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Will Kirby: ‘BB 18’ is the ‘most entertaining jury’ he’s ever seen

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  • Will Kirby: ‘BB 18’ is the ‘most entertaining jury’ he’s ever seen


    Dr. Will Kirby is once again hosting the “Big Brother” jury round table in which he moderates a discussion with the jury members before their finale votes are cast. After taping the one for “Big Brother 18,” Kirby was kind enough to share some insight with us about this year’s group, which he calls “the most kinetic group” he’s ever hosted.

    What was the general feeling from this year’s jury members? Are they bitter or ready to reward good game play?

    Will Kirby: This is the best, most opinionated, most entertaining jury that I have seen in my four years of participating in the jury debate. They are confused, conflicted and tormented, which is the sign of a good jury. When a juror comes in to this segment with a set opinion it shows lack of intelligence.

    A great juror is someone with an open mind because it means that they understand that the show isn’t over and they still have an influence on the outcome. So, to answer the second question, they may reward solid game play but they are bitter too!

    Who seems the most bitter toward the final three?

    It wouldn’t be fair for me to taint the viewers outcome with my personal opinion because everyone interprets the comments and actions of the jurors differently. However, I will state that some that I expected to be bitter aren’t and others that I anticipated would be totally objective are very emotionally volatile. Unstable, you could argue.

    How does 'BB18' stack up against other juries you've done the roundtable for?

    In my four years of participating in the jury debate, I can unequivocally state that this is the most kinetic group we have had

    What was the tension like between Da'Vonne, Paulie and Zakiyah after their blow-up the other night?

    For legal reasons I am not allowed to comment on this question specifically. I am allowed to state that all precautions were made to ensure the safety of all jury members and everyone ultimately was allowed and encouraged to air their grievances. The show will offer more information during the live finale.

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