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Live Feed Updates-July 11-Day 27

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 11-Day 27

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    3:45 BBT

    Day and Tiffany in the backyard talking. (Flashback to this chat)

    Paul, Bronte, Nat, Bridgette talking in the kitchen.

    Michelle and Z on their way to bed.

    3:52 BBT

    Paul, Michelle, Corey, and Nicole now talking at the hammock. They're bringing Paul up to speed on trying to take out Frank next week. They're discussing who to put on the block to make sure Frank goes.

    Paul now bashing Frank and his jokes. Says his humor is rude and treats the girls bad. Bridgette's ankle is messed up because Frank fake body slammed her.


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      ( I'm going to add a few FLASHBACK times and convos from last night )

      8:56 PM BBT - Out Back Dinner ends... they are tipsy for sure.... especially Michelle and Bridgette


      9:04 PM BBT - Nicole, Michelle and Zakiyah have a "Frank sucks" dance in the Storage Room


      9:15 PM BBT – Paulie and James -

      Paulie tells James that he thinks the girls will just go after each other and they ( he and James ) can coast on through


      9:20 PM BBT - Frank and Bridgette have been talking ( some smack and some game ) .... Frank wants Bridgette to "throw up on Michelle" ... he also tells her that he want Corey out .. he thinks that Da'Vonne is "dangerous" and that she has a lot of influence over the others.

      Frank - I'm going to take a shot at Day or Corey next week
      Bridgette - I'm down with that

      Bridgette tells him she won't be the one to go after Da'Vonne.
      He tells her that he will get "one of the guys" to do it.

      Frank tells Bridgette that he thinks Michelle is "too complacent" and that she feels too safe.

      Bridgett says that Zakiyah is a "floater"

      Frank says he wants to keep Zakiyah around until the end because she will be "easy to beat"

      He also told her that he'd like to keep Bronte and Natalie around ... because "they are floaters and are easy to beat"


      9:35 PM BBT - Frank tells Bridgette that he won RoadKill ... and how he put her ( Bridgette ) up week one and this week he won and put Bronte up "because she's a strong competitor" ...

      She tells him "she ****ing knew it" and she thanks him for telling her.

      Bridgette tells him that the girls ( Natalie/Bronte ) don't trust him... but she does and they ( the girls ) won't go against her.

      Frank tells Bridgette that he might want Da'Vonne out before Paulie or Corey .. because he doesn't want Da'Vonne in jury.


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        10: 35 PM BBT - Michelle and Nicole peeking in on the guys practice for Zakiyah's lap dance.


        10:46 PM BBT - Paulie gives Zakiyah a lap dance



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          11:40 PM BBT – Paulie and Zakiyah

          They both agree that Tiffany goes home this week and that Frank goes next week. Then Bridgette.


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            2:15 AM BBT – Paul tells Bronte that he's sure that Tiffany is the target this week.. and that Frank is the target next week.

            He also tells her that Frank has won both Road Kill Comps and put nominated Bridgette and her (this week )


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              2:50 AM BBT - Nicole and Corey

              Corey - If we were to win ( HoH ) ... would I put up?
              Nicole - Natalie and Bronte

              Nicole - if you won Roadkill, would you put up Day?
              Corey - would you want me to?
              Nicole - yeah...
              Corey - I'm down with that

              Nicole tells Corey that she wants a F4 with Paulie and Zakiyah

              Nicole- I really like working with Paulie... he seems super honest.
              Corey- Paulie loves us a lot

              She says they would have to get out Da'Vonne soon to be able to do that ...

              Nicole asks if he will keep her until the Final 2...
              He says yes.... 1000%

              Nicole wonders if getting Tiffany out really is best for their game

              Corey says they'll see how things are tomorrow


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                3:40 AM BBT - Da'Vonne and Tiffany

                Tiffany asks if anyone has talked to Bridgette about what she's going to do ( with the PoV )

                Da'vonne - last time I checked she was gonna leave the noms the same

                Tiffany to Da'Vonne - so he (Frank) told you that he won the Roadkill?
                Da'Vonne - yeah
                Tiffany - did he tell anyone else?
                Da'Vonne- - I dunno

                Da'Vonne tells Tiffany that once Bronte goes home and Paul finds out it was Frank who put her up there, he's going to be pissed

                Da'Vonne to Tiffany- the only person that he (Frank) has is Bridgette.... and that won't last after I tell her about the Roadkill next week

                ( little does she know she's too late )

                Tiffany tells Da'Vonne that she's glad they have each other.

                Tiffany to Da'Vonne- I would never screw you over

                Da'Vonne tells her that she thinks that Zakiyah would drop her ( Da'Vonne ) over Paulie.. because she thinks their "showmance is real"

                Da'Vonne tells her that Zakiyah has a F3 deal with Paulie and Corey

                ( that's all I have time for now ... hope that helps )


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                  10:44 AM BBT

                  Only ones I see up are Bridgette, Natalie and Paulie. They are just chit chatting and then Nat leaves. Bridgette stresses a bit to Paulie wondering if this week will go as smooth as they want. Paul is up now. BB calls Bridgette to the DR. Paulie and Paul think maybe it's ceremony time, (doubt it since no one else is awake). Not much shaking this morning!


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                    10:50 AM BBT
                    For whatever reason, Paulie tells Natalie that Frank won the roadkill. He says he knows everyone was thinking it was him (Paulie) but it wasn't. Paulie says he is sure James was going to tell her when the time was right since Paulie figures they talk all the time. Natalie says they do talk but usually not about game stuff.

                    BB comes over the PA and announces it is an outdoor lockdown and to please close the sliding glass doors. (I was wrong!)


                    ** Now for the bad news. I have a dentist appointment and will be leaving shortly. Hopefully someone can jump in and let us know about the aftermath of the ceremony**


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                      11:48 BBT

                      (Just sitting down and turned on the feeds.)

                      HG's are in the kitchen and just started singing Happy Birthday to Zakiyah. We went to FISH while they sang (song is copywrited).


                      • crissykins
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                        Actually the copyright is over! It's free now and whatever company was claiming copyright is actually having to pay some entities back that has used it. Just an aside

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                      Here's the birthday girl.


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                        All Cam's on the kitchen group. They start singing Happy Birthday AGAIN, and we go to FISH.


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                          12:00 BBT All Cams

                          Nicole, Michelle, and Tiffany in the bedroom and Nicole complaining about James. Michelle says he was creepy last night, saying let's cuddle. She says he was in his underwear and she is not going to cuddle with him.

                          Nicole leaves, Da'Vonne comes in. Tiffany bringing up rude things Frank has been saying calling someone ****face. Michelle says in one ear out the other, I'm not going to let a 32 year old person bully me.

                          Tiffany asks if she should start campaigning now. Asks the two girls if she needed to. Michelle said she didn't think so.

                          Michelle and Da'vonne trying to sleep. Tiffany asking how James would vote. Michelle says I think James has your back.

                          Tiffany asks Michelle if she could find out from Frank who he is voting for.

                          Tiffany is talking about Audrey. Da'Vonne asked what advice she gave about her. Tiffany said Audrey said that you can be trusted. Da'Vonne says well I don't trust her. Da'Vonne explaining why from last season.

                          Michelle tells Tiffany, I don't think I would have worked with your sister, no offense, but she kept going from group to group, says Sorry Vanessa.

                          (No game talk here, talking about last season now.)


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                            (I'm going to try rebooting my feeds. I'll see something on a camera and go it and it goes back to the kitchen party so I'm not sure what is going on.)


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                              It's not your computer....I just turned them on and that is what it is doing to me as well.

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