I am not sure that will come in to play today, but if B gains power, look for Nat to approach her.


        • KeninVA
          KeninVA commented
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          It depends on who is HoH. If Z, Mich, Nat, James, or Bridgette is HoH, she goes to work on the guys are trying to run the house. The difficulty if Bridgette is HoH, is that she feels Z, Michelle, and to a lesser extant Da (more by association) isolate her, and the boys don't, so turning her will be harder. But, If she can have one of them be HoH, try to turn Victor (only James has been privy to the boot Victor talk among P/P), they could re order the house, putting Paul/Paulie/Nicole and Corey on the downside. Still a formidable competition threat, but potentially beatable. Da, as a weak competitor, could then fade into the background, while Bridge/James/Victor become the much bigger targets into the end game.

        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
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          Ken, I read Paulie told Zakiyah (last night) that they made up a name to appease Victor of the all male alliance, and he told her all the details. She said he's going to be mad when you boot him and Paulie said no he'll find it funny.

          He has been super sloppy in his game play. There is plenty of intel from every person in the house. All it would take is one person (and yeah James would be the best one given his intel) to start outing things. James has taken the shaft via Paulie's hand at least 3 times now and knows it. Paulie never had to tell Z that James told him b/c he'd already told her Victor told him so he did that to sink James.

          I can't remember what girl Paulie said it to (maybe Bridgette) that James was trying to play Derrick's game this year. In almost every individual's case Paulie has told a lie or planted a negative seed to target the other individual (Corey being the exception... still his choice I think for F2).

          Bottom line like I say every week Paulie shifts his pecking order. Last week he was no where near ready to part with either Michelle or Zak and now they've been moved way up. Whereas he had Nicole pegged for the next boot following Da's exit. I fully expect the target/pecking order to change yet again.

          AND I'm wondering if this HOH will be a knock out comp which I've been DYING FOR as they show all your cards, Paulie would be talking to the guys and getting everyone to keep putting girl vs girl. Fortunately if Da stays/returns she'll tell Meech/Zak/Nat to do the same leaving James for last.

          I also think that type of comp would bode well for Da (as well as Meech/Nat) though I suspect Paulie, NiCorey and possibly Brid/Vic would target her each time so she'd have to win several rounds. If it is that type of comp & I'm the girls I'd put Paulie vs Nicole and Victor vs Bridg as the first 2 picks then pit the winners against each other and take out Corey last.

        • breakingwave
          breakingwave commented
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          Long been a fan of BB I have had a ring side BB seat since the very first Moment. some years I'm happy some years I'm not of this people thrown into pressure situation experiment. Our own little rat race. But and big .but here I have long since learned of the people who are controlling the rats even down to the cheese. If this week doesn't pan out for the girls, shame on them as you couldn't set the environment any better.For one thing the two lead boys have been have nots all week, the other is HOH so he is out of the comp, the trip back most likely will favor Da, Nat was saved from the Havenot so her energy level is saved, and add a package where you can take two votes from someone which will most likely go to one of the girls . If this isn't some helpful tools, there is no help. Just my brand of suspicions.
          Last edited by breakingwave; 08-03-2016, 05:17 PM.

      • #8
        I just had an interesting thought. Since the house guests get to see what is in each care package the last one will be really tricky. Everyone will know the winner has a $5k bribe to hand out. Whoever wins it the house should just shadow them all week so they can't make a deal. AND that package more than any could get you put on the block so you use it for POV or a vote!


        • #9
          And Michelle's morning live feed conversation, which I have read, but not seen, is why Paulie will go far. Michelle wants Paul out, so that she can go back to her ideal F5, Nicole/Corey/Z/Paulie and herself, where magically both guys are booted and the F3 is Nicole and Z. In that same convo, she declares Nicole a snake, who she probably should not trust. That level of reasoning is what will kill all the girls off. Bridgette can't align with Michelle, since Michelle will not target the source of real power, Paulie.


          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
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            That thinking works only until tomorrow's eviction when she is 1 of just 2 votes to evict Bridgette. That decision can't just be placed at Paul's feet either b/c he doesn't vote and there would have been no reason not to tell her if they were still working together. Plus Zakiyah knows this boot was entirely orchestrated by Paulie (as do James/Nat).

            And in the event she won HOH then expect Bridgette to either tell Meech directly or via Nat of Paulie's plans as he stupidly laid out how he/Paul want to take out Nicole/Meech/Zak/Nat in that order. In essence he let her know it's all guys to the end! Ditto for Victor in this situation he'll spill faster than an erupting volcano.

            IMO all it takes is ONE person other than P&P or Corey to win and the truth will come out. I even think if Nicole won the truth about her being higher up the target list will get outed. The question is if Nicole learned from both James/Victor of P&P's plans to take her out before any guys I wonder if she would remain faithful to Corey/Paulie/Paul.

            And of course there will be another shift this week in pecking order anyway, there is every week with Paulie. James moved up during his HOH, ditto for Paul. I suspect if a girl won HOH and still did exactly what Paulie wanted however it would have the reverse effect with that increasing her target.

        • #10
          Last night Paulie was the one who created the chaos that increased the suspicions and fears for the girls. His attack on Z was strictly personal and knew she was vulnerable especially after their 'bumper car activity' the night before. He even brought this up in his attack on her. I digress. The tension was so great that finally a few girls actually talk. Nat has been riding the fence about who to boot, but after that talk went to James and insisted that Da needed to stay. Frustrated, James bluntly said at best we can only get 4 votes, Paul will vote her out. James knows the Da boot is not good for him. He takes every opportunity to talk to Paul about booting Da being the best for them. Paulie has no intention of getting rid of Bridgette any time soon, he is only placating Paul, James and Corey. I am hoping that once Paul sees this he will begin questioning Paulie's intentions and remembers his talks with James resulting in a split between The P's. Also if Paulie tells Meech today that Da is the target (as he has said he will do), this action is directly against Paul's wishes. Could Paul be an instrument to boot Paulie?

          I don't think that any of the events of last night will change the target for this week. I am holding my breath that Da indeed has the return ticket because I want to see the faces on Nic, Paulie, Victor and Paul. I do expect to see Da continue to coach the girls sans Nic today and tomorrow.

          Now on my unabashed plug for James. I love his respect for the game. He clearly differentiates game verses personal. I have not heard him once put down or belittle anyone. After Paulie bluntly told Frank it was a lost cause for him, Paul was praising Paulie for this. James said I hope this is not the way it will always be, everyone has the right to petition for votes, it's the game. When Nic questioned him about voting Da out, James said that he has a personal connection not a game connection with Da. He also said that he did not want her to leave on a unanimous vote. James is playing the game and playing a bit different from last season. After that Paris Room talk with Nat, he began to show up more in the guy meetings, participating in the decisions to ensure his place in the group. He may not be the leader of the group, but does he need to be in order to win. Not all leaders win.


          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
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            I completely agree Belle. I've mentioned a few times how James has planted seeds with Paul. Before the re-nom he went to Paul to try to sway him away from Da saying she wouldn't put the 2 of them up even offering for Nat to go up instead. He also reminded Paul he put up Bridg last week not wanting to and was promised she'd go this week (meaning Paulie but not saying his name).

            Last night Paul once again reiterated how Bridg should go next & Paulie is placating him, which Paul is sensing I think.

            Expect Da to go to him today and appeal to his conscious. She'll tell him I spoke to Paulie and he said the house is voting how YOU want them to. She can tell him people aren't giving her a direct answer, are treating her like how they treat people leaving and everyone is hanging out with Bridg including Paul.

            If I were Da I'd say if you have changed your mind just have the decency to tell me, because the way Paulie was talking he wouldn't say I was safe only that he & the house are following your desires. At least give me the courtesy Frank got, otherwise it means you don't mind evicting me via a blind side and I'll leave possibly for jury feeling like my friend wasn't really my friend. All I'm asking for is a definitive answer i.e. YES Da you are 100% safe or no you aren't.

            I think Paul will likely lie to her face and then use the conversation as a b*tch fest for him & his boys, but at the same token I do think at some point today or before the show tomorrow James is going to tell her she doesn't have the votes out of friendship.

            I also agree with you about James as mentioned above... he has tried to shift Paul several times this week to no avail. AND he's made sure to bring certain intel back to Paul & Paulie to stay in the loop.

            When I look at Paulie's desire to have all men in the F4 it's funny b/c each of those men have different desires.

            Paul doesn't want Corey there or James really. He'd rather have Paulie with 2 girls (and I think James would be higher up his save list than Corey given that he's close to both Nic and Paulie)

            Corey seems to lean towards Paulie, Nic and James (b/c he's worried Paulie would take Paul)

            James wants Nat, Corey esp after Nicole is gone and quite honestly if he had his druthers neither one of P&P (I think he'd rather have kept Da or another female not named Nicole).

            James has been more active this time around making sure to stay in the loop while holding Nat close. He tells Nat a lot which she also keeps secret. He told her just a day ago he wants to win DE and make a big move to restructure the house. I can't imagine Nicole would be that big move, but might be. I think James is secretly hoping Nat wins so he can talk her into blindsiding Paulie via a back door. In the event James or Nat wins I'd expect Bridgette to spill Paulie's plans especially if they tell her P&P want them to put her up & out.

            Bottom line, with Thurs eviction on the precipice there are a few definitive things I'm thirsting for:
            1. Da having the ticket & returning

            2. One of Da/Nat/or Meech winning HOH (ideally Da)

            3. Da winning care package

            4. Nicole being found out for all her backstabbing leading to her crying & Paulie in an effort to save himself throwing her UTB about how she ratted out Zak & laughed at her

            5. Paulie being outed for his behind the scenes lies & deals across the house leading to him NOT FEELING SAFE & LOSING THAT ARROGANCE & for each person to recognize Paulie has lied to and about them all (except for Corey)

            6 As much as Paulie has played the best game overall after last night I'd be happy for him to leave and as much as I despise Nicole I'd rather one of Paulie, Paul or Corey leave next week (in that order) so Paulie's crew takes a hit either way.

            It would be funny if Paul and Paulie end up leaving back to back after all the boasting we've had to listen to for weeks. Can you imagine if Brig was the one to take out either of them after this week?
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          • belle1
            belle1 commented
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            Nat has told James that she would put up Paulie and Nic.

          • breakingwave
            breakingwave commented
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            I didn't see it as an attack, having watched Z do nothing but fall in Paulie shadow and expect to reap those benefits even though on more than one occasion he has told her she is messing with his game and to go play her own, expected her to relay true and accurate statements about their game which is essentially his I didn't think was too much to ask. As he tried to speak with her Z brought all kinds of other junk into the conversation which had nothing to do with what he originally asked, her crying and mumbling was frustrating. She stands everything to gain from him, him so far very little from her so I thought his comments which were not mean justified.

        • #11
          Hey all! I was away all day yesterday so I'm getting caught up with updates and discussions right now (always love the analysis here, you guys are awesome).

          Last night I got to thinking about BB since I hadn't had my fix all day and a lightbulb hit me. I'm one of the ones who loved Paulie and his gameplay initially, but have been ready to see him in the hot seat and booted more and more over the last few weeks. He's arrogant and hypocritical, he can't stop talking about S16 like it's the only game of BB ever played before, and he's a douche to Z (even if she is a little googly eyed and annoying). The guy who had that convo last night is not the same guy that explained to Frank that he needs to be respecful of the women.

          But anyway! Last night I was thinking what I would do if I were in the house, in order to get a Paulie boot. Usually this means inserting myself in the game in place of a player I find to be replaceable (in this season, it's Meech). So I am there instead of Meech. This is the only way I could have seen a Paulie boot this week (and prob last opportunity). Da gets evicted, gets the round trip pass and walks right back in. I win HOH. I nominate Corey and Paul. I tell Paulie that my REAL plan is to backdoor Victor. I tell him that Victor was already evicted, so I feel it's an easy pick for the house, and that Vic is so strong in comps he could start a comp run and beat all of us. I tell him I'm ok with getting Da out but both she AND victor have returned, and victor missed weeks, so i'd prefer to go for him, since he has a better at winning HOH and POV than Da. I tell Paulie I really wanted to put up two people that could easily win the VETO, and I thought about using him, but because he has won SO MANY comps already (needle needle to him that he might want to back off winning unless needed) esp just last week that I wouldn't want to put him in that position. I also tell him I really want to take cedit for this one, so I am hoping to win the VETO myself, take down one of the boys and nominate Victor so he knows it was my plan all along.

          So, lots of false info for Paulie. I would tell Paulie to tell Victor if he asks that I want to backdoor Day and send her right back out. In truth, Paulie would be the only person I would NOT want to win the veto.

          I believe that James and Nat could be turned against Paulie, with the confirmation of some info about Paulie and his dealings to James. This would be 3 votes (James Nat Day) to get Paulie out via backdoor. With Corey or Paul staying up, the 4th vote would come from either Nicole/Victor (depending on who stays up) making a tie vote that I break by evicting Paulie.

          In my fantasy of it, both Paulie and Victor are picked for the POV and it comes down to us 3. I tell Paulie to throw it, because I have a deal to make to Victor (that I will use the VETO on Paul). Paulie drops, I tell Victor I'll use the POV on him and that both he AND Paul will be safe this week. Victor drops, I win VETO. I nominate Paulie. I break the tie.

          Ahhh sigh. So perfect. And then I came here and read whats been going on and I know nothing like that can happen. Sigh.


          • ManaDee
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            I should add in this fantasy I had, Day is the only person I tell everything to. She and I approach James and Nat about working together going forward, and I also hint to Nicole that the noms aren't what they seem and that if I have my way both her and Corey will be safe, and that I was working to make sure that happened, but she can't even tell Corey that until after VETO or it might not work. This covers me with everyone but Paul (and in lesser degrees Victor and Corey) the following week.

            Oh and Brig, I forget her. Makes it hard with Meech and her history, in my fantasy that isnt there. Heart to heart with an unloading of ALL the info from the first 4 weeks about what Paulie has done should help.

          • ManaDee
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            Since it's just me here I'll add to my fantasy. Paulie gets booted. It's double eviction night! HOH is played and it's a wildcard (most popular opinion, guessing on events outside house) and the winner is: Natalie!!! Wild applause from the audience. Natalie nominates Paul and Victor. Paul wins, takes himself down and Nat nominates Nicole. Votes to evict Victor: Corey, James, Zak, Me Votes to evict Nicole: Da, Brig, Paul Victor goes home. A care package arrives for Day, who is the new HOH. She sets her sights on Nicole.

          • Livzee
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            You go! I am dreaming with ya!

        • #12
          Quick reminder for my Fantasy Players.. Don't forget to get your answers in for Round 6 here:


          • llongori
            llongori commented
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            Hey Shan How are you and the family? Are the sickies all better?

          • Shan
            Shan commented
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            Hey llongori thanks for asking! Things are finally looking better around here..I think (pray!) it's behind us now, now just working on getting all of us back on track with being able to eat/sleep regularly as well as back to day to day routines

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          I still think Paul is conflicted about the vote against Da .. not that he'll go against Paulie. We're all hoping that someone will start spilling the goods as Tiff did however, everyone is afraid they will be perceived as "not loyal". Even though they all lie, back stab, etc., they still want to hang on to some semblance of a code of conduct and even rats stay close to the big cheese. Although, Paulies minions are sitting there like the 3 monkeys - see no evil (Paul), hear no evil (Nic), say no evil (Cory).... or is it the three blind mice? Hmmm???


          • Pammer
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            My sentiments [email protected]!

          • Livzee
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            Sure wish we had the real 3 blind mice back. These are the 3 rats.

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          Proving my point about Paulie throwing his allies UTB and the repercussions............ There was no need for Paulie to go at Zakiyah and tell her James said anything about Meech/Zak discussion as he already had Victor to pin it on.

          Doing that meant both Zak and Meech approached James afterwards not happy he told Paulie and felt like he threw them UTB. I think all these things are adding up for James who now can check mark several things Paulie has done that are questionable. Seeing how irate Paulie got over Zak not knowing 3 people were in a room versus 2 (this of course is all an excuse to get mad at her) James has plenty of fuel to be ticked about vs Paulie:

          1. Demanding he put up Frank/Bridgette when NEITHER were coming after James or Nat

          2. Feigning ignorance over the nominations and fueling Frank's belief he was trying to help him stay led to him telling Brid to work with P

          3. Telling Zak that James had come & shared comment of Zak/Meech ..

          4. After promising to take out Bridg works overtime to change target to Da (just like he will every week to get out his top target)

          5. Threw James UTB to Bridg (I think) saying he's trying to play Derrick's game

          6. Demanding Da, Bridg, Zak be blindsided this week after giving Frank courtesy of knowing last week (prob b/c he's scared of what Da will say), but also to stop Da from giving any of the guys (Paul/James) her vote over him in case it's jury time.

          7. Repeatedly targets Natalie behind James back

          8. Keeps shifting targets which ostensibly could move James into the hot seat

          There are lots of other ditties James could be mad about, but these stand out as reasons for James to not trust Paulie.


          • belle1
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            James does not trust Paulie or at the very least is very cautious about Paulie.

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          I have been very quite the last few weeks (vacations, very busy at work, and other worthless excuses). The main reason I've been quite is that I was raised by parents who taught me "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all". This season is very frustrating to me. I struggle to find anyone in this house that I like for gameplay and for personal reasons. I like James personally, not a fan of his gameplay though. I like Paulie's gameplay, can't stand him personally. You get the point. I just have no rooting interest and that destroys a season for me. This same thing happened in S15 (I couldn't stand Andy, even though I respected the game he played then and especially now, I just know I couldn't play that game so it's hard for me to watch). I don't want to tune out a season, but with the announcement of S19 starting very quickly after 18, it makes it easier to let this 1 go.

          As for what I think or want to happen in this game to make me keep tuning in...........hmmmmm, not sure. I don't want Day to get the round trip, because she won't win anything except for a care package and then she won't use that power correctly. I've mentioned before my thoughts on Day and how she sees the game perfectly, but can't execute. I know everyone (except myself and Ken) hate Paulie in this game. Paulie is the only 1 playing the game really. I don't want him taken out next week. If that happens, then this season could really sink. I do want Paulie to be on the block and manuever himself to safety. I don't want the Derrick season of never seeing the block and feeling real pressure. Paulie does need to feel it and have to actually see what level his game is at.

          My last post went in depth about Nicole and my absolute disappointment in her this season, so I don't need to bring all that up again. So who has the ability to stand up and actually take a stand this season? Believe it or not, it is Natalie. She holds sway over James, and could get in good with Z and Meech. She can also bring over Bridgette. She is who I want to win the next HOH and watch all these rats scurry around trying to get a nip of cheese from her. I actually hope that if she is evicted during the round trip event that she is the 1 who gets to come right back in.

          Anyway, thank you to everyone for keeping me informed on what is going on. I haven't turned on my feeds in 2 weeks now, so I've been reliant on the live feed updaters and everyone in here to keep me up to date. Hopefully it won't be so long before I post again.


          • BBhead
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            Add me to your list of people who don't hate Paulie. I have been as frustrated with Z as he's been lately, and last night was the final straw for me.

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