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Live Feed Discussion-August 7

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  • Live Feed Discussion-August 7

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  • #2
    Morning all. Now that Paul and Paulie seem to have reached a separation point, who will draw first blood?


    • #3
      I hope it's Paul.
      what did Bridget do with the corned beef hash? Which I love. Boil the can? Drain? Wth is that? I want to do it.


      • #4
        Good morning Geo and all who follow:

        I've been saying for a while the P&P fracture was looming. Paulie was the one we all expected to be put in a hard spot this week given his ever burgeoning ego. With his girl and BFF on the block it seemed he was doomed to have his game blown up especially after he won the POV and decided NOT to use it.

        But 2 things happened to shift the house and the result I suspect (as mentioned yesterday) will be a realignment of the showmances working to get to F6.

        Zak is putty in Paulie's hands:

        This came about when Zakiyah maintained her composure even when confronted with Paulie telling her he might not use the POV. She has become putty in his hands. The second critical event was Paul became aggressive in his desires over playing his hand. It became far too obvious Paul wants Victor to replace James, Zakiyah out before Meech and is pushing hard for James or Nicole to go next.

        Paul drank his own Kool-Aid, but it looks like it was poisoned:

        For whatever reason Paul just assumes he can get Paulie to take out these 3 of his closest allies (Zak/James/Nic) and allow him to pull Victor/Meech/Bridgette to him to battle Paulie/Corey. One would also assume Paul thinks he can get Natalie too as he's been spending more time with her of late.

        Paul had been playing a very strong game and was set up well having left HOH with his secret in tact (i.e. everyone thought he had nothing to do with Da's oust). But now he has jumped up the target list simply b/c he was unwilling to compromise once more. IMO Paulie would have been satisfied to go to F4 with Paul and although Corey was always his #2, there was the potential for Paul to be F3 or higher depending on comp wins.

        For weeks Paul has tried to get Paulie to look at Corey as someone who needs to be cut and repeatedly Paulie defended him. When he didn't get his way last week he got annoyed. Now, he is demanding Meech (who Paul is closer to) stay and Paulie let his most loyal poppet go. In addition his next 2 or 3 targets are all close allies of Paulies.

        It's a very odd move for someone who had been playing a great stealth game. Why would Paul be so obvious about his desires? Has he drank the Kool-Aid believing himself to be a better player? Does he feel like he has more allies? I find the whole thing so very odd as Paul, again IMHO blew up his game yesterday.

        Showmances vs. singles:
        And so Paulie will not use the POV, Zak will remain calm and all that is left to be decided is whether he tells Paul/Vic beforehand who they are taking out or blindsides Paul/Vic since everyone suspects a DE this week.

        Moving forward, we can expect a couple of things Paulie will likely try to think of a way to pin this decision on NiCorey/James since he's asking for James to not count his vote knowing he can rely on NiCorey/James/Bridge to vote out Meech and they only need 3 votes. Nat may vote out Zak b/c she's closer to Meech though I suspect she'll be the lone vote (that counts).

        In the DE the showmance group will try to throw the HOH to Zakiyah so she can nominate Bridgette/Victor and take one out. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail when they recognize Victor should be taken out right then and not given another chance to beast it to the end.

        The other thing we should count on is Meech trying to blow up Paulie/Nicole's games on her way out the door. Though Paulie is someone who shifts his targets weekly I honestly won't be surprised in the event anything iffy about Paul surfaces he turns his attention to Paul being the next target after DE. AND perhaps there was a method to Paulie's madness as perhaps he expects Meech to share any secrets Paul has told her prior to cutting her throat.

        What realignment means:

        Nicole is also moving up the target list and again I won't be surprised if the F5 consists of Paulie/Corey/James/Nat/Zak with whoever survives between Bridg/Nicole being F6. This critical stage will occur in 3 weeks assuming no round trip ticket has surfaced and just the one DE to that point. Then that week would likely see another DE (with also a possible jury buy back). At this point if anyone was going to take a shot at Paulie (not named Paul or Victor) it would be their best chance. So watch to see what happens in the event a girl wins HOH that week.

        Although I expected the fracture to occur, this sudden turn of events has to do with Corey/James showing their die hard loyalty to Paulie and heeding his wishes as opposed to Paul who doesn't just disagree he wants his desires to take prominence over Paulie's. A combo Paulie (who is a control freak) simply refuses to accept.

        The only variant to someone going after Paulie sooner, might be if Bridgette won and took a shot or if Nic/Nat/Zak won and decided to take down the king pin. Though that suggestion sure feels like fool's gold given Nat's the only one of the women with a decent read on the house.

        As an aside: some thought James was throwing Nat UTB re: the "all girls alliance", but since she was never included I think James was using this piece of information to secure Nat's spot, in that it proves whatever Nicole tells Nat will find it's way to James ears and subsequently back to Paulie. In this way James may be outplaying Corey b/c Paulie knows C shares everything with Nic & doesn't always share everything with Paulie. It doesn't mean Corey isn't loyal, but it does make James more valuable long term.

        Of course this is all just my humble opinion. But it does sure feel like the house has become realigned to showmances vs singles.
        Last edited by TTOTambz; 08-07-2016, 08:08 AM.


        • #5
          I'm not good at strategy talk so my topics are less interesting.
          Michelle in the hot top is stuffed. Feels disgusting. An hour later she's stuffing her face again. Hey nutritinutritionist, how about play a game with Nicorey and move around. That was fun. and when did they get new clothes? I see new bathing suits and hangers.


          • Spitfire
            Spitfire commented
            Editing a comment
            We dont know what it's like to be in that house, but I imagine that it is very stressful. Being on the block and losing POV must make Michelle feel even worse. It's my understanding that, since the houseguests have so much down time, many of them gain weight while in the house. Could be bored/stress eating. I don't think that it is disgusting, however...

          • JeanK
            JeanK commented
            Editing a comment
            No no, I didn't mean Michelle is disgusting. Michelle said after she ate all that food she felt disgusting. Then she went and ate more.

          • ManaDee
            ManaDee commented
            Editing a comment
            She might not really be a nutritionist. Nicole and someone else were talking once about what they put as their title, because there were certain ones they didn't want this season. Like 'bartender' i think was one they didn't want.

            Stress eating is totally normal too. If she were a smoker, she would be chain smoking outside. And since she is likely going home this week, I say let her cope however she likes.

        • #6
          Before I disappear for a while. Bridget definitely had a ankle injury. I forgot when she hurt her knee. I don't think it still hurts though. I've only seen her hobble when others are around. When she's alone she walks normal.


          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
            Editing a comment
            She tried to ride the bike Friday night and couldn't even with the brace on. Apparently she over compensated for the ankle (I think in OTEV) and ended up hurting her knee
            Last edited by TTOTambz; 08-07-2016, 08:11 AM.

          • Luanne
            Luanne commented
            Editing a comment
            Last night after her bath, I saw her walking and no one was watching. She was limping, you could tell it was bothering her.

          • LCnSummer
            LCnSummer commented
            Editing a comment
            Interesting. Good way to lower her perceived threat level.

        • #7
          Morning TTO and Jean. Good breakdown TTO. I hope that is it with James and Natalie. You know I may not like most of these people, but I think maybe that allows me to enjoy the gamesmanship more now. Now that I don't have anyone to root for, I can see the game and moves more clearly and appreciate them (like watching the soccer match between two countries other than the US).

          Jean, I think Bridgette is trying to lower her target value by making herself appear weak.


          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
            Editing a comment
            I'm pretty sure, b/c James told Nat he was going to find a way to plant the things Nicole had been saying with Paulie. Specifically he wanted to out Nicole saying she wanted a girl to win, there was a girl's alliance and how Nicole is trying to use Derrick's tactics to play the game via giving compliments to people to make them feel good.

            Shortly after that conversation a few days ago James began to plant the seeds with Paulie.

            Part of this is also lucky timing for James since Paul is pushing his agenda so emphatically and this coincided with Corey outing intel from Nicole: yes there was a Fatal 5 and Meech invented the 'Advancement' fake men's alliance.

            Because Paul had spent weeks trying to weaken the bond between Paulie/Corey his efforts now to swipe at Zak and attempt to set up James next back fired on Paul. Instead Paulie came away feeling James was a more loyal source of intel and that he has 'his girl' under control whereas Nicole (or he might suspect Corey) withheld this information for the majority of the game..

            On top of that James told Paulie as much as Nat doesn't want to nominate Bridge she would put up anyone else he asks her to and if Paulie was sitting beside Bridg she would keep Paulie. Now add that all up with James holding the 2 votes and basically serving as the female version of Zakiyah regarding how Paulie wants to use them and Paulie wouldn't cut James against anyone (poss even Corey) at least this week.

            We can debate whether James is playing far too passive aggressively, but there is an argument he's setting himself and Nat up better especially knowing Paul/Vic/Meech all see him as a target. Odds are James see this as a way to keep Natalie OFF the radar to leave, push Nicole ahead of her while also dialing Paulie in to take out Vic. AND the side benefit is Paul also gets tagged as a target.

            Should the cards fall right after Meech leaves Victor will move ahead of Bridg as the target (keep limping Bridg) then a timely HOH win by Bridg could result in Paul & Nicole on the block and a potential backdoor of Paulie. (unlikely but possible). In the event Paul or Corey were ousted and Paulie gets saved by James/Nat he'd have to protect them the following week as he gunned for Bridgette.

            Side Note: At this point Paulie would gun for Bridg BUT the 'Bribe' CP could play a huge factor esp if we can find a way to save that for Bridg who might feel inclined to use it to get Paulie nominated or back doored!.

            Lots of postulation on my part especially at the end here, but it's fair to assume James has a longer term goal in mind

        • #8
          I know that this is probably an odd thing to notice ( given all of the other drama in the house) but, has anyone else noticed Natalies odd counting behavior? Putting on deodorant: swipes underarms, then touches the deodorant back and forth at least 10 times, just touching the underarms. Then, when putting the cap on a small tube of makeup: She starts to screw on the cap, takes it off, taps it 10 times to the top of the tube, starts to screw it on, takes it off, taps again, repeats and repeats sequence. She does the same thing when using cotton balls to remove her eye makeup and other things as well. What is that?


          • Livzee
            Livzee commented
            Editing a comment
            Seems like off to me but mild... May be made worse by stress of the house

          • Livzee
            Livzee commented
            Editing a comment
            I hate spellcheck! Mild ocd

          • Spitfire
            Spitfire commented
            Editing a comment
            Agree, Livzee! Stress can make ocd symptoms worse.

        • #9
          Good morning all,

          TTO another good read on the house. I see things a little different. I think Paulie (if he does not get caught) is in a really good place. The boys have all agreed to get the girls out and go to the F6 with them and one girl. He has a F3 with Corey and James. He has a F3 with Victor and Paul. I know Paul wants Zak gone. I do not think he is trying to save Bridgette. He seems to want her out next. Paul did not want Da gone but gave in. He expects Paulie to do that this week with Zak. Paulie has told him that he does not care which one goes. He has made sure the others will save Zak so that he does not have to. With James voiding his vote, he will act like Paul did this week, he had no idea about the votes.

          He is trying to ride to the final 6 with all the guys. The two from one side will try to take out the two from the other side. I do not think it really matters to him which side wins as long as he is still standing. I think the Paul/Victor side is the strongest side. He really believes that no-one can beat him in any competition if he decides to win. I said a long time ago, Paulie wants to be in the F3 with one strong guy and a girl. He wins final HOH, takes the girl, and wins the game.

          I just do not know why the guys from both sides do not catch on to what he is doing. I know we see more and know more. When he is talking to Paul and Paul suggest taking out James, he always makes an excuse to him him longer. They can take him out at any time. Last night, Corey and James both felt like this next week, if DE, was the time to take out Victor. He tells them, they need him a little longer to take out the girls. Both of his side alliances should be wondering why he wants to keep the strong guys around so deep in the game.

          I think Bridgette will be the one that leaves this Thursday in the DE. I would love for it to be someone else.


          • belle1
            belle1 commented
            Editing a comment
            I see your view. However, Vic is a major threat to Paulie through his loyalty to Paul and competitions. I think Paulie knows this.

          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
            Editing a comment
            Luanne, you could be 100% right and I see the merit in that argument.

            The reason I tend to agree with Belle on Paulie (P'e) being more comfortable with Corey/James/Zak/Nat/Nic is mostly due to how aggressive Vic/Paul (P) have been this week in trying to push their own agenda.

            Corey/James don't really push the P oust they only bring up Victor but P is trying to reshape the house in an obvious way. Further the targets P wants to target all are Pe's allies. If P was a bit more subtle I'd agree, but I can see P'e is seeing through P who is being extremely aggressive about his desires.

            Why would it behoove P'e to keep Vic/Brid/Meech over Zak/James/Nic? Subtlety has not been employed by Paul and it's made P'e question him. If P'e had removed Zak I think he believes P/V would put up James and try to get him out. That alone speaks to P/V being uncontrollable. And we all know P'e can't stand someone else having an opinion - let alone thinking they have a right to!

            The other tell tale sign for me was P'e shut down the 'all guys talk' about who to target/what to do but still made sure to meet with James/Corey late night which to me points to who he trusts more. As much as P has lamented wanting all men deep in the game I think he's recognizing V/P's comp prowess and doesn't want to chance having to beat them both at F5 (even with his ego).
            Last edited by TTOTambz; 08-07-2016, 03:41 PM.

        • #10
          Oh this week is turning out to be a most interesting one. Loving the power struggle between the P's. Paulie definitely has the upper hand but he did create this struggle by strengthening Paul's position in the house. Paulie is finding out that he can't control Paul and is moving back to his original grouping. I think that Paulie's shift away from Paul started about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks ago when he stopped emulating him through dress and hair style and deflecting Paul's push to get out James.

          sdkgeo, I still have favorites in the house. I am fully on the James train with Nat as a co-conductor. My view of the game is through the preservation of them. While I would like to see Paulie and Nic challenged, this week is not the best time for my favorites. I do think the time will come. As for James throwing Nat under the bus, he did not. Remember, Nic told Corey that Nat said she would only vote for a girl to win, Corey told Paulie and James. James told Nat. Nat told James not true that this is what Nic told her. She also told James that Nic was not to be trusted, that Nic was a threat to them, and that she strongly believed that there was an all girl's alliance. (Nat did not tell James about the Spy Girls nor about Tiff trying to merge the Spy Girls with the Fatal Five.) James response was I will take care of this. He then told Paulie that Nic was the one who said this.

          As far as James appearing to discount Nat's read on the house and controlling Nat's game, I have a different opinion. He does trust what she tells him and uses that information to protect them with the guys. Yes sometimes he does tell Nat what to do, what not to say,etc but this is equally on Nat. She cries wolf, makes him think that she needs him to lead her, to protect her, etc. She did the same thing during the last HOH comp, saying early on that she could not do this, trying to get Vic to give into her because she would never win another. Nat is a very strong smart girl using her appeal to get farther in the game.

          Neither Nat nor James will betray each other. They have a mutual goal of getting to the end together. Perhaps the only pairing in the house with this mutual goal.


          • #11
            IMO, Paul & Paulie will end up sticking together. I think there is a great chance of them being the Final 2 and/or one of them winning the whole shebang. I've actually become bored with this season. It's nothing but the PP show. I really don't see anyone coming after either of them or there being a "flipping of the house" or "power overturn" this season. They all seem to be Paul and especially Paulie's little minions. If Victor was smart and wasn't one of their minions, he would have taken Da'Vonne's words to heart and put up Paulie & Paul (as a pawn **wink wink**) and gotten one of them out this week. I think even if Bridgette were to win the HOH in the Double Eviction this week, she'll end up putting up someone like Michelle & Nicole (or James) and hoping to get Michelle out (assuming Zakiyah goes out first this week). I really HOPE I'm wrong and something shakes this house up. These people seem to be blinded by Paulie's "hotness". So many people are superficial that all it takes is for you to be hot and people will hand you things on a silver platter (including $500,000)!


            • #12
              When I look at Paulie I do not see his hotness. All I see is his ****iness. I really enjoy reading others analysis of the house. Personally I don't see why Paulie wants to keep NiCorey, maybe Corey, but Nicole is so whining. I am hoping that Maybe Nat wins DE HOH and nominates Victor and Paulie.


              • misscmm
                misscmm commented
                Editing a comment
                I thought I heard Paulie tell Nic that she was his favorite girl in the house?

              • belle1
                belle1 commented
                Editing a comment
                Paulie did tell Nic that. He is prone to exaggeration.

              • joahnn00
                joahnn00 commented
                Editing a comment
                I agree I do not see any redeeming qualities or features in Paulie's, I do attribute it to his ****iness and disrespectful attitude towards the girls in the house. Even though some of the girls behavior are questionable and ridiculous, they do not deserve to be treated and talked about that way. The same goes for Paul and Corey too. Victor is not as bad.

                I think the reason Paulie said that to Nicole is because he is playing headgame with her, (The Derrick headgame) now that he knows (from James) that Nicole is trying to play the Derrick headgame as well. I wonder who will come out on top in this battle.

            • #13
              I believe Paulie will start trying to eliminate Paul now. Paulie only takes people that agree with him along on his ride. Last week when Z started being jealous and possessive of Paulie, he wanted her out. Then he did the 'big putting her down talk' and she did nothing. Then he knew he had her so now he wants to keep her. Now that Paul is disagreeing with Paulie and actively working to get someone out that Paulie wants to keep, Paulie will be done with Paul and want to get him out. Paul and Paulie are still acting like they're working together because neither is quite sure they can take the other out. Paulie is close to being able to because of the showmances of Corey and James. Given the chance, if Paulie can get rid of Paul next week in the DE, or vice versa, either will take their shot.

              Both PP's are full of it and they say different things to different people so we don't really know what their true thoughts are.

              I don't think he'll take a strong male to the end. He saw what happened when Cody did that. Paulie even said he was mad at Cody first. He wants a weak girl for the F2. Last week he thought it would be Bridgette but now he's found that Z will take whatever he does to her, he wants to take her to the F2. He needs a male for the F3 to protect him.

              I think Paul is the only one who can take Paulie on but he doesn't have the numbers which is why he wants to keep Meech and get rid of Z. Paul knows Z will always be on Paulie's side. Paul wants to pull Meech to him. He made the mistake of wanting Bridg out and now Bridg is more on Paulie's side then Pauls. I think Bridg could change sides but she is in such a weak position that she's just trying to stay out of the line of fire. Victor likes Bridg and might be able to pull Bridg to their side. I'm not sure Vic sees the divide between Paulie and Paul yet though. Paul needs some numbers and the only possibility I see is Nicole who likes Paul. Paul doesn't like James so it won't be him plus Paul wants to cut Paulie's numbers by getting rid of James.

              Until Paul or Paulie are gone, I think it will all be about who is on which side, Paul or Paulies, and getting numbers. The interesting part is this 'sides' is totally unspoken and most HG's are unaware of the siding taking place.


              • Luanne
                Luanne commented
                Editing a comment
                I agree with you... Paulie wants a girl with him at the end of the game. He wants to finish like Cody but instead of taking his partner along the way to F3, he will take his Victoria, which is Zak this week.

              • Border57
                Border57 commented
                Editing a comment
                Of everyone there, Paulie has to be the most careful of how people are outed to Jury. His brother took home second last year: Who is going to want to give him any money at all, let along the win, if he behaves badly in the process?

              • sofieckcs
                sofieckcs commented
                Editing a comment
                I agree which is why he wants James to nullify his vote so that the outgoing HG can't hold Paulie responsible for their outster. I think Paulie believes Cody took a second because Cody took Derrick to the F2 and should have taken Victoria. He won't do that. He'll take a girl who has done nothing in the game. Probably Z, maybe Bridg.

            • #14
              Like KennyERJ, I am not at all convinced that P & P are ready to fracture. They both know enough about each other to seriously damage the others game. For example, Paulie could tell Vic that before his eviction, Paul was running back to Paulie's group reporting everything that Vic was saying and doing......Paul was supportive of Vic's eviction. Paul could tell Zak about some of the very negative things Paulie has said about her and his true intentions. This could go back and forth with all of the HGs, because P & P have confided with each other about so many issues in the house. They have both made some very cruel, and critical remarks about the other HGs when together. Even with a lot of damage control, both would have little credibility in the aftermath of a fight for power. Thus far, they have been very careful not to mention a direct hit on one another. Paul recognizes that Paulie wants to surround himself with supporters who will insulate him (Paulie) from eviction. Paul is in the weaker position and any attempt to eliminate Paulie's allies will be very risky. I would be very surprised if Paul pushes "too hard" for the eviction of Zak. Paulie also realizes that Paul could really hurt his game, so he is being cautious as well. I think since Paul has the most to lose, we won't see much push-back from him if Mich gets evicted, but I hope I am wrong.

              I don't like Paul or Paulie, so a war would be fine with me...............but I am not optimistic. These are the 2 remaining HGs with leadership skills (IMO). Most of the others are just along for the ride and will not be able to challenge Paulie until very, very late in the game. (when numbers don't matter as much)


              • Lynette
                Lynette commented
                Editing a comment
                I think they've got a ways to go until they fracture. Paul at least has his eyes open as to what Paulie's intentions are.....and Happy Birthday to you Dr. Pepper! 🎈🎉🎂

            • #15
              I would like to know how y'all are leaning towards this next care package. I've been thinking a lot about this one (safety for the week) and the current events in the house. We know paranoia runs rampant. Either Bridgette or Victor will probably be gone with the DE this week. The House Guests tend to read too much into these packages. Call me crazy but I'm thinking one of the Ps. I think it could really drive the final wedge between the two of them because they will think the other is planning their demise and that America is trying to send them this message. It could be really fun to watch and stir up some trouble. Or give it to Nicole and really watch her crater. What are some of your thoughts? I'd like to see some of the really well thought out analysis that we have come to enjoy reading. We can start voting for this tonight. Thanks!


              • sdkgeo
                sdkgeo commented
                Editing a comment
                I'm going with who I think would look silliest in a costume. Corey would be good. He's safe anyway and it would drive Nicole crazy for him to get it. It would eat her up to think people like Corey better than her. That would leave Bridgette/Victor for the Co-HoH.

              • SmilemakerRDH
                SmilemakerRDH commented
                Editing a comment
                I'm voting for Corey. Because Nicole is the main one that reads way into who gets each package and why, and if Corey gets Super safety she is going to drive herself crazy wondering why America gave him safety when she is feeling 100% like he and her are safe. So she will panic which will in turn cause Corey to panic since he is easily swayed in his thinking. They will start to believe Paulie is playing them and may stray, thus causing the drama we are all waiting on! Plus I just wanna see 6 ft 5' Corey in a costume! Nicole wound up with both costumes on her season so it will be ironic if she winds up with this one too.

                Edited to add: I don't think either Paul or Paulie would consider America is sending them any message other than 'we love you, we want you to win' their egos are to big to allow them to even consider the idea anyone might think of going against them.
                Last edited by SmilemakerRDH; 08-07-2016, 01:17 PM.

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