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Live Feed Discussion - August 6

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  • Live Feed Discussion - August 6

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    Good morning, everyone!


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      Morning! My phone is back to kicking me out. Gotta be fast. how do I change my login name? I feel silly it being my email.


      • KennyERJ
        KennyERJ commented
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        Admin would have to do that. I'll let Lexie know you want to change it.

      • JeanK
        JeanK commented
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        I'm so easy to impress! I'm saying wow cool to myself, lol. Thank you.

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      Thank you. I think I'll go with simple like JeanK


      • Lexie
        Lexie commented
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        Done : ) .....

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      Who do though ugly sweaters belong to that the girls wear and stretch all out.


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        Morning Kenny, JeanK and all who follow.

        Conflict is brewing in the house, as Paul and Paulie wrestle over the next boot. With Michelle and Z on the block, the couples want to preserve Z, in order to not shine a spotlight on their own entanglements, and Paulie obviously wants to keep Z as a loyal ally who will do whatever he tells her to do. That leaves Paul, Victor, and Bridgette as the three singles that have to help move the needle.

        Working against Paul, Bridgette is right now closer to Paulie than to Paul, and Michelle's animosity towards her makes getting Michelle out a much bigger priority over Z. With James wanting to stay on Paulies good side, his dislike of Michelle, and his strategic imperative to keep all the couples in the house intact, I don't see Michelle staying, unless she gets herself off the block today.

        Bridgette is now cycling down Paul's target list, and if Michelle gets booted this thursday, I expect him start attempting to cultivate a game relationship with her, to add to Victor, giving him a three person voting block in the mid game. A Victor/Bridgette/Paul final 3 is not that good for Paul, in that from a self interest standpoint, I would expect Victor and Bridgette to prefer each other to take to the end, but Paul might be able to use psychology to mask their self interest, much as Derek did to Cody, to override that.

        Nat continues to have a good read on the house, and is starting to chafe at James constantly telling to not win HOH.

        I don't expect much game action today, until after the POV.


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          This is the 3rd time BBAD cut out midway. My DVR shows time left but won't let me continue. Am I the only one not talking strategy, lol. It makes my brain hurt. I'll read everyone else's strategy.


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            I'm not so sure that Paulie winning in keeping Z is best for his game. He has no one but Michelle that would take a stab at him right now. When he forces his hand at getting Michelle out he then has 2 people that can win comps fighting him for control. Victor and Paul will not be happy with this because Paulie has used both of their HOH's to out who he wants out. Paul has so much info on Paulie that he can sink his game. The reverse can also be said about Paulie of Paul. But Paul is the better liar. It's Paulie's own fault that Z is in so much trouble. He's talked a whole lotta crap about her so it would appear they just weren't that close the whole time bumping and grinding her in the bumper cars. Also at this juncture in the game Paulie could still be backdoored with the right person winning POV. I also believe that Paul could get the votes to get him out. PP is in a battle now no matter who wins out this week (finally).

            I'm wondering if the POV today is Hide The Veto. Makes sense to me since the Backyard was still opened late last night. Small setup outside and really no set up in the house except maybe a few cameras.

            Went to Jeffish at 7:24. Wow


            • belle1
              belle1 commented
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              There are cracks in Paulie's game and are more highlighted with this eviction. Who knew this would be the one? From this view, Paulie has the better alignment with others in the house than Paul. Paulie has James, Corey and Nic, even Z; Paul has Victor. Of the 4 in Paulie's camp most know his dealings with the exception of Nic and Z not aware of his boot plan for them. Vic if told of Paul's boot plan for him may just believe because of what Da told him. The two unknowns to me are Bridgette and Nat. I think these two girls will line up together. Which of the P's they end up with is up in the air. The chances of them moving to Paulie's side is greater but have no question that they would target him given the chance. If Paulie ends up on the block after POV, I think James would use the 2 vote elimination to preserve him.

              Oh but I am enjoying the dance between those two alpha dogs!

          • #9
            I think I am going to vote for Corey for Super Safety. If one of the girls are left in the house after double and they have the super safety it will only leave James and Nat for the power boys to put up if Bridgette or Z has safety. (I have a feeling these care packages are going to end up hurting Nat and James in the end).

            I figure Corey is probably safe anyway and would rather him get it then any of the others. I don't want Paulie anywhere near it in case we get nice things and someone wins HOH who would actually take a shot at him. I think the time is running out for that to happen and I sure don't want to make him safe just in case.

            I don't want Nicole to win anything. If Bridgette makes it through to the next care package I think I will vote for her to win Co HOH.

            James and Nat are my favorites but I see no way for the two of them to get to the end. I think James is waiting too long to make any big moves.


            • JeanK
              JeanK commented
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              I had to think on this. Your logic makes sense. I'm going Corey and Bridget

            • TTOTambz
              TTOTambz commented
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              I commented last night at 11:07 saying the same (re: Corey for Safety). He'll get a reprieve from the have nots which he needs after 2 straight weeks. He's prob safe anyway, but it could get in the other hamsters heads.
              *He'll look hilarious in the costume
              * Nicole/Paulie will go crazy wondering why they didn't get CP.
              * Seeds planted by James can take root with Nicole possibly becoming target
              * AND maybe P&P will think Nicole will get next package so perhaps they target her that week!

              My concern with the CP's has been three-fold: as players are cut it eliminates the potential for who can get the next one, I don't want Paulie, Paul or Nicole getting any packages and my greatest concern is giving the wrong person the CP opens up players like Nat/James/Bridge to be taken out that week.

              I'd rather keep big targets like Paulie//Paul/Nic open to go up despite the fact no one seems to want to go after them .... YET
              Last edited by TTOTambz; 08-06-2016, 04:53 PM.

            • magoopy
              magoopy commented
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              James and Nat are my favorites also. I didn't think of Corey winning safety causing paranoia in Nicole. I like it and so dislike Nicole this season.

          • #10
            Good point about the safety working against Jamalie if Bridgette gets it.


            • #11
              Reading this morning's LFU ... looks like the anti-Nicole seed that James planted with Paulie has taken root.


              • #12
                Not great for the complexion, but at least the have-not food is tasty and filling.


                • #13
                  Good day to all of you! My hope for today is that Meech wakes up ready to fight and win the veto. Then I would love for Nicole to go on the block and feel the heat of the hot seat. The draw to find out who will play in the veto comp does not favor Meech so I'm hoping James, Nic, and Paulie all throw it and we get to have a battle between M & Z to win veto. But, on the other hand, I think this is going to be a comp of luck where it's anyone's to win, no ability or skill required. Michelle winning today could put another hole in Paulie's armor that protects him. Ideally, I would love for Vic to backdoor Paulie but I don't think he'll do it.


                  • herms is here
                    herms is here commented
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                    I am routing for Michelle to pull out another veto win. That way she can get the super safety care package and also, Victor will have to replace her. That is the only bad part. The replacement nominee if it comes to that would either be Bridgette or I think Natalie.

                  • TTOTambz
                    TTOTambz commented
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                    Herms: Depends, I wonder if the recent seeds planted by James regarding Nicole could find her landing on the block. Probably not, but if the discussion opens up among Corey/James/Paulie I wonder if Corey will tell the boys about Nicole telling him about her F2 with Frank which she initially lied about. James can plant more seeds telling the guys Da said she had a lot of sketchy info about Nic that even Corey didn't know.

                    Even if she doesn't go up this week I could see her being one of the targets in DE. We all know how Paulie likes to shuffle his order continuously and one simple statement last night from James already has Paulie freaking out about her. Should Corey share his intel it could push Nicole to the top of Paulie's list. (one can hope ... tee hee)

                • #14
                  PoV Players:

                  HoH - Victor
                  Nominees - Michelle and Zakiyah
                  Picked Players - James, Paulie, Nicole
                  Host - Paul

                  Victor pulled Nicole's chip
                  Michelle pulled James' chip
                  Zakiyah pulled House Guest Choice and picked Paulie


                  • herms is here
                    herms is here commented
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                    Why would she pick Paulie. I don't think that he would use it on her. Does he plan on throwing it? The girls don't stand a chance if it is between Victor and the nominees. Routing for Michelle.

                  • sofieckcs
                    sofieckcs commented
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                    Yesterday, Z asked Paulie if he would use the Veto on her if he won and he said yes.

                  • cutencuddly
                    cutencuddly commented
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                    Herms, if she didn't pick Paulie that would make it obvious that she didn't trust him, and that would make it easier for Paulie to cut her.

                • #15
                  I'm a fan of James and Natalie too but unfortunately I hate the advice he has been giving to Nat. I know he is trying to protect her, and to him, you play defense until the end. He talks about making a big move "at the right time" but I think maybe he expects those moves will fall in his lap if he makes it far enough.

                  Natalie is playing for 2nd place. I'm pretty sure Z would get more votes than her. She has very little to lose by winning HOH and nominating two people that NO ONE else in the house would, since she is already an easy boot for everyone else in the coming weeks (and we know Vic will target her if he wins HOH).


                  • Border57
                    Border57 commented
                    Editing a comment
                    She's playing for Miss Congeniality, oops, I mean, America's Favorite, if she's playing for anything at all.

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