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Live Feed Discussion-August 26

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  • Live Feed Discussion-August 26

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  • #2
    Morning everybody. Well, not what I expected, but they have called Nicole a snake most of the season so I shouldn't be surprised that she is talking about putting James up. James shouldn't have thrown it to her, but these people never learn.


    • #3
      Boy Nicole really is dumb. She thinks they would be dumb to not team up with the strongest people in the house for a final does she expect to get to final 2 against them? Just a few days ago her and James had a plan to share prize money and now she doesn't trust him and never has....WHAT?! Glad James went to bat for her and Corey last week for this...geez


      • beckyd30
        beckyd30 commented
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        But if Corey had been evicted, we would be stuck with p/p/v in the house again. Since Corey sucks at endurance comps.

      • SmilemakerRDH
        SmilemakerRDH commented
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        Exactly. So James did the right thing. He saved Nicole's showmance and saved them all from a Paulie return, got Victor back which they were all ok with since he wasn't the target anyways. So go after Paul again this week. Obviously Paul is a smooth talker considering just a few days ago he was yelling at Nicole and now he's convinced her to work with him

    • #4
      Hopefully James can explain to her that Paul and Victor were not really mad at each other, They were trying to turn the table so that Corey went home. He did not fall for it and voted Victor out. If she put James up, he will go home. Her and Corey will have a hard time getting both Paul and Victor out. Paul is very good at this game,

      Lexie, again THANK YOU for all you do. Staying up all night so we can get some sleep. I do not know how you do it.


      • #5
        Good Morning Geo, Luanne and all who follow.

        Well we get to see James give Nicole HOH so she can slither upstairs in order to go back on her word and take out James. No matter how she slices it she knows fully well Vic/Paul will NOT vote out Meech over James.

        So to reiterate: as of early this morning Nicole plans to nominate Meech and James to keep Victor and Paul safe. SMDH! May as well just write the ducks the cheques now. Her plan is to tell James she doesn't trust Nat/James to vote out Meech who is her target. Corey is saying we'll just convince Vic/Paul to vote out Meech over James. Right Corey (again SMH).

        At one point they discuss feeling a little bad about the fact James voted to keep Corey and Nat kept her off the block, but apparently not bad enough to honor their F4 or keep them safe less than a week later (and to work with the 2 players they begged Jamalie/Meech to put on the block).

        Though Nicole plans to wait and see what ACP is the fact it is a bribe may not change the direction much since one of Vic, Paul or Corey will win it. If Vic/Paul win ACP it's virtually the same thing and Corey would just do what Nic tells him sooooo odds are James/Meech will go on the block.

        This situation is terrible for James fans unless Natalie can find a way to win POV to remove James and force Nic to put up one of the ducks (ideally Paul) b/c then he and Nat would control the vote. Edited to add: As Anyaspapa pointed out Jamalie/Meech couldn't control the vote (I was forgetting last week there was 2 HOH's, so there would be 4 voting this week). However in the event Nicole put James on the block and used the argument she can't risk Jamalie saving Meech it will be a tough sell b/c it will only look like she is protecting the ducks since 4 of them vote. And there is no way the ducks won't vote out James over Meech. (AND James will know this immediately)

        So, in the event Nic puts James/Meech up if Nat could win POV and save James then Nicole would be forced into putting up one of the ducks. If Corey votes with whichever duck isn't on the block and Jamalie vote to save Meech then Nicole has to make the deciding vote and enter what she believes will be a DE with Jamalie gunning for her. Not a situation Nic will want to be in.

        Oddly, Corey has always been on the James train so I'm shocked he isn't arguing the point harder that keeping both ducks is a terrible choice since that would mean:

        a) they have to beat them both
        b) the ducks could pull in a pissed off Nat/Meech to go against NiCorey
        c) NiCorey will have made themselves open for copious slander given THEY were the ones who insisted the ducks go up on the block last week (AND Nicole proclaimed Paul was her target).

        And should James stay on the block it would mean Corey has to go against his desires to vote out James or force Nicole into breaking a tie b/c there is NO WAY the ducks won't vote out James!

        I guess that is NiCorey's thinking that by saving James they'll be back in the middle with both for saving him, BUT the difference is Jamalie never put them on the block & James saved Corey only for them to return the favor by putting him on the block and working with the people they wanted out of the house.

        JMHO but a terrible move all the way around if Nicole does go through with it. We'll see if clearer minds prevail today & James is able to make NiCorey understand by putting him OTB she is guaranteeing he leaves & it shows she is working to keep the strongest couple in the house (which was her reason for putting them OTB last week) ARGH

        Moving forward James fans may as well know his odds of getting much further are not very good since if he manages to stay this week it's likely Meech leaves and she is the only one of 3 who are good on date competitions.

        This is a major betrayal by NiCorey as they were the ones who convinced Jamalie/Meech to put up the ducks only to switch and work with them now. I'm really not sure what they are thinking as beating the ducks will still be extremely difficult and once James is gone they'll only gun for Corey no matter what they say. Just like they planned on gunning for James once Corey was gone.

        Other notes:
        • Paul is bragging about calling Meech the "c" word (I mean really Paul)
        • Victor says it doesn't matter about females looks fading since he's never with anyone long enough for it to matter (hmm - don't like that side of Vic)
        • Da curiously said to take out James, so we have to assume she was told he was in on her oust
        • Paulie was still touching his junk on stage last night (terrible habit)
        • Further Pie looked like a real dick in jury
        • Bridgette finally explained to Pie just b/c I'm about supporting women doesn't mean I'm against men as Pie misunderstood what a feminist was (PREACH Bridge!)

        Bottom line not going to be a great week for James as he discovers Nicole never really had his back. If TPTB want Jamalie to stay they may do a how bad do you want it comp with James hopefully explaining to Nat she needs to take every single punishment so they can both stay in the house and keep Meech. It's the only way they can take back the power and control the vote this week. In the event that occurred IMO Nicole would go into full on melt down mode. James would then push for Paul to go up on the block and they would vote him out.

        It also would offer the best potential for drama as the ducks, NiCorey and Jamalie/Meech would all go into full on outing each other mode. AND ... I really, really, really hope at some point one of Meech, Nat or James recalls Nicole saying in the bathroom prior to the POV ceremony "I have NO PROBLEM telling Paul he is my target and who I want to take out". Please let one of the 3 do this to show Nicole for the slimy snake she is.

        Personally I'm at the point where I've heard enough & seen enough from every one of the hamsters to be unimpressed however I remain on the James train. Further I can't wait for Paul and Nicole to leave (again JMHO). At this point I guess my hopes are Nicole shows her hand and does put up James and Nat does win POV. Then I hope they push for Paul to go up and out and since Nicole can't play in the coming HOH which she assumes (inaccurately) is a DE she'll succumb.

        Ideally I'd like to see Vic/Meech/Jamalie get to F4 (just my personal preference) with a secondary option of Corey possibly replacing Meech or at worst Victor (who let's face it deserves to win the game at this point).

        As per the DE I've looked at the dates and there are 3 Thursdays until finale night with 7 hamsters remaining, but BB generally does that early F4 evict so there won't be another DE unless they don't do an early F4 eviction and spread out the F3 comp time.

        Anyway I'm kind of down in the dumps over the turn of events, but I'll hold out hope for James.
        Last edited by TTOTambz; 08-26-2016, 09:27 AM.


        • Anyaspapa
          Anyaspapa commented
          Editing a comment
          The flaw in your argument is that James and Natalie will not control the votes. That is only two votes and Corey and Paul/Victor will also be able to vote. That would put it at a 2-2 tie with Nicole choosing the evicted houseguest. If that happens, Big Meech would go. Therefore, if Nicole puts up any combination of Natalie/James/Meech, one of them will likely go home.
          Last edited by Anyaspapa; 08-26-2016, 07:35 AM.

        • Pammer
          Pammer commented
          Editing a comment
          As usual, I'm totally on the TTOTambz train 1000 percent. GREAT minds think alike. The whole time James was contemplating giving the HOH to Nicobra, I was silently screaming NOOOOOOO! Don't trust her. For once, use that little pea-picking brain of yours, although I do understand the method to his madness, i.e.. DE, etc. I hope something happens to change the course of upcoming events. I'm Voting for Corey for the ACP, what more harm can it do really. Paul and Victors comments of late, have turned me off on them. Paul using C word is totally UNACCEPTABLE, and Victors opinions on women, well snuff said.

        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
          Editing a comment
          Anyaspapa: You are correct (partially) because I forgot 4 people are voting. Still although James/Nat or any of the 3 couldn't control the vote in the event 2 of them were safe then one of Victor or Paul would go on the block. At that point would NiCorey want to overtly work against Jamalie?

          We know Nicole won't want to be the one to get blood on her hands and we know she won't want to overtly show Jamalie she is working against them. Sooooooo if she actually put James on the block using the argument she has to stop them from keeping Meech then James can give her the same argument you just gave me, i.e. there is NO REASON to put him on the block unless she is working with the ducks and targeting Jamalie!

      • #6
        Where did they find these guys that seem to no so anti-women? I am sure that they were thought differently. Go James, win veto. Will he go out the same week as he did last season?


        • #7
          I find anyone that is shocked about Nicole's possible "betrayal" to be pretty funny. James has famously made deals during this comp he turned around and broke. James is, when you look at ACTIONS alone, the most untrustworthy person in the house, as far as deals go. But James is a saint and Nicole a snake, for doing the same thing. Nicole also has shown she has no real loyalty the entire game to anyone but Corey, and Paulie to a point.

          Nat and James did this exact same thing to Paul and Victor last week. There was no throwing of comps, but Jamalie convinces Paul/Vic to turn on their alliance and work with them to target Paulie/Corey/Nic, got Paulie out and then the very next week turned on Paul/Vic. So, if Nicole does go against Nat and James, seems like just desserts to me.

          Seriously proud of Paul's strategy. Making sure to protect Nicole/Corey during that fight yesterday with Natalie and James made a big impression on Nicole, especially since James and Nat were much more loose with their words where Nic/Corey influence came in. If Nicole DOES put up one of the ducks, it will be Victor not Paul. She trusts Paul (for now) and knows Vic is the bigger threat. Since I'm rooting for Paul, that makes me happy.

          I personally have been thinking for a week now that James is a fool for believing so strongly that he can trust Nicole and Corey, esp with as hard as he pushed it on Nat all week. Without much talk or action to back that connection up I was pretty sure he would end up burned by them, and Nicole has told Corey she doesn't trust James at all, so this shows James' read on HGs totally falling short of what's needed to play well.


          • drpepper777
            drpepper777 commented
            Editing a comment
            Paul and Vic made it very clear that they were going after James before last week's HOH. If they had won the HOH, their "deal" with James and Nat would have been broken as well. Paul swings with whoever has power.

          • DisMom
            DisMom commented
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            ManaDee, I'm on the Paul train with you. There isn't one person in that house who can come close to being called saintly, but he has at least he's playing the game. Paul/Vic for the win

          • ~Linden~
            ~Linden~ commented
            Editing a comment
            I'm on the Victor train and his train is tied to the Paul train so that makes me on the Vic/Paul train. I'm good with that. The vets, who I always always always pull for (unless it's a member of Chill Town) have showed me nothing this season. And I was totally in love with James up until he went back on HIS WORD to Frank.

        • #8
          Morning all!

          Quick reminder.....if you want to vote for the CP you have until 1:00 PM ET today, 10:00 AM BBT. Have a great day! 😎


          • #9
            Here's a couple of what ifs to chew on:
            IF Corey had been voted out, Paulie would be in the House now.
            IF Nicole had been voted out, James would be HOH now.

            Hate on Paulie all you want, but at least he gave everything he had last night and didn't jump off the wall after a few minutes like Da'Vonne and Z. I will not be pleased if Da'Vonne is ever given another chance to play. Her comments are funny, but if you won't try when you're given a big chance, then you should be given the Jeff Probst goodbye directing you to go thru the Exit Only with the bar teeth preventing any re-entry.

            Meanwhile, anyone who doesn't get rid of Victor, deserves to lose to him.

            Nicole fought to win HOH, just to take her eye off the prize? I throw up my hands.

            Side note: Natalie cheering Paulie falling off the wall could be viewed as poor sportsmanship depending on Jury makeup. I understand her sentiment, but guys don't like a poor winner any more than they like a poor loser like Paulie. It could shift a Jury vote if she's in Final Two since it reinforces the guys growing negative view of her.

            I've decided to cancel All-Access since all I see is more weeks of the same conversations and I've run out if rubber bricks to toss at the screen. I'll watch BBAD to get a flavor, but honestly can't take hours of listening to whiny girl voices and Paul being the town crier. As Ben Franklin said: 'Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.' These folks have overstayed their welcome in my brain.

            But of course, BBU remains my fave place to chat with friends. And since we don't discuss those third rails of politics and religion, we can remain friendly. (Even when you pick on my favorite bad boy-grin.)


            • ManaDee
              ManaDee commented
              Editing a comment
              I don't think any of the guys this season would vote for ANY of the women if there is a male option. James possible exception.

            • BettyBoo
              BettyBoo commented
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              I agree on girl/guy final, guy wins. But even Meech the Beech might beat her in head to head votes. But it's those little things that explode into major issues in the House, like the ridiculous Nic/Vic date thing that still percolates 2 months later.That image could just add to the negative view growing of Nat with the guys to vote her out or not reward her with a win.
              Last edited by BettyBoo; 08-26-2016, 10:43 AM.

          • #10
            Morning all. Not much to add to TT, except a few observations. Once James is on the block, and Paul gets the care package, Corey will vote out James for the 5K (I think). Paul/Vic will then likely gain control of the game. I would expect Corey to become the primary target at that point, with them pulling Michelle in for the run to the end. It is not unreasonable for the three of them to control the HOH from F6 to F3, which makes the F4 PoV the only obstacle for the two of them being in that F3.

            Nic/Corey are not thinking about this from any reasonable standpoint. Putting Paul/Vic up, and getting one out, just isolates one of the strong competitors, who will still need to work with someone, to stay in the game. Keeping them intact is a recipe for destruction of their games. I think Nicole is thinking that if they will keep them to F4, she gets pulled to F3 (which based on Paul's live feed comment is what he is thinking). Nic and Corey are going to weaken their position in the house by this move, and certainly end Corey's game in the next two cycles, unless he wins POV's.

            I do find a measure of justice that Paul is able to use James breaking of deals on the wall, against him now though. Not sure how the bribe plays out. It is actually a weak power, and might not be enough to entice Nic to burn her down stream chances.


            • KeninVA
              KeninVA commented
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              I am notoriously bad at predicting winners, but I bet Victor does, even though I, if I was a juror, would never vote for a previously evicted player to win the game. But I am old school.

            • ManaDee
              ManaDee commented
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              Soflaguy - I would guess Vic.

            • soflaguy
              soflaguy commented
              Editing a comment
              It's interesting. They both have strong arguments. Paul won't get Meech's vote. If the rest of the jury is bitter, it goes to Vic. However, Paul has wormed his way in and out of trouble and stayed in the house this whole time. If they vote game play, Paul has to get consideration.

          • #11
            Mostly have been lurking; but I have to throw my support behind the Ducks. They, by FAR, have played the best game. They make decisions with foresight into coming weeks. Everyone else does what they are told to do. Love them or hate them, Paul and Victor are playing the game better than anyone else. Personally, I hope Nicole puts up James and Natalie, especially since James has made deals only to directly break them with his nominations. He has been and is still playing a horrible game.

            Another note, Big Meech sealed her fate at the comp by publicly stating, when Natalie mentioned their useless HOH, that she is fine because she wanted Victor to stay. She basically told Corey and Nicole that she wanted Corey out. I am not a fan of Nicorey, but Michelle's comment was really bad game play and my guess is that James/Natalie/Meech are in for a VERY bad week, and after Natalie's prima donna HOH, I couldn't be happier.

            Paul for the ACP 100%!!!
            Last edited by Anyaspapa; 08-26-2016, 08:55 AM.


            • DisMom
              DisMom commented
              Editing a comment
              Welcome to the Duck Pond, I don't think it's the popular choice, but I am there with you. I agree that they are actually playing and trying strategy. I said before that if Vic got voted out it would be Epic for him to win back in and he did just that. I think either of the Ducks is the most deserving of the win at this point. Paul got all of my votes too.

          • #12
            I really like victor and it would be so much easier to pull for him if his ride or die wasn't Paul. I just can't with him. Either way, I do not like Nicole so I do hope she pays dearly for this mistake bc she is not being logical at all.


            • Pammer
              Pammer commented
              Editing a comment
              I'm with you Yaya1300, I couldn't have said it any better myself

            • Luanne
              Luanne commented
              Editing a comment
              I agree- like Victor but do not like Paul. Even though I do not like him, he has played a good game.

            • TTOTambz
              TTOTambz commented
              Editing a comment
              Yep Luanne, I'm with you. Victor has played the Janelle comp game and been overall a pretty decent guy. Paul has played the more deceitful game and has learned the game quickly. Both are great players and in truth Paul is probably the more complete player HOWEVER while the 'c' word may or not bother you for me the fact he was 'PROUD.. he called Meech that' and bragged about it last night. That for me was a game changer. Paul is trying to get the viewers to feel sorry for him b/c of Meech turning on him (personal b/c she is the one who put him up) but at the same time wanting our applause for bragging about attacking her via personal slander and wearing her down emotional. I'm not a fan of this type of play and never have been. Sure he's brilliant at it. I just don't have to like it or agree with it.

              I've said for a long time I wish Victor had found someone to play with besides Paul. The problem tends to be a great social player more often that not is like the Pie's, Nicole's and James of the BB world. In terms of their F2's they are either too egotistical to work with another intelligent player (Pie picked Corey or James) too shallow and insecure to be open minded enough to work with a cross section of people/genders (Nicole) or not socially ept or quick enough to read people's bad sides once they commit (James). Rarely do we get to have all our needs met with an individual who can win comps when they need to, can manipulate without being rude or using personal attacks all while using strategy that makes others do the dirty work for them. In 18 seasons possibly the only players who did that well were Dr. Will, Danielle Reyes, Dan and Derrick. And some of those seasons while appealing to me were boring for most.

              As others have said this season we've had players who might have one component but not all key assets. Moreover the house is continually flip-flopping every week (like Survivor as also mentioned prior) which has given us drama, but simultaneously made it difficult to pick a horse in the race. Ultimately we've (or at least I) have been relegated to pulling for James or Victor because they've been the nicest in the house
              Last edited by TTOTambz; 08-26-2016, 01:38 PM.

          • #13
            Personally, I will be thrilled if Nicole makes this ridiculously stupid move lol. I don't know if Victor can slide his way into the F2 after that, but he'll certainly have earned the big win should he get to the end. Very impressive.


            • #14
              I don't get Nic very disappointed that she buys into Paul's spiel. But guess this dispels any rumors that she and James had a pre game deal.

              as for the ducks, they are on the win train now. I don't like either. Paul is a master manipulator with no loyalty to anyone but himself. Vic's strategy is to win comps, do what others tell him to do and to clean. This won't be my first time someone wins that I don't like and won't be my last.

              will continue sending positive waves to James.


              • #15
                Originally posted by TTOTambz
                I read on another site there won't be another DE b/c the numbers now take them to their end show date with the returnee back. Is that true? Nono you probably know the answer to that.
                Morning, everyone. BUT FIRST, let me deliver a BB Public Service Announcement: James, you silly rabbit, you never give away an HoH this late in the game....ESPECIALLY when you're known for making deals to win the wall and then immediately breaking them. What was he thinking?????????

                Now to TTOTambz ' question. I'm actually confused and don't know the answer. A normal year starts with 16 HGs and has a returning juror and two Double Evictions, leaving them with a F3.
                This year they started with only 15 since Glenn was gone immediately, but they brought two jurors back so that should have made up the difference. Yet something does feel off in The Force. I'm going to get another cup of coffee and work some numbers. If anyone has the answer to this, post it in case my brain is gone.


                • TTOTambz
                  TTOTambz commented
                  Editing a comment
                  I was hoping you would jump on this given you are the master of figuring out the dates. I Iooked up the finale and found it to be ending on September 21st. That leaves 3 Thursdays (Sept 1st,8th and 15th) to take out 3 hamsters. Then they usually have the early eviction to a hamster i.e. on the Sunday which would be the F4 evict leaving 3 in the house. So.... my thinking was they would have to abandon their usual early F4 eviction if they wanted to do another DE. In that scenario they could take out F7 this week then do a DE on the 8th and F4 on the 15th but that would leave the F3 in the house for almost a full week. I guess they could go that route.

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