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Live Feed Discussion-September 21

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  • Live Feed Discussion-September 21

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    Happy Finale Day everyone.

    One week to go for the BB Fall Edition. Yay!


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      Good morning, all!

      Who will be the final 2? Who will win? Tune in tonight for... BIG BROTHER.

      It's been a long road. Time to put this baby to bed.



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        With Paul the only one of the Final 3 who doesn't really know how this whole jury thing works, I hope someone in DR walks him through it, and Paul tells Nicole that if she wins HOH and bones him again at this point, after all of the insisting that she has done this week and all the James trashing she has participated in, that she won't have Pauls vote (which might make her think she won't get Vics either, which she's counting on)

        Then Nicole will really be spinning her top if she wins HOH.


        • misscmm
          misscmm commented
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          I think Paul has sufficiently guillted Nic enough that, if she wins #3, she will take him. Although she admitted her heart tells her Paul and her brain tells her James and her heart usually gets her into trouble.

          On a side note ... I wonder who has told Nic that her bun is attractive? It reminds me of my sister ... 50 years ago her new husband told her he liked the natural look and no makeup. She has not worn a stick of makeup ever since and she really needs to wear some makeup. Haha

        • ManaDee
          ManaDee commented
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          I think Nicole still wants to take James. She thinks she can beat James, and she knows BB. She does not want to be Cody taking Derrick (not really the same but you know what I mean). I think that she think Paul will understand if she pleas to him that she absolutely adores him but she would have wanted him to win herself if he was in F2. She thinks that will keep his vote, because she knows he doesn't think James deserves to win.

          The threat making her think that he would be bitter, would make her think he could sway Vic. Then that would be 3 votes (them and Nat) she wouldn't have against James. She is also sure she wont have Das or Micheles vote too. So that could tip it for her.

          I have said that Nicole is going to end up bald in spots wearing her hair like that constantly and sleeping on it. lol. It's NOT cute. It looks like it would take a week to untangle.

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        Good Morning!

        It's a bittersweet day here at BBU ...

        We have enjoyed sharing this season with all of you ❤️

        As we make our way to tonight's season Finale and look towards this new "Over The Top" season, we have some news that we need to share.

        Normally at this time, we're looking to the off-season of Big Brother ... I think that one of our members actually summed up what normally happens here at BBU when a season ends...

        When asked the question:

        Since the new "Big Brother Over the Top" season will stream exclusively on CBS All Access, do you think you will use this website more or less during the new season?

        They responded... that based on family, work, etc...

        "have to pull away from BBU ...This place is like a 3-month family reunion that happens every summer, but the time comes when it's time to go home and back to work"

        Which is typical and understandable... BUT

        Even though a good number of you do have to pull away, get back to family,etc. there is a good portion of you who when asked the same question- use BBU more or less.... others said

        they would rely on BBU MORE .. because since Over the Top is exclusively online.
        So with that .. comes our dilemma...

        This new Over The Top Season gives us pause ...

        Will people just not watch, will they watch it all online and not need/rely on BBU,.... OR ....will they rely on BBU more than in a normal season, because they won't have the time to "online watch"?

        We would LOVE nothing more than to continue to provide coverage, just like we have for the past 14 years here with most of you.

        We will do what we can financially to stay afloat, but we can't do it alone.

        This Over the Top, is going to happen and we want to be here for you, in whatever way you need us, but we'll need support.

        During a "normal off-season' we always like to remind people that BBU is always here, we do talk about Survivor, the Amazing Race and BBFanShan always has her Fantasy Games going on.

        BUT .. this isn't going to be a normal off-season...

        We have the opportunity to cover this new Big Brother season Over the Top ...however, we can't do more forward without support.

        In order to move forward with the bandwidth and expenses, we'll need to raise at least $500.00, to cover the initial cost for October.

        We look forward to continuing this adventure with all of you, ( you know you'll be peeking in ) !!

        Thank you for any help you can give ❤️


        • Freebyrd
          Freebyrd commented
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          Hi Lexie ~ I just made a donation, but there was no place to put my screen name. Thank you so much for all you & Rob do.

        • Freebyrd
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          Just wanted to add an FYI about donating - If you currently get the Live Feeds and plan to continue with them, you can call CBS All Access and tell them that you plan to continue with their All Access, but would like to receive a 30-day free trial that they are offering to all new subscribers. They will credit you with 30 days free - the money saved for that month can then be donated to BBU.
          Edited to add: CBS phone # is 1 (888) 274-5343

        • Livzee
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          Donation made! Forgot to put a note on it tho.

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        Good Morning to Everyone!

        Last day to post some of our thoughts, that is, if we have any left. I have a habit every season of being active on the BBU boards the very last week of the show. I guess it's because I really didn't have much to say during the entire season (a sign for me that I just wasn't into the season) but the last week is always kind of bittersweet even though the season itself wasn't all that great. Well, I didn't watch the LF's from last night (I will later on; I'll do a flashback) but from what I gather from reading Lexie's LFU's, Nicole is mentally torn as to who she should take to the F-2. And she should be! Perfect! I am glad to hear that she isn't dead-set on taking Paul to F-2. Yes, she will look like the biggest SNAKE ever if she BONES (lol) Paul and takes James, but if she wins the 3rd HOH and takes Paul as she has been promising him & literally giving him her word "no matter what" and Paul wins, she will look (to America) like the biggest schmuck ever, and will never be able to live it down to all of her fans out there, let alone all of the media interviews she will have to give with answering all of their questions as to WHY she would take Paul over James knowing full well that Paul played his ass of the entire game. Either way, she might not have the last laugh. Gee, that's a shame (uhmmm, NOT). I am sorry, but for the millionth time, Nicole has not owned up to anything when it comes to her game play. I have a seaking suspicion that she just might let Paul win the 3rd HOH comp just so that she doesn't have to be the deciding vote.

        Knowing all of the above, for me, tonight will be an exciting finale to watch.


        • #7
          This is it - the Long Goodbye is finally going to be a real adios tonight. Scary to think that we have spent a quarter of a year so involved in the lives of strangers. I got to thinking this week that the final two contestants remind me very much of another couple of contestants currently in the news (and that James would reply, What's Allepo, if asked.)

          I've tried to do the Jury math and can see ups and downs no matter who wins or whom they take. I'm thinking this is a bitter Jury judging by the tension in the house, as Dr Will hinted at from the round table. I can see Paulie pushing for one person and the female mafia voting contrary just to thwart him. In the end there's too many unknowns for me to make an educated guess as to the winner. If there's enough resentment towards Nicole or Paul, James could pull out a shock win. Logically, however, whomever wins the third round should win the show, but this year??????


          • Freebyrd
            Freebyrd commented
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            Good morning Betty

            I always look forward to your posts, and I am sure going to miss them. I agree with everything you said. After reading the link to the interview with Dr. Will after he did the Rountable with the HG's, I got the same impression that even Dr. Will thinks that this is anyone's win because of the the jury this year. That's why I am really excited to watch the finale tonight! I am going to make my donation to BBU, then go to the store for a few "show snacks" then the liquor store so I can catch a quick buzz before the Live show. Does it get any better than that at the end of a BB season? LOL....We shall see!

            P.S. I don't even care that this is one of the worst seasons to date...Sometimes ya' gotta' see the glass as half full.

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          SNAKE ALERT!

          Last night Nicole was caught slithering around the house when Paul and James were sleeping


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            Whew - every day I wake thinking .... is it Wednesday yet??? As much as I love BB ... more than likely I won't be watching 19. There are a lot of new shows catching my eye and to be perfectly honest BB exhausts me, consumes my days, wakes me to catch up on posts, hours spent scouring Google for bits of gossip ... I AM RIDICULOUS!!! I just retired last year and on my birthday this year (a big one) I realized that I was not going to live forever (duh) and how much I was going to miss when it's "my" time. THEN it dawned on me that I was really missing life now (I know - Crazzeeee) and I'd better get busy. Of course, in my defense, as a single Mom consumed by raising great sons and after working 10-12 hour days for years and years, it takes awhile to adjust to NOT working. The computer is like a siren calling me as I pass it each day ... just as my BB fixation. So, I woke today (early, of course) and my first thought ... is oh THANK GOODNESS it's almost over!! Yesterday it was 100 degrees in Northern California and today it is raining ... I'm no longer trapped by the heat ... AND ... after tonight ... I'm like the HG's ... free, free, free. (I am giggling over this addiction, of course.)
            Last edited by misscmm; 09-21-2016, 11:50 AM.


            • Freebyrd
              Freebyrd commented
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              I hear you loud and clear misscmm! That is one of the reasons why I tune in to the BB LF's usually early morning and later in the evening for a few hours. Won't spend my day watching them 24/7 each and every day. Too much time wasted and much of life to live! Now that I am a grandmother (and still work full-time - from my home though) I have even more reasons to not watch the Feeds for hours and hours. One of the reasons I depend on BBU - to catch up on the LF moments that are worth flashing back on.

          • #10
            This is it. The way the house ran week to week this season it's really hard to know how the jury will react. It seems like somebody was getting boned every week lmao. Should be interesting.


            • #11
              Stopping in to say thanks to all. This site, the administrators, moderators, updaters, members, and lurkers enhance my BB experience. I just can't imagine a season without you guys. Looking forward to the finale and an end to a perplexing season.


              • #12
                This strange season is finally ending. I was not as invested in the houseguest and feeds this year. Did not post as often, but came here to read every day. This is a great group of people and I feel like I know all of you. I will miss checking in every day. Not sure if I will watch the online shows yet.

                Thanks Lexie, Rob, moderators, live updates and all of you for making BB what it is. Without BB Updates, BB would be nothing. Thanks everyone.

                I have no idea if Nicole will take Paul, if Paul will take Nicole and which one will win. Looking forward to the show.


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                  Yard is mowed. Last load of laundry is in the dryer. No errands to run today. Time for a good nap before I have to fix dinner. Then it'll be time for Survivor and finally the finale of BB.

                  It's going to be a jam packed episode with the ending of part 1 HOH , part 2 and 3 of HOH, the jury round table, questions from the jury, voting, crowning the winner of BB and AFP, and whatever CBS throws in there. I'm sure we'll get to see a glimpse of BBOTT and maybe a preview of the upcoming hamsters. Then I hope to be awake for the interviews in the back yard.

                  Most of all, I want to thank Lexie and Rob, moderators, live feed updaters (bless you all 'cause I sure don't think I could do it), and all the posters and lurkers here. While I would still continue to watch the show, it's BBU that makes it my summer pleasure and obsession. Without each and every one of you, the experience would not be the same. So, much thanks to my BBU family!
                  Last edited by kokomogirl; 09-21-2016, 01:26 PM. Reason: Dropped the mouse, which hit the reply button before I was finished with my post. Think I need that nap!


                  • BettyBoo
                    BettyBoo commented
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                    Is dropping the mouse anything like dropping the mike?

                • #14
                  Did anyone else has a season 16/Derrick flashback with all the silly, sad Skittle 'controversy' this week? I found it a bit strange.


                  • #15
                    Hey BBU fam!! just a quick peek in ...we're on the road headed to the Outer Banks for an extra long weekend hopefully we'all be checked & settled in to the hotel in time for me to catch the shows!!

                    For my Fantasy Game players...don't forget to get your answers in for the Finale Round!!


                    • belle1
                      belle1 commented
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                      BBFanShan thinking about you. Have fun in one of my favorite places.

                    • kokomogirl
                      kokomogirl commented
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                      Have fun! Send me a shrimp burger from Sam & Omie's!

                    • Freebyrd
                      Freebyrd commented
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                      Lucky, lucky, you! Have a wonderful time!

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