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Live Feed Updates - June 30, 2016- Day 16

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  • Live Feed Updates - June 30, 2016- Day 16

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    5:45 AM BBT, All Cams

    All houseguests are in bed/sleeping.


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      6:30 AM BBT, All Cams

      All houseguests are still sleeping.


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        7:38 BBT, Quad Cams

        All houseguests are sleeping.

        We have some excitement! At 9:40 am BBT Frank gets up and goes potty. He's in there less than a minute. When he comes out he washes his hands WITH SOAP. Dries them and goes straight back to bed.
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          8:AM BBT

          BB is waking them up.

          We get the *We'll Be Right Back!* screen


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            When the BB music stops we have Paulie and Jozea leaving the bathroom area. J goes back to bed. As does Paul.
            Tiff gets into the middle of the HOH bed with Nic and whoever is sleeping with her. Hops back out, turns on the light then goes back to bed.

            Nic, Da, Bron, Mich all up. They all exchange mics. Then going back to bed.

            Sleeping HG on all 4 cameras

            8:24 and Paul and Corey (who I want to call Chad, he looks like a Chad) exchange mics. Then back to bed.

            Everyone sleeping (with the lights on) Paul and Paulie have their "buffs" covering their eyes and look like Ninja Turtles to me. lol
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              10:08 AM BBT, All Cams

              Not much going on. Some HGs are still in bed. Others are up and getting ready for the day. Bridgette made coffee and now her and Natalie are in the bathroom area. Frank came in and used the bathroom and then left. Cam 1 is on sleeping HGs in the Tokyo room. Cam 2 is a close-up of Paul sleeping.

              Bronte gets called to the DR.


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                10:15 AM BBT, Cams 3 & 4

                Bronte gets back from the DR, grabs her makeup and stuff and heads to the bathroom area and is now starting to get ready for the day.

                Bridgette is in the shower.


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                  10:24 AM BBT

                  Nicole comes in to the bathroom area to get ready for the day and they tell her, "Happy Birthday". Starts saying something and then Fish. Come back and all four of the girls are doing makeup, etc...


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                    10:50 AM BBT

                    Cams 1 & 2

                    Five of the guys sleeping in the Tokyo room.

                    Cams 3 & 4

                    Nicole & Bridgette in the Kitchen fixing breakfast. General chit chat.

                    (Nothing going on and with that I'm out! Hopefully someone will jump in and do some updates if anything interesting happens)


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                      Just peeking in. Doesn't look like they are on lockdown. Yet. Actually just looks like any other day. My feeds are a little choppy so I can't even tell if this is actually live. But I think it is. They seems to be sitting around (scattered through the house) chatting but I can't get any conversations or see who anybody is except I can see Nic and Frank for sure.

                      Here fishy fishy fishy......We've got fish.

                      Now we are at 2:07 PM BBT and Looks like Paul is getting another touch up to his hair from Corey. Nic is in there. As are a few more I think. Frank is in the little alcove room talking to someone I can't see. I really can't get anything because it's cloudy here and my internet is having a spastic attack. Sorry.
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                        2:00 PM BBT
                        Frank talking to Michelle (I think, she is laying on her tummy and I don't recognize the voice) and he is saying that he does not want to hold "her" hand (not the her he is talking to, this came in at mid convo). Nicole joins them. Frank says he has a plan on what he is going to say to Paul and Victor after Jozea walks out the door to smooth things over with them. Paulie comes in and they talk about maybe throwing the HOH comp (depending on what type of comp it is) to Michelle. James joins them. Still whispering about how to keep the fireworks to a minimum tonight. Bridgette enters so now it's just chit chat (about neck beards).


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                          2:21 PM BBT

                          Frank tells Bridgette (everyone else is gone) that Bridgette doesn't have anything to worry about. Jozea is the one going home tonight. Bridgette is telling him that someone from her side told her that she was the one going home. Franks tells her she has to keep that news to herself (about Jozea). Bridgette tells Frank that she doesn't understand who is talking about her. She hopes that it's not her girls (Bronte & Natalie). Bronte has joined them now and talk turns to cleaning house today.


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                            In the bathroom we have Corey giving Paul a fresh hawk. And we also have Jozea wearing LONG black dress PANTS and a white (or pale blue or gray) button up dress shirt. He looks quite nice.
                            Jozea seems to be applying makeup for Tiff. Frank is in the alcove room talking to Bridgette.

                            James as entered the bathroom/dressing area to begin his ministrations. I can't tell where anyone else is.

                            Sorry I'm not getting any conversations due to internet issues.
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                              Another game changing twist will be announced...

                              Julie Chen - After tonight, 2 house guests will be evicted.... but both of their games are FAR FROM OVER!

                              Julie Chen - Either Paulie, Jozea or Bridgette will be evicted, but it won't be the end of the line, for whoever walks out that door.

                              Live Voting:

                              Victor - I vote to evict Paulie
                              Zakiyah - I vote to evict Jozea
                              Paul - I vote to evict Paulie
                              Frank- I vote to evict Jozea

                              2 votes Paulie, 2 votes Jozea, 0 votes for Bridgette...

                              Da'Vonne - I vote to evict Jozea
                              Michelle- I vote to evict Jozea
                              Bronte- I vote to evict Paulie
                              Natalie- I vote to evict Paulie
                              James- I vote to evict Jozea
                              Tiffany- I vote to evict Jozea
                              Corey - I vote to evict Jozea

                              By a 7 - 4 vote.... Jozea has been evicted from the Big Brother 18 house

                              Julie to Jozea - Julie-you were so vocal in the house, why leave without saying a word? Jozea- those who betrayed will have their day in the house.

                              Jozea says feels most betrayed by Natalie, with her last minute switch. ( she didn't )

                              Julie- You called yourself the Messiah of the newbies. You said you were in control. Apparently not cause you're here with me

                              Julie asks Jozea what he would do differently, if he could play the game again ...

                              Jozea- If I did it again, I'd go into the house tight lipped and make one person my best friend.

                              Julie Chen tells Jozea that he's not going home yet...

                              Julie reveals the "Battle Back" Competition ...

                              One of the first five evicted house guests will get back into the game.

                              Julie tells Jozea that he has the chance to return ( AFTER he watched goodbye messages from Da"vonne, Nicole, Paul and Paulie )

                              Jozea ( about Paulie ) The Calafiore is not going to last very long in the house


                              Glenn and Jozea will face off in the "Battle Back" competition. The loser goes home. The winner advances to face the next evictee

                              Head of Household Competition: Berry Balanced

                              Teams will race across balance beam grab a berry ( one berry at a time ) and return to the start if you fall you're out. If one of the team falls, their berry basket empties, They need 4 berries to win.

                              Head of Household will be decided by the winning team and that person will retrieve the final berry giving them the HoH.

                              Natalie is out.

                              The HoH Competition continues on the Live Feeds....


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