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Live Feed Updates-July 3, 2016- Day 19

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 3, 2016- Day 19

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    6:30 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      8:27 AM BBT

      All HGs still sleeping


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        9:23AM BBT

        We have a little action - looks like Corey is up and brushing his teeth and ... false alarm.. back to bed for Corey.

        James up - to SR to switch out battery pack, to RR, washes hands, brushes teeth, uses the mouthwash with the lid as the cup (eww - how many people have done that?) and back to bed for James too..
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          11:14 BBT - appears everyone is up and piddling around, just got back from lunch so I will try to plug in and hear what's going on.


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            11:15 BBT

            Paul, Corey, Victor in the kitchen.

            Paul takes a cup from the shelf, smells it a few times, puts water in it, smells it and then I guesses decides it is ok to drink out of?

            Natalie and Bridgette fussed at by BB for not getting their battery packs changed out.

            Talk about how elaborate the comp setup from yesterday was and how they worked all night to clean it up. Hoping the get the backyard back soon.

            Corey - s/o to mom and dad. That started Victor joining in on the s/o's. They are looking at the wrong camera, so that's kinda funny (to me)


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              2:34 BBT

              Girls are all outside sunning. Guys are all either lifting weights or inside eating.

              Sorry for the lack of updates. It's a rather quiet Sunday, not much game talk that I have caught. I am in and out and will post anything significant.


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                Cam 1 4:00 BBT

                Tiffany and Paulie have been in the HOH bed talking game quite awhile. Paulie tells Tiffany that he plans to take Paul off the block and replace with Vic. He tells her all about Jozea and how he rubs everyone the wrong way. He's telling her all the things Cody told him about how to behave in the house.
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                  Cam 1 4:10 BBT

                  Tiffany and Paulie have moved on from discussing Jozea to talking about Derrick and Cody's season.
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                    Cam 3/4 4:15 BBT

                    Back yard couches. Frank, Corey, Vic, and Paul just chilling playing a guessing game.


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                        4:24 BBT Cam 4

                        Bronte and Natalie in the pool talking about visiting an Aunt's spa in Florida and them going and her hooking them up with Botox, fillers, etc.

                        Cam switched to kitchen with James, Nicole, Michelle, and Da'Vonne. Da'Vonne talking in a whisper. They were talking about Bronte. They shut up and changed the subject when Bridgette came in.
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                          Here's a little bit of game talk that happened today ...

                          Michelle/Nicole -

                          Michelle tells Nicole that she thinks there's going to be a "pre-jury buyback"

                          Nicole agrees....

                          Michelle says it would "suck if ( the person coming back ) automatically became HoH.

                          Nicole- If Jozea comes back, that's me leaving


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                            James tells Paulie that Victor thinks that they ( Frank/Victor ) are working some kind of thing out
                            Paulie- he's going to be butt hurt but that's his own naivety

                            Paulie says that perhaps it would be best if Vic thinks that people are against him... so he won't harass them for votes

                            James - he better not ask me for a vote......I'll tell him straight up ....."I'm voting your ass out"


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                              James and Paulie talk about Tiffany

                              Paulie - is she just kept her cool...she'd be fine.... she just can't get so paranoid.
                              James agrees and says that Frank is worried because she can blow up

                              James says she sees a lot of "Vanessa' in Tiffany's game...

                              Paulie - I definitely see the Vanessa tactics of the crying and questioning

                              James - I played with her sister for 78 days

                              Paulie- If Vanessa's strategy worked last season..... it might rub people the wrong way this season


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