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Live Feed Updates- June 24, 2016 - Day 10

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  • Live Feed Updates- June 24, 2016 - Day 10

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    All the hamsters are snoozing (or at least appear to be)


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      Missed last night's show - Catch up HERE

      Click HERE to catch up on what happened on the Live Feeds ( well in a nut shell )

      (Thanks to BBFanShan for helping with the Live Feed Updates last night and in the wee hours of this morning )


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        All HG's still sleeping


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          9:04 AM BBT

          Nicole and Victor are up. I gather Nicole is wanted in the DR but has been given a few minutes to put some makeup on.


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            9:29 AM BBT

            Few more up and about. Frank was called to the DR, while Bridget, Paulie and James have joined Victor in the kitchen.


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              10:01 AM BBT

              Everyone is awake now and eating breakfast or getting camera ready. Seems that everyone is being called to the DR. They are not allowed to "hypothesize" about what is going on today. Nicole and Tiffany wonder if it's the veto comp. Someone said they are being given suits and have to make corporate decisions (and of course, we got fish). Lots of shoutouts to family members.


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                10:13 AM BBT

                Frank, Nicole, Tiffany and Da in the HOH room. They are talking about Paul and how if Paul should take Jozea off the block they all will come after him. I think Paul had intimated he would save Jozea if possible.


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                  10:45 AM BBT

                  Frank, Tiffany, Da and James have been in the HOH room talking about the other side. They find it funny that the others (Jozea's group) think they have the votes on Thursday but the HOH crew think their side has the votes. They comment about how excited they ate for the "blindside" on Thursday. (obviously someone is going to be blindsided!).

                  With that, I am out for the afternoon. If anyone can jump in and keep the afternoon's goings on updated, it would be greatly appreciated!


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                    11:10 am
                    Fish......Picking Veto Players?


                    • #11
                      11:41 Feeds are back.

                      POV Players: Nicole, Paulie, Paul, Jozea, Da'Vonne, and Corey.


                      • #12
                        11:41 Cam 2
                        Jozea looks pissed and is very somber.
                        He has the "Dead Man Walking" stare and is completely quiet in the kitchen with many HG around.
                        Seems like something did not go his way with Day and Corey getting picked.


                        • #13
                          Confirmed - Frank was the winner of the new competition called #BBRoadKill

                          Winning gave him the power to "secretly" nominate someone.

                          As we know he nominated Paul


                          • #14
                            Paul is telling Jozea he thinks he could get Nicole to use the PoV ( he says that she told him "she likes him" )



                            • #15
                              12:09 pm Cam 2

                              James – “I wanna meet Ariana.”

                              Jozea – “I met her once…I was on her practice set with her a Chris Brown….flat butt, no tits…..for me she is like a pedophile’s dream, that’s disgusting.”

                              As he continues to bash her persona, the camera switches.

                              Hey Mister celebrity make-up artist, good luck on your career after the show.


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