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Registered and Non Registered BBU Members - Please Read

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  • Registered and Non Registered BBU Members - Please Read

    Hey guys,

    It's been quite a week and we expect that this drama in the house will continue ...

    Whether it's the Live Feed Discussions that you enjoy, or the Live Feed Updates, or maybe even both... if you can help support BBU by making a donation, we would truly be grateful to you.

    Just a note for Non- Registered Members -

    Sometimes, when the server loads get too high, we might have to lock down the forums for Registered BBU Members Only

    We do this in order to try to manage the bandwidth and high server loads.

    If you prefer to remain a visitor here at BBU, and you just enjoy your time here, reading the Live Feed Updates and/or the Live Feed Discussions,

    Please consider jumping in with a donation to help us continue to be able to bring it all to you, ad free, and to help us cover the costs of the bandwidth, that way we won't have to shut the forums down to just Registered Members.

    Our goal has always been to keep BBU up and running ad free and accessible to everyone, you can help us do that.

    Our PayPal button is a safe, easy, secure way to make a donation, you do not need to have a PayPal account to make a donation.

    Thanks for any support : )

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