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Live Feed Updates-July 3, 2016- Day 19

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  • Shan
    {{continuing in new/today's thread HERE}}

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  • Shan
    2:00AM BBT

    Cams 3/4
    London BR

    Bronte & Nat whispering

    Nat talking about her talking to someone about whether 'they like each other' (I believe she is talking about Zakiyah & Paulie)

    Bronte says maybe she is just saying that so they don't get a target on their back

    they discuss who they think are together...they say definitely Nicole, Day, Zakiyah and Michelle are together

    they wonder if something went down between Zakiyah & Paulie...because they were hardly together today... and it seems he has been trying to 'make it right'

    Nat says something happened between Michelle & James...she thinks James upset her..

    they talk about how there's all these little things happening within that group....

    Bronte: which is exactly what we need

    they talk about how they need to lay as low as possible and just observe until Jury and not make 'big moves' before Jury and let the others take each other out

    Nat says she talked to James today ...talked about HOH ..if she or Bronte won, who would they take out

    Nat (talking about James): so he doesnt want it (HOH) because he doesnt want blood on his hands

    Bronte says she doesnt want the blood on her hands right now either.... says if she gets HOH she wants it to be when it's time for something big like getting Paulie or Frank out of the house

    2:12AM BBT

    Paul & Bridgette are cleaning in the kitchen on Cams 1/2

    Cams 3/4 in the London room..Nat, Bronte & Tiffany there now
    settling in for the night it seems?


    Tiff asks Nat and Bronte if anyone has tipped Victor off (about him being the renom) yet... she says she's just curious

    Bronte & Nat say no ..not that they've heard or know about it....they say they think he feels good/cool right now

    Bronte: well it's his time...we all have time and this is his

    Tiff: I wonder if he'll even try to campaign

    Bronte thinks he will and says she probably needs to come up with ideas for her own campaigning

    Tiff asks them to let her know if Vic does campaign and what he says

    they tell her they will...but she has nothing to worry about
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  • Shan
    1:38AM BBT
    Tokyo BR
    Nicole has gone to bed..says she's tired
    James goes in there and she asks what's up..he says he's just hanging out

    talk about Frank getting mad over pizza cooked earlier...apparently James took it out too early

    BB: James the lights must remain on (because they are up/talking)

    James tells her if she wants to go to sleep he will just leave her along but she says she doesnt want to go to sleep it's fine..he can turn the light on

    they talk about how much sun Nicole go today

    Nic: got any good stories James?

    James: I dont know but... Frank's not too far from Victor

    Nic: what do you mean?

    James talks about how Frank gets kinda mad over stuff

    Frank comes in (it's like he knoooooooows LOL)

    Nicole asks if he (Frank) is sleeping up in HOH...Frank says yeah...

    She said she didnt want him to get mad she's sleeping in his bed

    Frank says one thing he knows he isnt sleeping down there after Vic finds out (when he's put up as renom)

    they says he's gonna be pissed

    talk about when they will do Veto ceremony...will it be tomorrow? they hope not so they can enjoy the 4th holiday

    Corey comes in....they tell him they were talking about how they hope they dont have the veto ceremony tomorrow...

    Cams 1/2
    still on bathroom
    Vic has joined the Michelle & Da'Vonne in there

    just chit chat...talking about playing something..a 'word game'

    Cams switch to kitchen...Paulie, Zakiyah, Bridgette & Bronte eating pizza....Vic comes through and tells them all good night..heads into BR with Corey, James, Frank, Nicole...Michelle is there too..

    general talking here too

    several keep saying they are going to bed...but not actually doing so. lol

    BB is calling everyone to the DR
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  • Shan
    1:25AM BBT
    Cams 1/2
    Frank in there now with Da'Vonne, Nicole, Tiffany, Zakiyah & Tiffany

    just chatting...

    Cams 3/4
    Corey & Victor playing pool
    just general talk about the pool game

    1:30AM BBT
    Tiffany is straightening Frank's hair and has put hair extensions in the back

    they tell him he looks like 'Joe Dirt'

    BB calls Tiffany to the DR says they'll finish his hair later he is:

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  • Shan
    1:18AM BBT

    Cams 1/2

    Nicole, Da'Vonne

    Nicole tells Day that she was up on HOH room with the guys and she just basically forced herself to just sit there with them and make sure she 'broke up' any ideas they might have/talk about

    Da: good ..good

    they say they should just keep doing that

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  • Shan
    {{not much going on as far as 'game talk' or anything...but keepin an ear out}}

    Cams 1/2
    Safari Room with Corey, Zakiyah, Michelle & Da'Vonne

    Corey has been telling them all about his app

    Cams 3/4
    James, Tiff, Paul, Natalie, Bridgette, Bronte

    just milling around, chatting
    Tiff & Bridgette seem to be painting their nails

    ((okay so still much of the same going on still so I'm gonna step away for a bit...I'll check back shortly to see if anything happens/is said ))
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  • Shan
    12:27AM BBT

    Cams 3/4
    Nicole & Paulie talking quietly on the LR couch

    Paulie talking about how he wants to handle it after he puts Vic up as renom

    Paulie says no matter how he does it Vic will probably be upset and not want to talk to anybody

    Nicole tells him there's nothing he can do about that

    Nic: and he was like kicking you when you were done

    talking about how HNs were picked and how Paulie is glad he didnt have to pick

    over on Cams 1/2
    Safari room
    Corey, Zakiyah & Da'Vonne

    Corey saying he'd been hanging out upstairs for a little while... but he gets tired of some people and decided to leave... he talks about how Vic follows him around everywhere

    Da: got a full grown baby in the house

    Corey talking more about how Vic goes everywhere he goes, wants him to hang out, etc

    Da: well you won't have to put up with that much longer...

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  • Shan
    12:15AM BBT
    Cams 1 & 2
    Safari room Tiff & Zak have joined Mich & Da

    just talking....about Zakiyah having tummy issues/pain
    general chit chat

    Cams 3/4
    HOH room
    Nicole and the guys (except Corey & James it looks like)
    more general chit chat

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  • Shan
    12:00AM BBT
    Cams 1/2
    Da'Vonne & Michelle in Safari Lounge

    Da telling her more about Frank and what he said earlier

    they talk about how Frank is running the house

    Da says she's been knowing that and trying to say it but not sure how to put it out there

    Da: I feel like they're trying to replace.....

    they stop talking because they thought someone was right outside the room

    Mich goes out to check and doesnt see anyone...back in with Da'Vonne

    Da says she feels like they are gonna try to push out Tiffany & bring in Paulie

    Mich says she's find with that

    Da said she would be too if Paulie was going right out but Frank has mentioned Bronte, Natalie, Tiffany..and how that's all girls...

    she talks about how people say 'we gotta let Frank do this or that' and she's like 'who the f**k is Frank?'

    Michelle says she thinks trying to take Frank out now would just piss everyone off

    Da says yeah because he's done such a great job of making everyone like him

    Michelle says she thinks soon Frank will be rubbing people the wrong way and Da says she thinks he already is with the girls

    Michelle: Paul loves Frank

    Da says she knows everyone wants Vic out but she feels like Vic isn't gunning for them (the girls) but it's too early and they dont have the votes to do anything about it (Vic leaving now)

    Da: I kinda hope Vic comes back
    (to be gunning for/taking out the guys)

    Mich: or Jozea

    Da say noooo he'd be gunning for her...thinks her & Zak voting him out probably hurt his feelings

    Da again talks about how all the 'names were dropping' (as in who goes next and so on) and it was all girls

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  • Shan
    {{okay FB is not cooperating with me anymore so just gonna pick up currently}}

    11:53PM BBT
    Cams 1/2
    Da'Vonne just finished eating something she said 'was actually pretty good'...rinsing her dish

    Cams 3/4
    HOH room
    Paul, Nicole, Frank, Paulie, Victor, James, Corey, Tiffany, Natalie...almost everyone LOL

    just general chit chat going on here

    back over on Cams 1/2
    HN room with Bronte & Zakiyah
    just talking about sleeping in the HN room

    Bronte saying the lights & decor would probably be what bother her if/when she had to sleep in there

    Zak says once lights are out it's dark in there and it's not bad..but she wouldnt wish this room on anyone

    she says the food part is what bothers her about being a HN

    ((not much happening right now))

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  • Shan
    10:30PM BBT
    Cams 1/2

    Paul, Corey & Victor
    just playing pool in the BY

    Cams 3/4
    London BR

    James, Bronte, Bridgette & Natalie

    the girls are doing a little Q&A 'interview' for the feeders
    James is making up questions that have supposedly been 'sent in' by the viewing audience

    10:44PM BBT
    Cams 1/2
    HN room Tiffany & Frank
    talking about how some of the HGs only care about 'fame' and how big time they are going to be after the Vic keeps talking about how much money he will make off of his hair after BB

    Cams switch over to the LR
    Nicole & Da'Vonne having a little whisperfest

    Da saying someone said Victor knew Paul was going to pick Zakiyah to play in the POV

    and then how Vic pulled Paul over to the side after picks and said 'why didnt you me....?"

    Da is telling Nicole how he (now I know she;s talking about Frank) was talking about next week who could go on the block..and it was all girls

    She says he told her ''well we dont have a replace nom to go up in case we need that" and she said "well we still have Paulie" and Frank responded with 'well we can do that anytime'

    Michelle comes over and joins them..

    Da explains it again to Michelle what she was just telling Nicole

    Now Zakiyah joins them but leaves again to get blueberries

    Michelle leaves too

    Da tells Nicole that earlier while they were all talking..Tiffany asked Frank how he felt about Bridgette's eviction speech and that Frank said he was just excited about the peanut butter cookies (part of Bridgette's speech) and Tiffany said 'oh yeah she said that directly to you' and Frank responded 'oh yeah she was looking after Big Brother Frank'

    Nicole: wait what does that mean?

    Da: he said it like she knew who to suck up he is 'the man'

    Nic: his head is huge

    they wonder where Frank is... look around for him..dont see him but start just general chit chat

    Cams 3/4
    Paul has joined the Group in the London BR still doing the 'interview/questions'

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  • Lexie
    ( I'm going to call it a night.. pretty tired and they just keep talking in circles about what they are going to do ) ...

    And right now .. Victor is telling Paul that he thinks that Tiffany will be voted out ..

    ( So .. yeah .. you know .. )

    Victor- if he ( Paulie ) uses it tomorrow night...

    Paul - so then what?

    Victor- he can't take Tiffany down...

    Paul- I think he'll take Bronte down ...

    Victor - no .. I think that's who he wants to go home...

    Victor- it's bad for you guys if he takes Tiffany down... good for me.. but bad for you .. because I'm not putting myself up.. I don't know why he would take anyone down.. he would just get more blood on his hands...

    Victor- I see it playing out that he doesn't use it tomorrow and Tiffany leaves...

    Paul- I seriously think that he's going to pull Bronte down and have you go up and have one of us go home...

    Victor- well if so .. if that's his game plan... we'll see man ...

    (okay .. thanks to those who helped out today here.. hope you can help out again...and I'm out .. tomorrow should be interesting once Victor realizes what's actually going on )

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  • Lexie
    Bronte says she wants Paul out of the house... she can't stand him..

    Bridgette - I feel like we could use him.

    Bronte- he's a loose cannon

    Natalie tells Bronte/Bridgette - that she's going to "start working her magic on James' and start talking game with him

    James comes in so that convo ends...

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  • Lexie
    Tiffany asks Da'Vonne not to mention any of this to anyone.. not any of the girls.. because she's still on the block and it makes her nervous ( talking )

    Frank pops in the Have Not room.. so that convo ends.

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  • Lexie
    Da'Vonne tells Tiffany she could nominated Paul and Paulie then Frank goes up as the 3rd nominee... ( to back door Frank or James )

    Tiffany says that it would be putting a lot of blood on her hands

    Da'Vonne- not just your... because we'll be the ones who are voting

    Then they talk about maybe using some of the girls as pawns ( in the back door Frank plan ) so that guys won't catch on

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