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Live Feed Updates - June 29, 2016- Day 15

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  • Live Feed Updates - June 29, 2016- Day 15

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    ( a quiet moment here at work, so I'll grab what I can to get us back up to date from last night )

    11:04 PM BBT

    Frank and Nicole shake on a F2 deal


    • #3
      Michelle and Tiffany talked about James

      Tiffany told her that he was upset/worried because she ( Tiffany ) is talking to a lot of people.

      Michelle - so does he!!

      Tiffany tells her that she's not going to kiss James' ass

      Michelle agrees


      • #4
        The "Spy Girls" talk ... ( Bronte/Natalie/Bridgette )

        Bronte says if Paulie just "lays back and dies" ( gets evicted ) then he deserves it.

        They talk about protecting themselves/sticking together when the guys try to come after them

        Bronte - they (Jozea/Paul/Victor) think they are going to be the Final 3..... **** no

        Natalie/Bridgette agree

        Bronte - We'll take James down in the endurance comps. I literally will die in that endurance comp or I will win


        • #5
          Bronte to Natalie/Bridgette - if there's two vets left in the F2....., I will refuse to cast my vote
          Natalie - A newbie girl has to win ( Big Brother )


          • #6
            Corey tells Frank that he wants to "clue Natalie in" on the vote ( Jozea's exit ) so that he might can influence her decision if she happens to win HoH

            Frank tells Corey that he doesn't think that needs to happen

            Corey argues that telling her afterwards what was going on, doesn't hold any weight

            Frank to Corey -no matter when we tell them, they are probably going to listen to Victor anyway


            • #7
              James sitting/listening/talking with Tiffany, Michelle, Bridgett, Natalie and Bronte

              Natalie complaining about Victor nitpicking at everything she says/does

              James teases that he "feels like one of the girls"

              Bronte- we love you James. ( fake smile )

              They continue for just a bit, with Natalie still unsettled with Victor's negative attention towards her and Michelle trying to get the other girls to flirt with Corey to make Victor mad


              Bronte goes to talk to Paul and Victor ( who are outside shooting pool)

              She tells them all out the "girl talk" and James being there...

              Paul to Bronte - James is the mastermind and you guys need to believe me

              Bronte- I know that James is the mastermind

              Paul tells Bronte that they know she's a "level-headed" girl and that's why they trust her the most.

              Paul - if these other girls are running rampant, our team is gone.

              Bronte- I know, that's why I came to tell you.

              Victor and Paul tell Bronte that they will protect her

              Bronte tells them that she doesn't need their protection

              Paul- why can't you ( Bronte ) tell James to **** off... ?
              Bronte- because he's on our team
              Paul- why can't I tell James to **** off ?
              Victor- you can tell him in 3 months...


              Jozea talks to Natalie about Victor and the comments he made about her pants

              (apparently she was wearing some pants that her dead aunt gave her, and he made a snide comment about it ) IDK

              Joeza tells Natalie that it's a double standard between the sexes.. that girls perceive things differently than guys do ... that being "insulted and/or teased by a guy than what he really intends ... a punch in the arm "could be love" ...


              Joeza - Bridgette is so ****ing annoying, I just want to punch her in her ****ing face!

              1:45 AM

              Talk turns to Natalie and Victor

              Jozea tells Victor that "his delivery" is all wrong with Natalie

              Paul says he thinks that Victor was being very sweet to Natalie... but that he ( Victor ) realized that Natalie was flirting with everyone and so he didn't like it and backed off


              • #8

                Victor asks Natalie what he can "do better"
                She tells him that when he talks to her .. that he nitpicks her

                Victor - by no means am I trying to be an asshole. I do my best to keep you all happy. I don't want you to feel any other type of way other than ....I like Victor, he's awesome". I'm sorry

                Natalie - it's okay

                ( whew crisis averted )


                • #9
                  Jozea/Paul about Bronte

                  1:55 AM BBT –

                  Paul and Jozea not happy with Bronte and her " feminist power thing "

                  Paul says if he gets told it’s “girl talk” again he’s going to “punch her in the face.”

                  Paul - ( re Bronte ) - don't tell me I'm immature.... you are 26 years old and talk like a 4 year old and dress like a 13 year old


                  • #10
                    Bronte tells Victor that James is trying to break them apart and also that he told Natalie that Victor asked Nicole out on a date

                    Victor says he wants to confront James

                    Bronte warn him not to ...

                    Bronte - if you guys go storming in there... Natalie's going to go straight to James.... then we'll look like the bad guys


                    • #11
                      Paul - I want to **** that guy (James) up so bad


                      • #12
                        Bronte tells Paul that she will calm Natalie down

                        Bronte - it's clear that Natalie has feelings for Victor and that is causing a lot of problems right now


                        • #13
                          Victor to Paul - I just want to break this pool stick over James' goddamn head

                          Paul - I'm going to say something to him... it will happen


                          • #14
                            Paul warns Jozea to stay clear of it all.. because things are going to blow up

                            Jozea asks them not to blow anything up right now ... to wait ...

                            They agree to wait until "after the vote" ...

                            Jozea - My promise to you is I will bite my tongue and sit in the ****ing corner until Thursday


                            • #15
                              Paul to Victor - Push James off in the comp tomorrow... just straight up push him off.....what a ****ing guy

                              Victor - A **** you might slip out tomorrow


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