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Live Feed Discussion-September 12 & 13

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  • Live Feed Discussion-September 12 & 13

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  • #2
    Morning all. Expect the feeds to go off later today and then not come back until after the eviction show on the West coast tomorrow night. They will be taping the Tuesday eviction show awith the next HoH comp and want to preserve the surprise.


    • #3
      With the Victor boot today for the vast majority of BB fans so goes any hope for anyone to root for and any reason to continue to pay attention to this season. As evidence just look how dead these boards have been the last two days. TPTB should talk to casting on Amazing Race and get Victor hooked up on a season there. IT would be a hoot if he did the race with Natalie!! Would they bicker the whole time or would they see the positives in each other to become a force on the Amazing Race.

      But as far as this season goes, I'm OFFICIALLY out. I don't care who wins, how they win etc.. and NO I will not waste my time on a 100% internet version of Big Brother.


      • ManaDee
        ManaDee commented
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        I think the board are dead for the same reason they usually are this time of year. Not a lot to do, not much schemeing or game talk that hasn't been said before from the HGs.

        I'm still rooting for Paul because I think he played the best (most) the longest.

        I'm wondering if they will give the HGs the new clue for the phone booth while the cameras are down? That would stink because it would at least give us some entertainment on the feeds.

    • #4
      I see the Feeds are super entertaining lol

      So Victor is finally leaving?


      • Lynette
        Lynette commented
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        Yes. Vic and Nicole talked about it last night a little before 11:00. Vic is okay with it. Then she told Corey that they are now Paul's targets.

      • Delvoire
        Delvoire commented
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        Thanks Lynette I figured, he was the logical choice between the two. Whichever one stays I think has a great chance to turn things on the next HOH. The final 4 will be interesting just to see if they finally get rid of Corey or Nicole.

    • #5
      Hickory Dickory Dock
      Nicory put the Ducks on the Block
      If Victor Goes , Just End the Show
      Hickory Dickory Dock 😡

      I swear I 'm not losing it , Just BORED


      • #6
        Feeds are down with Jeff and Derrick. Don't know if this is the official shut down as there is not announcement on the feeds as such which I would expect. May just be their morning wake up call to get this day started.

        I would like to see Vic and Paul do TAR together. I think they would be a hoot on the show but they would both need to tame their language, especially Paul. Otherwise, there wouldn't be much footage of them that could be broadcast unless everything was bleeped out.

        This is always the boring time of the season when there really isn't anything to entertain us on the feeds other than the comps and ceremonies and what more can be said about those remaining that hasn't already been said.


        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          Paul has mentioned that he periodically just takes off for a couple weeks to travel, usually to Europe, and Vic' s Spanish would be an advantage, so my guess is they could do well. Downside beside Paul's mouth would be his shorter legs when you need to race to Phil. But love their banter so they would be fun to watch.
          Last edited by BettyBoo; 09-12-2016, 12:17 PM. Reason: trying to type when you're doing something else and evil spellchecker takes over

        • AmyBeth
          AmyBeth commented
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          I'd love to see Vic and Caleb on Survivor together. And I'd like them to be put in a position where they could work together. Would be fun to watch. Maybe even a season of Survivor with BB vets versus TAR vets. I would watch that!

      • #7
        Last night display of Vic and primarily Pauls screaming and yelling convinced me that I would want anyone other thanPaul to win the money. He intends to bully his way all way to the end with screaming and insulting people as his main weapon and that possibility of bullying to win literally makes me sick. Nicole and Corey have tried to play the way BB calls for and lying cheating loud mouth Paul has slid his way on Vic's back which is his only claim to fame. He clearly has stated he doesn't even have the need that any of the .3 do and his game play has been awful.


        • ManaDee
          ManaDee commented
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          While I understand Paul's personality turns some people off I don't understand the "lying cheating" comment?? I mean, they've all lied, so that's always kind of moot for me personally with BB, but how has he cheated??

          I also think the "need" thing is kind of moot too, this is game and a competition, not a charity, IMO. How much you need the money shouldn't really factor in.

        • birdiefriend
          birdiefriend commented
          Editing a comment
          I think someone told Paul about 'Evil Dick' and at times he tries to play that role - it really doesn't come off well. I wish BB would put something in their manual like: On BB no one is your friend, everyone will lie to you, all will try to manipulate you - SO DEAL WITH IT !

        • cutencuddly
          cutencuddly commented
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          Paul went from a very bad spot to running the house via a shadow government. I think he did great. I kept thinking he would be outed, but few seemed to notice or care what he was into. James did. But mostly he has gotten away with quite a lot for being so loud about what he was doing. I'm impressed. Nicole is a lying, cheating whiny mouth. Don't see how she's better than Paul. They're both repugnant in their own ways. And both playing the game as hard as they can. Now Paul just has to break up Nicole and Corey and if he does then he as as good a shot at winning as the remaining one does, and he deserves it as much. Nicole is a vet. Paul had to figure all of this out along the way. He's doing much better on his first try than Nic did on her first try.

      • #8
        The board went idle a lot sooner in the last few years. I think no real alliances caused us to have to pay attention a lot longer this year. It's always dead here when the feeds get shut down. Victor will stay gone this time. I don't have a favorite to win from here. I believe there is a case to be made by all of them depending on the matchup.


        • #9
          The feeds always get a little tedious and boring around this time of year. Let's face it ... there isn't a lot of strategy that can happen at this point as it is so close to the end and the POV is really what matters. Wining the next HOH competition will secure their spot in the F3 and winning the POV will secure that person a spot in the F3. Other than that, it is just picking between the two people that are on the block. There isn't anywhere to hid any longer and it doesn't matter who have an alliance with at this point ... almost anyone can go home.

          Who do you think has the best shot of winning the F4 HOH competition? What about the POV? Will Paul or James be able to pull out a win?

          James has said he has thrown almost all the comps this year, so will he really try to win this one? He doesn't really NEED to win it, so I doubt it. Which means this HOH competition is going to be really between Nicole and Paul. Typically this competition is a question/answer competition. If I remember correctly, the past couple of years it has been the Before/After competition. I know that Nicole mentioned this to Corey and told him that he couldn't tell Victor/Paul about it because they hadn't really been studying that one too closely. Of course BB could always throw a wrench into things and have a different question/answer competition. Paul has been counting EVERYTHING in the house, so he has that information down pat. They have all been studying days but that is usually the next POV competition.

          If it is Before/After, Nicole might have the upper hand as she has been studying that information. She has also got a good handle on the days. I don't think she has counted things in the house, so that would be her downfall in this competition. But would they really decide the next HOH based on the number of airplanes in the house?

          Whatever the upcoming HOH competition is, it doesn't have a lot of setup involved as they had access to the backyard until this morning.


          • cutencuddly
            cutencuddly commented
            Editing a comment
            James does need to win the next HOH. Or rather, he needs Paul not to win it. If Paul wins HOH then James or Paul has to win POV, or James is a goner.

        • #10
          Well, since there is no gameplay to really talk about, I thought I would share some of my feeelings about the remaining F5 (soon to be F4)

          Victor: Third time is a charm and Vic will leave the game this week. I know a lot of people were pulling for him, and think he deserves it the most, but I disagree and think it makes sense for him to go this week. I personally, don't think Vic has played a good game. I mean, I like the way he has played, and conducted himself when HOH, on the block, evicted, etc. HOWEVER, I am of the old school notion where if your gameplay has got you evicted (and in Vics case, evicted TWICE) than you have not outplayed anyone. Two BB twists brought him back in the game, and if I were a juror, I would never vote for someone whose gameplay got them evicted over someone whose gameplay (and not twists) kept them safe. I definitely expect we will see Vic on BB again though.

          James: James has one of my favorite personalities in the house, because he's nice, he doesn't take himself or situations too seriously, he has mannors, etc. However, I think his gameplay has been less than impressive. His read on the house is usually terrible, and he usually doesn't make any kind of moves without basically being forced into it (like the combo of the CP/ girls did the week Zzz left). James is already guarenteed (as a vet) 25k for making jury. I would not personally want to reward poor gameplay by voting for James to win.
          Nicole: Nicole's gameplay is remarkedly better than James', even though they've played similarly. Nicole has had a better read on the house, had made more strategic alliances, pulled more wins when needed, etc. I'm not a fan of her gameplay this season at all (for my personal tastes) with all of the needless backstabbing and her complete (and totally obvious) denials when caught in her own messes. However, she has played to her strengths, and were she to win, I would not say she didn't deserve it.

          Corey: I (like most of us) have written off Corey most of the game as nothing more than a F3 goat. However, whether his intention or just luck, he has managed to pull together a game winning season. No one really dislikes him, he's managed to foster good relationships with most of the people who have left and are in jury. He's good at comps, from his convos with Nicole recently it's clear he is not quite as clueless about the game or strategy as he has appeared most of the season. For my personal tastes, I would rather he not win, but if he were to, I wouldn't say he didn't earn it either.

          Paul: Paul has shown the most growth of the season, as far as gameplay goes. He was clueless and did just about everything wrong his first two weeks. Paul was able (and lucky) to attach himself to Pie, which got himself out of a bad situation, was able to win VETO to take himself down in RK comp, and over the next few weeks, went from cluelessly sharing and making up info and causing chaos, to being more subtle and selective, being mindful of relationships/jury votes, and integrating himself into the house. He's been on the block 5 or 6 times, and I do believe he can play the "underdog" card in a F2 argument which will play truthful to the members of the jury. Personality wise, I know he can be crass and obnoxious, but I personally don't usually let that effect my decision. I also forgive Paul more because he is entertaining. His HG impersonations, the secret service thing, pablo, friendship will Paul, all kept me entertained this summer (and I'm a sucker for a good sport when it comes to this stuff, esp the costumes). So he is my personal favorite horse in this race. He also will now have the hardest time getting to F2, so if he makes it there, cinches it for me.

          I tried working out who I think would win in match ups but with this jury it's difficult. Zzz is a complete question mark. Will she vote however Pie votes now that they have resumed their bedroom activity? If Nicole makes F2 will the girls set aside personal to give the game to a female winner (over a male) for the first time ever? Who will still be bitter by the end? (it always surprises me who is and who isn't). So at least not knowing who will win makes the season still interesting to me.


          • OhThisHouse
            OhThisHouse commented
            Editing a comment
            Seems HG and some here, think Vic lucked out getting back in house twice. To get back in he beat 9 people to earn the right to reenter. 9 other folks had same chance handed to Vic, and none could beat him. He hid behind no one, and played a great social game. His down fall was his honesty and trust. Compared to most HG, he is a breathe of fresh air. I am not his mother or grandmother, just a fan, and will vote for him for AFP. He certainly earned in my opinion and voted last time for James, but I do not believe James had to worry as more and more am hearing about deal he and Nicole had an F2 from the get go. Wonder what she will do if James, Cory and the queen are F3 and she has to make a choice. Wondering minds want to know.

          • Ladycop
            Ladycop commented
            Editing a comment
            I wonder if Meech will ever get over her feelings about Nicole....she thought she was a snake while inside the house and I think Meech is young enough not to be able to let go of that feeling. I think if she did it would only be because Bridgette and Natalie got into her head.

          • herms is here
            herms is here commented
            Editing a comment
            Ladycop, I was wondering the same thing. To me Michelle seems to be the type that holds grudges. I don't believe that she would look passed her hatred for Nicole, to see that she has outplayed them. I am routing for either Paul or James to win.

        • #11
          The garlic, silver cross nor daylight got Victor, so they're going to use the wooden stake through his heart today. That boy had some serious voodoo and juju going on, till today.

          On BBAD watching the guys brag about their juvenile delinquent behavior and pranks. I don't get it, but I was pretty much a goody two shoes growing up.

          Paul just mentioned loving to visit real haunted houses. I have been in one in a small town in Michigan and it was not a pleasant experience. I was sent into an empty room which they wouldn't enter and told to stand still. Quickly felt an eerie icy cold go right through me. I'm not easily frightened, but I scurried out of that room fast. Not an experience I wish to repeat.


          • #12
            Poor Paulie had everything counted in the House by the 2nd week, rattling the numbers off to Corey who starred at him like Jersey Boy was speaking Klingon. Note there are over 400 airplanes if the question comes up. Paulie was prepared for everything but the Ides of March move. (He even said the James, You too Brutus. Then had to explain the analogy to James.)


            • Lynette
              Lynette commented
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              Vic and Paul also memorized all the airplane stuff, flight numbers, etc. Corey and Nicole slept through weather bulletins, and James throws everything. Vic should not have wasted his HoH on James and Nat. He wasn't going to put up Corey who just gave him $5,000. That ended up being smart of NiCorey to do.

          • #13
            So the inmates have their craft projects and they think it's a production plot? Ah, you BB virgins, if you'd watched the shows you would aware they do it each year.


            • #14
              I am hoping that those who go to taped "live" show tonight will post spoilers about who won the HOH competition. That will give us some indication of how things will shake out in the house come live eviction on Wednesday. I know that the POV winner controls who goes home but it would be nice to know WHO isn't on the chopping block!


              • #15
                And I think I like the double eviction better than the Fast Forward ... at least with the Double Eviction we get to see it all happen live and we don't lose the feeds. I know that the feeds aren't that interesting these days, but I don't like the feed blockages.

                However, that does mean that I can get more sleep tonight!


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