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Live Feed Updates- July 12- Day28

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  • Live Feed Updates- July 12- Day28

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    4:23 AM BBT

    Paulie, and Corey in the backyard. Paul was there but headed in to bed. They're discussing who might work together to contest the showmance alliance. It's mainly Paulie and Corey talking game.

    Paul has come back out so they start talking about slop and sleeping in the bumper cars.
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      6:15 AM BBT

      All houseguests are in bed/sleeping.

      Paulie & Zakiyah in each other's arms:


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        7:55 AM BBT

        Cams 1 & 2

        Tiffany in the Storage Room changing batteries in her mic and braiding her hair.

        Cams 3 & 4

        Sleeping houseguests (have-not room).


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          7:58 AM BBT

          Cams 1 & 2

          Tiffany cleaning up the Kitchen. Appears she's the only one awake & up.


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            8:01 AM BBT

            Cams 1 & 2

            Frank comes in the Kitchen, rinses out a cup, pours some coffee and then leaves.


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              8:12 AM BBT

              "WE'LL BE RIGHT BACK" sign.

              (probably waking up houseguests)


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                8:15 AM BBT

                (guess they weren't waking them up or their attempt to didn't work )

                Cams 1 & 2

                Tiffany in Bathroom area by herself doing make-up.

                Cams 3 & 4

                Sleeping houseguests in the Have-Not Room.


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                  9:25am BBT

                  Cam 1 & 2
                  Tiff and James in Kitchen talking.

                  Tiff - is Frank working to get me out?
                  James - he's all over the place. He just feels people out. It was clear the last two weeks who was going out. But this week is not real specific. Honestly, I wouldn't mind Paul leaving because he's always on the block

                  Da runs through the kitchen and out.

                  James - I don't think anyone is going to tell you until the end. Maybe whoever won the road kill with probably try to get their person out.
                  Tiff - Frank won the BBRK,
                  James - I didn't know that.
                  Tiff - I thought it was common knowledge; he put up Bronte.
                  James - I must have been sleeping or something. For me - I am thinking out who's going up next week. If I win, who would I put up.
                  Tiff - I would protect you 100%; it would be in your best interest to keep me. I can help you in the comps.
                  James - I'm physical; I'm not mental at all.

                  They are whispering and I am missing part of the convo.

                  Tiff - I told you from day 1 that I wanted to work with you.
                  James - I know.


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                    9:15 BBT
                    Cam 1&2 - Cams 3&4 on HOH with no activity.

                    Tiff - I could be a strong player for you, for your personal game. It should not be other people running these comps,etc.

                    James - That's the feeling that I'm getting. this feeling people out I don't like. If he's the one that put you up (meaning Frank), then you should probably go (talk to Frank), then he probably has got.... (doesn't finish statement) Do you mean we are not working in the 8 group anymore?

                    Tiff - If he's the one that put me up, the do you think he's got the numbers to get me out you think?

                    James - maybe

                    Tiff - Have you talked to Paulie at all?

                    James - no, not about stuff like that.

                    Tiff - I don't know; but from what I know, I think most people are completely lying to me which makes no sense for Corey and Nic, Michelle, Nic; that's 4 votes right there.

                    James - why don't you talk to Corey & Nic and see where they are at because obviously they are going to vote to keep you. Victor was trying to get me know; he won BBRK and that's what I heard. So I decided to vote against him then.
                    Tiff - right


                    • #11

                      Tiff - I have Corey & Nic; Da and Michelle; that's four and I need one more.

                      James - so that means they are going to probably be voting for Bronte right?

                      Tiff - IDK, I thought you were in more of the "know" then I was.

                      James - No, I hang out with a lot of the guys but it's small talk game; it's not big talk game. Like targets and stuff, what are we doing next week, who do you want to put up? If you won BBRK, who would you put up? Who do you want to go home this week? We'll we will worry about it when it gets to that time.(that's the kinds of stuff he talks to with the guys). They know that I am just going to go with the majority so I'm good.

                      Tiff - good.

                      (I'm outta here - just updated a few minutes during my lunch time).


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                        Just went to fish so must be waking up the rest of the house.


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                          Frank is in the kitchen complaining that BB has closed the yard for about 3 days now and they can't do laundry. Apparently Bridgette had clothes in the washer and can't put them in the dryer. Paulie tells him that he did his laundry yesterday and got sheets washed. (So apparently it wasn't locked down all day huh Frank.) Bridgette is doing her blog right now and then she is going to be able to take HOH photos but they are locked down and can't use the backyard so Paulie thinks the pictures will look dumb.


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                            Frank and Bridgette going around the house taking photos of sleeping HG.
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                              Around 5 BBT Da, Mich & Nic in London room talking about keeping Tiffany, they realized the only one that wants her out is Frank. Caught a convo between James and Paulie earlier saying the same thing. Looks like Tiffany may stay and Bronte goes. Got broken up by Frank coming in


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