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Live Feed Updates - July 1, 2016- Day 17

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    James to Nicole -- I noticed Tiffany doesn't compete well in competitions...
    Nicole - I know... so she should go up then and she won't have to throw it

    James and Nicole continue to whisper... about going up .. not going up.. what they would do .. etc.

    Nicole - when I see my face pop up on that screen.... it's like post traumatic stress disorder


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      Nicole keeps saying that he can't "handle the stress"

      James ( about the PoV como ) - if Paul wins .... that's best case scenario. If Bronte wins..... that's best care scenario. If I win.... that's bad juju


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        James to Nicole- what is ****ty... is that we have to put Paul and Bronte back up next week.

        James- me, you, Da'Vonne and Frank are going to have to stick together
        Nicole - I know.... I feel like us 4....should try to keep each other off the block... maybe you should get Tiffany to go up

        James tells Nicole that he hopes she doesn't get put up

        Nicole- thank you.

        He leaves....


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          7:57 PM BBT

          James in the HoH room with Paulie now...

          Paulie - is Paul all calm now?
          James- I think so
          Paulie - Either way .... ****ing Vic is going home this week
          James- I'm not worried about it ..

          They continue to talk about how Paul is panicking...

          Paulie- come tomorrow and his ( Victor's ) name is not drawn.. we can kiss him goodbye...

          James- yeah ...

          Paulie- as long as it's not the Roadkill nominee that wins...

          James says he might "pull a Caleb" and just sit down and refuse to play ..

          They chuckle...

          James- I told Nicole.. she's stressing out.. but I told her that I would put a Pizza in his bed.. to make sure he puts me up.. I don't want Nicole to go up..she's already put too much blood on her hands..

          Paulie says she really hasn't got that much blood on her hands.. she sent home someone that everyone wanted to go home....

          He goes on to say that he girls need to just stay calm.. not freak out...

          James- I hope he doesn't put Tiffany on the block.. she will have a melt down..

          Paulie- but why.. there are 2 other people up there...

          James says she's pretty similar to her sister.. very emotional....


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            Paulie and James confirm that Victor will have to make his "secret" nomination soon, because they will reveal the nominee tonight.

            Tomorrow ( as usual ) they will pick Veto players in the morning and then play the PoV Competition ...


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                Natalie asks Nicole if she will give her and Bronte time.. so she can trust them
                Nicole tells her sure...

                Meanwhile in the HoH room...

                Paulie tells Tiffany & Michelle.. that the Roadkill nomination means nothing

                Paulie- all that person has to do is not try.


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                  Bronte to Nicole and Natalie - I think we are doing well.. just let the boys take each other down....


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                    Nicole - I do not want to go up
                    Natalie - Why would you go up? Victor asked you on a date.... c'mon


                    • Nicole talks about not winning a math comp ( several have said the RoadKill comp involved math )

                      Nicole says that people will think that she doesn't know how to do her job..

                      Nicole- saving lives and I can't do math...

                      Natalie- do you do math in your job?

                      Nicole- sometimes...

                      Natalie- but you know the math that you do ...I'm not saving lives.. I do math at my job.. . but I use a calculator...

                      ( okay I laughed out loud on that one ) ( she's so pretty )


                      • In the HoH room

                        Paulie, Tiffany and Michelle..

                        Michelle to Paulie- next week who would you want gone?
                        Paulie - I was going to leave it up to you figure out who you want gone....I think Bronte and Natalie just want to make jury,. But, I'm not for having those floater type people around


                        • Michelle says that it it's down to her and Zakiyah in the next HoH competition.. she'll give it to Zakiyah


                          • 8:18 PM BBT

                            BB calls Victor to the DR

                            Tiffany- he's got to make his decision now..
                            Paulie- yeah

                            Tiffany- and you don't know who that is?
                            Paulie- we haven't talk to him...

                            Paulie- either way .. it doesn't matter.. because he is going home


                            • Paulie tells Tiffany and Michelle that he will put up Natalie if Victor took Paul off,... and Bronte would go home

                              Tiffany - What does your gut say he's ( Vic's ) going to put up?
                              Paulie - James

                              He keeps saying that "there's nothing to worry about" and that everyone should be able to chill... "the whole month of July"


                              • Tiffany to Paulie- those girls trust me, right?
                                Paulie - yeah ...
                                Tiffany - you'd tell me if they thought any otherwise?
                                Paulie - hmm mmmm

                                Paulie to Tiffany - if you get paranoid...., come talk to me. I will talk you off the ledge. I don't want you worrying

                                Tiffany - sometimes I feel like they get upset if I even utter a word to Bronte or Natalie... you know I'm down there in that room with them...
                                Paulie- They do that to everybody


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