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Live Feed Discussion-August 10

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  • Live Feed Discussion-August 10

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    Morning all. One more day to double eviction. Just seeing the feeds this morning it looks like the house is in two sides. Paulie/Vic/Paul/Bridgette in the HoH and Nicole/Corey/James in Tokyo bedroom. Bridgette we know is not really with PP, but I think is attached to Natalie. Natalie is with James. You know if someone unexpected got HoH then this would be the time to get rid of Paulie. I wonder if anyone is even considering that.


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      Morning! Does anyone have a link where I can read about "Michelle's speech" that I read about in the 8/8 updates? I don't have live feeds (yet!) I would really love some sort of shake up in the house! thanks!


      • Border57
        Border57 commented
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        I think that will be shown on the show tonight. It was what she said at the veto speech.

      • helenb
        helenb commented
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        Thanks Border57!

      • crissykins
        crissykins commented
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        yeah, it's probably not on the feeds, they give us fish during ceremonies

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      Paulie & James are having what sounds like serious game talk in the HN room...I will go flash back a few minutes in the LFU's
      Also, Bridge & Nat are having what looks like an intense conversation


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        Hi, everyone. I'm afraid James is off my Christmas card list. We've sat here all summer, waiting for someone to get the guts to move on the Paul and Paulie Show. We were excited for DaVonne, now we see Michelle wants to do something, and James, holding the ability to send whoever he wants home, and he's not doing it. If he doesn't pull this out, I'm done with him. He's cute, he seems like a nice guy, but he has to start playing the game instead of floating along and doing what Paulie wants. I think he does have a strategy, but at some point you have to step up your game. Here's his chance, he'd better take it.


        • kokomogirl
          kokomogirl commented
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          TTOTambz, when did James tell this to Paul? I want to keep believing in James but I also am very disappointed in him and am ready to jump off the James train. I hope he really does use the CP to stir things up but James has not made any moves this season without the blessing of Paulie so I'm kind of skeptical that he'll really do anything except waste the CP and go with what Paulie wants.

        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
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          Koko... check out the live feed updates Crissykins (bless her heart) has been updating all morning and I've updated in later posts here with some of it. Suffice to say James gave Pie a chance to come around (it's in some of my posts today... keep reading).

          And he is definitely all in b/c he told Paul everything about what Pie says behind his back. James only reason for holding back was he knew Pie had the all guys deal & Bridg & NiCorey. As soon as they got Paul (which also gets them Vic) and learned neither Bridg/Meech would target him/Nat he switched. It did take some convincing by Nat/Bridg but he's all in now. He said several times America gave me this power for a reason so it's obviously what they want. James isn't dumb he knows a power like this is meant b/c fans are giving them a hint. He thinks it was voted on later than it was, but we won't complain b/c it helped him make the decision. LOL

          Next week when Bridg receives safety that group will all know they did the right thing.

        • Border57
          Border57 commented
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          Ha! @TTO, I might put him back on the list, but Natalie's name goes on first! I was amazed at her read of the house the other day, where she nailed what everyone was doing. She's observant.

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        It actually made me sad to hear him lie like a rug to Natalie. When Meech went to see if Bridget would talk to them, Nat and James talking. I can't remember the lie now but it broke my heart.


        • #7
          Good for the girls trying so hard. The only thing that could work at this point is if they start spreading lies about Z.


          • #8
            Looks like the girls are convincing James, stick with them James.


            • #9
              Morning everyone...I'm about to walk out the door for work, but I'm waiting for Mr. Nono so checked to see if anything was going on. Am I crazy for believing that James may actually flip on Paulie? Is the fact that I've been gone causing me to miss something? Because it sure does seem like James might really do this (based on the conversation that he just had with Bridgette and Natalie), doesn't it? Or has it already flipped back? Come on, James!


              • joahnn00
                joahnn00 commented
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                I think the ladies have finally convinced him on if this happens.

              • nonobadfish
                nonobadfish commented
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                FINALLY, joahnn00 . Let's hope he sticks with it.

            • #10
              Bridgette has finally put the information out that that Paulie is playing the couples against the singles and the singles against the couples. I think James finally believes her. He realizes Paulie is another "Frank" Just need to see what he will do with this information. He knows that he has to have someone else on board because you have to have strong players to take out the big man. The problem is that Paulie has everyone convinced. If they approach Victor, will he believe them? If they approach Corey and Nicole, will they believe it?

              I have to be gone all day today and will miss the game talk. The talk has to happen before Thursday night because of DE. I wish I did not have appointments today.

              Bridgette is the one that has worked this all out. She has played hard this week.


              • #11
                Natalie is suppose to talk to Zak, I would not tell her anything. I would just flip the votes and let her go home.

                edit to add,Natalie just asked Bridgette is she should talk to her or just let it go since she will be going home. Smart girl. Unfortunately Bridgette told her to tell her.
                Last edited by Luanne; 08-10-2016, 08:32 AM.


                • #12
                  Edited: my original post was written prior to Bridgette convo explaining to James how Paulie has singles targeting couples and vice versa. Given that I've revamped it.

                  Now that he knows that I'd say he'll try to pull one of the powers aside and explain it since they already has some suspicion this week. Anyway, much of my original post changes now that Bridg told him.

                  Also of note, I think James was getting annoyed in the storage room convo because he saw Paulie flirting with Nat right in front of him and it ticked him off.

                  Kudos to Bridgette for her efforts this week, but also credit to Nat for being so forceful in her opinion and for brokering B & Meech making up. Most of the intel came from the 2 of them putting to rest their feud so they could figure out the pieces each were missing.

                  AND.............. what I'm loving most is between Bridg, Meech and Nat the house is all shook up with seeds planted and sprouting roots. Paulie is definitely entering DE in much more danger than he started the week. Of note, James said to Nat putting Paulie up with Corey would guarantee he leaves which I've said all along so at least James knows who to put up.

                  Nat would do it in a New York minute or Meech or Bridgette. In the event Bridg won DE HOH

                  I'm excited and hoping we aren't going to get a dud HOH with either P winning or NiCorey. I want the shake up and I'm especially excited to hear the cheer go up with Meech stays and when she says her eviction speech.

                  Also, hoping Bridge, Nat, James make it through DE as if the polls are accurate Nicole would gain safety otherwise (OMG I'll be so disappointed if that occurs). I'm officially changing my votes to Bridgette now. To that end, I really wish TPTB would show Nicole for who she really has been this season instead of this watered down version they are showcasing.

                  Anyway, looking forward to reading the updates and what lies in store today. Is paranoia about to take root throughout the house? Have the girls really convinced him? I'm not going to update this again so I guess I'll just keep reading to see the constantly changing updates. FINALLY..... this season is taking shape! YEAH

                  EDITED ONCE MORE TO ADD: It appears Paul was the choice of the group to get on board which makes sense. That will give them Victor, Paul, James, Nat, Meech and Bridge going against Paulie, Nicole and Corey.

                  I'm waiting to see the full convo's but it appears Paul is on board and Paulie will be the target entering DE. It sounds like the group plan to x out Paul and Corey's votes and then blame the 3-2 vote on Nicole trying to form a girls group. Not sure that will work, but it might in a DE if Paulie were to win HOH.. just on the fly especially if James/Paul were the ones who went to him to sell it.

                  I'm still anxious to see if the group will stick to their plan to make this a blind side as there has been discussion about Nat telling Zak in case she has the round trip ticket. I hope she recognizes they can address that if she returns or as Paul said in jury.

                  At least it's going to be exciting on Thursday!

                  Most excited I've been all season, oh yea, oh yea Princess Warrior Natalie the lady with the steel balls is about to take down Paulie who has scoffed at her, laughed at her and said she had no game all season. How apropos!!!!

                  Last edited by TTOTambz; 08-10-2016, 01:10 PM.


                  • beckyd30
                    beckyd30 commented
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                    TTOTambz, have they really got Paul to keep something from Paulie???? We can only hope he wants to play for first place instead of second.

                • #13
                  The girls rushed it... going to back fire.


                  • #14
                    a LOT of stuff is going on right now and has been for a couple hours. I'm trying to get some stuff in the LFU's

                    James is telling Paul about 3 final 3's, a final 4,
                    James, Bridge & Nat bombarding Paul with information

                    James is throwing Paulie under the bus to Paul

                    informing Paul about all of Paulie's deals

                    I wonder if Paul will run to Paulie and tell him everything he just heard?

                    James thinks America gave him the power for a reason, not to just let it go..

                    OMG, he might go against Paulie!


                    • ManaDee
                      ManaDee commented
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                      Thanks for putting them in the LFUs!!!

                  • #15
                    I am so happy that this may happen. I need to go get dress and leave but do not want to.


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