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Live Feed Discussion-September 11

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  • Live Feed Discussion-September 11

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    Morning All.

    Never Forget


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      Morning. Never. I remember every minute of that day.


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        Been up all night crying my eyes out over how my three sons stepped up and how I got back men but not boys....but.....I got them back


        • Luanne
          Luanne commented
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          I am so thankful for men like your three sons. They are true heroes. I know that must have been hard for you, I will never forget.

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        Corey gave us a flash of his abilities when he won the DE. He had a good triad with Paulie and Nicole, lost Paulie and picked up James as the third leg. Made what he viewed as temporary alliances to pick off James other triad of Nat and Michelle. Now he's picking off those who held the lead. Like a good marathon runner, he saved his kick for the end.

        I underestimated him as we all did and placed him and Nicole at the bottom of my likely to win list. We thought we was just a goofy Spongebob Squarepants, but he was a true sponge absorbing everything to use when need be. Who woulda thunk it? Guess only my boy Paulie since he teamed with him from the start. (Nicole is more bedazzled by his looks than his abilities.)

        But, the final four comps can flip the House again if Paul or James win. Corey understands he's particularly vulnerable to a Paul victory.

        Nicole and Paul are both so annoying, that though I can accept a win for them, I wouldn't rejoice. Right now James is playing at best for second place, lying back when it's important to win, so I'd now be amazed to see him win. So I'm shockingly on the Corey train, a ride I never expected to take on this bumpy journey.

        Oh well, as Scarlett always says, 'Tomorrow's another day'!!


        • Luanne
          Luanne commented
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          He has really stepped up. We have to remember until the teams ended, Frank's controlled all the comps. I remember him right before the DE nominations asking the guys, are we doing this, He looked at each one, then went out and made his nominations, I think he will take James to the F2, if it is his choice.

        • GoodDoesntAlwaysWin
          GoodDoesntAlwaysWin commented
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          I've been saying all along that both Corey and Nicole have been underestimated all season. I know many of us get bored watching them cuddle, but they were both wise enough to not get caught up in all the drama, yelling, and fighting that gets most of the big personality houseguests evicted early. Corey, imo, is very friendly and personable and even charming. I haven't really seen any houseguest hate on him. His relationships with most of the houseguests has carried him to where he is now (funny, too, it's almost Derrick-like). He has now won competitions at key moments, as has Nicole. No one can say they've floated to the end. I truly think both will make the F2 and a 5-4 vote will determine the winner. Poetic, considering 3 couples made the final 6.

          I've been rooting for Corey or Nicole to win since like week 3. BRING IT HOME guys...!!!
          Last edited by GoodDoesntAlwaysWin; 09-11-2016, 02:03 PM.

        • cutencuddly
          cutencuddly commented
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          Nicole wasn't wise enough not to get caught up in the drama. She was very caught up in it with her careless plotting and transparent lies about her plotting. She just somehow dodged consequence, partly because of the shameless way that she helped get the women out as she earned her reputation for being a snake. And because the rest of the cast were crazy.

          Yes, maybe Nicole avoided getting caught up in the yelling but that was because after her lies were outed she'd go into her "I don't know what they are talking about -- why are they bringing my name into this -- I don't understaaaand" act. And the boys were all in love with her and let her off the hook as they hustled the women off to jury.

          Ick. I still blame her, Bridgette and Zak for how they betrayed Girl Power.

      • #6
        Raineyc, I don't know if Paul is still blaming James for anything. I trust that if Paul wins the next PoV, he'll get out either Nicole or Corey. The problem is getting Paul into that PoV position. Corey and Nicole have seriously upped their game with regard to comps. And these next ones are mental so it's harder to see James in the PoV spot.

        Sooooo ...

        Hope James surprises me and pulls this out. James for HoH. Paul for PoV.


        • sofieckcs
          sofieckcs commented
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          Friday night after the nominations, Paul and Victor were in the Safari room talking. Vic said he would take James to the final two, Paul said he would take Nicole. Last night about 3:30 AM, Paul, Victor, and James were talking. Vic said Nicorey needed to be broken up. Paul didn't agree or disagree so I'm not sure what his thoughts are.

      • #7
        Wonder if Paulie is feeling the burn. They are ragging on his last week once again and his desperate efforts to stay. Yes, he was obnoxious, but at least he didn't immediately lay down and die like Michelle or Natalie.

        But I am enjoying the Ducks gallows humor. They are a hoot campaigning against each other in from of each other (tongue in cheek). Who woulda thought we'd grow to enjoy those two when they were rather hateful those first couple weeks. But they can be so funny.


        • Freebyrd
          Freebyrd commented
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          I know! I agree!

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        Is anyone able to post the link for AFP? Like I said before, every time I go to CBS all I find is videos and I can't do anything without All Access. Real nice CBS. I have to pay for cable and now CBS wants more to access their Web page stuff.
        I'm cranky. I fell AGAIN and ripped my rotator cuff AGAIN. Same time last year and it takes a year to heal just enough to be slight useful. I cried and got yelled at for carrying my phone around. I was hiding in the laundry room reading BB updates.


        • Luanne
          Luanne commented
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          JeanK, so sorry - it takes awhile to heal a rotator cuff, You have got to stop hiding your addiction. Take care of yourself.

          I do not think the voting for AFP has opened yet.

        • Freebyrd
          Freebyrd commented
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          Oh no, Jean, so sorry to hear that - I can imagine that it must be painful too. Hope you heal much quicker this time around. Feel better.

      • #9
        I agree that Corey and Nicole have to be broken up. If James can somehow , surprise us and win this before and after comp, he should definitely think about breaking up Nicorey. I am really routing for James to pull out a win.. Victor is getting on my nervous with all the talk about maybe there will be a twist coming their way. Hey, two twists already saved him.


        • beckyd30
          beckyd30 commented
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          Nicole needs to be the one who walks out, Corey has finally shown he knows how to play.

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        Originally posted by pburnsie View Post
        12:55 - Somehow all 5 HGs are participating in the making of mashed potatoes. LOL
        And not one can explain the process to Paul who is trying to mash raw potatoes. It's so funny had an aunt who could make fancy stuffed cheesy potatoes on the half shell but simple mashed potatoes were beyond her. Had a friend who used a blender to mash - potato soup.

        I now do easy peazy mashed. Nuke potato, let cool slightly and skin peels off. Put potato pieces in small bowl, add dash milk and butter and nuke just till butter melts. Then just use fork to mash down. Also add things like shredded cheese, steamed broccoli, dried onion or garlic, etc. to your own taste. We love it since each can have potato the way we want it.

        Meanwhile they are concerned about their health and cutting boards, while everyone is sneezing and rubbing noses while they cook.
        Last edited by BettyBoo; 09-11-2016, 03:24 PM.


        • Freebyrd
          Freebyrd commented
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          lmao! My mashed potatoes are made with half-n-half cream, LOTS of butter, salt & a little fresh ground pepper. I use an electric hand mixer - the trick is not to use too much cream though, or it will be soupy. In all honesty, to me, Pauls mashed potatoes look gross. Yuck! lol

        • beckyd30
          beckyd30 commented
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          My mashed potatoes are easy too - put water, milk, butter {lots}, salt and pepper in bowl - nuke til butter is melted - add mashed potato flakes, and when it's fluffy add tons of shredded cheese. (total time - usually around 5 minutes)

        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          I like to use large Idaho's and they usually take between 8 and 9 min to nuke (scrub and pierce with paring knife first). Take the same amount time to cool or until you can hold and peel it without going ouch on your fingers. They can be split up after mixing for either two or covered for next day to just heat up. Sgt B likes to toss in bacon bits. Mexi shredded cheese is real good too. I've mixed in leftover chip dip or sour cream too.

          I've also nuked red skins, then cut up when they cool a bit to do fast home fries. Or add some parmesan at the end of the browning for a yummy coating. Also like to toss in rosemary sometimes when browning. (FYI, Nicole sent Paul in to get some red skins and the poor sap had no clue what they looked like - ah, they have RED SKINS they explained to Paul.)

          Also if doing normal mashed - mix half Idaho's with half red skins. You get a nice blend of the starchier Idaho with the creamier red skins. Most delish.

          Can you guess I'm a potato freak (my Irish heritage???).
          Last edited by BettyBoo; 09-11-2016, 08:05 PM.

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        JeanK- It looks like the voting for America's Favorite Player is not up yet.
        Last edited by sdkgeo; 09-11-2016, 03:35 PM. Reason: Sorry, that not is very important


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          Quite a move, getting interesting.


          • belle1
            belle1 commented
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            Tell more.....

        • #13
          What's makes me laugh these people don't realize when they show their true colors it just makes them look stupid. I remember inSeason 14 people were so outraged with their meanness that they gave AFP to the gal they were so mean to. Keep going down Vic. And Paul.


          • #14
            BB does things to these hamsters, I am watching Nicole with some interest now. Her decision to not change the nominations surprised me. I thought she had talked herself into a final two with Victor, thinking she might have a chance of getting more votes. Now Victor will be angry even if he doesn't leave.


            • OhThisHouse
              OhThisHouse commented
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              Too many reports of final 2 with James. Deal cut before the start of season.

          • #15

            MY WEEKLY DARWIN AWARDS (Posted before next evictions. Well this is the last time to do this and the feeds will be going down. So while we're bored, I'll post this today and again tomorrow, returning when the 'Fall Classic' starts. )

            The Beetlejuice award: Victor, They said your name too many times and you kept coming back. This time doesn't look like we'll see you again until 9/21. You knew the 10th win was important, you just didn't seem to know that NOT getting it would lead to you getting permanently evicted.

            The Beelzebub award: Paul, you are the devil of the House, constantly stirring the pot (and not just at the stove). Let's see if you can change your expected fate at the Final Four comps.

            The Barbarella award: Nicole, you are now finally the siren of the House, alone with all those studs (and James-grin). Just whirl your curls around and get ready to 'cuddle' while floating in space (actually hanging from wires).

            The Beetle Bailey award: James, like the comic book character, you slept your way through this tour of duty. You made some moves mid-way and then went right back into la-la land. Now you're just playing for second place at best since Vic will probably get the AVP this year.

            The Feitlebaum award: Corey, couldn't help myself.

            I know that most of you are scratching your head at this one, but it just started playing over and over in my head. Spike Jones does a routine to the William Tell Overture, where Doodles Weaver calls an imaginary horse race. You can listen to it on You Tube - the music and reading will be much funnier, believe me. But, here's the 'lyrics':

            It's a beautiful day for the race.
            Stu Chan is the favourite today,

            Assault is in there,
            Dog Bisquit is three to one,
            Safety Pin has been scratched,
            and at twenty to one: Feitlebaum.
            Now the horses are approaching the starting gate,
            and eh,

            And it's Stu Chan going to the front,
            Cabbage is second on the rail,
            Beautiful Linda is third by a length,
            and Feitlebaum.
            Around the first turn
            Stu Chan is still in front,
            Cabbage is second by a head (Cabbage by a head!),
            Beautiful Linda is third and Feitlebaum.
            Into the back stretch,

            Dog Bisquit is now leading the pack,
            Lady Avalon is second, very close.
            Banana is coming up through the bunch
            (Banana coming up through the bunch!)
            and Feitlebaum.
            At the half Stu Chan still out in the front,
            Apartment House is second with plenty of room,
            Assault is passing Battery (Assault and Battery!),
            Notary Sojack is fourth,
            and in last place by ten lengths I believe it is, yes,
            it is Feitlebaum.
            Around the turn,
            heading for home,
            it's Stu Chan and Dog Bisquit and Girdle in the stretch.

            Flying Sylvester is third and Mother-In-Law nagging in the rear
            (Oh! Oh! Oh!).
            And now they come down to the wire,
            and it's number one and now number two
            and it's very close,
            it'll either be a photo finish or an oil painting,
            and now Louis speaks with the left,
            and Louis is in there,
            and it's a battle,
            and now they are tearing hair,
            there's hair all over the ring,
            there's hair all over the place,
            I don't know whose hair it is.
            It' mine!

            And the winner is ... (sotto voce) Feitlebaum!

            And the Darwin Award of Special Merit goes to:

            Once again CBS for the total crash of All-Access the other night. ARGH. You want to attract viewers, but you can't keep the system up and running!! And no apology from CBS about it??? Its bad enough we have to look at fish or Jeff every couple minutes and every other restriction like the one we're going to see for 48 hours this week. Somebody needs to wise up at CBS, if you want this venture to succeed. There's a reason people love Netflix - quality and quantity. So far, CBS has neither.
            Last edited by BettyBoo; 09-11-2016, 05:53 PM.


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