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Live Feed Updates - July 10 - Day 26

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 10 - Day 26

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    6:03 AM BBT

    Cams 1 & 2

    Sleeping houseguests.

    Cams 3 & 4

    James and Natalie talking. General chit chat. James talking about being good at survival stuff like hunting. Natalie asks why he hasn't been on Survivor. James says because Big Brother recruited him first, not recruited but had me come on first. James says he's good at social skills too. He just needs to improve being able to memorize stuff quicker.

    James says something about food. Natalie says not to encourage her to eat.

    James asks Natalie what she likes.

    Talking about music and artists.

    (Just general chit chat; could be the start of love for James! )


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        6:24 AM BBT

        James & Natalie still chatting. A little more game talk now and as usual (when folks do any kind of game talk in the house) they start whispering. Natalie talking about wanting to win a comp.
        Game talk ends and they go back to talking in regular voice.
        Natalie says she has nightmares. James said you know why you have nightmares because that voice says, "Natalie, you didn't sleep next to James and now you're going to have nightmares". ()


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          6:35 AM BBT

          Cams 3 & 4

          Natalie & James talking about what competitions they think will be coming up. Talking about James' last season of Big Brother.

          (with that I'm going back to bed; if someone wants to jump in if/when something exciting happens, please do)


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            All lazy bums still sleeping.


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              Corey and James in the backyard 10:36 a.m.

              They are talking about putting up Paul and Bronte or Paul and Michelle and backdoor Frank. They don’t want Frank to be able to play in veto. James says the bad thing about Paul is that he doesn’t think he needs to win at any comp because he’s not going home. They want someone who can win at something.

              Michelle comes out and that conversation ends. When she leaves, James says that it wouldn't be happening except for Frank. Frank is telling different people to put up others and most of them are in their group but are good at comps.


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                James promises Corey that he won’t put him up. They agree that they both have one person on each team who will throw stuff, at least until the teams are broken up. James says he never name drops, never, except with Corey. They talk about Frank wanting to get Natalie out because she is close to James and to the Spy Girls. Frank talks about who he wants to take out prior to jury. He just wants to eliminate votes in the jury house. They talk about how he is lying to Bridgette…they need to tell her what he is doing and saying to others. We need to let Bridgette know but not until after he is on the block so that she will be ok voting him out.
                James is talking up Natalie and the fact that she only wants to make jury and she will be happy. They agree that Bronte feels the same way…the (spy) girls want to hang out together and Corey says he is the same way. He doesn’t want to go home.
                James and Corey think they have three solid girls there…Bronte, Natalie and Michelle. (No Nicole?). They think Paulie has Z, they are close.
                Corey likes all the girls but has nothing in common with Bridgette. He thinks she was going to put him up (if someone came down off the block). He also doesn’t like Tiffany but she is going home this week. Corey says it was stressful having Tiff on his team.
                The boys talk about being locked down (in the house) in another hour.


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                  Bridgette hops down the stairs with Bronte’s help. She really looks awkward using those crutches and I hope she doesn’t hurt her arm pits. She opines that it is a good learning experiences for when she is working with patients. (and Fish).

                  Side note: Bronte is growing on me, she is a nurturer.


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                    Once James realizes that Bronte and Bridgette are out of the HOH room, he runs up to snuggle with Natalie who is asleep.


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                      Michelle is concerned that when Tiffany finds out she is going she will spill the beans to Frank that they all want to get him out. Da says that Tiff will be in shock and just get up and leave. Da is assuming that she will be blindsided.


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                        Nothing happening. James and Natalie in HOH room sleeping. Bronte taking shower. Michelle is out by pool by herself sunbathing. Da in bed going over who won which comp. No one else is moving around.


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                          We have FISH and now the backyard is locked down and Michelle and Bridg come in from outside. Bridg making an icepack for herself. It seems like everyone else is sleeping, including Da. I am going to go for now.


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                            1:50 BBT

                            Quick peek in.

                            Cam 1/2 Frank fixing eggs in the kitchen.

                            Cam 3/4 James and Natalie cuddled up sleeping in HoH.

                            No other activity being shown.


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                              Literally nothing has been going on today. Corey/Frank/Bridgette/Bronte in lounge just chit chatting and Corey complaining about being too tall to fit into the car beds in the HN room. Bridgette has iced her foot a couple of times and she and Michelle had a longer conversation (earlier today) about living in a big city and night life. Michelle had been outside with her and helped her into the house and brought her some food and drink while she sat in the living room icing her foot. Nicole was up once to go to the bathroom and then right back to bed. Frank carried Bridgette back upstairs so that she could rest and now he is the only one up eating, so this is going to be a lazy day for everyone it appears.


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