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Live Feed Discussion-Sept 3

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  • Live Feed Discussion-Sept 3

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    Morning all. Veto competition today.


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      Good Morning Everyone

      Just want to say first, that I have enjoyed "lurking" here for a while now and reading everyone's thoughts on the HG's. Thank you all for the wonderful insight you all have. To quote Natalie: "I am soooo sad" that Nicole and Corey are basking in all their glory as to how "smart" they are. I tried watching the Live Feeds several times this past week - it has been very hard to listen to the Final 4 (good lawd on that alliance name!) patting themselves on the back and trashing Nat & James. There is absolutely no need to do that to 2 people who have not been nasty to any of them. In fact, Nat & James have taken the Humble High Road and have been very pleasant and upbeat around all 4 of them since Michelle was evicted. Speaking of Michelle, she was one messed up girl with a ton of personal baggage as far as family problems and extremely emotional self loathing problems that she literally brought into the house with her from day 1. I wish her well and hope that she at least learned something not only about her own opinion of herself, but also life in general. Unfortunately, I highly doubt her experience in the BB house is going to do her much good. She has a long road ahead of herself to maturity. Meech checked out for the last time when the jury members came back in to compete and she heard how nice it is in the jury house - anything you want is brought in to you and there is nothing but fun and relaxing all day long living in a mansion. That did it for her: As a self-described super fan, she decided she wanted to experience that instead of fighting hard to win a half million with a group of HG's that she normally would never be friends with in real life (with, possibly, the exception a Natalie).

      James and Natalie ~ I still like James, but won't necessarily vote for him this time around as AFP. I need to really give it a lot of thought. I am disappointed in his game-play once again. His pranks are really not all that good as far as pranks go. Just saying. But, I DO really like him and his personality, and I believe he is fully invested in Natalie and hoping to have a long-term relationship with her outside of the house. Bless his sweet heart for that. Natalie, on the other hand, still has a long way to go maturity wise. She needs to learn that money is NOT the key to happiness in life and wasting all of her hard earned money just trying to keep up with the Jone's is a waste of time and money. Who cares if you are wearing Prada like your friends! Wait until you are married and have children - motherhood will hopefully teach her that there are so many other important things in life.

      Nicole and Corey ~ Good grief! Corey will be saying goodbye to her not all that long after they are out of the house and he has a lot of girl (or guy - just sayin') fans out there hanging on him whenever he goes out to a club to party it up (cuz he WILL be out partying) and that will be the end of Nicorey. I do not care for Nicole at all. Never did. There is a certain amount of fakeness about her - it is hard for me to descibe it in words.

      Paul & Victor: All I can say is that I hope they are the F-2. I sincerely hope that Victor wins the half million. Those 2 have fought their way since day 1 and in my opinion, deserve to be in the F-2. I hate the arrogance that comes out of Paul's mouth every. single. day, but, you know what? He makes for an interesting HG to watch all summer. At least he is not boring. But don't get me wrong - I think he is a big mouth self-centered idiot who has a lot to learn yet in life. He is also completely stuck with that God-awful beard because if he shaves it after the show ends, no one will recognize him! lol I could say a whole lot more, but why bother.

      Hope everyone here at BBU has a wonderful holiday weekend! I really mean that. You are all such good-hearted people!


      • TTOTambz
        TTOTambz commented
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        I agree with much of what you said Freebyrd. I'm also a big James fan which mostly is based on him being the most likeable and least offensive. I have a hard time recalling him saying one personal thing about someone (though he may have) As per my post on the next page I would have liked it if Vic and James could have worked together from season start it just never worked out that way.

        As for Nicole I really liked her in BB16 and it's funny how much I'm on the opposing end this season. It does honestly seem like she doesn't like women and I'm appalled by how rude she is being to Nat & James. As much as we've said Jamalie erred last week lying in bed her refusal to even acknowledge Nat or explain to James why she turned on him this late in the game I believe will cost her & Corey moving forward. She even had the courtesy to explain to Meech/Zak why she voted out Da'Vonne and kept them in the dark but hasn't given James the same courtesy. She's in for a shock b/c regardless if James wins POV I suspect even if they vote out Nat he will stand up & say NO I'm leaving so Nat can stay, which will foil all Nic's plans to use James to take out Victor next week.

        Her decision to treat Jamalie like they were never aligned IMO is going to end up costing her a F2 chair and will definitely cost her the money regardless of who she sat by should she get there (even Corey though I doubt that will ever happen). Many have said it was great game play by Nic to straddle the two pairs which it could have been BUT how she dealt with it pre and post eviction ended up causing more damage than she knows. All she had to do was keep James in the loop & explain why Meech had to go (personal threat with date comps looming) & be cordial post eviction. Instead the shunning has only served to drive an irreparable wedge between Jamalie and NiCorey that won't allow her to gain leverage on whoever stays. Regardless of who stays NiCorey are & will remain the primary targets. If voting the ducks will gain the advantage & neither will get their jury votes. As much as I dislike her this season I would have given her recognition for her move had she followed through with a minimum of game management. Instead all the work she did to straddle the 2 pairs was lost simply b/c she can't be bothered to be polite for a few minutes a day.
        Last edited by TTOTambz; 09-03-2016, 04:01 PM.

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      I'm hoping for a James or Natalie veto win so at least it's a little interesting. I really really want to see Nicole on the block. I'd like to hear that whining on the feeds.


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        Catching up with BBAD with riveting footage of James snoring and Nicole reading a cereal box. Almost a thrilling as viewing Victor and Corey play dominoes.

        So Nat thinks she should have a cooking show? She should be on Mythbusters with ways to blow up and burn down your kitchen by frying Jello or exploding sauces.

        This isn't James first rodeo, but he never learned from any of his other bronco rides? He tells Natalie he loves her and she replies, shut up. He blames Nic and Corey for flipping, But HE'S the one that announced that Natalie wanted Victor to stay, not Corey. Nic and Corey faces when he said that explains why they flipped. It's your own fault, James.

        Once again you tell the truth, when you should keep your mouth shut. Your inate honesty would normally be a good trait, but not in Big Brother. Your flub with Da'Vonne is a reason Paulie stopped trusting you with secret info.

        And neither them acknowledges that when Nicole won POV she did not put them on the Block. Now I understand that Meech was her ultimate target,, but she could have won some favor with Paul if she had taken him down and put Nat or James up. But she can now honestly say to them, I didn't put you on the Block when I had the chance and I didn't do it this time, Vic did.

        So instead of insuring their alliance last week, they kept away from Nic and Corey and allowed Vic and Paul to sweep in. Now one if them will be gone. It's their own fault for weak game play.

        But right now it's like all the HGs are playing to give Victor the win. They should just rename the HOH room the Victor Suite. But knowing the devious Paul, he will happily dump Vic and take a less beloved HG to the final. He has to know that's his only chance to win. Just wish the time between the evictions was more interesting. Right now requesting a viewing of paint drying.


        • breakingwave
          breakingwave commented
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          I am not a James orNatalie fan. Having raised my three college age grand kids as well as taught some in my local school district ,not a fan of kids who make all kinds of excuses as to why they didn't complete tasks or honor themselves with giving it their best shot. His methods of spending more time just trying to capture the benefits of the game such as a new girl friend, extra hours of sleep or just not having to buy your own groceries for the summer isn't my idea of BB. James demonstration of how each played at the egg game to me is a total description of James. He gave it a half hearted effort, and then to protect his ego worked at the end to get at least letter down, the easy O, just to show he was at least capable . That behavior drives me crazy as we have always taught ours as long as you give it your best and I feel James rarely gives it his best. Natalie just sort of threw the end of her game away too . In my opinion it's time for him to move on to the jury house so those that really want to play this game are able to do so without his interference.

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        I watched a bit of the nothings on the LF's yesterday. The harsh shunning of and rudeness towards James and Nat was hard to watch. Last night James and Nat were making their dinner, the Final Four rushed in and took over the kitchen, entitlement oozing. Rushing in does not begin to describe their decent, perhaps invasion is a better descriptor. The only words spoken to Nat was by Paul, asking her how long her pot would be on the stove. No one else spoke a word to her. Mercifully she was called to the DR. James tried to talk to them but to no avail. Both Vic and Corey were happy to eat the pasta Nat made.

        Nic and Corey seemed to spend the day attached to the ducks to prevent James and Nat talking with Vic. I also got to listen to Nic's paranoid whines to Corey about what she thinks James and Nat are telling the ducks about her. Yet there have been no talks other than James' talk after Vic's HOH room reveal. She and Corey continued to talk about their disdain of Nat and wanting Nat out. Nic continues to whine to anyone about Nat.

        James spent most of his time keeping Nat calm. There were some funny moments when they were fantasizing about Nat winning the next HOH, how she would make them think she was nominating the ducks, then put NiCorey up and her nom speech. They do think James will be voted out.

        So for me the big question is, Do NiCorey respect Vic's desire to get James out or to they blindside him by voting Nat out? Both think they can pull James back to them but little do they know that who ever stays will go to the ducks to help get one of the NiCoreys out.

        Okay now TTOTambz, Cute and others not Nic fans don't get upset with me for what I am about to write. There is a part of me that wants Nic in F2. Simply because I want to see her face when the jurors slam her during their voting and she loses by a big margin against who ever is standing with her. Otherwise she will leave thinking she would have won if she made it to F2.


        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
          Editing a comment
          Belle I commented in my post on the next page re Nic making F2. I personally don't want her near the money. Paul might take her over Vic, but I'm not 100% sure he would 'bone' him if those 2 were his choices. It would seem like a logical choice BUT would he have the balls to do it? I also can't see either Nic or Corey winning to get to make the choice unless they found a way to oust the ducks in successive weeks at F5 & F4. AND even then it would mean one of Jamalie gets to F3 with either Nat or James likely winning Part 1 endurance and prob having a better read on the hamsters for P3. Imagine if it ended up being Nat vs Nic for example. This would mean NiCorey shafted the ducks & prob lost their vote so Nat would have Bridg, Meech, James, Da'Vonne Paul & Victor with Corey, Pie & (maybe????) Zakiyah for Nicole. Sitting beside either duck would be a 8-1 vote with Corey being the lone vote for her and vs Corey it might be a sweep.

          Besides I think the crowd reaction (or lack thereof) coupled with how the jury treats her whenever she faces them be it prior to finale or in a chair will be scathing regardless.

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        Hi Freebyrd...I so agree with everything you said. I think the only person who I hope wins is Victor. Nicole is just not a person with any warmth or sincerity and Corey is like the lights are on but no one is home. Paul is vindictive and mean and arrogant and not a person with a whole lot of redeeming qualities. I like both James and Natalie but neither have had any game play compared to Vic or even Paul. It would be great if James or Nat win POV ! Maybe a little too late but would make the feeds more interesting.
        I'm so thankful for BBU .... I love reading everyone's take on the house and even when I disagree, I like the logic of everyone's reasons, either way.
        Hope it's a great Labor Day weekend for all of you.....if you're off Monday, have fun! My husband works it's a usual Monday for me. Wake up, check BBU, go pee, go make coffee, check BBU again.


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          belle1 The shunning is classic BB when people are on their way out, so not a surprise. And none of the four like Nat, so that adds to it. Nobody wants to get 'loser' stank on them. The nominee can either go full Audrey like Michelle did or full Paulie, fighting to the end. Either way, they just become a joke to those who remain.

          I put Nicole on the bottom of my list as a likely winner in final two. Paul has figured that out and even told Vic she's the perfect person to sit next to (which made Victor look a bit askance at him). The other five women do not like her, so she'll never get a win.

          But for me the only thing I'm waiting to see is when Vic and Paul finally go for each other. Paul knows he must take Vic out to win, but I'm sure he'll put the knife in Nic or Corey's hands.


          • BettyBoo
            BettyBoo commented
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            But, as we know that they must break up too since it comes down to only two. They only fun part now is which two climb above the dead bodies to the last two seats. My horse in the race is long gone, so really don't care who wins now. Just wanna see how they get there.

          • herms is here
            herms is here commented
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            If Nicole does end up getting to final 2, do you not think that the other women on the jury will put feelings aside and realize that Nicole played a good game. This, to me, is where there is a double standard. If a guy was doing what Nicole is doing he would get the win. I am having a hard time watching the final 4, but that happens every year. I guess that I am going to have to get used to watching the ducks and nicorey.

            I definitely do not feel that it is right how Paul is treating Nat and James. It is just wrong. While they are in the house, it is just as much their kitchen as it is Paul's. I to am glad that Nat was called to the DR. What do they want them to do, starve.

            Go James or Nat pull out a veto win. I don't care which one, just want Nicole to worry a little bit.

            Any idea of what the veto comp is going to be.

          • kokomogirl
            kokomogirl commented
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            herms is here, I don't think she will get Bridgette, Michelle, Da's, or Nat's vote unless she is sitting beside Corey who has pretty much ignored most of these women all season. If/when James and Nat get evicted, neither one will give a positive report to the jury members. Michelle is already filling them in on what happened this past week. It is only going to reinforce the belief that Nicole is a snake. If Nicole is sitting next to Corey, she may be able to sway the females that she played a better game than him. But I think they will also expect her to come clean about how shady she played her game before they can respectfully vote for her.

        • #9
          Phooey, watching BBAD and they didn't show the sauce volcano - Nic and Corey instead! But did see her throw in full basil leaves? Why not chiffonade them? Also I hate seeing a pot filled to the rim, since I hate having extra messes to clean up. But know they have to make due with tools they're given. (I'm a crockpot, microwave kind of chef-grin.)


          • belle1
            belle1 commented
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            Hey BettyBoo she also cooked garlic first a no no in the cooking world

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          I'm trying to get a photo up on my profile....using iPad...but can't get it to cooperate to move the square. Anyone know what I mean? Trying to get the square on the part of thenphoto I want to include but no luck.


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            This may be the worst season ever for me.......the meanness really bothers me.....not just one person but all of them.....except James.


            • grannychris
              grannychris commented
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              I also feel that meaness is uncalled for. I understand all the lying and backstabbing that is actually neccessary to get to the end. I also felt that a few have crossed the line to what I call bullying.

            • TTOTambz
              TTOTambz commented
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              Agreed. The shunning is typical of BB, but the overt desire to rub salt in the wound and the joy they are reveling in via the shun & personal attacks is just cruel. While many have pointed to Nat also making comments her's at least have tended to focus on facts about the game for the most part (she did fall into a bit of a nasty streak during her last few weeks with Meech much like Victor does when around Paul). But James never goes for the personal attack, Victor less frequently than the others and only Nat/James own up to ever doing or saying anything wrong.

              Again, I'll point to Nicole's rudeness to the females, but while she has her daily 'under cover' work it is Nat who was repeatedly called out for being inappropriate and laughed at by everyone via petty personal comments. IMO Nicole has been far more deserving of comment but since she's part of the 'cool kids' she can do no wrong. In BB16 Nicole was not like that (or at least I don't recall her being like that) but this season she has looked far more like Christine than even Christine looked in BB16! Paul is just that type of guy. Sometimes it can seem like he's just being sarcastic, but his need to be cruel when people are at their absolute lowest is what most find unappealing IMHO. Corey is just someone who seems to have come from a wealthy background and played sports all his life, so it's likely he has never felt what it's like to be an outsider. He's always been a part of the 'cool kids' club so he doesn't get it. Go back to early season & his burning goat story for an example of him having no clue what cruelty means.

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            Was just listening to the Victor and Paul self-congratulatory speeches to each other, basically saying why each should win. They're playing cat and mouse with each other. Meanwhile all the other dopes in the house wanna be their buddy and take out the other weaker players.

            Now James and Natalie are making their own grand plans that they won't follow through with. They're shocked that Nic and Corey were only looking out for themselves. Ah, it's a game for one person to win a half mil, not a team sport where all players get a ring. James you screwed the pooch when you let them know Nat's support of Vic over Corey.

            But tee hee in the end the only beneficiary of their showmance battle is the Ducks.

            OK, somebody put Disco Duck up on the record player while Paul and Vic do their victory dance!


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              If Paul wins I will be very sick! He is a foul/loud monthed women abuser! Victor needs to wake up and kick his bottom to the gutter were his mind and mouth live! His momma better sit him down for a big talk when he gets home, and throw his bottom out! If he has so much money, why is he still at home? Sorry JUST CAN'T STAND HIM ANY LONGER. Feeds are boring, too!


              • TTOTambz
                TTOTambz commented
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                Someone posted yesterday that Paul said he punched his dog in the face while training it. IS THAT TRUE.. did he really say that? If so I hope there is follow up post show for cruelty to animals b/c there is never any need to be physical like that toward an animal.

              • magoopy
                magoopy commented
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                I am so over his nasty mouth!!

            • #14
              Couldn't take any more of the Pity Party for Two or the Paranoid Party of One or the Dude Domino Hour. Watching silly This Means War with Tom Hardy in a rare role as a normal person. He usually disappears into a character. (FYI, 'Locke' is a tour de force performance as the only face seen on screen. Oscar worthy.)


              • #15
                I'm not nuts about Nicole's under the covers game play this year, but she's playing the game. There is one thing I like about her a lot, and that's that she said if she won, she'd buy her brother a tractor. I do like to see a winner that uses the money to get their life forward. I can just imagine how Corey would throw his money, and probably Victor, too. Party, party. Spoken like an old fart, yes, I know.


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