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Live Feed Updates - July 2, 2016- Day 18

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 2, 2016- Day 18

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    7:35 AM BBT, All Cams

    All houseguests are in bed/sleeping.


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      Just before 9:00AM BBT we went from sleeping HGs to FISH..wakey wakey hamsters

      back at 9:15ish.. lights on with HGs sleeping their eyes covered... did see Da'Vonne up and in the bathroom putting a wrap on her head..

      at one point she turns to the cam in there and says: Good Morning everybody, Good Morning Cadence, Good Morning Mommy...Thank you God for another day, Amen!

      She seems to the only one actually up milling around

      Cams watch sleeping hamsters for a bit and then around 9:24-ish we are back to FISH which is where we still are currently at 9:57AM BBT

      Oh...and I FOUND DORY


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        10:03AM BBT
        back with all cams showing HGs coming down from HOH ... looks like foods have been put out on the table..they say it must be Have Nots ...but they see that it's like strawberries, blueberries and stuff that looks too good to be for Have Nots...they are confused

        They are waiting for Paulie to come down and read the card .... so they can figure out what this is all about.

        They wonder if it has to do with 4th of July ....all the stuff is red/white/blue

        they are saying stuff like they dont buy's too pretty...too good to be for Have Nots

        Meanwhile Paulie is up brushing his teeth, taking his time LOL

        and we go back to FISH


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          Paulie reads the Have Not Card which says that Team Big Sister, since they came in last in the Berry Balanace HoH Competition are the Have Not's for the week.

          That's Paul, Davonne and Zakiyah

          They are NOT happy.

          The "good news" from Big Brother is that along with the slop, they get to eat all the berries that they want throughout the week.

          Da'Vonne- that's so stupid.. whatever.

          Zakiyah- I'm just not going to eat. I'm going to starve myself and then pass out

          ( that's Zayikah under the blanket )

          ( I will be in and out today.. but I'll for sure cover later tonight .. if anyone can jump in now, that would be awesome )


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            back and Frank is down...asking 'what is that sh*t?'

            Paulie finally comes down

            Michelle says "Paulie I volunteer" (to be HN)

            Paulie starts reading the card (to himself LOL)

            James: I think you can just read it

            Paulie: I should just read it? (LOL geez haha)

            So he reads aloud:

            "At the end of this week's HOH competition, the Team Big Sister had the least amount of berries..that means Paul, Da'Vonne and Zakiyah are this week's Have Nots..but there's also some berry good addition to slop you get to enjoy a special treat all week long, all the berries you can eat.

            Paul: well looks like we're dieting again!

            Zakiyah quietly went up to the HOH room to get all her stuff ...not terribly happy

            Da'Vonne went into the Have Not room and says 'this is so stupid, whatever'

            Frank hugs Day when she comes back into the kitchen

            several saying they are sorry

            Nicole telling Day she is sorry she doesnt want them to get so tiny..they are already so tiny...Day says she just isnt gonna eat..will just starve herself

            Zak goes back to the HN room

            everyone else milling around, getting food

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              {{oops sorry was typing stuff up and grabbing screencaps ...didn't see you'd already posted Lexie... }}


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                {{oops! thought Lexie was here... sorry..will go grab stuff now..hang on }


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                  10:25AM BBT
                  Cams 1/2
                  Tokyo BR
                  Corey, Victor & Paulie

                  talking about how Day & Zak are pissed (about being HNs) and how it sucks it had to be them again

                  Paulie says he's just glad he didnt (as HOH) have to be the one to pick

                  Vic say he guesses it was a fair way to pick

                  they talk about how they've done in comps...Corey says as bad as his team has done, they've gotten lucky

                  Paulie says he's gonna shower and lay back down because they (BB) havent let him sleep at allz

                  Corey & Vic say they'll just wake him back up soon

                  back to talk about how it sucks for those that are HNs


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                    10:32AM BBT
                    Cams 1/2

                    Corey & Vic talking about Jozea

                    Corey saying he liked Joz..he was cool/funny..hated to have to vote him out..he'd like to actually hang out with him after the show

                    He says Joz came up to him right before and said he wouldnt be upset/would understand if Corey voted him out

                    Victor saying it's weird gonna be weird getting out of the house...used to this weird living in the house like Summer camp...sleeping with people in the same bed, cams everywhere, doing comps, so many people in the house...says it's crazy he doesnt even feel like he's on a TV show at all

                    Corey: me either I dont even think about it

                    Vic: but like you said, it's gonna be weird having your own little set of 'groupies' ((oh dear Lord ))

                    Corey: yeah

                    Bronte comes through and asks if they are going back to bed... they say they are trying/just chilling

                    Bronte: I wanna go back to bed, I'm exhausted


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                      brief FISH and back to Corey & Victor still talking about their 'fans' when they get out

                      ((gonna go LIVE now and see what's what))

                      11:10AM BBT
                      Cams 1/2
                      Michelle, Victor, Frank, Bridgette
                      in the kitchen

                      just chit chatting

                      Cams 3/4
                      Tokyo BR
                      Tiffany & Corey

                      come into Corey talking about some kind of app (maybe one he's created??) called "Fan Connection" ..he says it's a website, an iOS app, on adroid, etc

                      Tiff: is it like live now? do you have people on there?

                      Corey: mmhmm

                      Tiff: is it making money?

                      and we go to FISH for a quick beat

                      back with Tiff & Corey still talking about his app

                      She tells him he should get like Frankie Grande

                      He says he wants to get all these why wouldnt you? how it helps charity...and makes the fans happy

                      11:14AM BBT
                      Cams 3/4 switch to HN room
                      James comes in there and peeks at them and tells them are too cute (all crammed/snuggled into the 'coaster cars' in there..he leaves and heads into the kitchen with same group ..still just chit chatting

                      Cams switch back to Corey & Tiff still talking about his app

                      most everyone chilling and/or back to bed/sleeping

                      11:19AM BBT
                      James has joined Tiff & Corey in the Tokyo BR

                      he says whenever they call Paulie is when they'll do the... (imagine he was gonna say POV picks?)

                      Tiff asks if he thinks not this week but next will be the double

                      James says thats still too early..but after that...

                      Tiff: so like 3 weeks?

                      James: yeah because they'll be the 1st member of no no...wait it might be

                      He tried to figure/remember from his season when the 1st double happened..who was involved/was it the first member of Jury

                      James/Corey trying to figure it out and getting confused about how many are in Jury, etc

                      Tiff tells them they are making this harder than it has to be...and explains how it works

                      they are doing this to try to figure out when the 1st double eviction might been/when it'll be 1st Juror

                      ((they also don't know that there will be one of the 1st five evicted coming back ))

                      James explains how it works once in Jury....and how after Round Table is done, they don't want them talking to one another/talking about it all anymore

                      tells them you have to make sure you get your rest...because the day you go to vote (for a winner) it's a looooooong night (because interviews, wrap party, etc)

                      then we get FISH which is where we are currently at 11:25AM BBT

                      {{with that I'm gonna step away for a bit..gotta go tend to hubby poor baby lol ...and grab a late back in a little bit to update if no one has/is at that time }}


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                        {{in again for a few minutes..gonna go grab some 'highlights' since we left off earlier}}

                        11:30AM BBT
                        Cams 3/4
                        Corey, Tiff & James in Tokyo BR still chatting

                        Tiff asking James would he as a 'seasoned player' either throw the POV or not use it if you did win it ..if he were her/in her position

                        James says he would...he trusts his team

                        He tells her she just has to trust them to take care of the rest....that worst case...Bronte ends up having to go home (should Vic play/win the Veto)

                        Corey leaves the room...James still talking about the POV comp...

                        around Noon BBT we go to FISH (picking POV players?)

                        back 12:25 PM BBT

                        Cams 1/2
                        Tiff, Bronte, Natalie & Paulie
                        London BR
                        talking about POV player picks/upcoming comp

                        Bronte says she can't wait to see what costumes they get to wear..she is happy that she is actually getting to play something

                        (havent heard Players yet...but it's four girls and two boys they said..)

                        talk about what the comp might be and what they hope it is/isn't

                        over on Cams 3/4
                        Frank, Da'Vonne, Zakiyah

                        Frank whispering "it's done"

                        Da: I'm surprised your name didnt get picked

                        Frank was hoping to (play)

                        He says the great thing is they can just go out there and 'go hamm' and have's all for bragging rights at this point

                        Da: it's gonna be something crazy

                        Frank says Sunday is gonna be crazy

                        Paul comes out of WC

                        Frank:'re doing're playing it off great

                        Paul: well, I was f***ing lied to so...

                        Frank tells him how they can go out there and just have doesnt matter...

                        He says need to have some fun today...tomorrow is gonna be awkward ('cause they are still planning to put Victor up as 'backdoor' so it doesnt matter who wins POV...etc)"

                        Paul talks about how he (Vic) tried to make him looked back..if he didnt have that connection with Frank & Paulie he'd have been 'boned'

                        Frank: and trying to make James look like this malicious person.... that's just wrong...that's why I dont feel bad

                        Frank goes on talking about Vic and how he threw the girls he was working with under the bus as soon as HOH was over/Paulie won

                        Day & Zak say he was throwing Paul under the bus

                        Day: he's a douche

                        Frank: don't ever call me a can call me a dick whatever... I am not a douche

                        Day calls out "Frank is a douche!!"

                        Frank: okay then Day is a slut!!

                        Day: only on Tuesdays!! (LOL)

                        they laugh about this and joke a bit

                        talk about when they think the POV comp will be ...what time they woke up what time it is now

                        back over on cams 1/2
                        Bridgette, Paulie, Natalie, Tiffany & James

                        more talk about when the comp might be..hoping it's later because of he heat
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                          I'm probably going to jump in front of BBFanShan ...

                          But here's the Power of Veto Players:

                          Head of Household - Paulie
                          Nominees - Bronte, Paul, Tiffany
                          Picked Players - Da'Vonne and Zakiyah
                          Last edited by Shan; 07-02-2016, 03:30 PM. Reason: don't smack me Lexie..had to fix the picks to be Da'Vonne & Zakiyah :D


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                            12:39PM BBT
                            Cams 1/2 kitchen
                            Paul & Bronte

                            Paul whispers that he still has sh*t to tell her

                            Bronte: I just cant stomach it..I can't listen to any more game or anything

                            He tells her she needs to know/hear it....

                            Bronte: why? am I in danger of going home

                            Paul: noo..just come play chess with me for 5 minutes

                            (he wants to use this as a way to talk about stuff)

                            they go upstairs and he whispers that when Jozea was evicted Paulie & Frank pulled him aside immediately and told him they liked him most out off all them and that they didnt trust any of the others....

                            Paul: what I think they are doing is just using me as a pawn to get everyone else out..theyre gonna get me out....but I dont trust anybody

                            He tells her that they said they wanted to get Vic out but wanted to use Natalie .....they have to stop this whispering/convo because Paulie is back to the kitchen area below them so they start talking about how to play chess

                            they keep talking 'out loud' as if he is trying to teach her how to play chess...she keeps saying she's tired and doesnt want to learn right now..she wants to take a nap

                            Paul tells her they can do it after her nap

                            over to Cams 3/4 Paulie comes into the bathroom and says "that couldn't have worked out any better

                            Still not 100% sure on all the POV players but we KNOW:

                            Paulie (HOH)
                            Bronte (Nom)
                            Paul (Nom)
                            Tiffany (Nom)

                            and since they mentioned it being 'four girls and two guys' we know the two picked are girls and definitely we know Vic did NOT get picked...

                            wait Frank just said to Day & Zak 'if one of y'all wins.... you could use it on Paul and it could be 'because he's on your team'... so now we know...

                            POV Players are:

                            Paulie (HOH)
                            Bronte (Nom)
                            Paul (Nom)
                            Tiffany (Nom)
                            Da'Vonne (picked)
                            Zakiyah (picked)

                            Day says she is getting nervous....knowing how this game works, when things start going so well ...she gets nervous/worried

                            Frank told her not to just worked out that they got hooked up with a good group of people


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                              12:45PM BBT
                              Cams 1/2
                              Paulie & Paul playing chess

                              Paul: I trust you boys but..

                              Paulie telling him hes fine..he told him everyone likes him

                              Paul says he still feels like when he walks in a room that convos change

                              Paul asks what the plans going forward are then... get rid of the girls... or?

                              Paulie says people are looking at Bridgette...Natalie...Michelle

                              Paul: really? (about Michelle)

                              Paulie: yeah because she's smart and knows a lot of stuff (about the game)

                              Paul: but people keep telling me I'm smart and a genius and stuff so....

                              Paulie explains Michelle is game a super fan, know how comps work..what has been successful in past seasons

                              Paulie says he & Frank haven't talked about what's next much

                              Paul: so taking it step by step

                              Paulie says after like the 5th week everyone needs to be aware that it could be them if they dont do something or they go home

                              Paulie tells him Frank & he trust Paul and they trust Corey

                              Paul: what about James?

                              Paulie says they like him..he's cool and all but he's close to certain people...

                              he says they need to keep spread out and just meet up at certain times

                              Paul: or you could have like big meetings and say you're like the Messiah (lol)

                              ((but Paul were eating that all up))

                              they talk about ideas about how they might move forward how to work together


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