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Live Feed Updates - July 5 - Day 21

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 5 - Day 21

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    After the feeds cut last night for their 4th of July party ...

    James called down from the HoH room...
    Zakiyah answered

    James - what are you wearing?


    • #3
      Paulie's turn

      Paulie to Zakiyah - I've never heard a woman that sounded like this before..... I'm feeling my pants get smaller

      James calls Natalie...


      • #4
        James chatting with Natalie ...


        • #5
          Natalie ( on the phone talking to Paulie ) - are you trying to take my girl out on a date here?
          Paulie - Z? .... yeah .. I'm tryin' to make that mine


          • #6
            Later ..

            Tiffany and Natalie talk about what happens if they win HoH ...

            They both say that they do not want to put up a girl ...

            Natalie asks if Nicole is voting for Tiffany to stay ...

            Tiffany tells her "of course" it's going to be 10/0


            • #7
              James talks with Paulie, Frank and Corey telling htem that every time he goes into the bedroom that Tiffany, Natalie, and Bronte are huddled together

              James- Tiffany is trying to be the secret ringleader

              Frank- she ( Tiffany ) wants me out ...she called me a chauvinist and all that ****

              James - that's what her sister called me last season... I don't trust her...

              Paulie- I feel like she is taking too many pages out of his sister's playbook

              James- yeah ... just like her sister Vanessa. She did the same ****... she'd say....I'm on the out and I need in.... and then she snipes your ass

              Paulie- I don't think we can let Tiffany win something right now
              James - Hell no
              Frank - no no no

              James- she's a ticking time bomb


              • #8
                Frank tells James that he and Corey can thrown the next 2 weeks of HoH competitions


                • #9
                  Tiffany tells Natalie that she's not worried about Paulie or Corey right now... that she's more worried about Frank and James...


                  • #10

                    Michelle to Tiffany - Who do you think Bridgette would put up? ( as HoH )
                    Tiffany - One of the guys
                    Michelle- Frank wouldn't let her

                    Tiffany tells Michelle that she thinks that Bridgette is a LOT more independent that people think...

                    Tiffany -she ( Bridgette ) knows what she's doing ...


                    • #11

                      Bronte tells Bridgette that she's considering letting Frank or James run her HoH.... in exchange for keeping her safe the following week if they win

                      Bridgette - how do you feel about Tiffany?
                      Bronte- I like her... but she gets frazzled...

                      They both agree that Tiffany would/could throw them under the bus when she's frazzled.


                      • #12

                        Da'Vonne tells Zakiyah that Michelle told her that she can't send Frank home...before jury

                        Zakiyah - why the **** not?

                        Da'vonne - me sending Victor home is what's best for Frank's game..... when I'm HoH ... then Tiffany has got to go...or him ( Frank )


                        • #13

                          Some of the others.. Paul, Victor etc. literally just went to bed a few minutes ago...

                          Da'Vonne STILL working on her braids... ( she has like 170 )

                          ( I'm off to work, if someone can pick it up, once they wake up )


                          • #14
                            8:56 AM BBT

                            Frank, Paulie and Victor are up and sitting outside. They have been talking about dreams, BBUK, stabbing. Frank went back inside before the stabbing talk started. Everyone else seems to still be asleep.


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                              9:14 AM BBT

                              Victor goes inside. Frank and Paulie talk about James concern last night with the girls talking. They are concerned about the girls forming an alliance but still feel that they have a few that would never join it. Frank is really high on Bridgette being trustworthy, but they are concerned about Da' and Tiffany being good at the mental comps. Frank said Tiffany wants to get him (Frank) out. He thinks that's why she is buddying up with the girls to get some numbers on the side. Frank says that's why they need to get some of the girls out so they can even the numbers up a bit while they are still playing in "teams". Frank says that not only did Tiffany say she wanted Frank out, but she said she wanted him out pre-jury. Frank says he knows that he and Tiffany have had some little outs (disagreement) but Tiff should at least wait until she has the numbers before she starts telling people that kind of stuff. (seems that Bridgette told Frank all this info). Paulie talks about how even Bronte was throwing Paul under the bus when Paulie won HOH. Talk turns to who should win HOH next (they actually seem to have an HOH order, as in who needs to see pics of kids, etc).


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