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Live Feed Discussion- September 16

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  • Live Feed Discussion- September 16

    Live Feed Discussion-September 15
    Yesterday, 06:19 AM

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      Time moves so slow in the Brother House that it's still Thursday? Oh well, SSDD. (Tee hee, while I was writing that, sneaky Kenny posts the new day.)

      I think it's pretty funny that not matter which two are talking, the third person is vilified. Frankly, I'd be surprised if Nicole and Paul take each other, but especially for Paul it could be a badge of honor not to take James. I really don't care if Nicole, James and Paulie colluded outside the House, since they can't control what happens once in the House - just ask Paulie.

      At this point I'm only curious to hear the final answers and speeches and the thinking of the Jury. Frankly I still think Baldwin should have won. Smartest guy in the house. Look how he got his flock to smash so many eggs - now that's an alliance!

      And where is Baldwin? We know Mr Jenkins and Pablo were evicted, but our favorite eagle has not been seen. FOWL PLAY?!!??

      PS: what happened to the morphimatic? Guess they're waiting on Paulies spawn to hatch?


      • #4
        Baldwin has been replaced by the PoP TV Night Owl. Last night an hour into BBAD, the HG's are in bed starting to sleep and James gets called to the SR and the HG's got make your own sushi. The late night owls were tired of them sleeping so voting began whether to give them pizza or sushi. They got a big stuffed owl too. Had to keep them awake for another two hours of PoP TV. When James told them to come to LR, and he was going to read a card to them, Nicole wanted to know why James was the one called. That girl is paranoid about everything.


        • Lynette
          Lynette commented
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          They named him Orwell.

        • cutencuddly
          cutencuddly commented
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          Paranoia is how Nicole got to where she is, while doing maximal damage to everyone I liked -- everyone she supposedly was aligned with ... *mutter mutter mutter*

      • #5
        Corey told Nicole that there would not be a circumstance where she should take Paul. Will she listen? I can't figure anybody out at this point.


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          I haven't seen much on feeds where James has talked to Nicole at all?


          • Border57
            Border57 commented
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            Seems like they spoke after Paul won HOH, but it was a very short conversation. And then at some point they had a conversation where James thought it might be a good idea if he threw the Part 2 HOH to her. I don't know when that took place. James does not do a long conversation with anyone when it's serious game.

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            I am not trusting James word here, his behaviors have been bizarre he is ****y at times, acting afraid at others, lay back at others , most of it I think is an act. He seems to be putting a lot of energy Pauls way, that would seem he is either very sure of Nicole or hedging his bets. He definitely focuses a lot on the AFP which campaigning for such is distasteful to me. I don't think he intends to throw the comp to Nicole ,I think he wants her to think he is. I aminNicole corner so I want her to win that comp.


            • #9
              Just caught up on updates from yesterday. James drives me crazy. His comments to the live feeders about how he wanted to show America you can win BB without winning many competitions... um HELLO. Dr Will proved this in season TWO. I just can't. Like, ugh. If you're not going to win any comps, you can't JUST be likable, unless you get to the end with someone the jury completely LOATHES (like Jordan and Jun did). You have to have real strategy, that you can point to, that you can claim. Not strategy that other people you aligned with (and are in the jury) can claim credit for that you went along with.

              Gah. I like James, but BB is not just popularity contest. It's a power struggle. You're at the end with Nicole and Paul. You should NOT just sit back and expect to be pulled to F2. It's just so lazy. I can't stand this kind of thinking.

              Also, is James really convinced he will have Corey's vote over Nicole? While I know it's a possibility, I'm certainly not confident of it, I find it odd that James is. He is also convinced he would have Da's vote over Nicole. Also interesting, as we know that Da is giving Nicole props for her game, and might prefer a female winner. Da has always struck me as a juror who wouldn't vote personal, would vote for the best player, so I'm not sure if James is banking on their friendship winning her vote, or if he thinks just because Nicole targeted her that Da would never vote for her.

              At this point, I really do want to see Paul/Nicole in the F2. While I dislike Nicole personally this summer, she has played a good game. Paul was maddening at times, but also played a good game. I'll be disappointed if one of them goes to jury while James goes to F2. Especially because James will get more votes just for being a good dude than he will for playing the best game. That's not how I like to see the votes go.


              • lyriele2
                lyriele2 commented
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                Completely agreed, ManaDee.

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              At the end of the day
              Showing their true colors
              Stop that
              Do not sing
              That's annoying
              You are not allowed to talk about production
              Please go the the Diary Room
              You are not allowed to discuss your diary sessions with other houseguests
              Houseguest's the lights must remain on
              Please raise the shades
              Please lower the shades
              Do not jump in the pool
              Have nots
              Slip and Slide/Teacup
              Picture Morph
              Dice Game
              The Wall
              Before and After
              Counting Game
              Battle of the Block
              BB Road Kill
              Who wants to see my HOH room
              Did you feed the fish today
              It's time for the HOH meeting
              I have chosen to nom
              On the block
              It's time for the Veto ceremony
              I chose NOT to use the Veto
              I chose to use the Veto
              Sorry, please take a seat
              Please cast your vote to evict
              I chose to evict
              Houseguests, the votes are in. When I announce the vote, the evicted houseguest has only a few moments to grab their belongings and say goodbye
              You have been evicted
              Houseguest's I need you all in the living room
              Hi, Julie, you look beautiful
              You do not need to sit down
              There's ants everywhere
              What is that
              What did he say
              What did she say
              What did they say
              We got liqueur!
              Is that all they gave us?
              Vic here's your House key back


              • cutencuddly
                cutencuddly commented
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                Never cared.

              • DisMom
                DisMom commented
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                I don't see "But First...."

              • Walleye
                Walleye commented
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                Well we could add 100%, but we would all be passed out in fifteen minutes.😈

            • #11
              Hi Everyone ~

              This is a crazy finale 3. Just crazy. All 3 have had their own strategies throughout the game - James was to lay low, win nothing, no blood on his hands (I shudder to type those words, but those were HIS words) Nicole - align with someone right from the start - a ride or die and win if you have to. Paul - Doesn't matter what his strategy probably went out the window right from the first week. Paul had to completely change his entire personality and switch things up right from the get-go. This guy is hard to root for because he is arrogant, rude, full of himself, etc. But, I have to give Paul credit for being the ONLY one (IMO) who actually had to work his ass off from start to finish - he is STILL working his ass off in that house! lol I am rooting for Paul to win.


              • #12
                I just wanted to add one more thing. If Paul doesn't win, then I hope James wins. I really, really, do like James! I am not going to vote for him to be AFP this year, b/c I actually like Victor in this season a lot better, but as a person, I think James is a really good guy. Goooooooooo VIC for AFP!!!!!!!!! As far as Nicole, well, I just didn't like her game-play. I am sure she is a sweet girl in real life - any girl who loves her momma as much as Nic does (in my opinion) must be a genuine sweet girl who is probably going to make a good momma herself some day. But what I can't stand that Nic is doing is, she is giving a ton of credit to Corey for being so smart and not taking any credit herself for how far she has gotten in this game. WTH? She is so smitten with Corey that she has made herself out (to me) to be just as pathetic as Zak is with Paulie. I can't help myself - I just don't respect weak girls who can't stand on their own 2 feet and think for themselves, or have enough confidence in themselves to see past the nose on their face. Especially Zak. My only hope for her is that she is still young and will hopefully learn from this once Paulie screws her over again when they go home and their fans start running after them at night clubs, because that's what most of the guys are looking forward to once they get out.


                • #13
                  My preference for winning is James, Paul, Nicole.

                  So congratulations, Nicole.


                  • Freebyrd
                    Freebyrd commented
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                    I keep wondering how come Nicole is just sleeping her way through the F-3 days??? I'm like, Jeez Nicole! NOW is the time to be talking to both those guys. (Shaking my head).

                  • herms is here
                    herms is here commented
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                    I agree cutencuddly, that is also my preference on winners. I am really routing for James, due to him being a nice guy, and then Paul because he added entertainment.

                • #14
                  I'd like to see Nicole and James go to F2, and Nicole win. If she is going to buy her brother a tractor if she wins, I want him to get it! And you know, I want the money to go to someone who would improve their lives with it, not go on a drinking spree. Paul has played a good game, but I don't like him. He's said some pretty rotten stuff about and to women in that house and I don't want that kind of person to win.

                  So in the words of Cute, congratulations, Paul. LOL!


                  • cutencuddly
                    cutencuddly commented
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                    . . . .

                  • SmilemakerRDH
                    SmilemakerRDH commented
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                    I agree. I've been on the anybody BUT Paul train for awhile. I really wish they would've sent him home instead of Victor. Although, I didn't really want Vic winning either.

                • #15
                  Don't know if true but saw on Twitter that James will give part of his winnings to the Tara Hall Home for Boys. This is the home his birth father put him in after his mother died.


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