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Live Feed Updates- July 6 - Day 22

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  • Live Feed Updates- July 6 - Day 22

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    12:08 AM BBT

    Nicole and James compare notes about Frank ...

    James tells Nicole that Frank told him that Corey wants to make an alliance with Paulie, Nicole and Frank.

    Nicole tells James that Zakiyah told him that Frank told her that he wants a Final 5 with the four of them and Zakiyah.

    Nicole - Corey has never said any of that to me.... he ( Frank ) is trying to get you to go after Corey...

    James- so Frank is lying.... is he trying to play all of us or something?

    Nicole tells James that now that Frank told Paulie about the Eight Pack.. and how now she feels awkward around Paulie... she says she feels like she's a liar...

    Nicole promises James that she is only loyal to the Vets...


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      ( I don't have much time here so I'm just going to throw up some key convos )

      Da’Vonne told James that Frank has promised Final 4 deals to her, Zakiyah, Nicole and Bridgette

      She also tells him that she wants Frank out.

      Da'Vonne- he's rude and nasty and the women are tired of it.... he's not the person I thought he was

      James- wow ...

      They tell James that Frank told Paulie about he Eight Pack ...

      Da'Vonne - he has to go..

      James says it sucks... wanted it to be the 4 of them going to the end together...

      Da'Vonne- I will vote him out, you vote him out, Nicole will vote him out, Zakiyah will vote him out. Tiffany can't stand him

      James asks .. if they vote out Frank they have a group anymore???

      Da'vonne tells him that Frank is going to try to take Bridgette to the end with him...

      They discuss all the ramifications of getting Frank out ...


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        Da'Vonne, James and Nicole talk ...

        2:08 AM BBT

        James- now I see why nobody wanted to work with him on his cast.... I see why everybody hung him out to dry

        James suggests that maybe they let Frank take Tiffany out ..

        Da'Vonne - then who is going to take him out?

        James says if they are going to take Frank out ... they have to wait... until he takes out a few of his targets

        James promises Da'Vonne and Nicole that he won't repeat any of this to Frank ...

        James tells them that he "****ed up" and told Frank that Corey told him that he doesn't want to throw the HoH comp

        Nicole- That's really really bad

        Nicole goes onto say that it's going to be really hard for her to throw a comp, knowing that Frank is coming after 2 of her people...

        James- say we flip it and we try to take Bridgette out this week.

        Nicole- then we just piss him ( Frank ) off

        They talk about how Frank/Bridgett.... how Bridgette is in Frank’s back pocket.

        Nicole says it's a Derrick/Victoria thing....

        They talk about how James could tell Corey that Frank wants him out
        James is unsure if Corey will believe him/listen to him...

        Nicole says that she could get Corey on board...

        James says he could try .. but it's risky ...

        James leaves

        Da'Vonne tells Nicole that she needs to get Corey to win HoH ... this week... they have the numbers... ( to get Frank out) since James is on board...

        ( gotta jet... sorry )


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          ( again I only have a moment to add just a little bit of some convos for you guys )

          3:05 AM BBT
          HoH Room
          Paulie, Da’Vonne, Michelle, and Zakiyah

          Talk is about the Eight Pack

          Paulie tells them that Frank said that Michelle came up with the name "Eight Pack"

          They tell him no.. it was Frank.

          Girls are trying to feel Paulie out ... he's doing the same...


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            3:50 AM BBT

            Paulie and Zakiyah talk ...

            Z tells him that Frank is only looking out for himself...

            Paulie tells her that they should "play it cool" with Frank... "lay low" ... get Tiffany out and then blindside Frank "when the time is right"

            Pauile - it seems Mama Day wants Frank out sooner rather than later

            Zakiyah I get that feeling

            He tells her that he's been working with Corey from the start.. and that Corey is the one that warned him about Frank... after Nicole warned Corey...

            Paulie continues to talk about getting out some others before Frank... people who support him first .. which would then make it easier to get him out.

            ( that's all I can do for now.. )


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              Currently ~~ 5:33 AM BBT

              They are all finally sleeping...


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                  HOH Room
                  11:11 a.m.

                  Paulie is asleep and Corey comes in and wakes him up. Paulie tells Corey that he talked for a long time to Z. Da/Michelle also came up and they talked about what Frank is doing. They were trying to do damage control since Frank told him about the F8 deal that Paulie is not a part of.

                  Paulie tells him that they said that Frank has thrown out several grouping to go to the end. Z said that Frank went to her aggressively and wanted to work a couple of groups. Paulie wants to know if Frank went to Nicole to start something.

                  They are comparing notes about what Frank has been saying to everyone. Paulie tells Corey that he 100% trust him and he trusts Z, Z trust Da and Nicole.

                  The girls are wanting to get Frank out. Paulie tells them that Bridgette/Natalie/Bronte need to go before Frank. Paulie is suspicious that the girls are trying to split the guys up and get them out.

                  Paulie wants to wait until he has spoken to Nicole to see if she was specifically spoken to (by Frank I assume) or whether it’s just Da and Z telling Nicole stuff to stir it up.

                  Paulie says that Z has talked about a group of Z/Da/Paulie/Corey and Nicole working together.

                  After a rehash of what was said, it appears that Paulie doesn’t want to go after Frank at this time. Corey thinks that the girls are going to take each other out and the girls aren’t even looking at them (Corey/Paulie) at this point.

                  They do think that Frank is working everyone in the game and that he is smart but they think it's too early in the game.


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                    11:31 a.m. HOH room. Paulie and Corey make a F2 deal. They continue to circle around who is with whom so I am going to skip ahead.
                    !2:32 p.m. Still with Paulie and Corey....they are talking about stepping up and winning the 3rd HOH to keep it out of someone's hands ????. Paulie says he would have won the POV? or Roadkill if he hadn't been up so late (6 a.m.) because he is good at math.
                    The others are starting to get up for the day.


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                      HN Room

                      1:39 p.m.


                      Z is telling Nicole about her conversation with Paulie last night. She said she had to do a lot of damage control because he doesn’t know who he can trust any more. Z trust Nicole and gives her reasons and she trust Nicole. (Da has left the room for a bit). Z thinks that he is onto Frank and the fact that he is a snake. Da comes back in.
                      Z says that Paulie wants to cut off some parts of the body before he cuts off the head (Frank). Paulie trusts Z/Nicole and Da. He told Z he wants to talk to Nicole alone. She says that Corey is up there so she isn’t going to go up there.
                      They talk about the guys wanting to get the Spy girls out first before he goes after Frank, but if he does put Frank up he wants to make sure he has the votes.
                      Da isn’t saying anything, but Paul comes in and the conversation stops.
                      Once he leaves Z goes on to recount the rest of her conversation with Paulie, which is what Paulie was sharing with Corey.


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                        Upstairs Lounge


                        2:46 p.m.

                        They are whispering and there is so much noise from downstairs that it is hard to hear. I think that Nicole is concerned about Da. Nicole says she is in a weird mood, very standoffish. Nicole is afraid Da would put her up if she won Roadkill. She thinks Da will tell Frank that Nicole wants him gone. Da is making her not trust anyone and Nicole only trusts Corey. Nicole says that she had to tell James to start watching his mouth around Frank. She is whispering so much that Corey has to lean wayyyyy in just to hear her so I am going to the Da/James conversation.


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                          HN Room
                          2:48 p.m.

                          Da tells James that everything she tells him has to stay between them. Z told Da that Paulie told her he wanted a F5 with Corey/Paulie/Da/Z and Nicole.
                          James – not Frank?
                          Da – no. Da says she asked Z if she (Z) thought it was a good idea and Z did. Then Nicole came to Da and asked her for her opinion about the F5. Nicole confirmed the F5 deal. Da tells James she doesn’t like it because James isn’t in it and it is her and 2 showmances. She isn’t stupid.
                          James and Da think it’s bad and James says that they should have known that this was going to happen because 8 person alliances only last for about a week. We knew people were going to go out and do their own thing.
                          Da is upset because she thought the vets had a F4 deal. James says that has gone. Da is saying that it’s not fair. She doesn’t understand what is happening. They were 4 strong vets and now Frank has pulled that “bit yesterday” and now there are two showmances. She knows they are going to cut her off and she thinks it sucks that James is not included in the group.
                          Da says that Corey is talking to Nicole right now and Paulie and Z spent all night upstairs.
                          James says that everyone is on board with getting Victor out and then it’s a crap shot after that.
                          Da tells him that she has his back and he tells her that he knows that. James thinks that no one is telling him anything. He is now on the outs with everyone.
                          Da is mad because she thought that the 4 were solid and now everyone is going their separate ways.
                          James thinks that it is good that Z and Nicole are keeping Da in the loop. She tells him that she doesn’t think she is really included in the group. They just told her that.
                          James tells her that they can’t be quiet. He and Meg were quiet and they went home. Everyone is playing everyone and we need to be vocal.
                          Da doesn’t want to say anything to Frank because he tells everything he knows.
                          James says it is bad because now he can’t trust anyone.
                          James thinks that he has been honest with everyone and tells his group everything he knows. He thinks he’s not in the group because they realize that he is a threat. He could have won the comp the other night but he threw it for them.
                          James now wants to see if they can get their group (4 vets) back together again. Derrick (Season 16 winner) told him that you need to keep your group close and once you see someone going off with other get rid of them.
                          James is wondering if maybe it would be smart to keep Victor and bring him in with them because Victor would go after Paulie. They decide that everyone wants him to go home because he is a lost cause. James is lamenting that he should have won the comp and then they wouldn’t be in this position.
                          Da says we need Nicole back within our group. She can win comps.
                          Da - these people don't get it. They are in here for showmances and to get followers on social media. I'm not here for that. I got a kid, you got a kid.
                          James - everyone has their own agenda.


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                            James says it happens every season. It was too easy.
                            Da - we need to get rid of Frank, get rid of Corey. Get Nicole back. I'm not worried about Z. We can get Paulie back in.
                            James wants Da to keep his name out of the hit list. Just keep reminding them that James will do what the group wants him to do.


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                              Upstairs Lounge

                              Nicole tells James that she is upset and hurt by people saying crap. She is trying to play with her head and not her heart.

                              James tells her that he has her back. She reassures him that she has his back. She trust him and is not worried about him.

                              James asks if they shouldn’t be trusting people and who they are. Nicole tells him she doesn’t know who to trust.

                              James tells her she can trust Da and she agrees. James tells her he thought it would be badass if all the vets could stay together but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. He doesn’t want them to look like losers when they go home and watch the game and realize that they should have stayed together. They made the mistake of teaming up with newbies that don’t know what the he** they are doing. We will look like idiots.

                              Nicole tells him that Frank told Paulie that he would put up James and Nicole. James asks why and she says that Frank wants to see what the others would do if that happened. She swears James to secrecy.

                              James swears that he won’t tell. He asks Nicole if Paulie trust Frank and then says maybe they should try to take Frank out.

                              Nicole says they can’t do it by themselves and asks James if his team wins the next HOH will he take it. He tells her yes, he’s not going to throw it this week. He isn’t going to give it to others, but if he does he feels his team will listen to him. Nicole is worried that she will go up. James is concerned that if he doesn’t take it he doesn’t know where everyone’s head is at anymore. He says no one has a set target. Everyone will tells him to put up someone else. There is no set group anymore. There are groups forming all over the house.

                              That catches us up as now everyone is moving through the house and having different conversations and I need to go fix dinner. Just got back from Canada and I am tired and have to take my mom to her 15 months checkup with her cancer doctor tomorrow so won’t be around to do anything then. I’ll check back later tonight to see what I can do to help.


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