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Live Feed Discussion - August 5

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  • Live Feed Discussion - August 5

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  • #2
    Good Morning ...

    It's almost 3 AM BBT and Victor just chugged is 6th beer....

    Paul and Paulie have suggested that he wear his hat, robe and throw his Mardi Gras beads to his nominees during the nomination ceremony today ...

    Then they went to the bathroom and cracked up laughing that he was on board to actually do it ...


    • herms is here
      herms is here commented
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      Did anyone else have any? Oh why couldn't he have given the HOH ToNya. He really needs to go. He is going to sail through by winning comps. I feel sorry for Nat all that possible pain for nothing except maybe a trip to the block.

    • Pammer
      Pammer commented
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      This probably sounds petty, but, Victor showed how self centered he is by drinking every single one of his HOH beers. All the others shared with him...

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    • #4
      Is Corey a Muppet? He does frog eyes when he talks and I have yet to hear an original thought. He only repeats what is said to him.


      • beckyd30
        beckyd30 commented
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        Mostly by Nicole

    • #5
      Good Morning Lexie, Jeanmkulski, and all who follow...
      OMG. I am the MOST disappointed in Zak. If she ends up on the block, well, then...she deserves it. This is NOT a dating show. This is Big Brother girl!!!! I had high hopes for her. She is beautiful, smart (just not in the BB game ) and she is blowing her game up by not seeing the signs that Paulie has been throwing blatantly in her face for the past couple of weeks. He is using her, and she just keeps on coming back to him. WHY????? Jeez. Nat was in a lot of pain, I understand why she dropped. She just knew she couldn't push herself any further. A Victor win might/ or might not be exciting - depends on whether or not he allows P & P to rule his HOH. We'll see.


      • #6
        Morning Lexie and all who follow,

        The 70 percent chance that things would stay the same came to pass last night, as Victor won the HoH. Z and Mich will be the noms. Z is right now nominally the target, but I expect that to shift to Michelle, if she can't get off the block. Paulie has no reason to get Z out, and Michelle is closer to Paul than to him. I expect, as the week passes, that Paulie will work the house to get M booted, who is both more of a comp threat, and for Paulie, harder to live with.

        Nothing to see until noms, and then I expect waterworks, and maybe some attempts at burning the boys game down (which will fail, since Nat and I suspect Bridge, understand it, and Nicole is actively working to make it a reality).


        • Luanne
          Luanne commented
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          I noticed that also. I think Ken is right. Wonder who they want to go back in. Maybe waiting till the last week to keep the suspense up.

        • Freebyrd
          Freebyrd commented
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          I noticed that too. I observed Julie looking into the envelope first to see the card before pulling it out of the envelope. sketchy.

        • kokomogirl
          kokomogirl commented
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          I concur. I am thinking that there are 2 pieces of paper in that envelope and Julie does appear to be choosing the one that TPTB want. To me, it's obvious Julie is looking into the envelope and too much fiddling with the paper/s inside. If it's not true, why isn't she just ripping open the envelope and immediately pulling out that paper. No need to peek inside to see what it says unless she's looking for the ''right'' one.

      • #7
        Watching a Diagnosis Murder episode now which is spoofing network television.

        An exec tells her staff to give her something that makes people so mad that they have to watch the show just to call in and complain about it.

        ... Seems like CBS's philosophy about Big Brother.


        • #8
          Good morning/afternoon all,

          I will say that I am glad that Day didn't have the return ticket (though I'm getting a bad feeling that everyone is right and that return ticket is very rigged). I really wish Nat had won the HOH. Don't understand why Vic thought he had to have HOH with only him and Nat up. If there was 1 person in that house I would take at their word it is Nat. When she told him he was safe, he should have dropped and been available for next HOH. Especially after Day told Vic on her way out that they are planning on taking him out at DE. Seems like a bad choice for Vic to win this.

          That being said, I am hoping that Vic does something smart with this HOH. He has to realize that taking out Zak or Meech isn't going to help keep him safe in the DE. I hope he has a real plan to take out a bigger player, but I highly doubt that. He is 100% rolling with the guys and will follow PP's lead on this one.

          Hopefully something happens to really scramble up this week.


          • OhThisHouse
            OhThisHouse commented
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            Still hoping he is fooling all with the getting Nat out for her good bye and he was waiting to get those responsible for his blind side. Vic, remember Paulie and Cory, the sent you packing, not Nat.

        • #9
          I have watched BB for 10 years now and can't wait for the summer voyeurism. This is such a massive bore and frustration percolating skankiness that I can't even... Watching James sell out Natalie to the big guys was a low point and watching Nicole sprout fangs and sleep her way to a late boot another fave low. Michelle is so ignorant as a nutritionist and tho I thought she had some game....guess not. The cbs glowing Paul show last night made me barf, and it's very clear the round trip pass is rigged, so even if they get Paulie in de, he'll just prance back in. Going to this site is my only pleasure this year, so thanks to you all for great analysis and tomfoolery.


          • Border57
            Border57 commented
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            I agree. One of the biggest jaw droppers for me this summer was Nicole saying (last week on one of the shows, I think) something about "the other side of the house". There IS no other side of the house. Does one person constitute "the other side"? No, Nicole, you are just lined up like nine pins to go out in order. And of all people, Nicole should realize in a boys club, it's always girls last. Do you hold out that you are special? Idiot. You'd think the reason to have vets back is they are smart about the game.

          • cutencuddly
            cutencuddly commented
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            What a fool she is.

            But hey, maybe she will have the last laugh on us, and will somehow manage to shank all the women in the back and still avoid being brigaded. Sure .... it could happen ..... ha!

        • #10
          Morning everyone, well I have a few thoughts on last nights show 1. Julie didn't!like Paulie saying , Julie Baby nor did I he is so disrespectful!
          2. There was a commercial right before the opening of the envelope perfect time to make a
          3. Seeing Paul crying for his mama and his fake goodby to Da was laughable. He is definitely a
          4. Victor just might be the first winner of BB ever to get booted out of the game to come back in And Win . I know he can't play for the next HOH but he is a big threat in comps and all you need is the VETO. IT WONT BE EASY FOR HIM HES REALLY PLAYING BY HIMSELF SO IF HE MAKES IT TO THE END HE JUST MIGHT WIN


          • Luanne
            Luanne commented
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            I would like him winning over Paulie or Paul.

          • Border57
            Border57 commented
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            I didn't like the 'Julie Baby' comment, either. Remember the old margarine commercial with Mother Nature saying 'It's not NICE to fool Mother Nature'! And the thunder rolls? I heard thunder last night. LOL!

          • ElizaJ
            ElizaJ commented
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            To make it fair, I think the one who is evicted should be able to open up their own envelope on stage and reveal it to Julie. That way there wouldn't be any doubt.

        • #11
          Michelle to Zakiyah - are you still going to cuddle with Paulie? Zakiyah - Oh girl... I'm going to use him for all he is ****ing worth! Is this lust talking or game?


          • Lisalulu
            Lisalulu commented
            Editing a comment
            that's a girl trying to save face with her friend who watched her have a breakdown after being treated like dirt by this putz and is now rubbing / licking all over him and can think of no other excuse...

          • ManaDee
            ManaDee commented
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            What Lisa said.

          • ~2much~
            ~2much~ commented
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            That's utter stupidity talking. She has no clue how much Paulie is using her. She is looking like a bigger fool than Nicole

        • #12
          I was so disappointed in the girls last night. I didn't expect Nicole to last long (not very good at physical comps, especially endurance, and she feels safe with the guys for the moment. Zak wrongly trusted ''her man'' again and Paulie has already sold her out. I understand Meech was sick and needed to get off so I can accept that but her crying afterward was just too much. I know she was disappointed in herself and probably felt like she was now going to be in danger (which is proving to be correct). Nat did great and, when she did drop, she was exhausted and hurting. She hung in there as long as she could. I just really wanted a strong female to win, someone strong enough to put it to the boy's alliance (not a true man in the bunch).

          So, it looks like the same old, same old stuff this week. With Vic in HOH, Paulie will be running the show. I think he's going to be running the show all the way to the end. UGHHHHHHHHH!


          • #13
            I really don't think that there are 2 papers in each envelope what if Somebody decided or everyone decided to open them up then the cat would be out of the bag. The switch to me during a commercial is probable what would happen . I'm sure when someone gets the lucky pass that everyone will open theirs up so I don't think they could really rig this . I really would like to know what the penalty would be though if someone like PAULIE WOULD JUST FREAK OUT TAKE HIS CHANCES AND OPEN EVERYONES ENVELOPE UP . I REALLY WOULD LOVE THAT TO HAPPEN


            • cutencuddly
              cutencuddly commented
              Editing a comment
              You have a point ... about someone opening and uncovering the secret. But why do they have Julie looking so sketchy if it's just the one card?

            • MrsVee
              MrsVee commented
              Editing a comment
              Julie sketchy that is sooo funny I think she holds it up so the people in the house can see it on their tv. We should have a page on Julie's sketchyness lol I'll start it it Why doesn't Julie just say what the the. BUT FIRST IS, SO SHE DOESNt have to say BUT FIRST ANYMORE😳
              Last edited by MrsVee; 08-05-2016, 01:02 PM.

          • #14
            RE: envelope-gate Wouldn't it be funny if one of the evicted contestants asked Julie on live TV if they could have their envelope to keep as a souvenir?


            • #15
              I think the ticket is sandwiched between 2 pieces of paper! Haven't you ever held an envelope up to a light to see what's inside? It's probably black out paper! She also wants to see it first so she can react or not. Another thought, do you think Victor is just stringing PP along and he did believe Da's warning?


              • Border57
                Border57 commented
                Editing a comment
                Victor has shown occasionally that he thinks. However, with Paul and Paulie snowing on him hard, I don't think Vic will take her warning seriously.

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