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Live Feed Updates - July 9 - Day 25

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 9 - Day 25

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    7:09 AM BBT, Cams 1 & 2

    Sleeping houseguests.

    Cams 3 & 4

    (not sure what happened but Michelle & Nicole are both scared. Something happened that scared them. Heard talking or something)

    Michelle & Nicole in the bathroom area. Both laughing. Nicole talking about she was sleep talking. Saying there are ghosts in that room.
    Michelle talks about bewitching hour. Nicole says she's really scared. She has goosebumps. Nicole asks Michelle if she's staying up. Nicole says she's too tired to stay up.
    They're standing in the Kitchen talking. Nicole says she'll never sleep in that room again.

    They both head to the Tokyo room and climb back in bed.

    Now Frank gets up and heads to the bathroom.


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      7:18 AM BBT

      Frank heads back to bed and now all houseguests are in bed/sleeping.


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        A quick look back last night at the Live Feeds HERE on the Home Page

        ( again thanks to Lynette and Ladycop for their help )


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          9:15 AM BBT

          Cams 1 & 2

          Natalie, Bridgette (and maybe one or two other people) in the HOH bed still sleeping. Lights are all on now though.

          Cams 3 & 4

          Nicole & Zakiyah in the bathroom area. Zakiyah doing her make-up. Nicole walks in the Kitchen and says there's something nasty on the floor. She starts to clean it up.

          FISH (probably trying to get folks out of bed)


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            9:45 AM BBT

            We're still on FISH!


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              9:56 AM BBT

              We're still on FISH.

              (I have to go so it would be much appreciated if someone would do some updates when they come back)


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                1:02 BBT


                Freakazoids-Nicole, Corey, and Tiffany are Have Nots.

                The extra food is Popcorn and Peanuts. Like you would have at any good sporting event.

                Paul said it is unfair. They only got berries. America must hate them. (He thinks America is voting on the foods)

                Nicle and Corey head to the Have Not Room. Corey is telling some story about someone talking about pinching butts and making a remark about wanting to pinch his (I think, it's king of a rambling story). Says that must be what James heard.

                James comes in and welcomes them to his house and they talk about what bumper car Corey has to have. Paul wanders in.

                Tiffany comes in and they discuss who will be in what car. Someone doesn't want to be in the one with a clown. Tiffany wants to be int he one by the door.

                James says he's sleeping in there with him. They're going back and forth about the pillows and blankets and who gets what.

                Camera switch to kitchen. Paulie and Frank are washing dishes and making coffee. Somebody farts. They are whispering, but I can't hear them over the water. Lots of talking about a "she"

                Now to the bathroom with Z putting on her makeup. Frank comes in to talk to Michelle and not throwing the comp. Michelle and Frank are teasing each other about Frank cutting her from the 7-pack and Michelle giving it back to her, there won't be teams forever. Michelle says at least she's not a rat.


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                  Bridgette and Natalie talking about the veto comp and what might happen. Bridgette says that if Bronte comes off then Natalie might have to go up. Natalie says if Tiff comes off and she is put up she won’t like it but she thinks she will be safe up there.

                  Natalie – I don’t mind taking one for the team. I’m fine with it. I’ll take that responsibility.

                  Bridgette still doesn’t know who won Roadkill, and Natalie is staying true to her word to James and not telling her.

                  Bridgette does not want James to go up on the block.

                  Natalie says that other people need to start going up on the block. If it is just Paul/Bronte/Natalie then they are in trouble. Bridgette says she is also in that mix. She says that others need to start going up but they are all in pairs.

                  Natalie says she will do it for Bronte. She is scared but she will do it 100%. She thinks if Bronte stays up there she will be safe. She believes James, she is with him and Bridg is with Frank. She says she avoided James the rest of the day because he didn’t tell her that Bronte was going up. It is just going to be last week repeated. We need to win HOH or we are going home. Natalie says they have to start winning Roadkill.

                  Natalie continues to question Bridg as to who has the Roadkill….does she know who might have put her up the first week. (The correct answer is Frank.)

                  Bridg doesn’t want to put Natalie up because she doesn’t want her name to be put into the mix. Natalie wants to play in veto and she will try her hardest, but if she isn’t picked can she be the host?


                  • #10
                    1:15 HoH room

                    Bridgette and Natalie talking, but Bridgette is in a crinkly bag so I couldn't hear the beginning. Natalie says that she is a nerd magnet. She should have known Bronte was a nerd. Chatting about nerds and some guy.

                    Switch to kitchen. Paulie washing dishes still. Frank and Paul wondering around. Burgers were great last night, Paulie.

                    Camera 1&2 on the bathroom with Michelle and Z. Michelle bitching about Frank. Michelle says "I'm the one getting too comfortable? I don't think so." (Something Frank said when they were teasing each other and she apparently took offense to it).

                    Day comes in to brush her teeth. Michelle continues on telling Day that Frank said she was getting too confortable. Michelle can't wait to get him out.

                    Bridgette called to the DR. Michelle says "time to pick players for the veto."

                    Z says that Frank needs to go on slop to humble himself. She says at some point she can't take it no more.

                    Camera 3&4
                    Natalie and Bronte in the HoH brushing teeth and getting ready in the bathroom.More whispering with water on. Next two weeks....

                    Back to 1&2
                    Have Not room. Frank has gone in to talk to Nicole, Corey, James, and Day. Talk about the popcorn and peanuts. Will they get to pop their own or will they get bags of it. Talk about maybe getting carmel corn kettle corn. Frank wants some, but they tell him it's just Have Not food (teasing). He protests about Michelle eating berries last week.

                    Day is gone, but I see that Tiffany is also in there laying in the bumper car. Debate about whether America voted for it. If so, that would mean America likes them.

                    Natalie called to DR.

                    Talk about if they had gotten hot dogs too. Frank leaves, but you can hear him talking about killing ants.


                    • #11
                      10:20 BBT

                      Nicole and Corey sleeping in the bumper cars.

                      Tiffany moving here things into the Have Not Room.

                      Da called to the DR.

                      Zakiyah fixing her hair in the BR. Frank in the Potty. Zakiyah says, Frank, I hope you are not pooping in there.


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                        10:30 BBT

                        Zakiyah fixing Michelle's hair extensions. Wondering when POV is going to be. Zakiyah says she doesn't want to play in it. She wants to save herself for playing for HoH.


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                          Natalie and Bronte in the kitchen whispering. Natalie asking Bronte if someone was in the room this morning when they were talking game. Bronte says she doesn't think so.


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                            Frank talking to Bridgette. Saying he really doesn't have a girlfriend. He just said that to everyone. It's a strategy. He wants to disarm everyone. Just like wearing a wedding ring. It makes me look like an asexual person in the house, because he's taken. So he doesn't have to worry about any of that crap, so he lies. He says to Bridgette, well you wanted something juicy about me.

                            Now he says, No, I've got a girlfriend, I'm just playing with ya'all.


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                              11:50 BBT

                              Bathroom. Michelle/Natalie/Zakiyah. Just putting on and talking about makeup. No game talk.


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