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Flashback Moments of Interest

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  • Flashback Moments of Interest

    This is where you can post times and camera numbers of funny, crazy, ignorant, naughty, etc... moments by the houseguests in the Big Brother 18 house so folks that might have missed it can use the flashback feature on the Live Feeds to watch.

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    Starting a little after 12 midnight BBT (Pacific Time) on June 25, 2016 on all 4 cams.

    The first drunken game of Truth or Dare:

    Victor streaks...

    Bronte kisses Paul...

    Paul's reaction afterwards...

    Zakiyah kisses Paulie...

    Corey does the cracker challenge...


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      Bronte and Natalie alone in the Bathroom.

      Cam 3, 11:28am
      Bronte – “I don’t know why James did this….why go out of your way to have bad blood you little f@$& tard…I wanna kick his little Asian ass back to Hong Kong or where ever he came from.”

      Bronte, you do realize that you are talking to Natalie, who is from Venezuela, about James, who is from Texas..right?


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        (Copying this here in case anyone wants to FB the story...)

        Originally posted by joebourg62
        ladynascar88 Monday 6-27, Cam 3, 8:42pm. Michelle and Paulie talking at the hammock. She said how during a drunken college party, she bite a guys ear, but would not give details...though her grin and actions sure seem to indicate it was more than just a nibble.


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          Starting about 10:15 PM BBT, July 10, Cams 1 & 2

          Zakiyah asks the guys (Paulie, Paul, Corey & James) to put on a dance for her birthday. They practice, do the dance and then Paulie gives her a lap dance.

          Paul does his "twerk" move...

          Paulie starts the lap dance by picking Zakiyah up and putting her on a chair in front of everyone...


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            July 18, 2016
            Cameras 3 & 4
            Starting about 8:50 AM BBT

            Nicole wakes up and turns to Corey and says she had a nightmare that he wasn't there. He starts rubbing her back. Slowly but surely she turns around and things get hot and heavy under the covers.
            This went on all the way up until the time we got FISH for BB to wake up the houseguests which was about 9:15am. Don't know exactly what happened but have a pretty good idea. Take a look and judge for yourself.


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