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Live Feed Discussion-August 25

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  • Live Feed Discussion-August 25

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    Morning all. Happy eviction day.


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      Good Morning Geo and all who follow,

      Well up until this week Natalie had been great at reading the house, but suddenly she is misreading the situation. It may be both Meech and Nat haven’t seen Victor lie enough to believe anything different.

      Meech almost landed on the truth when she asked Vic if Paul was still voting for him. THAT is the key. If Paul was truly going to work with NiCorey then he’d have to prove his loyalty by voting out Vic… right?

      Fortunately James understands the situation and knows there is no way in hell Vic & Paul wouldn’t work together and he’d be out the door next week unless he won HOH.

      Entering tonight’s eviction I expect James to stick with the plan and vote out Victor who he’ll tell at some point today he can’t risk Vic not working with Paul. James friendship with Corey is actually the bigger part of the equation at this point (more than his with Nicole).

      ACP Bribe & Jury Buy Back:

      James will be madly searching for a buffalo nickel tonight when he learns of the jury buy back. Ken has repeatedly pointed out for the ACP voting to work the jury buy back comp needs to occur prior to show end. That translates into a crap shoot comp which means we’ll know who is returning prior to show end. Edited to add: as per below it now appears with the shift in the timing for voting everyone will be competing in an endurance comp. With someone returning from jury I think James will gun to win it, unless Corey is also in the running (and in the event Pie doesn't return). Based on this new intel we'll know immediately how worried NiCorey & James are based on who returns!

      Another key factor I’ve noticed on boards I’ve been reading (in between madly writing NBA articles to meet my month end quota) is the fact Paul & Victor are leaning so heavily to keep NiCorey in the house over Jamalie has many not wanting Paul to win ACP. The polls I’ve seen currently have Corey leading by a slim margin over Vic (assuming he’ll return) then Paulie (yikes).

      For me ACP will come down to WHO the returnee is. As much as I’ve outlined below why each current hamster has a right to win my preference will be for someone to win who won’t automatically target James. The problem with either Paul or Victor winning ACP is they’ll use it to get out James b/c Paul will control it. For those who don’t want NiCorey staying in the house the irony is if Corey wins ACP it may work to help James (depending on who has HOH).

      We’ll also find out what TPTB desires are this week especially if Jamalie are on the block. I’d expect a “how bad do you want it” comp if TPTB want Jamalie to stay in that event.

      Moving forward here is where the house stands and why each hamster deserves to win….

      Money Talks:
      The hamsters are all dialed in on winning at this stage of the competition and are all getting on each others nerves. Corey specifically seems to be reaching a level of annoyance with Nicole which may stem from not having Pie to chill with any longer or just the natural wear & tear of the game. It's sort of like when you were a teenager or young adult and jumped into a lust at first sight relationship convincing yourself how perfect your new mate was and a few weeks or months later couldn't stand the sight of this mate or every little thing you thought was cute were the same things driving you insane.

      Factor in having a 16.6% (1 in 6) shot (which is where they think they will be Thursday) of winning $500k can make even the nicest individual suddenly see negative traits or begin to show cracks in their veneer.

      No Clear Winner/Favorites:
      This season most BBUer's haven't had a strong preference with this cast. That said, let's recall just 3 short weeks ago the majority of us felt like this was the most boring, predictable season.

      Since that time the house shifted to take out Zakiyah and get out the man running the show. Something else this season has created is an Alpha Dog who tends to get too full of them self when they become the new Alpha Dog: Frank, Pie, and now Paul have all succumbed to the dictator role once they are in charge.

      As for the hamsters, while you all know I have my own preferences I can make an argument for each of them on why they deserve to win. Do I want Nic & Corey to make the F2 chairs.... not really. And yet I can envision Corey &/or Nicole winning a bunch of important comps down the stretch to change that narrative.

      Hamster Report Cards:
      As for the ticks and traits that annoy us, I can also argue each of the players including ones I like have over stepped boundaries and irked us at one stage or another in the game.

      Victor "Conquering Renassance Man":
      Should win because: Seldom does a player return to the house and remain longer than a week let alone 5 evictions (this week will be the 6th since his return) which is what Victor has accomplished. Furthermore he's been a beast at comps (though he constantly references 8 or 9 comp wins I have to assume 2 are for not being a have not since I can only pull up 7 unless he's counting the TV package he won): team unicorn initially won safety with Victor being the last on the log, 2 HOH's, a POV & 3 Battle Back comps.

      Won't win because: He's won so many comps and attached himself to players who hurt his game because he allowed himself to be manipulated into moves that were good for them not necessarily for him.

      Social Pluses: Straight shooter, loyal, cleans the despicable mess they live in, cooks, upon returning stopped making egotistical comments and putting people down

      Social Negatives: You have to go back to the beginning of the game, when aligned with Jozea & Paul when he acted like the Alpha male and bragged about all the women he dates (always going from one to another) somewhat similar to how Pie was playing just prior to leaving. He was truer to himself in his return however his loyalty seems to get him in trouble as he was happy to ride with the boys or the ducks but allowed Pie and then Paul to dictate what their alliances should do (and was too trusting). For example his HOH that sent out Zakiyah though it led to the power shift that was never his intention when he put them up.

      Likely outcome: He'll leave on Thursday and may return in the jury buy back though he'll still be earmarked as the priority boot. If he returns & survives next week (as Paul will be the target) the looming DE the following week will be another hurdle for him to overcome.

      At this point as much as he is well liked by virtually every hamster his wins and ability to win in both physical and mental comps will keep him atop the priority boot list. For him to reach a F2 chair he'll have to win out. If Victor does leave and not return in the buy back he'll be a strong candidate to win America's Choice and is a no brainer to return in an All-Star season.

      Watching Vic clean that disgusting bathroom and kitchen you can't help but think man this guy deserves to be there more than anyone. Even if he wasn't your original pick or never developed into a favorite it feels like he's leaving more b/c of who his social partner is than his comp wins. Everything Paul has done even after POV has served to increase the reasons for why the others have to vote out Victor. I wish Vic could have found a way to work with James or another skilled social player early in the game. They could have taught him game nuances (like win when you need to, not b/c you want to or can) and social eptness. If he had a partner like that who could teach him how to be honest without revealing too much and when to commit to alliances he could have probably sailed through the season. The fact he’s had Nat/Meech believing he would turn against Paul is a credit to his honesty. It’s not true, but he’s been so honest the hamsters are buying anything he’s selling.

      Regardless of whether you like Vic, the ducks or competing alliance it feels like Victor walking away with an extra $500 & TV package from the outdoor concert/prize comps pales in comparison to what he actually deserves.

      Paul "Chameleon Philosopher ":
      Should win because: He overcame his association with the "Messiah" Jozea and arrogant (early game only) Victor to become a power player forming the P&P alliance then leapt at his opportunity to oust his mentor Paulie. He's a quick study who recognizes the nuances in the game and has successfully incorporated several strong game strategies. To wit he has combined strategy, winning, and alignment with power & numbers with manipulation and social skills to form arguably the most complete game in the house.

      Won't win because: Like his predecessors, Paul fell into the alpha male dictator role. His need to command and only get his own way is too reminiscent of Pie and is rubbing people the wrong way. In some ways his early game overt personality where he lied and shared intel caught up with him as he forgot to utilize subtleties at a time in the game when they are most required. And, Paul got so used to continual game talk when bonded with Pie, so he appears not to be able to dial it back. All his reasons for wanting to oust Pie are the same reasons the hamsters can give for wanting to oust him. (aside: in truth I’m shocked the hamsters can’t remember more lies he’s told b/c they are ample).

      Social Pluses: His run as Secret Service man offered without question some of the funniest bits from the season. He reveled in the role and seized the opportunity when his former F2 partner was complaining about a far less difficult task. He's kept people laughing and early in the game he was transparent in telling people the truth even to his own detriment. He has great instincts and the ability to read people well.

      He's grown on many fans given his mixture of intelligence, humor and how quickly he's become a master of playing the game.

      Social Negatives: Like his sitting ducks partner most of his pluses are also his negatives. The only glaring difference is now he's decided to lie about things he previously would readily admit to. That includes lying to himself. Whereas he was able to separate other individual’s forward paths & therefore their true desires he now is so set on getting his own way he's lost the ability to rationalize why what's best for his game shouldn't be the same for everyone. Case in point, his constant pushing to get Corey put on the block while claiming he/Vic will be true to the misfits F5. His discounting of why Nicole would be more likely to target Meech than Corey isn't accurate. Moreover he would have turned on James the minute Corey was gone and even lies to himself in this regard. He's called Michelle stupid for not recognizing Corey as the better boot when she knows he would target Paul before her (and possibly James .. at least that is what Meech would believe).

      His desire to manipulate can border on cruelty as he is willing to make the girls feel bad about personal statements made against them when he in fact has been (and continues to be) one of the worst offenders.

      Shockingly he has already turned on Meech which was a bad game move as he needed to keep her close for next week. Now he’s made the possibility of working with her very difficult given how he’s treated her this week. I know he’s good and Meech is swayable, but he sure made his job much more difficult than he needed to.

      Likely outcome: Regardless of whether Victor wins jury buy-back Paul will remain the top priority boot of everyone in the house. The only thing that will alter that will be if Victor or Pie return Thursday. And his stay of execution will only change should he win HOH or remove himself from the block via POV. Like Vic he'll need to win out as NO ONE trusts him anymore. Even Victor seems exasperated by Paul whose manic actions have only served to broaden the need to take Victor out this week.

      Up until he decided to work with NiCorey it was a good bet he'd win ACP (bribe), but not just for his popularity. His overt actions to target Jamalie has turned many against him so now that’s not a certainty. Had he been more subtle he’d have won easily. Now, that is no longer a certainty.

      If evicted he'll get some votes towards America's Favorite, but if Victor or Natalie also get evicted my guess is they'll beat him out for that title. AND like Victor he's a virtual shoo-in for an All-Stars season.

      Natalie "Cheer-leading Shape Shifter":

      Should win because: Early on she combined saying nothing that would get her in trouble or repeating what she heard while her alliance at the time Jozea, Victor, Paul, the Spy Girls did the opposite. As much as James became her showmance when she demonstrated she could keep a secret it proved to be the quality that pushed James to trusting her & wanting to go to the end with her over the boys. Her early read of the house was spot on (& ahead of almost everyone else's). Her greatest feat will be seen to be ousting Victor should he not return, but in reality it was orchestrating the first major power shift.

      To wit, when Zak & Meech were kept in the dark regarding Da's blind side Nat used the following week to foster good will with Meech. Other than James (and to some extent the ducks) Meech is the only one who recognizes how adept Nat is at separating game from players and thereby knowing which strategy to employ.

      Though she may lament about emotions she is able to let emotions go for the betterment of her game when it comes to decisions. This was evident when she recognized the role Bridgette played in Bronte's eviction (her BFF), but she nurtured the friendship and then cajoled the 2 previous enemies (Bridg/Meech) to mend fences and share intel. Without Natalie IMO the shift to keep Meech never happens, nor does the Pie oust (at least at the moment it occurred).

      Won't win because: The men will refuse to see her as the mastermind and simply throw away what's she done labeling her as being protected by James. Much of her end game will depend on who returns this week and who wins HOH next week. If an enemy wins HOH and James ends up safe she could pay the price as his F2 partner. Barring that scenario or a Pie return however it's doubtful she leaves any time soon. And given the dislike for Nicole and mental ability of Meech (with those comps looming) she is in a good position to be the last girl standing. The key factor that will cost her is her flip flopping (especially this week).

      Social Pluses: For the most part she isn't one to ever start negative personal comments. She's slipped in that regard of late. I'm citing the late game stress and her recent discovery everyone in the house has been constantly bad mouthing her on a personal level. As much as we can all say she should take the high road and is now giving James an earful of complaints the fact remains she can still wipe away her emotions to zero in on what's most important to moving forward (something Meech and Nicole aren't as adept at).

      This falls somewhere between plus & negative depending on how you view Nat. Of all the showmances hers with James didn't utilize the same components as the other 2. Many James fans either dislike her or are worried he'll be hurt. Yet Nicole and Zakiyah are deemed silly for making their male showmance partners more important than the game.

      Social Negatives: She employed an early flirt game akin to Survivor’s Parvati which fans often frown upon whereas male counterparts like Pie's brother Cody are commended for using that strategy. She also plays up her weakness (I'm sore, I can't win) but like someone mentioned earlier I'm personally not offended by that trait since the men are credited for utilizing their strength in the same context.

      What can possibly be cited as her worst social trait falls somewhere between her overly joyful demeanor which can come across as fake. And the fact players have made demonstrative choices based on her personality (i.e. they either love her or hate her).

      I'd also argue luck played a role with Nat b/c I'm not convinced she would have been as ostracized had it not been for Pie's immediate targeting of her as fake and his personal attacks. It's probably no coincidence Pie's allies Nicole, Zakiyah, Paul and Corey were his greatest advocates of this opinion. Again, given Nat could have painted Pie as a "certain type" knowing his ex and the stories of his infidelity that have surfaced on social media it seems she took the higher road. In this scenario it seems like Pie acted in the manner typical of the female rather than the male.

      Likely outcome: Should she survive to F3 she'll be in an excellent position to win the final HOH since Part 1 is her forte: endurance and Part 3 is her second strength - knowing the hamsters. The big question I have is if she gets her heart's desire of a Meech, James F3 and does win would she pick James or Meech to sit beside her? And could we blame her if she took Meech?

      In the event she is ousted prior to F3 and if she joins Victor in jury she'll give him a run for America's favorite.

      James "Army Strategist Camouflaged as Social Prankster":

      Should win because: Again this argument will raise eyebrows by those who see James as not having played the game. For those who are fans (and arguably ones who like to dig for strategy can find specific components that showcase strong strategy). To that end, James was all in to go with Pie & Corey to F3 and possibly even F5 with the guys. His variance of this route for me highlighted one of his greatest assets: adaptability. Learning Frank wanted him out b/c he had a child led to him putting Frank on the block instead of resisting when many thought his HOH was poorly played. He also learned by various parties Corey was without a doubt Pie's F2 partner as well as Nicole's. Once he saw Pie playing everyone it was time to shift his end game. Again a logical decision as while Pie may have been deflecting James as a target initially it became clear he could be sacrificed.

      I've written several times recently how James NEVER wanted to align with Paul & was forced into the misfits when the girls ran to Paul. His end game always including Corey & Nicole and while his true F4 desire is the 2 showmances he will adapt to take out Corey in place of Meech as again his ability to work with an ally (Nat) is strong.

      His move to get Natalie to recognize she needed to put aside her personal emotions to nominate the stronger team of "the ducks" will be his best to this point especially if neither Vic nor Pie returns in the jury buy back.

      Won't win because: His path to F2 will be almost entirely dependent on the jury buy back, who wins HOH next week and if he can win POV. The other key factor will be who wins the bribe. If he gets a little lucky with neither Pie/Vic returning, Paul not winning HOH or the bribe he may have the best shot at F3 of those remaining since Corey, Nic and Nat won't attack him before the others. No one else in the house would have 3 people that committed to keeping them (only 2). A Bridgette buy-back might change that, but it's more likely she'll want to align to take out NiCorey before James as will Da.

      Social Pluses: He doesn't do personal attacks, doesn't give names (or at least hasn't until this week as the game closes in on the final weeks) makes wise statements when needing to convince others of the proper route, and is able able to make people feel safe a quality not too many hamsters consistently are able to demonstrate. He isn't someone who incessantly talks game, rather he likes to keep things light. Tells exiting hamsters who are due for a blind side or who believe they are staying their fate which buys him respect over his counter parts.

      Social Negatives: While James enjoys having fun, he can push the pranks too far. A great example is how annoyed Victor gets over them. Makes you wonder if he's reveling in being able to have free reign this week since Vic is on the block and can't say anything. Though some will argue he is whipped by Nat (and he says she wears the pants) the truth is James is the one who manipulated the nominations this week.

      Likely outcome: See top 2 points, more than any of the remaining players James fate lies in what happens this coming week. Who wins buy back, HOH, POV and the bribe will have the greatest impact on his game. As Ken outlined given the timing of the vote for Bribe CP and inclusion of the returnee as an option to vote for the comp will definitely be a crap shoot. So, once again luck becomes a factor for his game. Should any of the girls return it would be better for him. Even Pie is preferably to Vic especially if Pie doesn't win HOH. In contrast if he gets evicted it's unlikely he'll win AFP unless Nat/Vic are F2.

      Nicole "Veteran Snake Charmer" :
      Should win because: Respect it or not her meat shield, veteran affiliates, lack of comp wins, not getting put on the block and lying low all while repeatedly being called a snake have got her far in the game. Should she end up winning some key comps down the stretch she has an argument.

      Won't win because: Lying to people, lying in bed, hiding behind Corey, Pie & the men will all be viewed by the females in jury as a negative. Unless she is sitting beside another female it will also mean a majority of women voting with only Zakiyah likely to vote for her. Her repeated shafting of the females (blind siding Da, lying and keeping it from Zakiyah/Meech), constant comments about Nat hitting on Corey etc won't bode well for her.

      Social Pluses: Ability to plant the right seed at the right time and her incomparable ability to "be one of the boys".

      Social Negatives: Lack of interaction, whining, doesn't cook, doesn't clean, only speaks to most hamsters (other than Corey/other men) on day of eviction to avoid being put on block. Has been perhaps the most hypocritical in the house as she has told hamsters not to worry, they'll be safe as pawns but then breaks in to a cold sweat and massive paranoia at even the mere mention of going up herself. For a vet, her personal attacks particularly of the other women have been unbecoming... she should know better.

      Likely outcome: Although many believe James will take her to F2, if Nat is in the house (and possibly even Meech) he won't. Meech would rather take Nat, who would rather take James or Meech. Suffice to say she's not the desired F2 of anyone other than Corey (possibly Paul though I think he'd rather take one of Nat or Meech). Still, if the showmances reach F4 she'll have a great shot of winning F4 POV where she'll probably boot James. At this stage I think she'd throw the Final comp believing Nat would take her over Corey (as would Corey given his loyalty).

      Bottom line the longer she remains in the house the better her chances become to get to a F2 chair, but I'd argue the best she can finish is 2nd and if Meech/Nat have anything to say about it she'll be gone sooner than later. Zero chance she wins AFP.

      Corey "The Horizontal Pitcher":
      Should win because: Well his best argument is he is great at picking players who either keep him safe or help him stay out of sight. He's also extremely loyal. Going all the way back to the 8Pack he was the one player who wanted to stay true to it the most. He knew Pie was running the game and was content to let him, knowing he was his true F2. He was also willing to toss Nicole (though she has no clue this was the fact) to stay true to the F5 guys. Since James/Nicole represent early alliance loyalties for him he'll also be more likely to stay true to them even evicting Nat over James if given the choice.

      Won't win because: Unless Corey goes on a huge run and is sitting beside Nicole it's doubtful he can win the game. Lying in bed the majority of the game, personal statements in support of his bro alliance left a bad taste in many of the female’s mouths and he's come across to many as arrogant with expectations beyond what he deserves.

      Social Pluses: Loyal, calm (of all the hamsters other than James he panics the least even when on the block).

      Social Negatives: lack of interaction, throwing comps, inappropriate statements and actions especially towards the females and outward arrogance will hurt him with a majority female jury should he reach a F2 chair.

      Likely outcome: The odds of him reaching a F2 chair are slim, and slimmer still to be sitting with his showmance which is the only way IMO he wins the game. No chance in hell he wins AFP

      Meech "Super Fan Wild Card":
      Should win because: Managed to remain in the game when she had one foot out the door. Her ballsy in your face attitude may not be to most people's liking, but it offered some amusement to the hamsters. She lost the POV by 1 point so our assessments she will fare well in mental comps is accurate. In addition though some could say she waffles too much it seems more likely she can let her personal feelings go for strategy.

      Though she wanted to put up Nicole for her personal reasons and game (she knows Nic will put her up over most the others) she also knows it was more logical to put up Corey. Given Nat already convinced her why Victor needs to go this choice does maneuver her into the best personal position as it appeases Paul, and she already knows NiCorey will target Paul ahead of her (& possibly James since she's unaware of the F4) plus James/Nat are saying they want F3 with her.

      Won't win because: Her emotional outbursts have annoyed some in the house including her mean spirited side. Unless she gets more comp wins and can convince the jury it was "her" not Nat who initiated the house flip it will be a hard sell to give her all the credit. And, with Victor leaving this week again that credit will go to Nat/James.

      Social Pluses: When she's on, she can be one of the funniest in the house. When she's with Nat & James or with Victor she demonstrates moments of logic and strategy. That said, I've yet to see her demonstrate clarity driven by her own initial diagnosis. However, when one of the 3 aforementioned players raises a concern Meech's observation skills allow her to recall specific incidences that can confirm or deny suspicions. (caveat: this week not so much…. power didn’t serve her very well)

      Social Negatives: Her insecurities, cruel side and on cue tears made her appear to be the most emotional player in the house.

      Likely outcome: While she remains the only soloist in the house, should Victor return and Paul exit they could end up linking up to become the unlikeliest yet strongest duo in the house. Despite that fact, although Meech would say yes to his face she's game savvy enough to know taking Nat or even Nic to the end is a better bet for her. She also could very possibly be the recipient of the bribe (money) since NiCorey & Jamalie will likely decline a bribe if it's coming from Paul.

      Tonight offers intrigue, but more so a million questions:
      • Would a Pie return automatically signal NiCorey throwing away their F4 with Jamalie?
      • Would Vic's return only lead to shine a light on how absurd their pitch was, and furthermore just lead to the others sticking closely together?
      • Would a Bridgette return shake up the house for a bevy of women targeting the men?
      • Would a Da'Vonne return signal a full on attack of NiCorey? (I think the fans might like that).
      • Will Nicole or James get through another week off the block?
      • Who will win ACP?
      • Will the Bribe CP even make a dent in the game or be a resounding thud?
      • Will the hamsters play ball and accept the bribe or make a pact not to?
      • Will TPTB make the POV a "how bad do you want it" comp
      • And if yes to the above, does that guarantee someone will enter DE not being able to either play for HOH or POV?

      Wishing everyone a great eviction day and looking forward to tonight. (quietly whispering to self... Come on Da'Vonne win that buy back.... shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) lol

      Aside: apologies for a lack of punctuation, if I have time I'll come back and enter commas BUT since I'm on deadline for NBA articles that might not be realistic.

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      • BettyBoo
        BettyBoo commented
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        I love your verbosity. Makes me feel mute in comparison - giggle. Honestly, great analysis of state of the house and players. Thanks for detailing it out better than I sure can.

      • TTOTambz
        TTOTambz commented
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        Betty this was an accumulation of a post I began days ago that kept growing (smirk) and don't sell yourself short I'm always excited to read your awards and your read on the hamsters

      • Pammer
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        Thank you, thank you, thank you TTOTambz, I'm totally up to speed now.

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      My dreams usually come true. In this case last nights was more a nightmare & I hope it doesn't come to be. I dreamt tha the F2 ended up being Nicole & Meesh, with Nicole winning BB. The only positive was when Julie announced the winner, the audience roared a unanimous BOO. Vic ended up winning Fan Favorite & both Natalie and James were shocked & pissed.


      • Luanne
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        I sure hope this dream does not come true.
        Last edited by Luanne; 08-25-2016, 09:09 AM.

      • BettyBoo
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        Sounds like the Jun win. The two finalists were both despised and when her name was announced, it was the sound of one hand clapping. They both commented on the crickets.

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      Morning all....

      So they changed the voting time AGAIN and now it doesn't start until midnight BBT? That makes me think there is going to be an endurance comp with ALL the HGS AND jurors, wouldn't y'all think?

      Plus, there's a teaser that we get to see the HoH live on the feeds tonight. Should be a FUN night.

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      • belle1
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        I do think it is an endurance comp with jurors included. The crew started work early on the set. Lots of noise coming from outside.

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      Wouldn't y'all think that the voting starting that late (AFTER the HoH comp) will have the end effect of fewer "show only" viewers voting? I'd be surprised if they stayed up late to vote since they're not watching the feeds, and they might not think about it tomorrow before the voting ends. This might be a majority Live Feeder vote for the first time?

      And if it's endurance, who of the jurors stands the best bet of winning? I guess it depends on the type of endurance. Bridgette and Da both hung on with James that last comp where they had to hold their arms up. Victor and Paulie are good at anything athletic, but may weigh too much for some endurance. I'm excited to see! Thank you, CBS All Access for letting us watch...

      Everyone: If you don't have the live feeds, sign up here at BBU and get a week of free feeds so you can see tonight.
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      • TTOTambz
        TTOTambz commented
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        The reason I'm so keen on Da'Vonne returning is she'll have the most intel from the other hamsters about everyone AND b/c she'll make the extremely comfortable Nicole squirm. It would be a hard sell for Nic to target Da ahead of Paul .. right. And since this new posts seems to indicate it will be an endurance comp for everyone I'm going to hope it's the wall. If it was the baseball comp (although Corey has big feet) he is after all a baseball player.

        I do like Victor but I don't like him with Paul b/c it feels like he's in a losing situation with Paul. And this week reminded me of why I lean to the negative on Paul. Sure he's brilliant, but he's said the most PERSONAL negatives about everyone in the house. And I don't like how he plays upon others emotions. I think if Vic or Pie return it simply means James/Nat are goners leaving NiCorey and the ducks and I'm not fond of that F4. Part of me wants to see what would happen if NiCorey and Jamalie each lost part of their showmance after Paul left. AND part of me wants to see if Nic lost Corey and Da returned whether James, Nic and Da would then work together to go to F3. Hmmm. Would people be mad if Da ended up returning to win the game? After all she is the only true blind side sitting in jury right. Victor was the only other one of the season, but he returned.

    • #7
      It's possible that they will still do a jury only competition during the show tonight, but why change the start of the voting time if that's the case? If we're going to know the returning juror when the show ends, then they could have left the start of the voting time at 7 BBT instead of moving it 5 hours later to midnight, right?

      I'm going to be hard-headed like James and believe that they are going to let all of the jurors take part in the HoH we'll see on the feeds. I could be very wrong (I usually am).


      • BBhead
        BBhead commented
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        I agree with you, Nonbrightfish! I think they want a clash of the Titans (Paulie/Vic), James and Paul will be going HARD!!!

    • #8
      Good morning all,

      I was shocked to see on BB after Dark that Vic and Paul are trying to pull the whole "we're enemies now" move. The saddest part is it appears Michelle and Natalie are falling for it. I say appears because there is no way Michelle is falling for it if she is a real fan. I believe Michelle just wants Vic over Corey so she is pretending to fall for it, and honestly I partly believe Nat knows too, but just wants Vic to stay because she is still holding a torch for him. Either way... I know Michelle knows this is an act, but I'm 50/50 on if Natalie does.

      How could no one consider that in order for Vic to stay the very one he is claiming to now be working with Corey and Nicole, would have to vote to keep him over Corey. Paul is the 2nd vote. If he is against Vic then just James voting to keep him would still send Vic out the door. A 5th grader can figure this out, which is why it's hard for me to believe the girls are buying this.

      I Have not caught up on all of last night, has James spoken to Nat and called foul? Has he spoke with Nicorey??


      • Raineyc
        Raineyc commented
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        TTOT I think Nicorey will stay with James.....and Paulie if he wins. Lol. if Paulie wins I think Nicorey will point him in the direction of Paul and Michelle noms, not James and Natalie. If they win HOH themselves, I don't think they would put up Paulie, nor Jamalie, However, if someone else wins, I also don't think they would work hard to steer them out of a Paulie Nom. They are playing in the middle right now, which is the safest place to be if they can stay there.
        Last edited by Raineyc; 08-25-2016, 01:01 PM.

      • Raineyc
        Raineyc commented
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        What time did James talk to Nicorey? I want to flashback.

      • belle1
        belle1 commented
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        Raineyc I think around 10:30 BBT but search between 10 and 11. Lights were out in Nic Corey's bedroom

    • #9
      I said a few weeks back that I can see returning vets at F2 if given the opportunity of luck. While both James and Nic are aligned with their respective partners, I think they would let them go because of the vets vs newbies overtones. And I do not think there was a pre show agreement among any of the vets.


      • #10
        Okay, so I'm catching up on the updates from last night and Natalie and Michele have officially moved into the territory where I am reduced to epic eye rolling at their hypocrisy.

        Paul isn't allowed to talk to NiCorey?? Um, of COURSE Paul doesn't trust you, you stabbed him and Victor in the back this week, and everyone knows you were targeting Paul. SURPRISE, EVEN PAUL! And since he isn't an idiot, and you guys aren't the super suave operators you think you are, Paul knows you guys are sending Vic out this week too.

        Are they really so full of themselves, that they're SHOCKED by this? That they actually BELIEVE Paul has no reason not to trust them?? That they actually believe it is at all fair for them to be upset about Paul trying to go to NiCorey considering THEY turned on HIM and targeted HIM this week? I just don't get it. And then to harass Vic (who they (esp Nat think is just sooo great) with those comments about Paul when they FULL WELL KNOW they are sending him out this week is just obnoxious to me. They deserve for Vic to come right back in and nominate them. They will have earned it themselves, but of course they'll consider that unfair as well I'm sure.

        Everyone lies in this game, and everyone paints themselves the hero and the innocent. I get that, and I'm fine with it, but I prefer the players who don't actually BELIEVE their own BS and I feel like Natalie and Michele esp are definitely there. Natalie esp has had a form of HOH itis for 3 weeks now and I'm ready for it to be over.

        Excited to see what comp they're giving the HGs tonight and who wins. I'm seriously hoping it's not James.


        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
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          Yeah we see it differently because Paul IMO has complained when others interact and does his best to manipulate. He'll try to keep people from talking to each other and he/Vic had already decided to turn on James long before this week's nominations occurred. And, when Victor came back he was one of the main people cutting him up to the others until it served his better interests to work with him over Pie. But hey, we can all like different people that's what makes the game fun

        • Raineyc
          Raineyc commented
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          Love the fire in your post, but I'm with TTOT here. Paul often has criticized other's for talking to people not in the pack. He is super minipulative, and had a plan in place with Victor to turn on James BEFORE final 5.

          I also want to point out, although BB is showing the conversation on the feeds that Paulie initiated the conversation to take out James and not Paul, yes that did happen, but I must point out that before this, Paul on several occasions was trying to get Paulie to agree to go after James and Paulie deflected. James wasn't on Paulie's boot list until James turned his back on Paulie because of the Natalie situation. And that is the only reason James turned his back on Paulie, and even then he was pushed into it.

        • ManaDee
          ManaDee commented
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          I agree, we should all like different people, if we all agreed this forum might get boring. .

          I just see a difference between trying to keep other players from talking to each other (which I see as gameplay, recognizing the weaknesses in your own and attempting to keep them from getting out) and simply complaining when it happens as if it is unexpected/unfair. The unfair comment really grates me and might be what's prompted my more intense dislike as of late, as I've heard unfair come out of Jamalie's camp more than a couple times. Big brother isn't supposed to be fair. But I think I have a person thing with this because I grew up with my dad's retort of "Life's not fair, get used to it" when my sister or I would complain. haha.

          Def not trying to say that Paul is a more loyal/clean/etc player at all. But I appreciate his gameplay the most because I believe he is the type of player that wouldn't compromise his own game for anyone else, regardless of any personal connection. I have no doubt his ideal would have been to cut Corey James and then Vic in order to go to the end with girls, who he thinks have zero chance of beating him. (Every single guy in the house has underestimated and brushed off the women this year to various levels, IMO). I also believe that if you're going to nominate Paul, your best shot at him is to say he's a strong player and you're not sure you can trust him. He would have no rebuttal for that, other than to try and convince you he's trustworthy (and we all know that's a play haha). I don't know, I just also feel like he really doesn't play personal, even if he makes comments/jokes/insults that are personal. I don't think he takes offense to anything strongly enough to let it effect his direction in the game. I like that.

          I ldef prefer when people focus on the endgame (what's better than when two hamsters that can't stand each other personally get into a game alliance?!) and are really in it to win it. I think the showmance thing is working against Nat/James for me this year because at this point I don't want to see two groups of two who are without question loyal to each other even if not in their best interest.

          Nicole is an ideal F3 person for almost everyone in the house (or so they believe). Letting go of Corey wouldn't be a bad play for her, as no one will consider her a threat after he's gone. But I don't see NiCorey or Jamalie taking their own interests solo into account much. But I'm also the girl who SCREAMS at the players who choose the friend over the easy to beat person to go to F2 as well, so I'd prefer not to have showmances in the final few weeks anyway.

      • #11
        I'm a lurker. I don't respond much. But right now, on recorded BBAD, I'm tolerating the two witches, by the names of Michelle and Natalie, conspiring with the Satan, Victor. (He even looks like Satan) Adding insult to injury, watching Witchy Michelle stuffing her face with chips, while Nasally Voiced Witchy Natalie is assuming that Wimpy James is going to win the next HOH and take out Paul and Nicole. Why Paul and Nicole? Because Wimpy James was cajoled by Nasally Voiced Witchy Natalie to keep Satan, because secretly, she still thinks she has a chance with him. In the meantime, we watch Satan and Loud Mouth Paul conspire to be the final two. God forbid. Frankly, I want Nicole to win the whole thing, with James coming in second.


        • Livzee
          Livzee commented
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          Nice to hear from you... if James and Nicole are final 2, I think James gets it.

        • Luanne
          Luanne commented
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          Diane, welcome to the land of posting. You have a way with words. I love to read what everyone is thinking about this game and their favorites or the ones they do not like. Keep posting.

        • LCnSummer
          LCnSummer commented
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          Lol..... Very clever. Went great with the rest of this 🌅 mornings ☕️ musings. 📝

          One of the~~> B.B.B.U.T.M.F.P.E❗️

          Best BBU Thursday Morning Fairytale Post Ever 👻
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      • #12
        Just sneaking in to remind everyone that tonight should be a BIG NIGHT with the stakes high, as a jury member comes back into the house...

        We are looking at record traffic, which of course, will increase the bandwidth that we normally use on a Live Show Night ..

        SO.. if you can .. please help support us by making a donation to help us cover August's expenses which are due on the 27th.. along with try to get ahead of tonight's increase in services ... any help is greatly appreciated and helps us to be able to keep doing what we do here with all of you!

        Don't forget to include your BBU nickname so I can add your donation button to your account : )


        • belle1
          belle1 commented
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          Donation made. Thanks for all you do

      • #13
        I don't mind if they play, but I do not want a vet to win. Haven't since the first day. But if my only option would be a Paulie (winning the buy back) and Corey final two, then I will have to rethink my position.


        • Lynette
          Lynette commented
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          Don't want these vets to win. Hilarious if Da came back and won.

        • LCnSummer
          LCnSummer commented
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          I'm 👀 looking all around for that stuck between a rock and a hard place button.

      • #14
        Sangria brewing, snacks on hand, nap time is here. I am ready for the big late night of activities, fun and drama. No matter the outcome, I think we will have a few nice things. At the least I will enjoy hanging out with my BBU buddies, a nice thing.


        • #15
          I still do not have one player I really, really want to win. Very unusual for me. Last year, I pulled for Vanessa all the way. I like Victor. I guess I like them all just some more .


          • Walleye
            Walleye commented
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            I might have one or two I don't want to win, but otherwise I don't care this year.

          • Livzee
            Livzee commented
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            I feel the same way... seems like strings are being pulled more than usual; but these hamsters are mostly boring. Victor has earned many points with me.

          • ~smee~
            ~smee~ commented
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            Well, I'm actually pulling for Kevin to win the buy-back. You remember Kevin, back in the Jeff & Jordan first season, who made me laugh all the time? First time I ever got out my Radio Flyer to pull for a player, and cashg3 was along for the ride. ::sigh:: Those were the days....

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