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Live Feed Updates- July 8 - Day 24

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  • Live Feed Updates- July 8 - Day 24

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    Paulie and Zakiyah are still up and talking about the 5...

    Paulie says once Tiffany goes and Frank goes... they are really good... smooth sailing...

    There was a LOT of drama that went down last night... be sure to catch up on the July 7th Live Feed Update thread HERE

    3:29 AM BBT Paulie and Zakiyah finally call it a night...

    Paulie- good night Z baby
    Zakiyah - good night

    ( I'm out )


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      They might be all tucked in .. but the camera gives us a look at the mess they left behind...

      and this one just because I suppose...


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        Finally ...

        ( okay .. now I'm out )


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          6:26 AM BBT, All Cams

          All houseguests are still in bed/sleeping.


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            Safari Lounge
            8:43 a.m.

            Frank asks James to go sip coffee with him in the lounge. He gives a shout out to his mom and then calls out a few more names but he’s just babbling now as he waits for James to find sugar for his coffee.

            James asks if Frank is going to talk to Da today. Frank is confused because he does that with his mom and nana and Da would laugh when he did it so he thought it was ok.

            Frank says that Bridgette never mentioned Da’s name. He goes on to tell James that she was thinking about putting up Corey/Nicole.
            When James asks if she said those names, Frank backtracks and says that she was talking about putting someone up from Freakazoids. She just brought up a combination of names. Frank says he never told Nicole and Corey because he didn’t want them to get nervous. He thought his conversations with Da were going good, but Paulie came up and talked to him. He said it’s not his style to offend somebody and he will talk to her today. Frank thinks she is homesick.
            James – yeah and she misses her little girl, she’s a mom. It’s a game boy.

            Frank – it’s tough. He thought everything was good (and we get FISH).


            • #7
              When we come back, Frank is saying that Bronte might go up because it is ‘guilt by association’. That’s what happened with Jozea.
              James – anytime they ask me what they should do I tell them they have the heat trailing from Jozea. (I assume they are talking about the Spy girls). James goes on to say that they probably rubbed people the wrong way at first. Just ask people what you can do, don’t try to run through people. Vote with people when you need to. Stay out of people’s ****. Natalie and Bronte tell him all the time that they just want to make it to jury.
              James – **** you’re almost there.
              Frank – what do you think about Bronte making it to jury? I know everybody else wants her out.
              James says he is doing whatever the group wants to do (and we get Fish again).
              They are just talking about “southern life” and Nicole comes in and sits down.
              Frank – what’s up girl? What do you mean southern based? What’s up girl?
              Nicole – not much.
              Frank – did you stay up late?
              Nicole - no
              James – who did you sleep with?
              Nicole – I can’t understand her answer.
              Now it’s just general chit chat.
              Nicole asks if Frank slept good upstairs in the HOH. He says he did and that Bridgette is feeling pretty good. She feels bad about putting Paul up. Something about losing her patience with Tiffany crying. He goes into how Tiffany tried to come up and talk to Bridgette…be a part of a girls alliance and be the glue between them.
              Nicole says that she feels kinda of bad about not sleeping with Tiffany last night.
              Frank says that the only thing he was worried about, but thinks he could talk himself out of, was her telling Bridgette about 8 pack.
              James – oh f***.
              Frank is sure it will come out this week.
              James thinks if Frank is convinced that it will come out he should tell.
              Nicole doesn’t think Tiff will tell.
              James thinks if she’s on the block she will. She will self explode.
              Frank – if she’s on the block and stays there it won’t matter.
              James again says she will tell everything about our secret.
              Nicole say she will keep digging a bigger hole and no one will want to talk to her.
              People are up and starting to walk by the room so they start talking lower.
              They are sure the powder puff girls will want Tiff gone.
              Nicole thinks it will be a relief when Tiff is gone.
              Talk turns to Vic’s F bomb but Nicole says she never heard that.

              Nicole leaves and heads for the bathroom where Bronte and Natalie are getting ready. James and Frank are just talking about life outside BB and guns.


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                Now we are on Jeff Loops so I assume that nominations are taking place.

                10:21 BBT We are still on Jeff Loops.
                Last edited by Ladycop; 07-08-2016, 12:21 PM.


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                  11:29 AM BBT

                  Still on Jeff Loops....

                  ( last week, the feeds came back about this time ) .. we'll see...


                  • #10
                    11:32 AM BBT

                    And we are back...

                    Paul saying that he's on the block, every single week


                    • #11
                      Paul has Bronte and Natalie cracking up ..

                      They tell him he's "doing good keeping positive" ..

                      Paul- that's cause I'm over it! .. you can only **** in my cereal so many time, until I finally say .. I guess I'm having **** cereal today...

                      They laugh (with him ) and tell him to just keep positive...


                      • #12

                        Zakiyah to Tiffany - are you okay?
                        Tiffany - yeah
                        Zakiyah - don't freak out.
                        Tiffany- I'm not.. it's just draining to have to be on the defense all the time.

                        Zakiyah - I know .. and I don't know what the goal is.. I don't really talk to Bridgette

                        Tiffany - the only thing is... Who do I trust to pick for veto? .....everyone on my team is scared that someone they're close to will be put up.

                        Zakiyah- we'll be fine...

                        Nicole comes in.. tells Tiffany "you still have us" ...

                        Tiffany- If I survive this week, Frank is going down with a ****ing vengeance... and Bridgette... I will put both their asses up.. I swear to God.

                        Nicole -you'll survive.


                        • #13

                          Bronte - I think that Tiff knows that a lot of that came more from Frank

                          Bridgette - maybe... but it really didn't. I want her out too.


                          • #14
                            Bronte - when Paul was nominated.. he looked at Frank and rolled his eyes.

                            Bridgette - I don't want the house to think I don't have a backbone


                            • #15
                              Bronte - it looks like everyone is blaming Frank... which I'm happy about for you ...
                              Bridgette - I am too, actually

                              They both say that they "want the girls to dominate"

                              Bronte- I'll side with the girls over any boy.. I'm so determined for this season to be known for the girls kicking ass


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