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Live Feed Discussion-September 14

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  • Live Feed Discussion-September 14

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    Morning all.

    So no pairs will go to the F3. At least Paul is smart enough for that.


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      Good Morning Geo & all BBUers,

      So I've been AWOL for the past few days as All In Sports Talk launched our App, website, facebook, YouTube and online radio station. Man the older I get the worse I get at learning new technology, but fortunately my first 2 shows are in the can so I can breathe again (for the moment anyway).

      As for BB..........

      Victor left in the early eviction and Paul pulled a rabbit out of his hat winning both F4 HOH & POV. Paul nominated NiCorey.

      Funny watching Nicole be soooooooooooooooo angry at James b/c he said it would be easier if they decide who should leave than putting him in that position. Now 2 weeks ago she had no problem turning on Jamalie or on the ducks last week. Suffice to say Nicole is the epitome of hypocrisy this season.

      Paul & Nicole made a F2 deal (again, hilarious as Nicole complained to Corey that James was probably making a deal for F2 with Paul). So, obviously Paul wants Corey out.

      That said the better move by James would be to vote out Nicole b/c there is no way either Paul or Corey take each other to F2.... but will he?

      The F4 & their animal alter egos:

      The Possum: Glad to see others have jumped on my possum analogy regarding Corey, but barring him telling Nicole you can't win the game & I can so unless you offer yourself for eviction we're done. It gives him the perfect break up line & last chance to stay. While Nicole has been pretending to play along with Corey the truth is she wants the money & is just saying these things in a desperate attempt to also save their relationship which will end tomorrow at approximately 8:30PM EST

      The Hyena: Although I had previously referred to Paul as a chameleon I've changed my mind and see him more clearly as the hyena. Just like the hyena has 2 vastly different sides, so too does Paul; the over the top sneering laughing animal and similar traits to the jackal who preys upon the weak.

      The Snake/Rat: Not difficult to point to Nicole as representing the vermin in the house this season. Sure they all lie and back stab, but the manner in which she did it was depending on how you look at it either brilliant or way below the belt. I'll take you back to her cozying up to Zakiyah to pry information from her only to make fun of her & out all Z's venting to Pie. She was the instigator to make F4 deals with each of Fridgette, Jamalie and the ducks and back stabbed each of them in turn. Like I said you either marvel at her game play or put her on a parallel to BB15 winner Andy.

      The Penguin: Yeah I had to search for his alter ego and vacillated between a puppy and a penguin but I ended up going with the latter for James. A penguin mates once and stays true to his partner. Further, James has waddled through the game appearing to be unable to keep up with the speedy animals around him. But just like the ever lovable penguin their intelligence and loyalty tends to be under estimated (watch the March of the Penguins to see what I mean).

      Other tidbits:
      • Apparently Paul really messed up his toe or foot in the POV
      • Corey was pissed about (& complained to production) something Paul did in POV that he felt gave him an advantage
      • Although Nicole made a F2 with Paul she has no intention on keeping it.... she will take James
      • Corey is trying desperately to get Nicole to say I'll tell James to keep you while she whines and complains.
      • Nicole is trying to figure out a way for Corey to leave without ending their relationship (news flash there IS NO RELATIONSHIP!)
      • The truth is Nicole wants to stay, force James to keep her while also finding a way to make James look responsible for all that ails NiCorey
      • Bottom line mucho tension between Corey & Nicole with her trying to make it seem like she wants to do what Corey wants & him trying to manipulate her into asking to be evicted.
      • Hopefully the DR gets in James ear to walk him through the situation to recognize keeping Corey is far better for his game as BOTH Paul & Corey would take him to F2.
      • Not sure if Paul has told James he'll take him to F2 (or just Nicole). It's extremely odd how much Paul hates James or if this is just part of his "sell" to Nicole. He's so good at lying it's hard to tell, but it does appear like he's selling this F2 so hard to Nicole that he may just be covering his tracks. Surely Paul has to know there will be a ton of votes for Nicole if he takes her over James b/c Corey will push Pie/Zak to vote for her & James will push Natalie meaning she would need just one more vote. So, either Paul wants 2 "cool kids" in the finals OR he's covering his ass suspecting Nicole has a better chance of winning than James. We'll know IMMEDIATELY what the case is if James is successful at winning Part 1 of HOH. If Paul goes to him right after to shore up a F2 then this was all just Paul assuming James would win nothing, so he was hedging his bets.
      • Nicole promised Paul she would NOT tell Corey about Paul making a F2 with her & that he wants Corey gone..... but of course she told him. The ONLY play Corey has left is to go to James & tell him Nicole/Paul made a F2 deal to get James to keep him. Is Corey capable of that? We'll see.

      Moving Forward:
      Expect HOH Part 1 endurance to be a "wall like" endurance comp for James to win. Let's hope James was throwing the F4 HOH comp b/c it doesn't bode well for him winning Part 3 if that is how bad his read is on the jury hamsters.

      As for HOH Part 2 it will be a real toss up between Nicole & Paul or Corey & Paul (should James change his mind on who to vote out). James smartest bet should he win Part 1 is to go to whoever wins Part 2 and make a pact to take each other. Further, if Paul should win Part 2 to tell him Nicole already confirmed he (James) is her F2 partner if she was making the decision. That might be enough for Paul to change his mind.

      What they'll do:

      His only chance to get to a F2 chair is via winning out i.e. taking Part 2 & Part 3. He says he'll take Nicole but I'm not sure he will. In this F2 scenario:

      Votes for Paul: Paulie, Natalie, Meech, Bridgette, Victor (Paul wins)
      Votes for Nicole: Corey, James, Da,
      Unknown: Zakiyah??? would she follow Pie's or Da's lead?

      Of the 3 she has the best shot at winning either Part 1 or Part 2 BUT... if it's a wall don't expect James to throw it this time. She'll take James without question to F2 should she decide. Since James will also take her over Paul (see votes below).

      As mentioned his best shot is to win Part 1 & tell Paul that Nicole has already confirmed she is taking him to F2 to try to change Paul's thinking. He'll also need to hope he fares better in Part 3 which he hasn't shown a propensity to do well in (hamster statements).

      Votes for Nicole: Corey, Pie, Zakiyah,
      Votes for James: Natalie, Meech, Bridgette, Da?
      Unknown: As much as Victor & Paul have said they despise James game if Nicole were the one making the choice & evicted Paul to take James would that be enough (another back stab by Nicole) to change their votes?

      Should Paul get to decide (and end up changing his mind to take James:
      Votes for Paul: Victor, Pie, Zakiyah,
      Votes for James: Natalie, Meech, Corey, Nicole, Da?
      Unknown: Both Nicole & Corey said Paul deserved to win BUT with James being a vet I could see them changing their minds especially if Paul blindsides Nic to take James instead (punishment vote). Also Da would be a wild card because she is a vet & is close to James. She would undoubtedly ask Paul if he knew she was the target (he lied about this) & James will then respond in kind he tried to work to keep her but Pie/Paulie wanted her out

      Should James throw everyone off by keeping Corey.... (unlikely but let's play it out) as the only way he makes F2 is if he or James win as both would take each other:
      Votes for Corey: Pie, Nicole, Zakiyah
      Votes for James: Natalie, Meech
      Unknown: this pairing offers the greatest unknowns. Bridgette, Victor, Paul all had a F4 deal with Corey which could have them lean the other way. And Da could lean towards a vet (James) or she may think Corey's strategy was more deserving. I know everyone thinks there is no way for James to win but should he keep Corey in the game we have to remember virtually the entire jury has not been privy to how he's played this past few weeks so will be able to rationalize he did nothing for huge portions of the game & credit his luck of being attached to Pie & Nicole.

      My best guess:
      • James will vote out Corey
      • James will win Part 1
      • Nicole will win Part 2
      • Regardless of who wins Part 3 they will take each other to F2
      • Jury vote will be 5-4 with a result of .... toss a coin people b/c I think James might beat Nicole as everyone voting for James will put their key in and simply say ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
      • Should Nicole stay & make F2 chair she has no idea what is coming her way from the jury, but it will be entertaining if nothing else

      Ultimately from F6 down many of us got what we wanted with one of each pair making it to F3 albeit not necessarily the person of the pair we wanted. Moreover, if I look back to the point in the game where Frank & Da left the game and we all thought Pie was going to steam roll & make it an unbearably boring season it has been anything but. When was the last time a season had as many back stabs, players who came out of left field, surprising shifts or left so much uncertainty over who would win the ultimate prize?

      We may not have liked many of the hamsters, we may not have had a true favorite to get on board to cheer for, but BB definitely delivered on the drama. Although James likely has the worst resume if he were to win Parts 1 & 3 his argument becomes stronger, and while many probably don't want him to win I would be happy for him. Regardless of how you feel about Nicole or Paul's cruel side both have played the game and have equally compelling arguments for F2.

      That said, I'm still going to wish for Corey to back stab Nicole by telling James about Paul/Nic's F2 leading to him saving Corey (just b/c I'd love to see her face ... but yeah I know that has about a 0.0000000000001% chance of happening. And b/c I like him more than Nic/Paul I'll also hope James wins Part 1 endurance & pulls a horse shoe out his butt to win Part 3.

      Have a great day all.

      Last edited by TTOTambz; 09-14-2016, 06:06 AM.


      • Livzee
        Livzee commented
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        TouchΓ©'... You are always a read I like to see. Who would have thought James would have a real chance? I hoped but was sure it couldn't happen. At last these boring people finally got interesting! Hope you'll be around for fall,bb whatever.

      • ophelia__
        ophelia__ commented
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        Congrats, TTOTambz, on the launch.

      • TTOTambz
        TTOTambz commented
        Editing a comment
        Thanks Ophelia... been a hectic couple of weeks & I'm wiped out. I'm proving that old saying 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks' wrong (but it's come with ample scars along the way LOL). I really get panicked when I have to use a new technology & it's time sensitive & inevitably Murphy's Law kicks in. The owner of the site told me just to be confident & it was all in my head, then on Monday's launch ....cut to everything going wrong that no one could reasonably explain & the owner saying 'you know Tamb, maybe you have a point'. At least I got through the tough part with my first radio show up & today's program recorded & in cue to play tonight

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      Good Morning to everyone. I'm happy that my Duck has gotten this far. I'm afraid though that he's going to have yet another knife to dig out of his back if he doesn't win the final HoH. I say no way Nicole will honor a deal to take him over James, they showed her thoughts on Paul getting to the F2 last night. She knows he's smart, will make a good speech, and has friends in jury. James will take Nicole, his loyalty will guarantee that. And the theory surrounding James and Nicole's preseason deal is starting to look more and more like a real thing. I don't mind the vets playing, but I prefer them as an all-star show where every one of them has had the experience. I'd love to see a season of 1st/2nd evictees playing-just to see if they had any game skills. But this time, for some reason, I'm kinda irked that these vets will be there at the end. I liked both of them on their seasons. This time around, not so much.

      The Duck will have to duke it out with 2 proven endurance players, hoping he makes it!. GO PAUL!!!! Vic for AP!!!


      • Luanne
        Luanne commented
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        I am not a fan of returning players unless it is all returning players. I think they have an advantage. I think Victor will win AFP.

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      Every time I think James game play can't get worse ,he does. His reaction to both Paul and Corey.Nicole was pathetic! He is no Derrick orBig Brother player. Not sure how this next part isgonna go,Don't believe James is that ill equipped to just take Paul direction of who he should vote out. He is no AFP for sure. Both James and Natalie have dumped on that so much I will not let either of them tell me how to vote. I have dis belief in who will honor who at this point so I think it's a wait and see.


      • #6
        Good Morning to Everyone
        This is actually my favorite point in the BB game! I am loving it, too. This is the point in the game when I have to give myself a pep talk to not hold any grudges against the HG's, because no matter what they said (for the sake of their game) , or what they have done, it's all good. Like James stated the other day: He said that if you haven't backstabbed anyone in this game, then you aren't playing Big Brother (or something to that tune) true! Paul would be an idiot (IMO) to take Nic to the F-2. Nic would be an idiot to take Paul as well. It would be in both their best interest to take James. Especially for the sake of James and Nic to each make a pact to take each other. I believe that Paul will win against James, hands down. I would not mind James winning if that's what ends up happeneing because I think James played a good game. James showed that he has the patience of a saint in this game. I do not believe that he floated at all. He knew when to open his mouth and when to keep quiet - he displayed an unbelievable amount of self-control all throughout this game. I believe that James always had HIS best interest in mind and always kept his eye on the prize at the end - even when playing with Natalie. If James wins, I will be happy for him. I am actually happy for all three that are left in this game. See how things change so quickly? lol Not too long ago, I stated that I did not want to see either Corey or Nic anywhere near the F-2 seats. I feel so much differently about that this morning because Nicole played her cards just as well - I could care less how many people she backstabbed - cuz that's Big Brother! Same goes for Paul. Paul played an unbelievable game - Paul played (IMO) and worked his way from day 1 to now harder than Nic or James. IMO, Paul's only downfall has been his arrogance. He has an awful lot of that for a 23 yr old. But this morning, I am willing to overlook all of it and root for him b/c he earned his spot in the F-3. Best of luck to all 3! If I have to pick the person I would like to see win, it would be Paul.


        • DisMom
          DisMom commented
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          Paul is definitely arrogant and I think it's because he is so young. I have a 21 year old son who Paul reminds me of. The young bucks think they know everything and they are invincible. I couldn't stand Paul at the beginning, but I started to see that the more he played the more he adapted. He has a right IMO to be a little ****y, he's come through some tight spots pretty cleanly. I also looked up some info on him outside of the house. I think he has a lot of ambition and talent to back that up. Not all of his clothing designs or music are exactly my taste, but I'm not of his generation either. I can see my son liking it though. Found a video of him singing with just a guitar, I was impressed. He will do well in life regardless of the BB outcome, but I do think he has played the best game.

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        Morning all,

        Nice wrap up TT. As noted, Paul beat the odds and saved James' game. I also agree with you, keeping Corey makes a lot more sense for James getting to a final 2 chair, but also makes it almost impossible for him to win. His only chance to make it to the end and win is against Nicole, and I don't think it is that good a chance.

        I disagree on your assessment of the vote count in a Nic/Paul match up. I think Nicole would get votes from James, Paulie, Z, Corey and DaVonne, based on the edit we saw from jury last week. In that group, only DaVonne was betrayed by Nic, and Da will consider the Vet status, lack of nominations against Nic, and that intangible of voting for the person who got you out.

        I am 95 percent sure Corey is going home tonight. Nic/James will take each other, Paul will take Nic (which as I said, will likely be a mistake), and the show will mercifully come to an end.

        My issue with the season was the almost random nature of the path the game took, and the game decisions made that tripped up each of the front runners. Truth be told, only Paul has had a coherent strategy, and maneuvered through a lot of difficulty to get to the end. I don't like all of his game tactics (spreading poison pills every week against his intended target), but it was effective. Being able to use Vic as a shield so deep in the game, though, was the luck of the twists, and Vic's comp skill, not from anything that worked inherently for Paul. Paul would have been unshielded after Vic's second eviction, and had it stuck, he would have been a prime target with Michelle.

        On to survivor.


        • augie33
          augie33 commented
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          I agree TTOT but do you think James will be able to express that in a speech? I fear his speaking skills aren't the best and he won't be able to argue these points. I also fear he wouldn't be able to think fast enough on his feet when he has to defend himself during the jury questioning

        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
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          That's the rub right. James tends to be slower of thought when he responds BUT... he does handle himself well when attacked so should he find himself sitting beside Nicole one would assume the jury would take some pretty deep cuts at her. If she gets flustered & James keeps his cool it could be the difference.

          We'll have to see if James can express himself in a manner that leads to convincing the jury. The truth is few votes tend to get swayed at that point as most people already have made up their minds which way they'll vote. Given Victor intended to go to jury & blow up James game it could hurt BUT if James wins Parts 1 & 3 he'll have the argument he won when he needed to & other than Pie stayed true to his early alliances of Pie, (who Vic/Paul also turned on) Corey, Nic & Nat

          AND if Nicole wins to evict Paul he can tell Vic/Paul as great as you were at comps where are you sitting? And who did you take out during your HOH's? Victor took out Zakiyah, Pie & Natalie while Paul took out Da & likely Corey, Nicole can claim to have taken out Jozea & Michelle whereas James took out Frank &, got Nat/Meech to put up the ducks to take out Vic. IF James is lucky enough to make the decision to take out Paul I'd say his resume is much stronger than either Nicole or Paul in terms of WHO he either directly evicted or convinced to be evicted (Zakiyah/Pie,Vic x 2) & who he avoided eviction against.

          Although Paul has had to fight much harder to remain in the game & used as Ken said poison seeds every week James has played a lower key, don't win, loyalty game. Just like James turned on Pie so too did Paul & he also turned on Da. The other factor is James NEVER committed to any finals except with Pie/Corey (til they discovered Pie was double, triple & quadruple dipping) and Corey/Nic with his ride or die Nat. Whereas Nic made several F4's (Fridgette, Jamalie, the ducks), F3's (Corey/Pie, Corey/James, & F2's .... too many to count).

          Honestly I don't see a scenario with James sits beside Paul. as the only way that happens is if Paul makes the decision and changes his option to take James. I know everyone seems to think Nic would also beat James handily but it really depends on who influences the jury & whether the last minute speeches can change anyone's vote.

        • BBhead
          BBhead commented
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          Big Brother very much hinges on perception. I don't think James has a prayer at the big bucks this season. James performed the execution of Z, but only once he got his orders from his faux-mance. His noms of Frank/Brig were because the "house" wanted it. He got Vic out because he happened to be the deciding vote, and he only got Corey out because Paul happened to win the veto and James let him decide. James did next to nothing on his own this season. I just realized that I haven't once even considered him as winning the final HOH because his comp performance this season has been horrendous. As far as votes if it's James/Nic, I think Nic gets Paulie, Z, Corey, Vic and Paul for sure, and very likely Day and Brig. Just my opinion of course. I really like him as person, but I just don't think he deserves to win this season.

      • #8
        And God open the sky and said... 🌀🌀 "I love you Lorraine!" πŸ’πŸ’
        It was my turn to get nice things, and I got it!! Granted I would have preferred Victor in the final 3 as it would have guaranteed James would make final two, but these odds aren't too bad.

        If Paul is really thinking of taking Nicole it will be a mistake. The girls in Jury are ready for a female to win, and with Corey there, he will be spewing the talking points Nicole's said she would like to give him and vice versa to help persuade the jury to vote their way. My feeling is that Da will also pull for Nicole in jury if up against Paul.

        Both Paul and Nicole have a good story against James, as James didn't win comps, and he wasn't behind any major evictions. Other then Victors when he was on the block with Corey and..... He came back. Both their resumes look amazing compared to his.

        Of course i'm still hoping that James can somehow take it all!! πŸ€—πŸ€—


        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
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          I know right, when we saw Paul win HOH I was like oh no now James has to count on Paul also winning POV (as we know Jamesy wasn't great on the dates, lol). So when I tuned into BBAD to find Paul had won i breathed a big sigh of relief and immediately thought of how happy you probably also were.

          I certainly didn't think a few weeks ago James would get to F3.

          As for Paul taking Nicole I'm not sure if he really means that or he thinks Nicole is more likely to win a comp so is trying to lock her down. Then again, at least from what I saw on BBAD he didn't make the same deal with James. BUT if James wins Part 1 watch how quickly Paul tries to shore up a F2 with him lol.

          As much as you & I would love to see Nicole walk out that door tonight the odds are against it and in truth the one person James can possibly beat is Nicole. Much will depend on the grudges held in jury towards the two. AND how well James can speak to his moves. First his decision to switch to take out Zakiyah truly was a huge move b/c it opened up the house to also target Pie given the immediate actions afterward. James can say he took out Frank, Zakiyah which instigated the move to take out PIe and then Victor (albeit he returned). If he positions himself as being behind those evictions 3 of 4 of those evictions were BIG players, so we'll hope he's thought through how to communicate it.

          We'll see but at least we have our boy still in the mix... HAPPINESS!

        • Raineyc
          Raineyc commented
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          I'm so ridiculously happy. Good points for a James win. Hopefully he will think of that. Paul did have talk with James saying they need to stick together to final two.

          Do you think James threw that comp?

        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
          Editing a comment
          Rainey, With Paul having won HOH I doubt James could chance throwing it BUT.... we all know he just doesn't retain information well. So it's more likely Paul & Corey beasted it (by the sounds of it). That said, I can honestly see James winning Part 1 & lucking into winning Part 3. With who he took out or influenced to take out he has a pretty good argument against Nicole as per my answer to Augie above IMHO.

          And quick question.... are you referring to Paul saying they needed to stick together PRIOR to HOH? Or did it occur after POV (like Paul's convo with Nic?). I think Paul is underestimating how easily James could win endurance & should that be the case I could see if Nic won Part 2 her throwing it to James knowing he'll take her so she doesn't get the blood on her hands. In fact if Part 3 is James vs Nic it might be an epic battle of who can throw this comp since Nic won't want to back stab Paul (but will if forced to) LOL
          Last edited by TTOTambz; 09-14-2016, 02:05 PM.

      • #9
        Now, let me vent and say, Paul was saying James did nothing all season so he is refusing to take him to final two, even calling James a piece of Sh--. However, neither did Nicole. She laid around with Corey all season and they both just begin doing something. I really wish James would vote her out. I don't like that girl.


        • #10
          Good morning- It helps when you do not have a clear favorite. I will be ok with any of the three remaining players. I think Nicole will win over Paul or James. There are 5 girls in the jury. All said at one time, they wanted a girl to win, If she just gets 4 girls, she still gets Corey's vote.

          I think James is a nice person but do not think that will win him the game. He has not been throwing the comps, he just can not win. I think Paul has worked hard to get to the final three. His mind has been on the game 100%. He was loyal only to Paul. He has been able to change when needed. Paul would lose if he picks Nicole.


          • #11
            Good Morning! Looks like Paul needs to win the final HoH or he will be going out third with no reward for his hard work. In my mind, he worked the hardest this season to get to the end and provided entertainment as the SS agent and sporting Pablo everywhere. Some of his antics/language/loudness and running between groups early in the season turned me off, but he worked for where he is now and deserves to be in F2. He will only get there if he wins final HoH.

            Anyone know when voting begins for AFP? Thinking maybe tonight after show airs.


            • TTOTambz
              TTOTambz commented
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              I'm thinking Julie announces it tonight as well Lynette

          • #12
            Interesting turn of predictable events.

            I followed BettyBoo's trip back to the beginning and paid close attention to Paul. Luanne, I said yesterday that Paul really did not like James. Watching the first feeds, Paul was already showing hatred towards James to the point of seething when James talked or entered a room. I suppose we will never know what happened between those two prior to feeds beginning. Paul in general showed contempt towards anyone 'not in his group'. I will say he managed to tamp down his visible anger as the game progressed. On the second day of feeds, he approached Paulie, threw Jozea under the bus and was talking about the 'PP' alliance. This exchange helped me understand why Paulie pulled Paul in after Vic left the first time.

            Now here we are at the F3 stage of the game. I am not at all surprised that Paul kept NiCorey on the block and kept James in the F3, good game move on his part. He does not see James as a threat to the F2 seat and for good reason. I have been most disappointed in James' play for the past two weeks. The conflicts with Nat and things he heard about her seems to have completely knocked him off his game. This hurts my soul because I have rooted for him the entire season. Giving up is a game sin for me. That said, I still want to see him win this thing strictly on a personal level. Ironic because James does not play personally. It is that I just don't like Nic in this game and don't like Paul on a gut level. My hope is that James fights for his spot in F2, providing me a game play reason for wanting him to win.

            I do believe that if either James or Nic have a choice for their F2 partners they will choose each other. Paul will take Nic because that will be his ultimate dismissal of James. If Nic and James in F2, Paul will vote for Nic even through she betrayed him. Vic on the other hand may surprise us because he said he would vote for James because he has a child and NiCorey would just use the money on themselves.


            • #13
              Not really a Paul fan but I think he deserves it the most at this point. He has been the most overt in his actions and should have been taken out earlier. Nicorey's mistake may have been ousting Vic given the Paul sweep of HOH and POV. Paul has won when he has had to, been able to deflect the target off of himself and has done an okay job with the jury. Only thing that could come back to haunt him is if Da finds out he knew about her eviction.


              • #14
                Just sitting here thinking......after tonight, I will never have to read the words 'Nicorey in bed' again.


                • #15
                  If it is a Paul/Nicole F2, I think that the votes are going to be very close. While Paul has more "friends' in the jury, I think that they may give it to Nicole in the end because she has had a bigger target on her back and still made it to the end without really ever being nominated at all. Yes, I know she was just nominated, but when you are down to those few people, there really aren't many options. She can honestly say that she avoided being nominated, even though most HG called her out on their way out the door, and she still made it to the F2. And while Paul was nominated a lot, he was never really the target any of the times that he was nominated, so does that really count?

                  If it is Paul/James F2, I think that Paul wins the game in a landslide. I think that the best chance for Paul to win this game is to be sitting next to James in the end, but I don't think that Paul sees this, which may be his biggest downfall in the game.

                  If it is a Nicole/James F2, I still think that Nicole will manage to win the game. It may not be as much of a landslide than it would be against Paul, but I think she is going to pull in most of the votes in the jury. Again, Nicole has been called out publicly by almost every evicted HG and still managed to stay in the house and NOT be nominated. Whether you like her or not, that is quite a feat in the Big Brother house.

                  I don't think that James has any hope of winning this game at this point, which is also what makes him an excellent F2 contender. I think the decision then comes down to who wins this final HOH. I don't know that James will be trying really hard. He thinks that Paul is going to take him to the F2 and he thinks that Nicole will take him to the F2. So, why does he need to win? And the only one he really has a shot at winning in the endurance competition during the first HOH round. And between Paul and Nicole, I am not sure who would win part 2 of the HOH competition. I think that they would both have a good shot at winning that one.

                  In all actuality, Paul and James' best shot at winning this game would be to evict Nicole tonight and keep Corey in the house. But both of them are very shortsighted in that regards. I wonder if that one decision will cost both of them the game?


                  • Walleye
                    Walleye commented
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                    Sad thing is I think James would be happy with second place. $25k veteran pay and another $50k for second place. I think that's what he is most interested in. I like James but he kinda is a right now kinda guy. I say this cause he was so focused on AFP.

                  • amj0715
                    amj0715 commented
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                    Walleye I don't know that James would get the $25k veteran pay PLUS the $50k for second place. I think that if James were to win second place, he would just leave with the 50k. I don't think they would get the other money in addition to the winning money. At least that is the way that I have understood the contracts in the past.

                    Just like if either James or Nicole won the whole game, they would not get the $500k plus the 25k for being a returning player.

                  • Walleye
                    Walleye commented
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                    amj0715 I guess it totally depends on the contract. I would think the $25k is like an appearance fee. Who knows. $50k isn't too bad for three months either way.

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