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Live Feed Discussion-August 12

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  • Live Feed Discussion-August 12

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  • #2
    Morning all. Well last night didn't go exactly as I hoped it would, but it was good enough I guess. I hope Victor goes through with it. Look like we have James-Nat-Meech on one side and Corey-Nicole-Paulie on the other with Paul and Victor in the middle floating between them. The guys still think James is with them too. I hope one of Paulie and Corey go.


    • #3

      New list after last HOH, but before new Noms:







      Jaws quote for the week:
      Boys, oh boys... I think he's come back for his noon feeding.

      Note: As soon as I heard Vic had won and before I heard any conversations, I typed this but waited to post until this day's chat was opened. Later saw look in Paulie's eyes and he knew game is over for him.

      (List is initial thoughts, but can change with actions or comps during the week.)


      • Livzee
        Livzee commented
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        Good morning...I think Victor is doing I'm cool with last night. Belly of the beast... You are the queen of casting.

      • KeninVA
        KeninVA commented
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        BettyBoo, Paulie might need the switch, or potentially we might need to pull for him to come back from the BB dead, and win. He admitted to Paul/Vic that what we saw was in fact what we saw. He had unprotected sex with Z "multiple times". How stupid does he have to be?

    • #4
      Morning geo, and all who follow,

      I think Paul and Vic want Paulie out, as the comp threat he is. I expect, and Paul has discussed with Michelle, them wanting Nicole out next week. If the HoH's fall to them, I see Paul and Vic pulling Michelle in as their third, and setting up a Corey Nicole on one side, with Nat and James on the other, and the three singles in the middle.

      I expect the noms today, after the care package is delivered, to be a wake up to Corey and Paulie that they really are on an island. Nicole already knows it.

      In other news, Paulie tells Vic and Paul that he in fact did have unprotected sex, multiple times with Z. I don't know if I hope she gets pregnant or not. It would be an interesting finale, if Paulie finds out he is now tied to her for the next 20 years.

      Nothing much to see until the noms happen, when I expect Vic to follow through.


      • Ladycop
        Ladycop commented
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        While I don't like the fact the Paulie was talking about the sex he had in the house with Z, I really doubt that his family will say much to him about it. My thinking is that he is a grown man and the only difference between this sex and the type he had outside the house is that it was there for the whole world to see. At some point, we as parents need to back off of our adult children and let them make their own mistakes and own them. That's what Paulie needs to do. Now, the way he spoke about ''Jersey'' girls, that his mother can speak to him about, but then again that should have been a conversation they had many years ago. I guess I think that there comes a time when children are ''nipped'' from their family and what they do shouldn't be indicative of what the family as a whole is like.

      • kokomogirl
        kokomogirl commented
        Editing a comment
        Ladycop, I agree with you to an extent except that Paulie has repeatedly brought his parents/family into it by saying ''He was raised right.'' I'm sure his mother did not raise him to act like this (especially in regards to women). So, as a mother, I would be raking my adult son over those fire coals for making viewers think that was the way I bought up my son. Yes, as an adult, he is responsible for his own actions and what garbage spews from his mouth, but it should be an embarrassment to his mother that ''America'' might think she actually did raise him to act like this. If he was my son, we'd be having a serious mother/son talk.

      • Ladycop
        Ladycop commented
        Editing a comment
        kokomogirl, I agree with you totally. As I said, she can talk to him about the ''Jersey girl'' comment. Yup, it was cringe worthy for sure. My point was that parents can't be held responsible for what adult children do. It is our job to make sure that they understand what we expect but they will do what they want.

    • #5
      The Friday, 8/19 show was only recently added by CBS. It is NOT listed in the TV Guide, which is planned and printed to arrive in mail boxes last week. I think James is right - HE has the return ticket. TPTB probably saw what was happening and decided they need a freeze frame stop that will play out next week. NOTE: Julie has not told any of the three Jury members that they have a chance back in, so I don't think it'll be another buy back.

      Paulie knows his game is over. Despite the bravado and conversations I saw last night, when he was alone his face said it all. I'm sure Nicole has explained it to Corey that one of them will be gone this week, but he will need his bro, Paulie, to confirm it to him. So Thursday, one will be gone. Then the next HOH will probably be voided, so even if one of the remaining two win, they lose with no enemy going. Then another HOH will be played and they'd have to win again, unlikely situation.

      James and Natalie will stick like glue together. It'll be interesting to see them if they were nommed together. If one of them won the POV, would they use it on themselves or use it to save the other? She could beat him in the Final Two, with a Jury full of women. Right now look really good for them going forward, unless Paulie can survive this week and win an HOH to nom them. He is really bitter with Natalie and James, more so than Paul, since they upset his game the most this week.

      Paul and Victor are game partnered only. Paul will never take Victor to the Final Two, since he has the better resume of wins, especially returning from Purgatory to win two HOH's. Both of them will be looking for a weak player for the Cody spot on the ticket. If Corey or Nicole survive to Final Three, they may even pick one of them, since Corey was considered just a door stop and Nicole is hated by the other women who will fill the Jury.

      Michelle will go with whoever will have her. She's a vote and a possible Final Two goat. I see her being most comfortable with James and Natalie, not so much with Victor and Paul and certainly not with the Nicole, Paulie, and Corey group.

      Well, the Cease Fire ended last night with the Victor victory. Everyone was pleasant for a couple hours, but now the weapons have been reloaded and the war continues. Are we not amused??? The POV will be deadly combat - the old slip and slide??? It's due. Victor and Corey would have the height advantage, while Paulie will have the fire in the belly. Paul will go for the cash. James and Natalie will barely try since their short legs will hamper them and they won't need to win. Michelle will be falling all over the place, then cry and giggle since she's playing another classic BB game. Nicole will whine and fall, ending up with a mess of goop in her silly top knot.

      NOTE: watched coverage until 2am, but haven't caught up with conversations since then, so these are just my first thoughts with what I believed at that point.
      Last edited by BettyBoo; 08-12-2016, 07:55 AM.


      • #6
        Paulie is definitely one of the most disgusting in 18 seasons, and there have been some doozies in the past. He seems to have no empathy for others and his eyes are empty. He's just fake! However, Z has to take some responsibility if it's true they had unprotected sex. The situation is just awful in this day and age to do that to each other! Do they test for sexually transmitted diseases before going into the house? If not, good luck to both of them. Please Paulie be gone soon so Z and Paulie can "console" each other in jury house and I can watch the live feeds again!


        • Luanne
          Luanne commented
          Editing a comment
          I think they do test. I hope Paulie is the one that leaves this week. I want him gone.

        • key4bb
          key4bb commented
          Editing a comment
          They definitely test this is how Evil Dick found out he was HIV+ when he briefly returned his 2nd time around

        • ManaDee
          ManaDee commented
          Editing a comment
          There's no test for some STD's. Like HPV for example.

      • #7
        It occurs to me that if Nicole pulls out the gift package this week it won't matter since Corey or Paulie are the targets this week. And hopefully the costume will be awful. That said, Michelle got all my votes.


        • Ladycop
          Ladycop commented
          Editing a comment
          Livzee, mine too. Nicole was asking ''America'' for a care package last night, so it will be great to see her face when someone other than her gets the package.

      • #8
        Good Morning All,

        Every year I prepare for the first double eviction episode with trepidation and anticipation and invariably 99% of these episodes are anti climatic thuds. I need to remind myself of that fact next season.

        Following Zakiyah and Bridgette's exit I was anticipating a return to Paulie's dictatorship. This seemed especially true given how the show ended with Paulie foregoing the reassembled F5 guys to pull NiCorey & Paul into the bathroom to make the vote out decision. And, as I noted last night if you taped the show go back to when Meech jumped up to go change (thinking she was leaving). Look at Paulie as he sits staring down James who is completely unaware.

        So imagine my surprise at the turn of events upon the feeds returning to discover of Paul has no intention on returning to P&P or the guys alliance ever again. Instead he's all in with the misfits toys: Nat, Meech, James and his sitting duck F2 partner Victor. The latter being the most important since Paul convinced him NOW is the time to take out one of Corey or Paulie! THRILLED to say the least with this turn of events.

        Of course after the F5 guys agree to take a girl Paulie tried mightily to throw James UTB to both sitting ducks. He is trying to make Victor do what he wants because hey... he's used to running everyone's HOH.

        To say I'm anxious for confirmation the noms have happened and are verified on here would be an understatement. Once that happens I'll be counting down the minutes to see the looks on Pie/Corey/Nic's faces at the nomination ceremony.

        While I didn't want Nicole to get safety now I don't care b/c this is the best week to give her any power with her 2 men the targets. Further it means only 1 of the remaining guys could get power. Ideally I'd like to give Meech HOH and save the Bribe for Paul b/c the irony of Meech being the one to send out Nicole (possibly) would be pretty funny. But for the fans of the new F5 group I'll join the consensus on who everyone wants to give it to out of Vic, Paul or Meech. Best part of this week's vote is we know they'll be in the house!

        Question, when live feeds were down what happened?:

        Did anyone get anymore details on what happened when feeds were down? Here's what I think I deciphered:
        • I heard Paul reference Paulie went somewhat ballistic and I think had to be restrained. He slammed a door on one of Meech, Nat or Bridgette from what I can gather.
        • At some point Paulie blew up at Paul (this would explain why Paulie pulled him aside prior to Bridge vote seemingly making amends"
        • At some point just prior to the show Paulie apologized to James/Nat and was almost in tears???

        Why Sitting Ducks prefer James and the new F5?

        Paulie will work Paul/Vic about James (and already is) but I think a couple of things occurred that will keep the sitting ducks resolute in sticking to this new alliance:

        1. Things that were said and came up via Meech, Nat, James and Bridgette were things Paul had often heard before directly from Paulie. He knows how Pie works so the outed Paulie betrayals resonated.

        2. Paulie's pitch of James complaining about Paulie only taking out his targets accomplished a lot because it's been one of Paul's main issues with Pie. Plus it shows how solid James is in terms of being direct.

        3. Hearing Paul say to Victor we can win out or if need be we have James for endurance. Clearly the time recently spent with James is showcasing how loyal he was and I think James quieter confidence is a great balance to Paul's extremes. In fact should Victor get ousted I won't be surprised if Paul pairs up with James. Likewise now that the cold war is over between Vic and James I think they have a mutual respect for being straight up with each other.

        4. Paul has NEVER wanted to go deep with all guys. His preference is James, Nat, Meech, Vic and him taking out the big 3 as it will make it easier in Paul's mind to win out. (though as Ken has pointed out repeatedly not the best game plan).

        5. The big 3 are also not attractive to Paul b/c Pie/Nic would both take Corey. Corey will take Paulie or Nic ahead of him. But, IMO James feels like the best male to take deep other than Victor b/c Paul will believe James would select him over Victor (I'm not so sure about that though LOL)

        6. I think deep down both Paul and Victor have carried resentment from early in the game for how the big 3 treated them. Victor for obvious reasons (he was evicted) Paul even more so for how Paulie treated him like he was working FOR Paulie. Conversely you could tell they gained respect for James not going off on Paulie when he blew up and they've enjoyed the past 2 days where the group functioned as a team with no one leader. They are treated like peers not minions.

        7.I wish I knew about the audience response tonight as I feel it may have been a factor. Paul has played to the cameras since the onset, so if there was any reaction from the crowd he would sense it. For example he would note if there was a louder cheer for Bridigette than Zakiyah, he would have noted if the audience cheered when Paulie went out on the first question in the HOH and if they groaned when Corey won. And if TPTB were excited with him this week over the potential power shift Paul is aware enough to know doing what TPTB/fans want it will gain him airtime and post game success.

        8. As much as Paul can be crass I'm not sure he appreciated how Paulie acted towards the women. Just like the point above I doubt Paul wants to be someone associated with an unpopular player

        9. Simply put the new F5 offers P/V a greater opportunity to reach F2 with options!

        With Paulie so heated at James right now the other good thing is if he leaves and (argh) returns at least he'll have more than just James as a target. Given Paulie's penchant for do as I say not as I do, odds are Vic might even move ahead of James as he seeks revenge.

        Oxymoron of the night:

        In one of the more painstaking HOH vs potential nominee conversations Nicole met with Victor who played her like a fiddle. Lexie covers the conversation brilliantly in yesterday's live feeds. Suffice so say she tells him she is loyal, won't put him up, doesn't lie and doesn't throw people UTB.

        Though technically she was accurate about the James statement she wasn't completely honest b/c Paul was definitely in the room as were James, Corey and 1 other person (but I'm not sure it was Paulie). The fact is she lied about knowing about the plan and that it was Paulie's plan and she did throw James UTB.

        TPTB need to nip this in the bud:

        The events of Wednesday night were bothersome. Learning more occurred while feeds were down Thursday showcases a growing problem.

        I get Paulie feels he was attacked personally, but he's been doing that the entire game to his own showmance, repeatedly about Nat behind her back and whoever he wanted to put down. The way he acts when it occurs to him is unacceptable.

        When feeds returned post show I read Paulie was talking about his boys tearing Natalie up followed by "I don't care, my brother and his boys will tear Bridgette apart (social media) and then my sister and her friends (and another time my female cousins) will beat the **** out of those girls (Bridgette and Michelle).

        TPTB need to do something about this now! He's been making repeated threats of violence aimed at the girls via his sister and her friends and after the past few days I personally feel this has gone too far.

        Will the real D-Hay stand up:
        Paulie's reactions to anyone else playing the game are never respected. Frank thought he was in tight with Paulie and yet he orchestrated his oust. He has lied to everyone (except Corey to my knowledge) had the entire house individually set to his various targets and made copious deals he was willing to break. So why is it he gets violent or verbally abusive if anyone else dare attempt the same thing?

        He is cruel and insensitive towards people such as him telling everyone he boned Zakiyah last night 5 or 6 times. And his treatment of women is disgusting.

        Threats, intimidation, power trip, misogyny, superiority complex and violence: he has assumed the top rung on my ladder for Most Disliked BB Hamster!

        Off to sleep finally and will awake hopefully to find Corey and Paulie on the block and likely Nicole whining about being in a fruit loops dingus costume.
        Last edited by TTOTambz; 08-12-2016, 07:48 PM.


        • Luanne
          Luanne commented
          Editing a comment
          I think Paulie's family must be a very nice family. James speaks very highly of them. I am sure his sister will not go after the girls. The feeds do not lie, and they have to know how he has acted. I am sure they are being hounded by the social media. They will love and support Paulie as all parents do, but they can not be very happy with his actions.

        • Ladycop
          Ladycop commented
          Editing a comment
          There is a video that was taped yesterday (about 1:15 p.m.) with Cody where he talks about his brother's play in the game and the fact that he didn't listen to either Derrick or Cody while doing his game play. I think you can find it on his twitter account. It is interesting because he didn't approve of some of his actions within the game. I agree with Luanne, they are our children and we love them unconditionally.

        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
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          Livzee, Yeah I posted the other day a copy of Derrick's tweet. where he was asked if he condoned Paulie's language/behavior towards women. Derrick responded: not at all - I have 2 daughters. Then he said you can address him directly when he leaves the house (not exact wording, but you can look up the tweet)

      • #9
        Morning everyone! Well, that was fun. It was so nice to see that smirk leave Paulie's face...and then double nice to see Nicole nervous. I hope I haven't turned mean in my old's just that this group had made BB unwatchable for me this summer and last night gave me a little of my hope back. I still don't have a favorite for whom to cheer...just people I'm cheering against. Hopefully that will change.

        I can't figure out this Friday, August 19 episode. It was on our UVerse schedule before last night's episode, so they didn't know who would go home in DE or who would be second HoH. If someone goes out this week and has the Return Ticket, will they cancel August 19? Why didn't Julie give any details?

        And BettyBoo , I agree with you that Julie implied to the jury members that they wouldn't be back until the finale so it sounds like they won't have a second buy-back if the round trip doesn't work. BUT AG did mention in a recent interview with Zap2it that maybe we haven't seen the last of Da'Vonne. It's possible that AG meant she might bring her back for an All Star season, but it might mean that the jury members may have another shot? Or maybe AG is just tricking us because she can.


        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
          Editing a comment
          Perhaps she'll be in the special summer edition, which they haven't named yet.

        • maxxum26
          maxxum26 commented
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          I honestly think that a buy back will be happening if the round trip ticket isn't used this next week. If the RT is used, then they will just do a clip show. A buy back could be fun, but with either Paulie or Corey as the last contestant, it will give them a great advantage to come back into the house.

        • Kodi08
          Kodi08 commented
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          I haven't been able to have a favorite player to root for since I made the mistake of committing to that Stage 5 clinger Danielle in season 14 to make it to the end. I will say it makes it easier to get through the season. Though I do not root for anyone to win I still root for people to get booted (yes I'm talking about you Paulie).

      • #10
        Lol, a lot to discuss other than this but I just read where Paul and Paulie discussed opening a bar together. On the off chance it's not bs, might I suggest that the bar be located in New Jersey. Paulie has such a way with words and is so charismatic that I'm sure Jersey Women would go to the bar in droves.


        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
          Editing a comment
          I say don't buy stock in that bar.

        • Luanne
          Luanne commented
          Editing a comment
          I am sure you are right, he might have a little trouble getting a date when he gets out of the house.

        • ManaDee
          ManaDee commented
          Editing a comment
          I keep fantasizing about Paulie going home, and there being a big sign at the airport " LA: Please keep Paulie Califore. Signed, all Jersey girls

      • #11
        This is Allison Grodner's quote from her interview with Zap2it. It was published yesterday (they talked to her at the 2016 TCA CBS Press Event). You can google Allison Grodner Zap2it to find the entire article.

        Zap2it interviewer expressed sadness over DaVonne's eviction.

        This was AG's answer: “She’s our star. It’s too bad, it really is,” says Grodner, adding that maybe there’s a chance to see Da’Vonne again. “You never know what could happen. We’ve had a lot of opportunities, remember the round-trip ticket? There still might be … who knows what could happen?” says Grodner.

        Y'all know I love to wonder about the what ifs. So what the heck is their plan for the show a week from tonight? Why won't they tell us? Will they still have it if the Round Trip ticket is used on Thursday? Hmmmmm.


        • Lynette
          Lynette commented
          Editing a comment
          Sometimes they have a stupid repeat/highlights/filler show. They've done that past seasons on a Sunday when it's close to finale. I hope that is not the situation here, that CBS needs a filler for Friday.

        • Kodi08
          Kodi08 commented
          Editing a comment
          It might be based on who has the two-way ticket. I mean they had to plan to have an extra house guest in the game if someone came back in (probably a second double eviction). If the ticket doesn't end up being used and they still want to have another double eviction then they would have to find a way to bring a player back in and MAYBE that extra show is plan B.

      • #12
        The guys had talked about unprotected sex before, laughing about it like its a game of Russian Roulette. They are all tested for STD's. Victor and others were given meds to take if they had the Herpes gene, though Vic said he'd never had a cold sore. But depending on a woman to take her pill each day when she all she talks about is having your baby, is especially stupid when you have problems with her behavior. But, she spread em and he took the shot (literally). However, for a child's sake, I hope no seeds were planted. Note: Rachel and Brendan didn't use condoms in the house, employing withdrawal (much to the disgust of anyone who got on their stained sheets) and she had a scare with a delayed period in her second time in the House. There have been other seasons where the sheets were tossed off to give the crew a free show when cameras were pulled or the HOH room was given up so a couple could have a private evening together. And shock, a guy bragged about getting sex from a willing girl? Rude and crude, but nothing new. Remember all the panting and sex sounds on the Bachelor and other shows?

        I'm not saying I approve, but not surprised. I'm sure Paulie's family will be smacking him on the noggin for being so stupid. But, some of his bro's will high-five him. If a baby is created, his family will love it and his bro's will think he was one big dumb A$$. But, remember that Zak willingly did it with him on camera, so she is 50 percent responsible for their actions. It was on camera, so its not like everyone in the BB world doesn't know it. He just confirmed it in the House. I'm sure her mother will be as upset with her as Paulie's will be for "doing it" on video for the world to always see. She could be in trouble at her job if she is really a preschool worker. Life in the fish bowl.

        Each of them were equally irresponsible about their actions. We're more mad at him, because he laughed and bragged about it. BUT, she volunteered and did on camera, so Zak is as culpable for her own actions. Just hoping no little Paulie the 3rd or Pauline was created (even if it would be one cute green-eyed baby).


        • KeninVA
          KeninVA commented
          Editing a comment
          I am not mad at him, just remarking on the stupidity, especially in this day and age. He is not 18, he is 28. And I completely agree, Z is the other half. I also think, though I don't enjoy listening to him anymore, that none of this makes them bad people, or even that he acts like this outside the house. BB not the real world. We, on the outside, sometimes forget how reality distorting the environment is.

        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
          Editing a comment
          I am upset about any violence toward any woman or man, including threats. And it should never be tolerated. Glad Paul stepped in. Hopefully Production has told Paulie that he must cease and desist those kind of actions. He will be removed if they view him as a physical threat in the house - that's been done at least twice in my memory.

          Talking about consensual sex done on camera is crass but not equivalent in my opinion (that I'm sure nobody agrees with).

      • #13
        One last idea on the Friday, August 19 show and then I'll drop it (well, I'll drop it for a bit until it starts bugging me again): MAYBE TPTB already know who is winning the Safety America's Care Package this week. (Could be the vote has been overwhelmingly one way). MAYBE the person that is winning the Safety ACP is the same person that is holding the Return Ticket. That means TPTB know that the Return Ticket won't be used so they have to find a new way to make up for the one person deficit with either a buyback or a Reset Button next Friday night. MAYBE. (I have no clue).


        • Ellee1
          Ellee1 commented
          Editing a comment
          Don't know why but I was thinking the Friday show was going to be 'a look in on the jury house' type thing (giggle) but your idea makes more sense.

        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
          Editing a comment
          Are you saying TPTB could interfere in the show? Say it ain't so, Joe!

        • Tjeffy
          Tjeffy commented
          Editing a comment
          I think that whoever holds the golden ticket is not the target so that is voided. They don't have enough hamsters to finish out the season so they have to fill the void some how. I think a buy back again with the feeds blocked til after the Friday episode. But who knows they could have something totally different up their sleeves.

      • #14
        So Victors plan is to get Corey or Paulie out? Oh thank god.. I thought that double eviction was basically a total waste then. The only good thing was Michelle publicly putting Paulie and Nicole on blast, otherwise I kind of felt Paulie won last night. I personally think Paulie really wanted Z out of the house but couldn't man up and say that, and then he got Bridgette out as well.

        I really want to see some kind of shake up, and really hope James or Natalie don't leave.


        • #15
          Nicole is gonna get the care package because Bridgette is out and N got such a great TV edit and whatever strategic votes the anti-Nic contingent made will have been scattered. I know I gave some to Corey and some to Michelle.

          So, Nic is gonna get it, and Vic will be pressured into thinking that this somehow vindicates Nicole and makes Michelle out to be the snake.

          And more raspberries at CBS for nullifying our votes by making most of them come before an eviction. CBS makes me feel as ignored and unimportant as [political comment deleted].


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