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Live Feed Updates - June 26, 2016- Day 12

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  • Live Feed Updates - June 26, 2016- Day 12

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    From Blogzie in the Live Feed Discussion Thread ...

    Corey has done it now.

    Time Stamp:

    June 25th - 11:05 pm (BBTime) Camera 1/2


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      Here's just a tidbit of the results of the Fatal Five Meeting last night in the HoH room, which was cut short by Paulie, who appeared in there not long after it started.

      But, not before this reaction from Tiffany, when Da'Vonne told the group that the other side has Tiffany as their target. ( and she didn't do it in any way of malice, just in a way of letting the group know, to be aware, but Tiffany, ( kinda like Vanessa ) didn't take it well....

      Tiffany- wait, what? Me? How do you know that?
      Da'Vonne- because they said it
      Tiffany- but how do you know it's me

      Da'Vonne- because it's what they said

      Tiffany keeps asking, Da'Vonne tells her not to worry, be cool, they have the numbers to keep her safe, so chill....


      Nicole teells Zakiyah told Da'Vonne that they cant tell Tiffany anything,,, because of the way she flipped out when told the other side is targeting her

      Zakiyah- She is too sensitive
      Nicole- If you tell me that I am somebody's target..... I'm like thanks telling me

      They agree

      Nicole tells them to - pretend that she ( Nicole ) is way above her on everybody's list

      Da'Vonne - I'm not telling her ****! I don't give a damn if an ice cream truck pulls up in the backyard. Y'all tell her!

      Zakiyah - Her emotions are too erratic

      Nicole- We have to protect her by not telling her unless it's immediate danger

      Zakiya - but I'm so concerned about her emotions when she stops trusting us

      Nicole- There's nowhere for her to go right now

      Da'Vonne - I've got to go to work tomorrow and do damage control cause this is how alliances get ****ty


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        And then...

        1:45 AM BBT – Tiffany speaks with Da’Vonne about how Da'Vonne told her to calm down earlier during the Fatal Five meeting.

        Tiffany not too happy with Da'Vonne at the moment.


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          About 5 minutes ago... the HG's got their wake up call

          ( I am not going to be around this afternoon, I have some family things to deal with, I will be here later tonight. So, if anyone can help out today, that would be SO APPRECIATED )


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            {{picking up where Lexie left them getting their wake up call }}

            First hour after wake-up is just spent waking up, cleaning, eating, getting themselves & house ready for the day. Some still sleeping...those awake just general chit chat

            Next half hour or so... more are waking up doing the same as above ..talking about working out or not... some (Jozea, Paul are two I see on cam) are still sleeping

            this is pretty much the same up through current..riveting I know

            around 10:55AM BBT
            Cams 1 & 2
            Paulie & James in the kitchen
            talking about Glenn and how he went home right away...James said he was scared when Julie said "somebody's going home.." He said he hadnt even remembered everybody's names yet

            James asks Paulie if he's gonna win HOH this week..

            Paulie: I'm gonna try...I didn't want to

            James: what?

            Paulie: I didn't want to have to try to win things this early..

            James: you probably got told not to (as in by Paulie's brother, Cody)

            Paulie: yep

            James: might've been the same thing I got told one of the greatest

            Paulie: Dan or Derrick?

            James: Derrick

            Paulie: yeah Derrick told me the same thing

            James: Derrick said don't win sh*t man..let your social game carry you halfway through the game

            Paulie: that's what he said to me too

            James: I was like 'but, but..' and he was like 'don't but nothing man'

            Paulie: yeah..I guess I should just listen

            James: that's why last season everybody was out there trying to pound on these competitions and they all went home..those that chilled out were still there

            Paulie: mmhmm.. I just feel like there's people that are gunnin... no matter what..ya know?

            James: yeah


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              (continuing James & Paulie's convo)

              Paulie: plus there's the whole team thing..changes the whole pool..

              James: see if you get put people you're not a threat even when you're up on the block, people will forget about you...'cause there will always be bigger fish to fry

              Paulie: mmhmm

              Paulie: so it was almost a blessing I didn't win that Veto..I mean I still dont like it but.. I can make it through this

              James: yeah

              James: but I do feel like once you're on the block you should win though...just to ensure your safety

              Paulie: yeah..well that was the plan.. I just didn't expect that...

              James: well every comps not for everybody man..

              Paulie: yeah I didnt expect Paul's block to stay up with the way he was doing it

              James: he had a good strategy

              Paulie: he was just hammering away

              James: but you're good..I wouldn't even worry about're good to go

              Paulie: I trust you when you say know

              James: well you got our votes man

              Paulie: I mean I came to you guys because I liked you guys..

              James: it's not like you dont have you know..

              Paulie: yeah

              James: so just sit there and chill


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                Camera 1

                11:07 a.m.


                James and Paulie in kitchen talking about where they might move after the show. James talking about his options. Paulie says he is ready for a change. The east coast humidity is getting to him. He is looking at moving to Texas, Calif. Or Arizona. (Dry heat).

                Meanwhile Bronte and Brittany in bathroom. Nothing much going on. Bronte is feeling sick to her stomach and feel like she could throw up.

                Camera 1

                11:30 a.m.


                Paul and Brittany and Paul is talking about helping a woman out at the mall. And he uses the “c” word to describe another woman who is being rude.

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                  Sorry BBFanShan....I will step out.


                  • Shan
                    Shan commented
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                    no worries Ladycop .. I'm just peeking in for a bit anyways myself

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                  they break 'game talk' as James talks about what he's making (he's been prepping hamburger with onions and spices and such to 'marinate' for a while to cook later)

                  then back to it..

                  Paulie: Only reason I'd wanna win HOH is because if Victor get it's he'd come for me...that's what Jozea's been whispering in his ear

                  James: I think he'd put up a vet... don't know which one but..obviously he can't put up me (because they are on the same team) but yeah... possibly man (Victor might come after Paulie/put him up if he got HOH) you never know

                  Paulie: yeah

                  James: if that's how you what you gotta do man

                  Paulie: yeah that's another thing Derrick told me...he said play the social game but if you got a gut feeling about something, win it

                  James: yeah take 'em out before they take you out..... yeah there were people from my season that I knew were coming for me, I just had to win plain and simple

                  Paulie: yeah.. certain seasons you see that people just had to win out.. like when Frank was being put on the block almost every week

                  Paulie says he loves Derrick..he's a good dude... James says he agrees and his Dad (Derrick's) is too

                  James talking about staying with Derrick's Dad one time and raiding the pantry

                  they talk about hangin out together later (like after BB)

                  James brings up Meg and where she lives now...thought Paulie lived near her

                  Paulie saying he was thinking about moving from Jersey. He says he was thinking about moving down to Texas area because he knows youth soccer is big down there.

                  More talk about moving/different places to move to or live and why/why not.


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                    by 11:45AM all those who've been lazy butts and sleeping have finally started to rise, get dressed, prep themselves for the day

                    Paul & Bridgette are outside talking..he's been telling her about going off on some woman in the mall 'in defense' of another girl

                    Nicole is up and talking to James in the kitchen... Corey comes in there and Nicole is saying she dreamed about ways to get them back for pulling pranks and such on her

                    lots of milling about, getting dressed/made up, coffee, and general chit chat. some are laying out in the sun, playing in the pool... in the kitchen eating or prepping food for cooking/eating later

                    King Jozea has come out to bless them with his presence

                    Paul asks Nicole if she thinks it's weird how Michelle fan girls over her (Nicole)

                    Nicole: does she fangirl over me?

                    talk about this a bit

                    at the moment, no 'side chats' or 'game talk' happening...lots of hangin out in the kitchen and BY and chatting...

                    {{I'll BRB...steppin away for a quick snack break }}


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                      {{back for a bit }}}

                      went back and jumped through FBs since I left off earlier..looks like mostly the same 'goings on'

                      Bronte is up in the HOH bed not feeling well.. her tummy is upset and she has to keep going to the bathroom. Bridgette & Natalie came up to check on her. She thinks she drank coffee after not having it as part of her diet has upset her tummy..

                      at around 12:45PM BBT
                      Cam 1 & 2 were briefly on Da'Vonne & Nicole... BY couches area

                      Nicole finds some type of bug..catches it (in a cup I think) ..goes it to put it on Corey ...she calls out "Corey I got you a present" (they have been at this joking/pranking/picking on each other for a bit now)

                      Da'Vonne says out loud (to us feeders I suppose?) "so we're having a conversation about Final 2 and she goes in to put a beetle on Corey?! Am I missing something?" (())

                      Nicole comes back out and she says to Da'Vonne that is exactly what she wants (guess they are back to F2 talk)

                      Nicole: because I feel like sitting next to like James or Frank, I dont have a chance

                      Da'Vonne: yeah me either

                      they talk about how both of those guys (James & Frank) won America's Favorite in their seasons

                      Da'Vonne: And they're workin on that now

                      Nicole: And they're best friends with everybody in the house

                      Da: mmhmm

                      Michelle comes out so that talk stops for the moment..


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                        Da'Vonne asks Michelle: was Tiffany okay last night? I know she freaked out a little bit (after Da told her the other side had her at the top of their hit list basically)

                        Michelle: yeah.. I think she's good

                        Da: good

                        these three chit chatting a bit.. Da talking about how hot/humid it is

                        Michelle says Victor is already pissing her off first thing today

                        Nicole asks her what that's about

                        Michelle says she was just talking to Paul telling him he was so funny last night about something he said and Vic butts in and says it was James who said that...

                        Da & Nicole agree it was Paul

                        Michelle says he kept telling her she's wrong...and even went to James to ask

                        They say he's a jerk and he's always gotta be right

                        Da'Vonne: Y'all see him eat those THIRTEEN pieces of pizza last night?

                        Michelle: thirteen?!

                        Da: was four.I was just being extra but still..

                        Michelle says when he goes they will have so much food in the house

                        Michelle goes in

                        Nicole asks Da: alright so how are we gonna make this work? Because we have like 3 alliances right now... really 4 alliances..

                        they go over the alliances: the two of them, the four (the two of them and two boys..James & Frank?? not sure), the five (Fatal Five all girls: these two, Zakiyah, Tiffany and Michelle) and then the 8-pack.

                        Da says the hardest part will be getting the boys out since they are supposed to go to F4 with them.

                        Michelle comes back out and Da tells her they were just talking about Fatal Five...and asks her which guy she thinks will be easiest to get out..James or Frank? Says they are gonna have to make the move so..?

                        Da saying that's the hard part and when do they do it?

                        Michelle: both at the same time

                        Da: that's going to be hard as hell

                        they laugh about James going out 7th place again

                        Natalie comes out so they stop talking

                        talk about eating the burgers that have just been made. Natalie is 'cleansing' today (only having water)..Michelle is too apparently


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                          12:56PM BBT
                          cams 3 & 4 are still on kitchen with people chatting and eating

                          cams 1 & 2 still BY couches.. Da & Nicole headed in for burgers but Nicole decides to turn around and stay out with Michelle

                          Nicole: hey so I wanted to talk to you actually... Da told Tiffany last night that she was their target..and she got so upset

                          Michelle: I was there...(she laughs)

                          Nicole: ohh..wait so afterwards when you were talking to her (Tiffany) did she bring it up? Like is she okay? I want her to be okay because she's on my team

                          Michelle: no she's fine..yeah, no..she's fine

                          Nicole: good 'cause I don't want her to be's gonna change day to day...I just want her to be fine

                          Michelle: yeah...I really don't want anything to screw it up

                          Nicole: no..I mean I'd be really upset if someone from my own alliance was coming for me..I mean the other side is coming for me I know...Victor told me last night that Bronte is coming for me so..I'd expect it

                          Michelle: yeah...I mean, like I know you wanna see Bronte go and I'm kinda leaning towards that too

                          Nicole: I mean she's gonna be..girls seem to.......I mean, Victor's gonna be a target to... to everybody

                          Michelle: Paulie. Paulie plans on putting him up

                          Nicole says she feels like Bronte is only a target to her..she doesnt know if anyone else feels like that

                          She just feels like Victor is a target for everyone so he's gonna go up so

                          Michelle agrees... she says she can't wait to figure out who she (Bronte) is (?? not sure??)

                          Da pops out to ask if Nicole ate something...Nicole goes in to eat

                          Michelle stay outside and keeping chugging her water.. she looks like she got quite a bit of sunburn on her upper back and legs at some point :/


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                            Camera 3

                            1:29 p.m.

                            London Bedroom

                            James/Nicole/Frank talking about Bronte. They think if Jozea goes she will be good. The other ones think they are in an army and who they should put up next week if they are HOH. Tiff comes in and asks what they are talking about and they briefly explain. James and Nicole leave.

                            Frank/Tiff talking. Frank is ready for Thursday. It’s going to be a fun day. (Fish)

                            We comes back to Frank talking about Jozea saying he’s the messiah. He says it’s great. He is so confident. Tiff agrees and says the whole house is chill because they think they have it.

                            Frank tells her that Jozea was out in the backyard watching people talking and his eyes were going back and forth. Frank told him that most of the time people aren’t talking about you. They are just talking to people to learn more about them. Frank says I want him to be less paranoid because I want him to be shock.

                            Frank talks about a prank that James pulled and how Victor and Paul have a bad attitude about the pranks and the fact that they think it is wasteful.

                            Victor was mad about the others eating all the pizza and then he (Vic) made another and took half of it for himself.

                            Frank called to DR.


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