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Live Feed Updates - June 27, 2016- Day 13

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  • Live Feed Updates - June 27, 2016- Day 13

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  • #2
    10:49 PM BBT

    Bronte finds out first hand that James put mayo in the lotion bottle

    ( and this new camera angle in the shower this season is ALL REVEALING ) just sayin'


    • #3
      And so did Natalie... ( but she wasn't in the shower at the time )


      • #4
        Here's a little bit of Jozea talk from last night ( after I left )

        Jozea to Zakiyah and Bridgette - Paulie is going home... and that's why it was good for Paul to get the veto. Paul is the secure vote.

        Jozea - I know America is going to love me for honesty.....I hope I win ****ing the damn America's Favorite because I''m so honest


        • #5
          And then...

          Zakiyah to Da'Vonne - Jozea really thinks that he is the President.
          Da'Vonne - He better stop calling himself damn Obama


          • #6
            It just gets better and better...

            Bronte to Bridgette and Jozea/- If you ever feel that people might flip flop....all you gotta do is mention we have all of the numbers


            • #7
              Jozea - I really don't like that Paulie is walking around so confident for no ****ing reason!


              • #8
                Paul - I found out today that when I was put on the block Nicole cried for an hour and a half

                ( )


                • #9
                  First this...

                  And then this...

                  3:15 AM BBT

                  Paulie and Zakiyah ... ( note - Da'Vonne and Nicole were also in the HoH bed at the time .. until Nicole moved to the couch )

                  ( Okay.. that's all I can do for now... gotta go to work.. if anyone can pick up today, once they are up, that would be a great help )


                  • #10
                    7:16 AM BBT

                    All houseguests are in bed/sleeping.


                    • #11
                      8:10 AM BBT

                      All houseguests are still in bed/sleeping.


                      • #12
                        9:03 AM BBT

                        Yeah, you guessed it, all houseguests are still in bed/sleeping. The lights are still off too.

                        (Well, after all this hard updating, I have to step out for a while. lol But seriously, I do have to go so could someone please do some updates once the hamsters actually come to life today? Pretty please? Thanks in advance.)


                        • #13
                          9:29 AM BBT

                          Franks and James are up and in the bathroom whispering. They are talking about last night and James said he was in bed and all alone until really late. Frank (stealthy whisperer) is telling James about Bridgette rubbing someone's back (another female, I think). Lots of FISH! as BB is trying to get them up for the day.


                          • #14
                            9:42 AM BBT

                            Frank and Paulie outside and Paulie is telling Frank that Jozea thinks he has the votes 8-2. Bridgette comes out and interrupts them to get a coffee order. She leaves and Frank ponders that maybe Bridgette and Bronte could be smarter than they are acting, but they basically just picked the wrong side.

                            Bridgette is back and BB asks them to lower the awnings.

                            Elsewhere, Zakiyah and Da'Vonne are brushing their teeth. Da' tells Zakiyah that she hopes no one saw "him" coming out of their because she doesn't need anyone thinking showmance.

                            Paul comes out to join Frank and Bridgette. They are talking about Paulie saying to Bronte (last night) that he (Paulie) an't wait until it's her life on the line. Bronte told Paulie not to worry about it because he (Paulie) won't be around to see it and then walked away. Bridgette and Paul laugh. Frank kind of lectures them about being careful not to poke the bear because it can harm you. Frank also tells them not to make enemies of people who aren't on "their" side, because if they make it to the end, they will need jury votes.


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                              10:35 AM BBT

                              Sorry I was MIA for a bit. Most everyone is outside. Exercise and general chatter going on now.


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