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Live Feed Discussion - August 8

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  • Live Feed Discussion - August 8

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    • #3
      Morning everybody. Well things could get interesting now if James doesn't eliminate Paulie's vote. I haven't caught up on overnight yet, but I hope nothing is said until after the PoV ceremony.


      • belle1
        belle1 commented
        Editing a comment
        The last I heard on LFs is that they will wait until after Veto ceremony. Conversation was between Nic, Paul and James while Paul was campaigning to keep Meech. James made it clear that he would do what the group decided taking the heat off him. Kept his preferred boot to himself by saying that to him there was no difference between the boot choices.

      • Ellee1
        Ellee1 commented
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        Does 'what the group decided' mean Paulie again?

      • JeanK
        JeanK commented
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        Yes. The "house" really means King Paulie

    • #4
      After watching last night's episode I'm feeling "some kind of way." The laughing at the noms, Victor being, well, Victor. I don't remember anyone ever falling apart at the table. Michelle is a favorite of mine but did she really think she'd go 3 months without being nom'd?


      • Border57
        Border57 commented
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        I was thinking the same thing, that I'd never seen someone cry like that right at the table. It's too bad, I think the house is just getting to her.

      • cutencuddly
        cutencuddly commented
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        I kinda sorta wanted to see how awful Victor was -- with the throwing of the beads and such which we had heard about -- but I didn't want to see it enough to actually watch the show. I think our TV might have been on but it wasn't tuned to Big Brother.

      • ManaDee
        ManaDee commented
        Editing a comment
        I don't think that she didn't think she would ever be nommed. I think she was blindsided last week, she knew both she and Z were in trouble then, and then this week just played out exactly as she feared. I think she's just emotional. Maybe she is PMSing. I am insanely emotional about things one week a month too. lol

    • #5
      Oh hey. No one answered my question about the corned beef hash. What was the deal with boiling the can and drain it? Has anyone ever done that? I love corned beef hash.


      • belle1
        belle1 commented
        Editing a comment
        Bridgette said by boiling the can you can squeeze a lot of the fat out. Never done this, don't eat corn beef hash

    • #6
      Oh wow things are changing once again. James and Meech talked. Meech tells him that she would never put him or Nat up nor vote against him. James tells Nat that they should keep her. Nat has done a good job with Meech by spending time with her. Nat is also pushing James to bring Bridgette in with them. James going to Vic saying hey I want to help you out using my elimination votes, then to Paulie to say he will eliminate his vote so he doesn't have to vote. This is a big risky move for James. I don't know if this will lower his boot with Paul and Vic.

      Is Nat building her own army against the house power?

      James Meech talk around 4:15am, James Nat talk around 4:30am BB times


      • Luanne
        Luanne commented
        Editing a comment
        Natalie really has a good read on the house. She told James her thoughts last night, how Paulie was controlling everything. That with Corey's talk may have opened his eyes. I hope they keep Meech over Zak. Zak is so into Paulie, she will do anything he tells her to. Meech may not win any comps but I like her over Zak.

        Natalie wants to get James and Bridgette together. Bridgette does not trust James. I understand why. He put her up when he told her he would not. James needs to work that out with her in case she wins HOH. Natalie and Bridgette were whispering in the br, but I could not hear what Natalie was saying.

      • belle1
        belle1 commented
        Editing a comment
        Perhaps with Nat's relationship with Bridgette the door is open for James. James say to Nat that she would have to make that happened, he has already tried to explain that she was Frank's collateral damage.

    • #7
      Morning all, nothing to add to the above. Saw the show last night. Peeked in, but there was a game lull as is the usual state of the house (Guy's bro-ing out, Girls complaining about how hard showmances are, and then I left the scene).

      I cannot figure out Paulie's game. I understand the macro picture, I think, which is to create an atmosphere of fear, where no three people can have any game talk that does not get back to him. Bridg talks to Nat, who talks to James, and then James rats out Nat and Bridge to Paulie. Victor talks to Paul, who talks to Paulie. Michelle talks to Z or Nic, which then goes direct to Paulie or via Corey to Paulie. It makes it extremely difficult to mount a challenge.

      In addition to general house conditioning, Paulie is clearly setting up a Corey/Nic/James/Nat side, with a Vic/Bridgette/Paul side, and looking to slide in between those two groups. I would applaud the strategy, except that he then continually has to show his hand, by needlessly winning comps, like this last POV, that he had no reason to win. His token should have been sitting out in the open almost.

      He is clearly angling for one of Victor or Bridgette to go this next week.

      I am uncertain as to the role James plans to play in all this. I think it is too early to tell if he is serious about a potential Nat/Vic/Bridgette/James alliance, or if he is just gathering intel, to sell them all out to Paulie. His significant risk is that Vic tells Paulie, James will do what I ask for the next votes, to ensure Z goes. If James ends up on Paulie's radar like that, I would expect him to zoom to the top of his hit list, since his faith in James in based on his dog like devotion to Paulie running the house.

      It will be interesting to see the house post Nom ceremony today, and the potential to pull a group together to attempt to take action during the DE. With Paulies comp skills, I half expect him to be the double eviction HOH, and to boot Victor or Bridgette during that event.


      • drpepper777
        drpepper777 commented
        Editing a comment
        Season 18 synopsis; “Guy's bro-ing out, Girls complaining about how hard showmances are” LOL
        I also was baffled by Paulie’s POV win. Like James HOH win, it demonstrated poor judgment.

      • belle1
        belle1 commented
        Editing a comment
        Missed your posts yesterday. I am thinking that James has come to the point of challenging Paulie. If a team of Vic, Bridgette, Nat and James come to be, it will be the girls who pull this together. James and Nat spent bonding time together this morning. I think he is testing the waters before we see his actions with the elimination votes this week

    • #8
      Zak and Nicole are hopelessly infatuated with their guys. Nothing short of total rejection and humiliation from Paulie will discourage Zak. We have seen this before, she wants a lot more from this "relationship" than Paulie is willing to give. The game is secondary to her and Nicole may be there as well. Zak is headed for a huge disappointment, if not during BB, then after. I hope Zak is evicted because she adds little more to the game than Victoria did in S 16. For as long as Zak is in the game, we will continue to see the usual pattern of Paulie hurting her feelings, she complains to everyone about it, they talk, apologize and hug it out, rinse and repeat. I think Nicole and Corey are more serious, but I don't know how much more serious because Corey is difficult to read. My hunch is that he will move on after the season.

      Now we get to watch Michelle (former mean girl) have silly emotional meltdowns over has been said repeatedly, this is one weak group of females. (bring back Tiffany!) Because someone is a "superfan" is no reason to believe they can play the game well. That was demonstrated last season when Jason thought he was at summer camp and merely sat around making wise cracks about other HGs, showing no desire to build relationships and play a social game.


      • LCnSummer
        LCnSummer commented
        Editing a comment
        Plus wasn't he the one who repeated that Day figured out the twins? Siding with Jason early was risky because he could not keep his mouth closed. Yup. Super and Fan mean nothing till proven.

    • #9
      Does Vic really have a reason to dislike Zzzz? Other than she likes Paulie. Did she do something? Because she does nothing. Is there something specific that he's said out loud to the others?


      • Tjeffy
        Tjeffy commented
        Editing a comment
        He wants Z out because Paul told Vic that Vic wanted Z out .

    • #10
      If nothing else, any young women watching will see how (a lot) of young men act behind their backs. If they are emotional boys laugh, high 5, and bump chests. When desperate for a boy, any boy at all cost, the boy uses them in any way, shape or manner. Even at my age a lot of my women friends haven't learned these things because they don't see it. (Or choose not to ...) I just want to yell to them to wake up and love themselves more!!

      Also, Paulie becoming the 5th wheel might be fun to watch.


      • #11
        Ohhh, won't DaVonne be happy if Z and Paulie come walking into the jury house next! They have all finally caught on at the same time! I would love for Natalie to bring Michelle and Bridgette together. And with James, knock out P, P and V! Bam! Bam! Bam!


        • cpamama
          cpamama commented
          Editing a comment
          That is true Raineyc. And I would like for Z to stay. However, I can't tell whether she would vote out Paulie or not. And he is the egotistical, woman hater whom I want out ASAP.

          Also, perhaps DaVonne could counsel Z about Paulie. I doubt it though. I just got bamboozled by a man myself. Some of us just see the good and miss the bad in people.

          Paulie and Z will probably just have a good time in Jury. And that is ok, too as long as she doesn't get badly hurt.

        • misscmm
          misscmm commented
          Editing a comment
          Not to mention - being in the house WITHOUT cameras with Z & P. Patooey.

        • herms is here
          herms is here commented
          Editing a comment
          That would be great.

      • #12
        After seeing Vic won the HOH and hearing that he told the boys what Davonne told him & being talked out of believing it, I had quit watching. Then I came on here and saw that maybe there is a house shake up brewing, I'm back in. At least until it falls through, if it does. I so much want to see the kingdom of the great Paulie crumble. And I want James to wake up!! Listen to Nat ... she's pretty much on target!


        • #13
          Has it dawned on ANY of these HGs that Natalie is playing Jordan's game from her 1st season that she won.


          • Diane40
            Diane40 commented
            Editing a comment
            Everyone complains about Nicole's whining, Natalie is doing the same thing with the baby voice and screeching, it is as bad as fingernails scraping on a blackboard. Not a fan of her either.

          • ManaDee
            ManaDee commented
            Editing a comment
            Jordan only won because everyone in that house hated HATED Natalie that season. I don't actually think Jordan had any game other than likability. Nat is way bettter at reading the house than Jordan was in either season. I'd love to see some natalie veto wins

          • herms is here
            herms is here commented
            Editing a comment
            I was waiting for someone to compare Nat with Jordan. I was thinking the same thing. If so she needs to win the HOH during the DE.

        • #14
          Hi Everyone! All I want now, all I can possibly root for at this time is to see Paulie get evicted. I am so over him - to the point of no return...there is a possibility that I could change my mind, but he would have to start showing some kind of humility - -but I highly doubt that, that is going to happen. James and Nat are my faves this season - but you know what? normally, they would ONLY be my favorite couple, not the ones I would root for to win. Well, they have me 100 in for a F-2 just cuz. *eyeroll* lol


          • #15
            Good Day all,

            So finished my weekly NBA podcast highlighting Rio BBall just as Canadian Women's team came back from double digit deficit to beat Serbia. Suffice to say I'm in a great mood.

            Then I shift to reading the updates on BB and check out BBU to find my greatest desires (a myriad of players deciding to PLAY BB) is finally happening. And so my read on the current situation.....

            Are James & Nat the REAL Power Couple?:

            So it took long enough but FINALLY James is listening to the person in the house who understands everyone's position and their game strategy. Part of this occurred based on conversations James had with Nicole and Corey (both individually) yesterday and James saw the light. He sees now that Paulie has positioned himself with safety on all sides of the house. And the fact Paulie wanted his vote cancelled so he wouldn't get blood on his hands with Meech or with Vic/Paul was specifically how the light turned from a flicker to a beacon.

            James knows Meech is less likely to put him/Nat up than Zakiyah is. He sees all the meetings with P/P/V and knows Paulie is also trying to pull in Bridgette.

            At this stage James is considering voting out Zakiyah instead of Meech. The issues moving forward won't be if he can get the vote b/c Nat should be able to get Bridgette on board to keep Meech and that's all James needs with his and Nat's vote. That said the issue is if Paulie can change Paul/Vic to thinking Meech is a better boot and they in turn switch up to wanting Meech out. At that stage James has to find a way to let Vic/Bridg know they are the DE targets.

            Got to hand it to Natalie she sees right through Paulie, Corey, Nicole better than anyone in the house. She knows Paulie is the puppet master. Because of her insight James is realizing if they (the guys) do what Paulie wants he literally has no affinity to anyone and possibly is closer to Corey/Paul long term.

            Part of the reason James is willing to make the move also has to do with Nicole's shadiness. He knows from Da the girls (esp Nic) all talk negatively about Nat and he also knows she is super shady based on Da/Frank discussions.

            Given how close Paulie is to Corey a move to oust Zak could hasten Paulie's desire to evict Nicole over him. James is also someone who reads things into fan votes. He probably thinks the voting occurred AFTER the noms as that has been the house's thoughts and perhaps believes the fans want him to shake things up.

            Began the week on a real power trip pushing his own agenda but may be reeling it back in now that the POV is over. He wants James taken out next so the moves James makes this week could either work to back Paul off or increase the target on his back. Paul has definitely moved up some people's lists (like NiCorey & Jamalie). P.S. take the stupid duck off, stop yelling and please get off my TV screen. (I can take Paul in small doses, but every time I start to like him he ends up on my screen too long and I just want him to disappear in a puff of smoke).

            NOTE: As per my suggested next steps at the bottom, I wonder how Paul would react to learn of all of Paulie's alliances? (especially how many Corey is in that he is not)

            Zak & Meech:
            Has there ever been a more pathetic player than Zakiyah who is selling out her best friend and running back to her showmance after his betrayal. It's like a puppy who has been kicked, but just wants more love. I'd feel bad for her if it weren't for the fact she's done it to herself. Lesson to young women: don't ever let a man treat you like this .. it means they have control issues and don't value women on a equal scale. Now Paulie may be different outside the game, but the fact he doesn't care how pathetic Zak will look post show IMO speaks volumes.

            As for Meech, she is reeling from the betrayal of her entire alliance. She's correct she would have done what the group wanted and has finally discovered some empathy for how others felt on the block. The wake up call she could leave the game could allow her to finally play like the super fan she claims to be.

            Note: see my plan for her to be the one who sets the plan in motion... shifts the movement to get Paulie out stated below

            Corey & Nicole:
            Corey finally showcased some game sense yesterday and it really was Corey who figured out cancelling Paulie's vote and Paul running around saying Corey was the only one who wanted to keep Zak was showcasing just how shady Paul is and how close Paulie is to Paul/Vic.

            Nicole has also recognized Paulie is calling all the shots and further is growing weary of Paul and his bravado. At this stage Nicole is still more worried about her showmance and since she is such a rat it's hard to decipher what she would do presented with any intel and as we know she would rat anyone out at any stage as long as it keeps more men in the house.

            Nicole seems committed to keeping James around recognizing it would be better for her to sit beside a Vet or her showmance (as she is seen as the stronger of the pair) to get to F2. Again this requires some very careful manipulation by James/Nat. Perhaps their best bet is just to do it (vote out Zak) and play dumb after the fact. Definitely Corey has a bond with James as well, but again it requires James to plant seeds subtly to make sure it doesn't seem like he's targeting Paulie.

            NOTE: again see next steps below

            Bridgette & Victor:

            Victor may be a comp beast, but he has no strategic ability. Putting up Zak/Meech (2 players unlikely to win HOH/POV) did nothing to surge him forward in the game. He claimed he'd return to take down Paulie, but instead aligned with him. He's also not shown the ability to mend other personal fences like the ones he has with James/Nat. Moving forward for the game to change it will require Vic recognizing/believing he is a huge target that the entire house wants out and that Paulie has ZERO intention of taking him deep in the game. What will likely help is if Meech outs the fact the boys laugh behind his back and if he learns the majority of the house will be trying to back door him in DE.

            Bridgette has done well integrating back with the house, but her days are numbered unless she finds a new alliance b/c Paulie wants her out next. Again much will depend on her ability to trust Natalie has her best interest at heart.

            NOTE: critical to pulling in Bridg is a number of people confirming intel with her re: Paulie wanting her out next ... see below

            Ken pointed out above Paulie is his own worst enemy b/c his ego won't allow him not to win. I'd add to that the fact this is all occurring now (Paulie getting outed as puppet master) b/c of Paulie himself.

            He constantly releases information from one group to another. Zak knows much and may just blow up his game on the way out the door should James go ahead with ousting her. Further, it really wasn't necessary for him to blindside Meech/Zak regarding the Da vote so the animosity they feel is warranted.

            When you combine his need to over play via overt actions like this and his inability to stop bragging or sharing information from one group to another it may be the straw that breaks the camel's back. If he hadn't kept Meech/Zak in the dark, hadn't won POV, wasn't fighting so hard to keep Zak after completely humiliating her last week odds are his game wouldn't be quite as transparent (at least this soon). If he wanted to play Derrick's game learning some subtlety would have taken him much farther.

            Bottom line:

            Moving forward pretty much everyone in the house now recognizes Paulie as the one who needs to go and who has his hands in all the cookie jars. As Ken outlined the danger is having a discussion that doesn't find it's way going all the way back to Paulie.

            With the 2 vote nullification James does have this eviction completely in his control, but heading into a DE James needs to be careful how he deals with this so he doesn't become the DE goat. That said as per usual, LUCK will have much to do with the DE oust. Not to mention the likelihood of a James/Nat or Paulie oust will result in the return ticket being pulled out of that envelope Julie so carefully manipulates on stage.

            Assuming the 3 ladies could keep their mouths shut the best way to set up Paulie is for Natalie, Bridgette and Meech to convene:
            • Bridge/Nat can confirm to Meech - Paulie was behind her blindside and nomination
            • Nat/Meech can confrim to Bridg - Paulie was the one who demanded she/Frank go on the block and has her pegged as the DE target AND that Paul wanted her gone last week not Da and only lost out to Paulie's demands she stay 1 more week.
            • Meech/Bridg need to make amends and discover it was in Paulie's best interest to keep them not working with each other.
            • Meech needs to tell of the F5 with the 2 showmances
            • Bridg needs to confirm the P&P/Vic tandem
            • Nat needs to point out Paulie's desire to evict all the ladies except Zak as his "Victoria"
            • Nat/Meech need to get Victor alone to make him recognize P&P are using him (but may have to wait til after DE or during depending on who wins, to make him recognize the deception, specifically from Paul)

            IF they can do this and also promise to keep this information to themselves it will bode well for a potential P&P DE blindside.

            Best way for group to proceed:

            Again I'll highlight this is a very tricky maneuver to complete for James and has to be executed extremely carefully. Given Meech will learn from Nat what the plan was and will do anything to stay there is a way for James/Nat to complete this (as per the steps above) while also creating chaos heading into DE.

            That would be for Meech to just call out Paulie and out all his deals and call him the puppet master who has alliances all over the house and is playing a Derrick game with his hundreds of deals.

            The timing is the critical factor, does she do it in her speech just prior to voting? Or does she wait until Zak walks out the door and the group knows it's DE time? My gut says get her to do it in her speech to shake up Paulie & the entire house going into DE & hope Bridg/Meech/Nat or James could win DE HOH. Then the option for the HOH holder (depending on who it is) would be to put up P & Victor with the hopes Victor would win POV and then put up Paulie to back door him.

            Of course this is just the rant of someone who has been dying for a true house shake up and by the time I finish typing this everything could have changed. Just bring me more drama please and someone other than P&P playing the game!

            P.S. at this stage I'm ALL IN for voting Natalie America's player b/c she does have a GREAT read on the house & is the nicest in the house. Though she may not like certain people (Nicole) she's yet to lower herself to using personal slights like everyone else. I'd love it if the year ended up being a F3 of Nat, Bridg and James ... straight goods!!!

            Last edited by TTOTambz; 08-08-2016, 04:07 PM.


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