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Live Feed Discussion-August 24

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  • Live Feed Discussion-August 24

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    Morning all. It should be a good tv show tonight with the post nomination brow beating by Paul, all night storm reports and the veto comp.


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      Yay, I didn't forget to show up like yesterday.
      I agree with whoever said no more Have Not. Give them weekly cleaning assignments.
      Last edited by JeanK; 08-24-2016, 06:11 AM.


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        School started this week with 3 young grandchildren. Rough mornings and afternoons.
        My posts have to stay short or my phone will kick me out.


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          I swear, I'm not making fun buuuuutt ......... did you hear Meech say she was eating a "vegetarian chicken Caesar salad" then watch her stuff HUGE forkfulls in her mouth? Again, just an observation because I would definitely eat like that alone.


          • #6
            Between traveling for work and having a yucky cold I've not kept up. From what I'm reading my Paul is being shunned, Sweet Vic is heading out, Meech hates her dog(?), and Nicorey is in a swaddle of safety...have I got that right?

            I'm not sure how I feel about Nat/James anymore. I think she's smart, but I am seeing fangs under that layer of sweetness. James, that ol' boy just doesn't get it IMHO. He needs to stop playing for America's Player and showmance and think about that little girl of his at home.

            I'm team Paul and Vic all the way. Paul reminds me of my own son in many ways, minus the beard(my kid couldn't grow a beard like that to save his soul, lol). I hope that he gets a second wind and gets back on his feet. Vic--I think he's genuine and a good person. And his cleaning skills are top notch, lol. I hope he gets the win and comes back in and then him and Paul have a good run.

            I really don't want a showmance final four, my prayer to the BB gods is that somehow, someway Nicole gets booted, and that Paul/Vic pull off a win run for the ages.


            • zarby16
              zarby16 commented
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              Yes, I also enjoy watching Paul and Victor. I do think they are good people and hope they stay on for as long as they can. They rest of the house guest are "yukky".

          • #7
            Good morning all my BBU friends. I am glad the feeds are boring, have a lot to do today.

            DisMom, I do not think Paul is being shunned. He is very upset with Michelle. She yelled at him yesterday to not touch her clothes. Combine that with her nominating him and her speech. He is staying away, not talking so he does not go off on her. He knows it would not take much for him to lose it and he does not want to do that.

            I hope Victor comes back into the game. I can not believe we still have two showmance in the house this late in the game.

            Will check in later on today for news on BBFanShan's husband.


            • DisMom
              DisMom commented
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              I'm glad that he knows himself that well, many young men that age do not. Good for him for having restraint!

            • Luanne
              Luanne commented
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              DisMom- He even went to the hammock when he was really (as Paul would say) Pissst. Victor went out there and tried to lay with him. Paul told him he was upset and needed some me time (not word for word) I admire him for that.

          • #8
            Morning, everyone...
            Things to be excited about:

            1. James' face when they announce the jury returnee on Thursday night. Besides his bet with Victor/Paul, he's been emphatic with the others that IT WILL NOT HAPPEN. (Ha.)

            2. Someone with a chance to come into the house and shake up the Showmance F4.

            3. James' face when they announce the jury returnee....oh, did I already say this? I hope they have a camera on his face and all the others yell at him.

            I'm not even worrying about Nicole and Corey as much at the moment. I'm now putting all my BB energy into somebody/ANYBODY sending one of the Showmance F4 out the door before they are F4. Natalie's had a nasty case of HoHitis this week, and if she's actually showing who she truly is then she's not as pleasant as I thought. James is killing me because he won't use his brain (my complaint about him last season as well); Corey is wasted space (and he uses gay slurs and laughs at setting animals on fire); and Nicole....well, I've spent a season complaining about Nicole so no need to say more.

            Have I mentioned I want to see James' face when they announce the jury returnee?


            • Walleye
              Walleye commented
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              Totally agree on James nonobadfish. It's really hard to believe he thinks this way after what happened only last year.

            • zarby16
              zarby16 commented
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              Don't like James and Natalie! Corey and NIcole…waste of space is the truth! No showmance for the win!

            • Ladycop
              Ladycop commented
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              I also want to see James' face when the announcement is made. He has started to act like the BB historian in this game and others look to him for answers. Well, no more probably and that's a good thing. I read where someone wanted James to start using his brain, but honestly I think he is. I think he is just a good 'ole boy who parties all the time.

          • #9
            Morning all,

            Nothing to add. Paul is hoping to connect to Corey and Nicole, and they are allowing him to think so as a hedge against Michelle. If Corey/Nic become HOH, Paul and Michelle, or the returnee, if Bridgette or Da, are going to be up on the block. James will nominate Paul, and likely the returnee. The returnee is a wild card, and Paul, if HOH is nominating Nat and James, unless the returnee is Paulie, in which case, I expect him to put both Paulie and James up, with Nat as the potential replacement, or maybe Corey, if he thinks Corey is a better competitor.

            Nothing much to see today. Some chance James tells Vic he is voting him out tomorrow, and maybe some fireworks will stem from that.


            • BBhead
              BBhead commented
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              You don't think Paul would try to re-invent PP, rather than attack him? If Paulie comes back, wouldn't Paul be dumb to get rid of him immediately? It wold leave another target in the house ahead of him.
              Last edited by BBhead; 08-24-2016, 01:59 PM.

          • #10
            Raineyc Did Paulie and Z have sex on camera? Saw her head go under the covers to do her Monica Lewinsky and judging by his face, it was a successful operation. Later he was behind her, doing the hippy hippy shake, while her mouth formed a huge O, so hopefully he was giving her the Big O.

            My opinion is, if you're going to be video taped having sex in a public place where anyone can walk in and watch, then you've given away your right to privacy. So Paulie admitting to it is tacky, but the first sin was doing it in those conditions. But they aren't the first and won't be the last to do the nasty on Big Brother. But not using a condom compounds the error.

            As far as talking about private stuff pre-Big Bro, Paul talked about his business partner pushing him down forcing a BJ on him. Yeah, she'll be happy he talked about it. James beloved daughter was an oopsy. The mother hadn't thought he was the dad until baby was born. Then he was called to hospital, so surprise, you're a daddy! Just saying, there is no virginal saints in the House, just ones that need to keep their mouths shut about certain things.


            • Raineyc
              Raineyc commented
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              BettyBoo, I love you. This made me LOL. Yes, them doing it while knowingly being live for the world to see was tacky, period. However, Paulie didn't have to be so disrespectful about it. I could tell that even Julie was over him by the way she moved on when he answered the question about if there was a future for he and Z.

            • ElizaJ
              ElizaJ commented
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              BettyBoo I love all your posts! They truly make me laugh. 😂😂

          • #11
            Laughing at the Paul the weasel show, now suddenly loving Corey and Nicole. He's toned down the loud Paul show to blend in with their lower energy.

            Meanwhile, Nat is chuckling about her 'corny' Twitter account with only positive sayings. Guess she doesn't buy her own spiel. (We know I never did. Weirdly I appreciate the evil Nat, rather than the faux baby girl performance.)

            Still trying wrap my head around Michelle's vegetarian CHICKEN salad? Funny, my cousins daughter is a nutritionist at a facility and she can't cook or bake. However, my relative doesn't shovel crapola in 24/7 while lecturing about nutrition. Sure bet that dog she hates gets fat hoovering up her crumbs.

            James is filling the Jury with people who resent the way he turned on them, breaking one agreement after another. If he makes it to Final Two, may face more bitter rather than respectful players. Right now he's put himself on the enemies list so will have to fight to stay.

            Nicole and Corey have come out of their lair to socialize and clean. They've set themselves up with Paul, Victor, Paulie, James or Natalie to be a strong trio or foursome. Who woulda thunked it? But by doing nothing, they have managed to be a universal glue. However if one of the girls return, all bets are off for them.

            Victor will either have the great come back of all time or will reign supreme in Jury. I'm sure he'll be invited back for an All-Stars if he doesn't win the game. He has redeemed himself not just as a player, but as a human and man.


            • Border57
              Border57 commented
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              You're right about Vic, he's a shoe in for a return trip into the house on another season.

              BTW, was her chicken salad real chicken? I thought maybe she meant tofu 'chicken'. She pushes weird nutritional choices a lot of the time, though. Would she call herself nutritionist just because you have to call yourself something in the house?
              Last edited by Border57; 08-24-2016, 09:24 AM.

            • BettyBoo
              BettyBoo commented
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              Guess I'm a purist. If you're eating tofu, call it tofu. Calling it chicken is a foul. (Yep had to do the corny pun) But, hey I get annoyed when people confuse vegan and vegetarian thinking they're the same.

            • Livzee
              Livzee commented
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              Calling it chicken is a foul? More spritzed tea...

          • #12

            Hi, everyone.

            Part of what we liked about Nicole her first season, she wouldn't even kiss on camera. Now, we've been treated to a season of nothing but her under a blanket with Corey. And it's b-o-r-i-n-g. I wish Corey had gone out some time ago so we could see what she might have done without him in the house. So to me her sin has been boring me all summer (and that's a BIG sin!).

            People talk about her whiny voice. That doesn't bother me. With girls these days they seem to have a lot of weird vocal tricks-- a lot of sing song speech patterns with stretching out the ends of words and adding 'ah' to half of them. Nicole in her DR sessions are 'da da da da, dahhhh. da da da da dahhh' over and over. I hope people understand what I mean. That kind of speech is so endemic in young people today I can't really blame her. Michelle's speech bothers me more. Hard to understand her a lot of the time (especially with chips in her mouth).


            • #13
              Note: Reality Blurred posted many suggestions by fans for the BB Fall Spectacular. One was for them to have a pet, especially a cat. Now, I have better conversations with Miss Whiskers than I do with most humanoids, but also know stuff cats can get in to. A cat can fit into spaces you think are smaller than their bodies. Open a closet or cupboard and they get locked in. Add that to a bunch of irresponsible adults who can't remember to feed fish and we're talking possible kitty assassinations.

              Second season they had a dog for a week. As I remember it went from, 'Ah, he's so cute' to 'Glad that poop machine is gone'.

              Second Note: Many recommendations for more fan participation such as having a vote in eviction or win or in stuff like the current Care Package. That I do like. Think Live Feeders should get special privileges of participation in votes that network viewers don't have.


              • #14
                Poor Corey, never pulls a prank, and he got floured in the shower? Then they all sit and watch like he's an IMAX movie. They have really carried it too far, making a mess they'll all have to deal with. Frankly I would have smothered James in his sleep for his pranks. I don't find them clever or funny. Victor is already threatening not to clean and may (horrors) throw stuff on the floor.

                Honestly, I'd rather get you with a smart snarky comment than have to clean up a mess. Especially when they've already had plumbing and ant issues. I also didn't like the waste of plastic wrap. And no, I've never TP'd anything or thrown eggs. But just let me snap out a one liner come-back that gets ya and I'm a happy camper. Better than wasting food or risking injuring someone.

                Ah Nicole and James, flour and water forms glue. It doesn't just flow down the pipes.


                • #15
                  Hopefully, Pie has had to deal with constant nagging from the 3 girls in the Jury house and hasn't had a moments peace, since Da can say what she means without it going over the net.


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