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Live Feed Updates - July 1, 2016- Day 17

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 1, 2016- Day 17

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    Paulie tells Paul that if he goes up, wins veto, keeps Victor on the block, and they send Vic home, Paul will come out looking greaPaulie tells Paul that if he goes up, wins veto, keeps Victor on the block, and they send Vic home, Paul will come out looking greaThe house is still awake ...

    Check out all the drama that happened after you went to bed... right HERE on yesterday's live feed updates thread

    Paulie continues to try to reassure Paul that he will be safe, as a nominee with Victor.

    Paulie tells him that he's sure that he ( Paul ) can handle the pressure of being on the block, playing in the PoV against Victor, he's not sure that Bronte could.

    Paul- I don't think I'm understanding the terminology.. what is a backdoor

    Paulie has to explain "back-dooring" to Paul

    Zakiyah comes in and plops on the bed

    Paulie- you sleeping up here?

    Zakiyah - no I'm just bored.

    Paulie tells Paul that he wants to make him feel comfortable.. and if that's not him being up there, they can figure something out... but that he can get whoever he needs to talk to him, to make him feel secure.


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      Paulie to Paul- look I'm the HoH.. I need you to stay. I can't compete next week. You can.
      Paul- that's true

      Paulie- he ( Victor ) is a ****ing beast.. and he's smart.. we have to make sure she stays on that block.

      Paul sighs... then says - but what about the Road Kill?

      Paulie- the only other thing that we can rely on is that the Road Kill person could just put him up, if he's not already there, that's something I'm thinking about too.

      Paul- it doesn't make sense if you put me up and then pull me off if you win the POV

      Paulie- wouldn't matter, I'd be doing it to send my target ( Vic ) home....


      • #4
        Paulie- I won't trust him ( Vic ) ever.

        Paulie to Paul - I will take care of you. I just want you to know whatever decision I make, will be well thought out.

        Paul- why would you not put someone up like Corey against Vic?

        Paulie- I will talk to Corey about that too.. I could even consider putting James up, he's a competition beast.


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          Paul- Bronte is a good girl. She has a good heart. She's a ride or die.

          Paulie talks about how Natalie tries to play the sympathy card and "he's not all about that"


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            Zakiyah has been listening to the music this whole time.. she leaves..

            Paulie tells Paul he "just has to trust him" .. could be him up.. could not.

            Paul- so if it's the back door option. who goes up?

            Paulie- I would put up Bronte and Natalie up . and hope the Road Kill person doesn't put Victor up.

            Paul continues to question why this.. what that..

            Paulie continues to promise that he can protect Paul and even Bronte...

            Paulie- I know you are ****ing tight with Bronte.. but just keep this ****ing **** .. ( to yourself )

            Paul continues to talk about how great Bronte is.


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              And, we circle back to Paulie telling Paul AGAIN that if he's on the block, he's okay and he's helping the others that want Vic out.


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                Paul- I don't know man.. I don't want to sit here and tell you what to do.

                ( then go to bed )

                Paulie tells him to just keep being the fun guy that he is...


                • #9

                  Paulie ( finally ) stands up and says " I got you bro"


                  Paulie - I got you covered bro.. and whatever thing is going to make it work out best... to get him out of the door. I can say 100% faith ... No matter what dude.. and honestly at this point... You are safe. And at this point, the fact that you trust Bronte and I think she's a ****ing cool chick too.. she will probably stay safe too. I'd rather throw up Natalie...

                  Paul- but James talks to Natalie.. he and she are close too

                  Paulie- no Jatmes just likes the attention.. and at the end of the day.. James is just one ****ing person

                  Paul- that's true.

                  Paulie walks out .. .
                  Paul ( FINALLY ) follows


                  • #10
                    Paul to Frank- **** man.. I got a bomb dropped on me...
                    Frank- what's up man?

                    (Noooo )

                    Paul asks Frank if he can talk to him for a sec in the HoH room...

                    Frank- what's up bro?
                    Paul- Paulie was just telling me that he doesn't trust Vic, that he thinks I was grouped with ****ty people and I'm not ****ty .. and how he and you had been trying to drop hints on me.. but Jozea was my teammate... and it's hard...

                    Frank- I kept wanting to trust Vic, but I still feel like I'm getting lie to by him a lot... he tried to call me out today after the vote...

                    Frank talks about how he knows that Vic wants the Veterans out .. but he ( Vic ) won't admit it...

                    Frank - they think I am this old man.. who is here to just chill and enjoy the summer.. but I'm here to play the game... that's why I couldn't let one of my strongest people go home tonight. I'm not here for a chill summer. I'm here to play the game.

                    Paul continue to talk .. about how hard it was for him with Jozea.. hard to speak out.. hard to be tossed into something... etc.


                    • #11
                      Paulie joins and they continue to talk about how Vic is just like Jozea.. etc.


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                        James asking production to play Sam Hunt, Taylor Swift and Chris Young for the wake up call


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                          Paul continues to talk and talk ...

                          Paulie tells him again .. they want him on the block to ensure that Victor goes home..

                          Paulie it's either that or the back door

                          Paul- I think the back door option is the best ...

                          Paulie argues that the back door is risky...

                          Paul to Paulie- it's up to you

                          Paulie to Frank- what do you think... ?

                          Frank- if we were going to do the back door .. all we need for you to do ( as a nominee ) is if you pull your own name ( picking PoV players ) just don't pick Vic to play. That's all we need.

                          Paul tells them that he has no problem putting his faith in them...

                          They say they understand that he was not in a position to have Paulie's back when Jozea was on the block.

                          Paul- the thing is I don't want to **** something up... so if I win veto.. I just pull myself off..

                          Paulie- yes.. you come off.. Vic goes up and goes home...

                          Frank - yes.

                          They continue to try to convince Paul that Vic is the target, he will go home.

                          ( I'm actually going to grab a little bit more sleep, so I can be ready for all the nomination day drama )


                          • #14
                            4:50 AM BBT

                            Paul to Paulie- do you feel comfortable enough to go to bed?
                            Paul- I do trust you. I just don't want to get ****ed.


                            • #15

                              Paulie- I am the one that pulls the chips out of the bag. 2 chips are pulled. I'll take that chance. I'll take the chance that Vic's name is one of the 2 not pulled.


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