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Live Feed Updates- June 23, 2016 - Day 9

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  • Live Feed Updates- June 23, 2016 - Day 9

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    The fish they are a swimming! It's almost time!


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      Well... hello #BB18


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        ( I'm not sure they really know that the live feeds are live yet - as Da'Vonne was telling a story about Twitter, when we first went live and she was saying she was glad she told it - BEFORE the live feeds are live )



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                Category 4 "mystery punishment" - to appear nude with blurred private parts...

                See Bridgette...


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                  And ... Frank...


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                    And Paulie...


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                          10:23 BBT Cams 1 & 2
                          Frank & Paulie - Tokyo BR

                          having a little chat .. talking about noms/whether they will stay the the votes might go
                          (hard to figure it out because of coming in on the convo 'in the middle' and kinda 'in the dark' since it was stuff before feeds were LIVE)

                          they leave the room with Frank saying he's happy right now, everything's gonna be good


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                            Frank tells Paulie that he asked Nicole about using the PoV on Paulie if he wins it


                            Nicole doesn't want to nominate someone else

                            Frank to Paulie- Even if nominations stay the same.... it's going to be an 8-3 vote


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                              10:30 PM BBT

                              Michelle telling the others that she thinks they are "live" now ...

                              Other's aren't really sure ...

                              James telling them that "when the live feeds are live the cameras are usually moving"


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