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Live Feed Updates-July 4, 2016- Day 20

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    Frank to Bridgett - Do you know Tiffany secret?
    Bridgette - yeah... but I haven't told her I do ... why doesn't she tell people?
    Frank- she's an idiot

    He goes on to say that he doesn't "get emotional" in this game and that the only reason he want Tiffany out.. is because she wants him out

    ( I gotta jump out for a few... .. if anyone is around and can update, that would be awesome )


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      ( I'm back .. and I'll catch us up again ) ...

      Frank/Bridgett -

      Frank says he wants to win the HoH Comp.. and give it to Michelle...

      He wants to put Paul back on the block...

      They both like Paul... but don't trust him...


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        Frank to Bridgette - what do people think about Corey?

        Bridgette- they think he's with you .. and they worry about that

        Frank tells her that he just hangs out with Corey ...

        He goes on to say that Tiffany is the one person that he can't do anything with or about..

        Frank says that Boogie rented his house out to Vanessa.. and Boogie told him that if Vanessa was back on the show... that he should work with her .. and he tried to tell that to Tiffany ... but she wants him out...

        Frank says he sees Corey with Nicole a lot...


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          Bridgette to Frank - what happens if we don't win? (HoH )
          Frank - I don't know. I'm pretty sure our group is good..... but Paulie might be in danger.


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            Frank to Bridgette - I'm fine if it goes, .....Victor, then Paul or Tiffany in whatever order. I'm obviously going to try to put as much heat on Tiffany to get her out asap ...

            Paul comes in ...


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              Natalie tells Da'Vonne that she's a "girls girl " ..and that she "wants a girl to win"

              Da'Vonne - yep... I feel like there is a lot of strong women in this house


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                Da'Vonne/Tiffany/Michelle are in the bathroom talking about how they need to split up the Bridgette/Frank connection...

                Michelle- he will end up taking her to the F2 ...


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                  Michelle to Tiffany - do you think my attitude towards Bridgette would send me home?
                  Tiffany - no... but I don't think it's helping you either


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                    Bridgette leaves the HoH room and Paul tells Frank that he really like Bridgette...

                    Paul thanks Frank again for keeping him in the loop....

                    Paul says he knew he didn't have any bad blood with Paulie.. because he never changed around him when he ( Paulie ) was on the block, and yes he gave his vote to Jozea, but he knew that Paulie understood why....


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                      6:14 PM BBT

                      Corey sitting in the HoH bathroom while Frank takes a shower... ( idk )

                      He's not talking.. it's silent.

                      Paulie comes in for a moment and then says to Corey- I don't know man.. but this is the second time I've come in here and you're watching him shower...

                      Paulie leaves...

                      "the watching continues"

                      Frank- I didn't shave bro
                      Corey - I need to shave

                      Frank- don't look at me right now
                      Corey - oh my god
                      Frank- I'm putting hemorrhoid medicine on right now
                      Corey- oh my god
                      Frank- I don't need you staring at me when I'm putting my finger around my butthole.. it's weirdo bro

                      ( so "weird" we get FISH )


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                        Once back...

                        Frank is out of the shower and Corey is in ...


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                          Da'Vonne is struggling with her braids...

                          Da'Vonne ( to herself ) "Da'Vonne what were you thinking?"


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                            They talk about Tiffany ( shocker )

                            Frank tells her that he doesn't want it to be known to the rest of the house that she ( Michelle ) doesn't like Bridgette...

                            Frank says he wants ... Victor, Bronte and then Tiffany ...

                            Michelle- are you worried about James and Natalie?
                            Fran - no .. he has a soft spot for her ... he just wants her to get to jury

                            He says that for sure Bronte is next... but if the chance opens up... that Da'Vonne and Zakiyah have agreed that Tiffany is the back up plan


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                              Currently ~~

                              Talk between Paulie, Michelle and Natalie is about - teeth, toothpaste, retainers...

                              They are all going stir crazy waiting to see if they will get any special food and/or more alcohol for the 4th...


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                                Natalie tells Paulie and Michelle- that she made a promise not to drink on TV.. she says she doesn't want to embarrass her mother.... she says she's a happy drunk... she loves everyone when she drinks, not like going home with someone, but just fun... but it's "not for TV"

                                Natalie and Michelle say that they "make friends in the bathroom" when they drink.. ( with other drunk girls )

                                Natalie- I often wonder where those girls that I made friends with in the bathroom are and how they are doing


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