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Live Feed Updates-July 13-Day 29

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    Bridgette up making her bed.

    Guess she decided to lie back down again.


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      Bridgette sitting on her bed eating and drinking and watching the screen. Only thing to watch on the screen is Bronte putting on eye shadow. Nicole wakes up and comes in. Bronte says Good Morning. (Its 1:22 BBT) Natalie sitting and watching Bronte put on makeup. Nicole looking in the mirror. Frank comes in and is brushing his teeth.

      (Guess I didn't miss anything ALL day, lol, they are just getting up for the day.)


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        Frank and Corey eating cereal. Paulie walks through and leaves. Frank making coffee.

        (Really out now.)


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          5:34 p.m. Tiffany and Bronte in the skywalk and Bronte is worrying about having to make a speech tomorrow night. Tiff asks if she has block paranoia, which she described as thinking others are talking about you. Bronte says it's hard but you just have to hope for the best.


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            James and Frank

            Tokyo Bedroom 5:36 p.m. BBT

            Frank says if he’s team doesn’t win it needs to be Paulie.

            James – I’m thinking the girls should win. Is it too early to take out a guy?

            Frank is worried that Paulie and Zayikah are getting too close and that will make him a target eventually. He goes on to ask James what girl from their team should go home?

            James says maybe a vet should go home.

            Frank – who are you thinking? I know you’re not thinking Nicole.

            James – no. Maybe not. James continues to waffle and says is that what you are thinking? He is getting a bad vibe from Da and Frank is getting the same bad vibe. Frank says he can’t believe it but that is what he has been thinking as well.

            James – Are you talking about the same person I’m talking about?

            Frank – well, there’s only one other.

            James – from Big Sisters?

            Frank – Damn James, that is funny.

            James says he is down to do whatever the house wants to do. Maybe they shouldn’t take a big guy out this next week.

            Frank says he was thinking the same thing, but didn’t think anyone else was on board. He says that Bronte and Natalie aren’t big threats. James agrees that they won’t win much but opines that Da can’t win comps either. Frank says that she is an influencer.

            Frank – if Bronte and Natalie win, you and I aren’t going up. They are close with Bridgette and she has my back and Natalie has your back.

            James – Right. So we are kind of safe in that area.

            Frank – that’s the only question mark I have. I don’t think she (Da) will do it soon, but she’ll do it eventually. Frank says that he wasn’t sure if James and Da had something since they were on the same season.

            James – Dude, I voted her out on my season in the third week. She tried to get a sympathy vote and I’m still salty about that. She didn’t want me to vote for Meg. He continues to complain about her.

            Frank – she wants to make a big move. She wants to put up Corey and Paulie. That’s what she’s telling me.

            Franks says she told him she was there to play and wanted to do something big and that scares him, because she might do that this week but who knows what could happen the next couple of weeks.


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              James and Frank (cont.)

              They continue to circle back around and say that Bronte and Natalie will not put them up. James thinks if they put up Da people will say “Ah”, but they will be ok with it. He just wants to make sure they have the votes. He’s not sure about Nicole and Corey and where they are on this issue.

              Frank says that if Bronte and Natalie win they are going to put up boys. Bridgette told him that the (Spy) girls wanted to vote Paul out so they are going after boys.

              James – well it won’t be us.

              Frank – they are going after Paulie because they think that he won Roadkill and put Bronte up. (Bronte knows that if was Frank but James agrees with him).

              Frank says they need to win that comp. James asks who should win and Frank says he would prefer that it be James/himself/Nicole/Corey or Michelle.

              James asks if Bronte or Nicole would put Da up if they won.

              Frank thinks they are worried about sending girls home. He think they can influence Bronte and Natalie and they need their votes. They both agree and they agree they can get the Spy Girls to vote the way they want, and that the boys will roll with them (Corey and Paulie). Frank says they have to explain to Paulie that if he wins and puts Da up they will vote her out and then he can be closer to Z. They continue that Z can’t win the HOH because she wouldn’t put Da up. (She can’t because they are on the same team).

              Frank said that Paul wants to win, but he told him that he can’t win for his own sake because the house might want to put up Bronte and Natalie.

              Frank - we can win Roadkill and put Da up. He really doesn’t care if she goes up.

              James says that they can put her straight up because she can’t win veto but people will be scare of her wrath. James thinks the only one that would be mad would be Z.

              Frank says Da will throw the drama on if she’s on the block….so let’s win Roadkill or put her up as a backdoor.

              James tells Frank that he will probably win Roadkill since he’s won 2 out of 3.

              Frank – Bridgette is a good solider. She is trustworthy and will win if we ask her too.

              James asks if she is more with the guys than the girls and Frank says “YES”.

              They talk about her being a tomboy and not a girly girl.

              James says he will definitely try to win but they just want to make sure that Big Sister doesn’t win.

              Nicole walks through and that changes the talk to type of comps.


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                Earlier Da and Nicole were in the skywalk talking. I don't have the patience to try to listen to the entire conversation because of all the background noise from the kitchen downstairs, but Nicole then went to Corey complaining about Da and how comfortable she has been feeling. Meanwhile in the bathroom Michelle/Da/Z have been complaining about Nicole.
                Da tells them that Paul told Frank he wanted to win the next HOH comp and Frank told him to throw the comp because he doesn't want to get blood on his hand. Da tells them that's because if Paul wins she can't go on the block. They want Frank to go and Z says that Bridgette needs to go next. Michelle says she will go home in tenth place, and not even make it into the single digits. Z says that once Bridgette gets put on the block she will come to them about how she didn't know what was going on, but she sure that she was the queen of the house.
                In comes Paulie and that conversation ends.


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                  6:28 p.m. BBT

                  Frank tells Corey about his conversation with James about getting Da’Vonne out. Frank says he was shocked and couldn’t believe it but he’s on board with it.

                  Frank – I was worried about him being butt hurt but now that I know how he feels I’m ok.

                  Frank says Da is the only one he is worried about after Tiffany.

                  James wants to win and he knows he can’t put up Natalie and Bronte because they are on his team. Frank thinks he will throw it as long as Big Sister is not in the comp. They have the votes to evict Da for sure now.

                  Corey tells him that this week has been really weird. He has heard so many things. Frank asks him what and he says that his name has been thrown out there so much. He was worried that Bronte would win and put him and Paulie up. Corey wants to win so he knows he is safe.

                  Frank assures him that Natalie and Bronte want Paulie gone because they think he won Roadkill. Bridgette told him that. Frank says if they (either Frank or Corey’s team) can win, and hopefully James doesn’t, hopefully they can get Da out.

                  Corey keeps saying he doesn’t want to go home next week. Frank assures him he won’t. The only reason he might go up is that people are looking at him and Nicole as being very close, not a showmance, but close. Corey says that they aren’t that close. If Nicole goes on the block he won’t campaign for her and he doesn’t expect her to campaign for him. They don’t have that relationship.

                  Paulie comes in and Frank says that either Corey or Frank’s team needs to win. Paulie says he just wants another week of safety and leaves. Bridgette comes in.

                  Corey says again that it is weird in the house this week so he just wants to win HOH and take care of business. He wants his name to stay out of everything. He doesn’t know who might be lying so he wants to be safe.



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                    We are still on FISH more than 20 minutes later.


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                      Tiff/Paul/Z/Da studying in the bedroom for the next HOH which might be a memory comp. Paulie had been there with Tiff earlier as she was going over it. Nicole comes in as well to join the group by only stays for a short time.
                      Coincidentally Bronte and Natalie are also doing the same thing so maybe that’s why they had FISH for so long. They were showing the HG pictures.
                      They are trying to remember what the pictures were and who was in them. What they were wearing, colors, etc.
                      They talk about how confident and ****y Frank is. He didn't pay any attention. Tiff says that's because Paulie and Natalie were studying for him.


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                        Corey looks worried about the comp. He complains that Da was all up on those pictures and he wanted her to move out of the way. He says there are only two left on their team and he doesn’t want to be on slop again.
                        Frank says Paul is not going to win because all he is trying to do is remember the names. He is stuck on last week’s POV.
                        They talk about who they think will do good. They decided that the Spy Girls won’t do good.
                        Frank is very confident. He says he won it during his season.
                        Corey says if he isn’t sure he will just guess FALSE because that is what they did in high school.


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                          Nicole and Da are in the bathroom. Nicole tells Da that she didn’t stay in the bedroom while they were studying because she is afraid that they will confuse her. She doesn’t know if they are telling the truth when going over the pics.

                          She admits that she learned a few things that she was wrong about (i.e., ice cream was green, not blue). Z comes in and tells them she had to leave because Frank came in and told them he was going to do well on the comp.

                          Nicole also didn’t want to go over it with everyone because it might get back to Bronte and Natalie. Da said that they had gone upstairs with Bridgette to study. Nicole says that Bridgette probably has it down so she will help them out.

                          We switch to Michelle and Tiffany who are in the bedroom talking. Tiff asks Michelle to help her with her speech, but Michelle tells her to do her thing.

                          Back to Nicole and she tells Da and Z that she wants to take a shower and then study names with them.

                          They think that they are playing this comp so that no one can throw a comp any more. They are going to go hard until Frank and the Spy Girls (PowerPuff they say) are gone and then they can relax.

                          Apparently they will go over the pictures once again prior to the comp. Da says she feels confident in this comp. She is trying to visualize the pictures in her mind now.


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                            Meanwhile in HOH bedroom. Bridgette is called to the DR. Bronte and Natalie talk.

                            Bronte tells Nat that her goal for the week is for them to be safe. She doesn’t think Frank will send either of them home because of Bridg. She says that Frank has so many issues this week with Da/Z/Michelle. They agree that they just have to lie low and be nice to everyone this week.

                            They need to have the power next week and not listen to anyone. Paul told Natalie to distance herself from James, but they don’t think they have to.

                            Bronte says that Michelle knew Frank was talked about as a target and she ran her mouth and now she is in danger of going home…but then remembers that Michelle is on his team. Frank is smart she says, and she believes that he knows that they might be talking about getting him out.

                            Bronte – he is incredibility intelligent so he will go after a big one. They think that Bridgette will tell Frank that they (Spy Girls) are a team and will vote with him. They just need to make it one more week.

                            Bronte says she wishes she had watched more seasons because she had no idea that they might ask where hands are in the pictures. Bronte is worried if Michelle wins that they might go up on the block. Natalie says she is friends with Michelle so she thinks they are safe, but Bronte asks who would she put up? The team thing is messing this up.


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                              Paulie comes into the HN room with Corey and Nicole. He asks Corey if it’s true that Da wants to vote Paulie out. Corey says he is confused because Frank and Da have each come to him but they tell him different things.
                              Da comes in and the talk changes to studying for the comp. Now Tiff joins them.


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                                The camera moves as Nicole and Da leave and Nicole ends up in the British Bedroom where they are studying. She says that she wants to just have a break from the studying. Now she complains that Tiff won't give her a minute to herself. Tiff wants her to cross all the T's and dot the I's. She goes on to whine that Tiff stares at her while she is trying to sleep. She just needs 5 minutes to herself. If she wants to pray, she is right in there.


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