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Live Feed Updates-July 13-Day 29

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 13-Day 29

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    Quick catchup on what I heard when I got up this morning.

    Frank and Bridgette talked to Michelle about targetting Day and trying to get her on board. They told her that Nicole and Corey are on board.

    Michelle went straight to Day to tell her. Nicole walks in as Michelle is saying Frank told her Nicole is on board. They ask Nicole and Nicole denies and says she is pissed that her name was brought in to it. Nicole goes to get Corey. Tells him that Frank told Michelle everything including that they were on board. Tells Corey to deny, deny, deny. Meanwhile Day and Michelle are talking about Nicole's reaction and they don't believe she didn't know. They are suspicious of her. Nicole and Corey come back in and talk to Michelle and Day.

    Many of the others are in the kitchen and then in the safari room chit chatting.


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      6:12 AM BBT

      Cams 1 & 2

      Paul, Paulie & Michelle were talking in the Bathroom area. Paul saying he doesn't tell Bronte anything. He's not that stupid.

      Paulie talking about Cody and his crew stuck to their Final 5 in his season and made it to the end.

      Couldn't hear what Michelle was saying because she didn't have her mic on and sure enough BB puts her on blast and tells her to put her mic on and so she heads to bed.

      Paulie tells Paul if he ever needs a Veto played he's got him.

      Paulie says it's good that they're getting out a strong girl this week. Says it's a shame Frank messed it up so now he's got to go. Says they could have gotten 3 girls out in a row.

      Paul says for the most part they have level-headed people.

      (Now whispering real low and paper or something crumbling so hard to hear)

      Paul says something about someone laying around a lot (think he's talking about DaVonne).

      (Game talk continues. I'm not good at catching these whispering w/ noise conversations)

      Cams 3 & 4

      James in bed (I think the London room but not sure). He's talking to someone who is off camera, maybe Natalie. Says he feels like they are going to play music in like 3 hours (time for them to get up).

      She says they are. It's like 6:11. He tells BB to play some country music, a song called "Catfish Dinner".


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        6:25 AM BBT

        Cams 1 & 2

        Frank comes in to use the bathroom so game talk stops. Paul says they're going to sleep until 5pm. Paul & Paulie start talking about breakfast. Say they'll get up when the music goes off, eat breakfast and go back to bed. Paulie talks about what he's going to eat.

        Frank leaves.

        Paul & Paulie talking about going to bed. Paul says he's going to wash his face. Asks Paulie if he's going to stay up while he washes his face. Paulie says yes and Paul says he's got to go grab his towel real quick so now it's just Paulie laying there in the bathroom area by himself.


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          6:30 AM BBT

          Cams 1 & 2

          Paul comes back in and starts brushing his teeth. I guess the camera moved and Paul said (to BB), "Who's interested in watching me brush my teeth?"

          No talk now.


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            6:34 AM BBT

            Paul & Paulie head to bed. As they're walking through the Kitchen they start talking about not being able to wait for breakfast. Paulie says, "Breakfast M____ F**king sandwiches".

            Now all houseguests are in bed/sleeping.


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              8:50 AM BBT

              Cams 1&2
              Lights on. Bridgette & Bronte still in bed/sleeping

              Cams 3&4
              Paul & Paulie in kitchen making breakfast. Nicole walked by, looks like some are getting up and ready for the day.


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                9:30 AM BBT

                Paul, Paulie, Z & Day ate breakfast, all HG's are now back in bed sleeping


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                  12:45 BBT Cam 1

                  Corey was asked to be on the Bachelorette. He said it didn't work out for him to be on this season's with JoJo Fletcher. He said it was a good thing because she is a friend. She is in his friend group that all hangs out together.


                  • #10
                    Natalie asks him if he would do another TV show after this. He said, yes for sure. (Whatever they are saying keeps getting interrupted by FISH.)


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                      12:56 p.m. BBT
                      Corey is lying on the couch trying to stay awake but he is having a problem. Bronte is trying to finishing working on her hair. Natalie is also there, but no game talk is going on. Bridgette was up and wrapped her ankle and then went back to bed. No one else is moving around.

                      Sorry Lynette, didn't see you here. I'm out for a while.


                      • Lynette
                        Lynette commented
                        Editing a comment
                        That's fine. I just got home and sat down. Doesn't look like anything going on.

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                      Bronte blow drying and fixing her hair. Random talking. Bronte talks about watching Big Brother and seeing people getting it on in the HoH room. She said they would really be remembered after that.

                      Bronte interested in seeing how everyone is going to be in the Jury House.


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                        Bronte says she went to bed as the sun was getting up this morning. She was out there with Paul who was smoking. Natalie said she could never date a smoker. Bronte not a fan of smoking or biting nails. Those are turn offs. She says her mom was an ER nurse and told her about how dirty people's fingernails are.


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                          12:06 BBT
                          Cam 3


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                            Only activity going on right now is Corey/Natalie/Bronte in the bathroom area.

                            Corey talking about school, taking Spanish. He went to a private school. Natalie chose a private college school. She would have been lost and overwhelmed by going to a big University. Corey said his college (Texas A&M) has 50,000 students.

                            Bronte asks Natalie if she would trim her hair later. Natalie said she would be she is not a professional hairdresser. She does trim her own hair. Bronte says she was hoping there would be a hairdresser or a massuese in the house.

                            Natalie hopes she loses all the weight she has gained being in this house.

                            (I'm out for now.)


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