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Live Feed Updates-July 3, 2016- Day 19

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    Da'Vonne and Zakiyah talk about Bronte and Tiffany

    Da'Vonne - if Bronte wasn't such an asshole...she'd been a great #5

    They talk about how Tiffany needs to go soon and how they know that Paulie will do everything he can to protect her.

    Da'Vonne - She's gotta go before jury


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      James and Paulie talk about Natalie...

      Paulie - she's the one I think we would want to keep longer than the girls want

      James - I definitely want to see her in jury


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        Bronte warns Natalie to "be careful of James"

        Bronte- if they gun for James, they will put the two of you up together...

        Bronte tells Natalie that she's there for her and she will NEVER stab her in the back

        Natalie - James and Corey are really tight...., then James and Frank are really close... then Frank is close with Paul..... Frank is the head

        Bronte- damn boys.


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          Frank and Da'Vonne talk about Tiffany

          Franks says once Victor is out .. he wants Bronte and then Tiffany

          Da'Vonne agrees

          Frank- Paulie thinks he can trust Tiffany, I don't like that.

          Da'Vonne tells Frank that she knows that Tiffany is gunning for her

          Frank- me too ..

          Frank says Vic out. Bronte out, Tiffany out and then they pull Corey and Paulie over


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            Paulie tells Nicole that he will protect her.


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              Michelle tells Z that Frank doesn't want Bridgette out
              Zakiyah - that's because he's close to her
              Michelle - that's why I think she needs to go

              Michelle- she ( Bridgette ) needs to go next.. she's playing the game for sure...

              Zakiyah- she's gotta go


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                Paulie told Tiffany that Victor said he would stay loyal ( to Paulie ) and that he ( Vic ) also pointed out that the girls would have an 8-5 advantage ( if he left )

                Tiffany - Has Victor asked you anything? ( about the PoV Ceremony )
                Paulie - No

                Paulie tells Tiffany that he wonders if Bronte was just telling him that Paul didn't want to back door Victor, in order to put some heat on Paul, in case Vic played in and won the PoV

                Tiffany tells Paulie that she knows that Natalie as lied to her a few times... that she's caught her ..

                Paulie- I don't trust any of those remaining people

                Tiffany tells Paulie that he might want to think about throwing some comps .. so that he doesn't make himself a target.

                She also says that she would like to win HoH next week...

                Tiffany- there are main targets on the other side.... it'd be an easy week to pick off Bronte

                Paulie says that if Paul is still in the house and Bridgette wins HoH .. she would pick him up ...

                Paulie - It would be funny if we made it all the way to the end
                Tiffany - right?!
                Paulie - Hey Cody and Vanessa.... We made it!


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                  Nicole tells Michelle that if get Bridgette out.. they might not have Frank on their side anymore....

                  Nicole to Michelle- if Bronte wins HoH next week/./ I'm ....we're in trouble....cause nobody can manipulate Bronte


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                    Frank asks Nicole who she wants to go to the F4 with ..
                    Nicole tells him the Veterans

                    Frank- they won't take us... we need someone like Michelle in the Final 4.... because she would take them to Final 3 if she wins PoV


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                      Nicole to Frank - would you take me to the F2?
                      Frank - yes...
                      Nicole - you would??
                      Frank- Yes.. we've already made a deal

                      Frank- ideally .. we could take Zakiyah to the Final 3 because we would beat her all day


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                        Da'Vonne.Nicole -

                        Da'Vonne tells Nicole that she feels like Zakiyah would be a good #3 ...
                        Nicole says she agrees...
                        Da'Vonne - her or Michelle...
                        Nicole - Zakiyah might be better

                        ( okay that quickly catches us up with "most" of the game talk )


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                          ( thank you to Lynette and TracyLou for helping out today, it's SO VERY MUCH appreciated! )

                          Currently ~~

                          Just chit chat throughout ...


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                            Nicole and Corey ...


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                              6:33 PM BBT

                              Tiffany told Corey that she's Vanessa's sister

                              Corey's response to her -

                              Corey- that's pretty cool

                              He goes on to say that he doesn't really remember her. He watched that season, because he knew Clay


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                                Tiffany says that she didn't get in shape to be on the show, because she didn't find out until 7 days before she was "kidnapped for sequester" that she would be on


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