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Live Feed Discussion-August 4

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  • Live Feed Discussion-August 4

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  • #2
    Morning all. Happy eviction day. Time to get this moving along.

    Halfway party last night. I wake up to the HGs in the HoH talking about their phobias, claustrophobia comes up. Paulie is afraid of being covered in insects. Please BB bring back the comp where they have to time themselves while they are in uncomfortable situations like being covered in dirt, insects, and being watered like flowers. I love that comp.


    • #3
      Good Morning everyone!

      Just got this reminder in my Inbox from BirthdayAlarm and made me laugh and think of you know who...

      Send a Card for Friendship Day on Sunday August 7th


      • Shan
        Shan commented
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        Friendship Day will forever be...different... for all of us now I think LOL

    • #4
      Morning all,

      Da is being evicted, P/Z and N/C continue the body games, and HOH has about a 30 percent chance of changing the direction of the game.

      Biggest changes: James is now a spoken target for Paul, and Paulie. Nicole slides further down the target list,.

      Things that stay the same: Corey continues to be a F4 favorite with the men.

      Not much to say about the house. They are there, they are bored (I don't have the time, but Paulie even looks bored having what appears to be sex with Z), and I am just waiting for the season to end.


      • Walleye
        Walleye commented
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        Guest, i saw Paul tell Paulie to fake it until they can get Z out to keep her quiet. Paul commented that she has a lot of info. Paulie acted like he didn't want to deal with it, but Paul was insistent.

        Darn I just realized you Weren't asking about Z. Sorry.

      • KeninVA
        KeninVA commented
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        Paulie wanting James out is Paulie cycling on targets. This latest was spurred by Z, intentionally or unintentionally telling him that James does not like being called a social butterfly, which was a phrase Paulie used in telling James about intel he had gathered in the house. So, James leaks info, therefore he must go. Paul wants James out because he told Paulie, he is not going to try to win HoH, exposing Paul to potential backlash. Not Freindship! PISSED! Boot James.

        Bottomline, the PP's want silent, cooperative drones, willing to play the game for them. Even while they are waking up to each other's potential backstabs.

      • Walleye
        Walleye commented
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        It's like musical chairs with the PPs. The last person to do something they don't like, just prior to the HOH comp, is the next target.

    • #5
      I'm with you Ken, this season can't end soon enough for me. I did get a kick out of the hicky on Paulie neck, serves him right.


      • JeanK
        JeanK commented
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        I've been trying to figure out who gave him the hickey. The updates are sparse since they're so awful. Was it Michelle?

      • Lynette
        Lynette commented
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        It was Zakiyah. He said it was barely a peck and caused the hickey. He and Paul started referring to her as some people are homey, home girl, she became Fool. He said his parents aren't going to be happy.

      • BBhead
        BBhead commented
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        I think the one that will and SHOULD be most embarrassed coming out of this season will be Z. She REEKS of desperation, and t's pathetic to watch.

    • #6
      In the fantasy game, I picked Da' for the care package. But the people voting James probably have it right -- taking into account the mindset of most of the voting public.

      And when he gets it, it will both increase the target on his back and make him vulnerable to whoever gets the better care packages later.


      • #7
        I just read where Vic was telling the guys that he peed on the girls' razors that they left in the shower. Seriously?????? Did anyone hear this?

        What happened the year the HG used someone's toothbrush to clean the toilet? Anyone remember?


        • Pammer
          Pammer commented
          Editing a comment
          Yes, it was Dr Wills love interest on season 2. And TPTB made her own up to it and she had to replace the head of the electric toothbrush. It was macho-man Hardys toothbrush, cause he put Will and her on the block.

        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
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          Yep her name was Shannon

      • #8
        Hiya BBU'rs just peeking in with one more reminder for our Fantasy Players..

        If you haven't already done so, jump on over HERE and get those answers in for the current Round

        In other news, I think things have settled around my place enough that I may actually be able to watch the LIVE show tonight with you guys and *gasp* maybe even hang out for a little LF watching after! Here's hoping ..

        Have a great day all!!


        • #9
          After catching up on last night/this morning I can honestly say it left me with this weird feeling. CBS/BBAD is only catering to the generation of the house guests with zero redeeming qualities. I used to love the cleverness of the after hours games, mock TV shows, fun ideas and sharing with the live feeders their actual strategies, etc. I don't belong in the shows demographic anymore and I think that is why the conduct, raunchy moves, explicit conduct that has moved waaaay beyond language is leaving me with this icky feeling. I consider myself young in thought and brain (I just don't look into the mirror) but it's just not fun anymore. BB has become cringe worthy and my generation has been aged out. Yep, a shock to me, too.


          • misscmm
            misscmm commented
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            Whew! I thought I was becoming an old fuddy-duddy Victorian gal like my Momma.

          • JeanK
            JeanK commented
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            I thought it was me as well. All perverts, bullies and mean girls/guys

          • ManaDee
            ManaDee commented
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            I'm 33 and I feel old in relation to this show. Now-a-days, they cast 2 maybe 3 people who aren't in their 20s with 'sample size' bodies. :P

        • #10
          GoodMorning everyone, I I I ... can't even type anything good to say ,I so wish they would evict 3 people tonight and hurry up get this game in the history books when TTOTambz only writes 2 lines in the morning you know it's bad😒


          • Walleye
            Walleye commented
            Editing a comment
            I was thinking TToT doesn't have anything to say? Wow. It's getting bad.

        • #11
          Okay, okay .. MESSAGE DELIVERED

          I'll try to add some levity: LOL

          Trouble in the strongest alliances?
          I noticed Paulie started throwing James UTB this week & now I'm seeing more comments. Definitely Paul seems to have been affected by hearing 'Paul & James could win' comment as he suddenly is pushing for Nicole/James to go up which tells me he might be targeting to get the vets out of the house.

          And I saw James (for the first time) kind of throw Nat UTB to Paulie which I found shocking. James definitely knows Paulie has been shady towards him as P's comments have got back to James (like the one this week with Meech/Zakiyah).

          Shout outs & care packages:

          Perhaps BBUS is different than BBCan but when players left BBCan they would hear shout outs from the audience, so I'm assuming if Da returned she would hear shout outs and/or could potentially tell select people something she chooses to make up. What would she hear? Here's some possibilities:
          • Guys alliance is a real thing
          • Nicole is a snake
          • Paulie is running the house
          • P&P are super tight
          • Paulie/Corey/James are using girls and plan to cut them
          • Season is boring
          • Bridgette is aligned with the guys who are just using her (ditto for Victor)

          My main reason for wanting DaVonne to come right back in the house is so everything gets blown up. This however only works to an advantage if she, Meech, Zak or Nat win HOH

          My ideal scenario is DaVonne returning AND winning HOH ... AND getting the care package. THAT would allow for the shake-up of P&P on the block with Corey as a backup. As much as Da has her issues with Nicole it's Corey who has the double protection of Paulie/Nic, so if P is safe cutting Corey would make P rethink who he takes to F2 and should help James.

          Further, Da getting HOH offers the most potential for everyone to spill the beans. She could learn from various parties all of the items noted in the audience shout outs.

          How would Nicole, Zakiyah react to learning they are just being used and their men have plans to cut them?

          What will HOH comp be?
          With the backyard being closed for several days and no DE occurring it feels like this is likely to be another endurance comp, perhaps the slip & slide comp which will offer players with a running background with the best chance.
          • Paulie has a soccer background
          • Victor seems to excel at all athletic comps
          • Though an athlete, not sure of Corey's long distance endurance
          • Nat has spoken about being a long distance treadmill runner
          • James has said he'll throw it, but may feel the need to win given Paulie's shadiness this week
          • Meech has amped up her workouts so perhaps she'll be inspired to win when she gets blindsided.
          • Bridge's knee would hurt her chances, Zak has shown no prowess in any area & Nic hasn't worked out since being in the house
          • This type of comp would not bode well for Da .... BUT could anger drive her to succeed?

          Spin Doctor:
          Assuming Zak/Meech are kept in the dark who is going to play the role of spin doctor and whose head will they place the blame on? In the event one of these ladies wins HOH or Da returns the drama should offer the most potential for the scattering of the rats and finger pointing.

          TPTB clever editing?:
          You know if you read my posts I'm not happy with the edit this season on the main show. Sure I expect TPTB to cater the segments to their story lines, but I'm pissed Nicole continues to get the sweetheart edit, and none of the cruelty of the boys has been shown. Calling Nat "FT" to her face and laughing about it is just one of the many things that's made me despise certain men.

          Tonight I'll watch to see if TPTB show the absolutely disgusting display by Paulie toward Zak in Paris the other night.

          "Da" Dreaming:
          With the Olympics slated to begin tomorrow BB needs to do something especially with the season already losing most people's interest. This DOES bode well for TPTB to make sure Da returns.

          To get the best bang for our buck again I'll reiterate a number of occurrences can help:
          • Da getting to hear GB message
          • Audience shout outs with intel on house
          • Da returning
          • Da getting HOH (or someone like Nat or Meech) so games get blown up
          • James goes to Da to warn her he thinks she might be leaving in order to keep the option of working with her open should she return

          Regardless of what happens with Da there is bound to be some drama if the crew keeps to their plan to not tell Zak/Meech about the vote.

          As for the care packages I'm praying it's NOT given to James as I really want him safe next week and to receive either the safety package or Co-HOH package. If the CP ends up in the hands of Bridg, Vic, NiCorey or P&P's hands it's virtually like handing it to Paulie. Other than Da the only other people I'm comfortable it going to is Meech/Zak since they'll know the house is against them. I think Meech would be least likely to just fall back in with Paulie

          My desire is for a complete blow-up of the house with EVERYONE feeling unsafe. Please let the following items be outed:
          • Nicole's side deals with Frank/Bridge, turning on Da early, working with guys, working against women
          • All of Paulie's alliances and shade thrown at each person except Corey in house
          • Paul's new safety, lies
          • Bridge/Victor in with guys (out the fact & that they are only being used)
          • Original alliances of F5 that included 2 showmances one with Da the other with Meech and the girls alliance

          With this cast of unlikeables the best we can hope for is they themselves have to suffer as much as we've had to for week's on end.

          Da returning, winning HOH and the care package presents the best possible chance for the most chaos in that house AND will force the house into PLAYING THE GAME!

          I'll cross my fingers and hope for chaos, or sadly you might have to start searching me on Twitter to read my Olympic updates instead


          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
            Editing a comment
            I'm pretty sure rewards/punishment is saved for POV .
            AND for when they want to save a favorite. The way things have gone this season if they listen to fans that will be Natalie or James and if it's TPTB it will be saved for Nicole/Paulie

          • MrsVee
            MrsVee commented
            Editing a comment
            TTOTAMBZ , so glad to hear from you loooove the Da dreamin! You have to know that although the show is bad and boring the only thing that I look forward to is reading everyone's posts so thankyou

          • Ladycop
            Ladycop commented
            Editing a comment
            TTOTambz, I live in Iowa and we have no NBA team, so I love the Bulls.

        • #12
          Uh Oh Spaghettio ....

          ( The title happens to arise from what I'm currently eating for lunch at work AND the fact that it's kinda how I felt when I learned that Big Brother 19 is coming soon ... SOONER -- Than You Expected )

          You are all Big Brother Fans, so you've probably already heard that Big Brother Season 19 will begin shortly after the current season ends
          ( Season 18 Finale Date is Sept. 21 ).

          If you didn't already know .. drink it in...

          There is little bit of a hick-up with Season 19, as it's going to be aired exclusively on CBS ALL ACCESS

          Personally, I've gotten past my Uh Oh Spaghettio moment...

          And, I'm ALL IN ( who needs sleep, right?! )

          BUT ... I'm only ALL IN because of ALL OF YOU!

          I KNOW that this hasn't been the best Big Brother year for some of you ........ BUT ... we're still here for you ... we're here for your discussions, we're here with your updates, we're here for YOU and we want to continue to be here for you now and when this new season arrives.

          So.. we have Big Brother 18 LIVE NOW and Big Brother 19 COMING SOONER than expected.

          I've mentioned before that our server expenses have increased this season, way more than we ever expected, and our live feeds subscriptions are down. Hopefully, season 19 airing only on CBS ALL ACCESS "might" help boost Live Feed sales, we'll see when we get there, IF we get there.

          For now, we currently need your support to help keep things going now to make it through this season and hope to get to Season 19 and all it's new glory.

          Whether you are a long time member, a lurker or a new friend to BBU and and you enjoy what you're getting here at BBU, please consider making a donation to help us, help Rob, so that we can continue to be here.

          Thanks so much for any help,


          For our newbies... Our PayPal link is located on the website, you do not have to have a PayPal account to make a donation, and using PayPal is safe and secure. Don't forget to add your BBU nickname and if you are a "lurker" ... you can drop me an email, if you'd like, I'd love to hear from you - that goes for all of you!


          • llongori
            llongori commented
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            Donation made. Thank you for all you do.

        • #13
          Oh, the other great option would be Paulie & Nicole sitting on the block together and for Corey to vote her out (and she stays to find out he did!)


          • soflaguy
            soflaguy commented
            Editing a comment
            careful, your mean girl is showing, but I like it
            Last edited by soflaguy; 08-04-2016, 02:10 PM.

          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
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            LOL yeah it's hard this season for it not to

        • #14
          Remember when they had to clean on Friday. Omg, there was a Qtip on the Safari room floors for 3 weeks!


          • joahnn00
            joahnn00 commented
            Editing a comment
            Well the other night Zakahia was flossing her teeth in the bedroom and dropped the dental floss right there on the floor next to the bed. They are all slobs, and so disgusting.

          • JeanK
            JeanK commented
            Editing a comment
            I saw her flossing. What a bunch of pigs.

        • #15
          You know it's a bad season when it's eviction day (hamsters suspect DE, but not) and there has been from what I can gather ZERO discussion about tonight. Feeds apparently are back so we'll see if anything arises. I sure hope James (or Nat, or someone) tells Da.

          Btw, I remember BB16 when Nicole made such a big deal about being told about whether she was getting evicted so she could dress accordingly. Yet another mean girl act by her not to tell Da she's leaving.


          • HunnyBunny
            HunnyBunny commented
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            There's nothing to discuss ... Paulie has spoken!

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