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Live Feed Updates - July 7 - Day 23

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 7 - Day 23

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    6:35 AM BBT, All Cams

    All houseguests are in bed/sleeping.


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      ( I'm at work... but I'm going to try to at least give some FLASHBACK times from where I left off from last night .. bear with me )

      11:05 PM BBT - Frank tells Corey and Paulie that he thinks that the girls ( Nicole, Da'Vonne, Zakiyah and Michelle ) are loyal to them


      11:50 PM BBT - Michelle tells Nicole and Corey that she will throw to make sure her team doesn't win. The "plan" is to have either Nicole or Corey win HoH

      Corey -we're going to to backdoor the **** out of him ( Frank )


      11:56 PM BBT - Corey and Paulie talk about getting Frank out.

      Corey to Paulie- I talked to Michelle and confirmed that me and you are out if we don't get him out next week


      12:01 AM BBT - Tiffany and Paulie talk ... she's crying/upset .... tells him she wanted to work with him....

      Tiffany to Paulie - some things that people are saying are really hurting me......people you think you can trust... you can't ... this thing with wanting to gun after me... and no one tells me... that hurt me


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        (more FLASHBACK times )

        12:25 AM BBT - James and Frank

        James tells Frank that his team doesn't need to throw HoH this week.. because if they won.. they could put Tiffany on the block

        3:25 AM BBT - Da'Vonne and Nicole

        They both say they are "in' for getting out Frank this week...

        Nicole asks Da'Vonne if she would ever put her up....
        Da'Vonne tells her no

        Da'Vonne talks about being in an alliance with 2 showmances..
        Nicole tells her not to think of it that way ...

        Da'vonne tells Nicole for her or Corey not to throw the HoH ... she knows Tiffany is gunning for it too...

        Da'Vonne - Tiffany's to fight like hell for that HoH cause she said ...."I don't give a damn. I want Frank to go home"

        Nicole says she thinks that Michelle and James are the kind ( of people ) who would reveal things when they are upset/mad

        Da'Vonne talks about how she thinks Zakiyah told Paulie about what James told them ( Her/Nicole - ONLY ) that Frank was trying to get Corey and Paulie nominated.

        Nicole tells Da'Vonne that she "thinks it's stupid" for them to get out anyone that has their best interest..

        Da'Vonne - correct and that is not Frank

        They both agree that "once Frank is gone" .. Bridgette has to go..

        They think she will "latch onto James"

        Da'Vonne says "she isn't afraid to take a shot at Frank" ...

        She says she's willing to "be the one that back doors him"

        ( gotta stop for now )


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          Happy Live Eviction Day!

          8:50 AM BBT

          Lights are on but the only one I see out of bed is Paul. He is brushing his teeth.


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            9:01 AM BBT

            Paul has gone into the Africa lounge. He is talking to us (live feeders). He is talking about what it's like to be a Have-Not for two weeks. He says the slop isn't too bad but he appreciates America giving them berries to eat. He complains about not being able to stretch out in bed at night. He feels like he is a seasoned vet at being a Have-Not. He says he has been on the block for 2 weeks. He says that while you are in the house, you live, eat, sleep, dream Big Brother. He does wonder whats going on outside the house. He likes to think of himself as being tough as nails, but he doesn't like not knowing how his friends and family are doing. He talks about how weird it is to be stuck in there with 15 other assholes. It's hard to pretend you like someone that you don't. He thinks that's why Jozea was sent home the first week, because he couldn't keep his feelings to himself.

            The comps are a bit difficult, but the pressure of knowing you could go home is you lose makes them extremely hard to win. Any type of mental error can bring your downfall. He thinks the comps are random as far as being geared for a certain type of mind, body style, etc. He thinks they are mostly a crapshoot and you just have to keep your head on straight. He says it's hard to see the same people all day every day. They get on your nerves.


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              9:14 AM BBT

              Michelle has walked by to use the toilet. Paul keeps talking and giving advise to any of us about being on BB. He has now switched to talking about how cool it is to be there. He says if you see him doing crazy erratic stuff, it's just him having fun. He says winning BB is really just about luck, He says if you come into the house with the idea of winning, you will lose. He says this is just a game of chance and of luck. He tells the people who have been trying out for the show, to keep trying. He says it's not about the individual, but that they are looking at the whole group. (nice pep talk).



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                9:20 BBT

                Paul says it's difficult not having his beard trimmed or his hair cut. He says he doesn't know how to do that for himself. He also doesn't miss any of his social media sites or phone. He says he misses his guitar more than his phone. He is telling us how social media is ruining the art of face to face communication. He thinks technology is taking away from our being humanistic. He says he has had more conversations with the people in the BB house than he has had with his real friends and family. He talks about seeing a young couple out on a date and they will both be on their phones (he is waxing poetic).

                Michelle meets Natalie in the hallway (outside of where Paul is talking to the live feeders) and they both make a "what the heck" motion with their heads and arms about Paul talking to himself.


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                  9:33 AM BBT

                  Lots of FISH! as BB is trying to get people to wake up. Paul is being a motivational speaker by telling live feeders to go for what you want in life.


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                    10:16 AM BBT

                    Everyone seems to be up and either getting dressed for the day or making/eating breakfast.


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                      10:35 AM BBT

                      Nicole and Corey in Africa room. Nicole is complaining about (a male) being mean to her. She says no one treats her like that. (it's either Vic or Frank). She says she really doesn't want Da' to win HOH, she wants Zakiyah to win. Nicole just wants to at least make it to jury, so she needs Corey to be able to play for HOH the following week. Corey says how weird it is that this all came to light in the last 24 hours. Nicole says she doesn't really know that getting Vic out is best for her game, but she's going to do it. She says getting Vic out is best for Frank & Paulie's game. Nicole hopes that the HOH comp tonight is at least something she is good at (seems BB hasn't told them how to dress for the comp yet).

                      James joins them. He says that Paulie gave him gestures as if he and James were buds, (winked, nodded and patted his knee). Corey says he talked to Paulie last night and told him about everything and that Paulie is completely on board with getting Frank out next.

                      Paulie joins them and he jokes about giving the wink signal to James. They talk about how Frank tries to get everyone else to put the people he wants up and to get out who Frank wants out. Paulie thinks they are all pretty set in getting Frank out.

                      Nicole tells them that she feels bad for Vic because he really thinks he's staying.

                      Frank joins them.


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                        10:57 AM BBT

                        Nicole says she is not going to be able to look at Vic tonight. She says she couldn't look at Jozea when they voted him out. A little more chit chat and then the group breaks up and goes their separate ways. I could transcribe Bridgette popping a zit under Bronte's nose but I think I will pass.


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                          11:20 AM BBT

                          Semms like everyone has made their way to the HOH so it's time for the lockdown and our favorite FISH! to take the stage for a while.


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                            1:09 PM BBT

                            We are still on Jeff loops.


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                              Live Voting:

                              Natalie - Victor
                              Paul- Bronte
                              Bridgette - Victor
                              Zakiyah - Victor
                              James- Victor
                              Da'Vonne - Victor
                              Frank- Victor
                              Michelle- Victor
                              Nicole- Victor
                              Corey- Victor

                              By a vote of 9- 1 - 0 .... Victor has been evicted from the Big Brother 18 house.

                              Julie Chen to Victor - The vote was 9-1. What do you make of that?
                              Victor- Paul is my boy!

                              Victor's goodbye messages were from Natalie, Bronte, Paulie and Paul.

                              Julie tells Victor about the #BattleBack

                              Head of Household Competition: "Kiss My Ace"

                              Played in teams, player serves in their numbered court, the player with the lowest score in each round is eliminated.

                              Bronte is out.
                              Michelle is out.
                              Nicole is out
                              Da'Vonne is out
                              James is out
                              Frank is out
                              Corey is out
                              Zakiyah is out

                              One player left on each team...

                              Tiffany is out
                              Natalie is out

                              It's down to Bridgette and Paul

                              Bridgette is the new Head of Household ... Team Category is safe for the week.

                              Who will Bridgette nominate?

                              The drama continues on the Live Feeds...


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