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Live Feed Updates-July 13-Day 29

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  • Shan
    1:05AM BBT
    it looks like everyone has actually gone to bed... wow
    all cams on BRs with sleeping HGs (well in bed anyways)

    ((will keep an ear out for a bit longer to see if everyone actually *is* down for the night))

    {{closing this and moving over to our new/next day thread as it seems all our hamsters are in fact in bed for the night/sleeping}}
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  • Shan
    12:56AM BBT
    bathroom group breaking up..all saying they are tired...going to bed

    only Paulie & Zakiyah left now

    Paulie saying they need to spend time with she doesnt feel like she's a 5th wheel with the two 'couples' (them and Nicole/Corey)"

    Zak wonders how Day is gonna feel after the vote they switched (to keep Tiff)

    Zak says she thinks if they tell her tomorrow like right before...she will do what needs to be done...

    Paulie says they can tell her they are voting Bronte out but want the votes to be 5-4 so that Frank can't know/figure out who flipped or whatever

    Zak says she thinks that she (Day) will be fine and will follow suit..will do it..

    Paul comes back in to use the bathroom and they say they are headed to bed..say good night... they head out and stop in kitchen and talk about Paulie needing to talk to 'him' (?? not sure who)

    they discuss what they need to do/say to others (not sure who exactly) about why they flipped (to keep Tiff and send Bronte out)

    both tell each other they trust each other's judgement..they head to bed

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  • Shan
    12:47AM BBT
    Cams 1/2
    still bathroom group (Tiff, Paul, Paulie, Michelle, Zakiyah)
    they've been going over/practicing/studying

    they are all talking about how tired they all are...need to/want to go to bed and wake up early and go back over stuff and see what they remember

    Cams 3/4
    have remained on HOH room sleepers

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  • Shan
    11:51PM BBT
    Cams 1/2
    bathroom Paul, Da'Vonne, Zakiyah & Paulie

    talking and laughing and kinda trashing Frank basically

    Cams 3/4
    sleepers in HOH room

    12:10AM BBT

    Cam 1/2
    have switched to sleepers in HOH room

    Cams 3/4
    have switched to kitchen Paulie, Paul & Zakiyah getting snacks..saying they are all going back to bathroom to hang out....

    cam switch again (geez they are making me dizzy LOL)

    Now 3/4 are back to HOH room

    1/2 back in bathroom
    Michelle has joined Zakiyah, Paulie & Paul snacking and chatting

    ((whyyyy snack/hang out in the bathroom??))

    Paul is telling them how Frank was telling him that Zak and Day *cannot* get he has to get it if it comes down to just them

    I think Michelle is about to shower

    ((moving on))


    12:26AM BBT
    Cams 1/2 still bathroom..Tiff has joined them

    talking about details in the pics they've been shown/need to know about for comp

    Cams 3/4
    HOH room sleepers

    ((keeping an ear/eye out for game talk...not much now...will post as I hear))

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  • Shan
    {{ youngest woke up and came in to tell me he wasnt feeling well... had to get him taken care of... let me go back and see what's what since I left off...}}

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  • Shan
    11:34PM BBT
    Cams 3/4
    Tokyo BR
    now it's Nicole & Frank

    talking about the pics for the comp

    Nic says she feels like everyone is telling her wrong things to throw her off

    Frank: really? like who??

    Nic says she don't know but like..Paul told her something about a shirt the wrong color

    more talk about what things they should be looking for/remembering in the pics

    Cams 1/2z
    bathroom Paulie, Zakiyah & Da'Vonne

    Paulie saying Frank is going to be in a position of one person against several

    Da'Vonne says if she wins she's throwing both Frank & Bridgette up right off

    Paulie talking about who is gonna stay/drop out ...if it's just like Frank left

    ((how do they think they can 'drop out' based on who's left in if it's in fact the type of comp it's expected to be??))

    Paule saying how bold Bridgette, Bronte & Natalie are being talking about who are they going after

    he says it almost makes him want to send Bronte home (so I guess they are not letting Day in on the plan??)

    He asks Day how she feels about the comp...she says she feels good about it

    back to Cams 3/4
    11:38PM BBT
    Frank & Nicole saying everyone seems to be going to bed...she's gonna go find Zakiyah and see what she's up to...because she's waiting too (to be called to DR for goodbye messages)..she leaves and in comes Paul to tal to Frank

    Paul asks Frank who needs to not win (HOH)

    Paul: like who do I need to beat

    Frank tells him to try to get to a point and then throw it to someone on his (Frank's) team or Team Freakzoids

    Paul: Freakazoids is who?

    Frank: Nicole and Corey

    Paul goes over the names of who is good (to let win it)

    Frank says if it comes down to it..he'd like to take it

    Paul asks who Frank would put up

    Frank: I know one person.... let's just say it's not you, Bronte or Natalie

    Paul: really? realllly? okay

    Frank: I got a target for the week..

    Paul: reallly??

    Frank: I dont want to reveal my cards too early but..

    Paul: no.., I respect that..interestingz

    Paul again goes over who to make sure he beats/lets have it (HOH)

    Frank: just know I got your back

    they fist bump and Paul gets up to leave...they say good night.. Frank gets up says he's gotta go to the bathroom

    which is where Paulie, Zakiyah and Da'Vonne are on Cams 1/2

    Paul and Frank come in there

    talk about who has/hasn't been called in to the DR to do their goodbye messages

    Cams 3/4 switch to HOH room
    sleeping Bridgette and Bronte (I think)

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  • Shan
    HN room group wonders who might be right outside the room and worried how well they can be heard...worry its Frank.. Corey leaves to go check and see if it is and/or how well they can be heard

    Cams 1/2 switch to Tokyo BR
    Frank & Corey in there talking

    Frank: we can't let 'them' (?) win tomorrow... you know I got you right?

    Corey: yeah

    Frank: alright

    Corey: You know I got you..

    Frank: yeah I'm not worried about that..we just can't let them win

    talk about 'she' (?? not sure who) is being so sketchy

    Corey tells him he doesnt know if 'she' is just trying to do something to split them up

    Corey says he just listens to see if his name is being put out there... why would they want him out

    Frank says just go in there and crush it tomorrow

    Frank: I's me, you, Nicole, Michelle, Paulie..against Day & Paul... Zakiyah's not going to win

    he says Day isn't going to perform well..says James' team is not going to win but if they did he thinks they are okay

    Frank says he hasn't really talked to Paulie yet about ..going after Day next week

    Corey: I havent said anything about it so..

    Corey says he trusts Paulie but it's not time to talk about stuff

    Frank says he trusts Paulie not to put himself or Corey up but doesnt trust his judgement about people

    He says he thinks everybody's just a little jittery... even he is...the night before Thursdays.. he thinks about who might put him up come Friday...that he thinks really only Day would put him up

    (((little does he know)))

    Corey says Day doesnt really talk about who *she* would put up..she more talks about who this one or that one would put up

    Frank: who would we put up next to her..that's what I've been trying to figure out...I mean..ideally, I hate to do it to the guy but ideally Paul would be best to put up there

    Corey: he dont care..he's said ten times to me 'put me up'

    say they feel bad for the guy..he's been up 3 weeks

    Corey says Paul likes it..he likes to do speeches

    talk about how you have to put people up that will compete hard and win (like POV) to keep the other one that they want to send home from winning

    Frank says he wishes Bridgette was playing in this week's (HOH comp) ... they say she's smart, she would kill it

    Paulie comes in ...tells them Paul is upstairs with Bronte... Frank asks if James is still upstairs with Natalie

    he says 'this girl is sh*tting her pants' (Tiffany)... talk about how she's been bugging them all week..waking them from sleeping ... (like to ask if she's good and stuff)

    talk about how they feel about the comp ...Paulie & Corey tell Frank they figure he must be confident and have it memorized because he kept walking away and not seeming to care (when everyone was looking at pics to study)

    Frank tells them his idea of how to do it...look at it...walk away...back to it, take it all it... etc How in his season they had it and he feels like he just knows what he needs to look for.

    they discuss different things in the pics

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  • Shan
    11:00PM BBT
    Cams 1/2
    London BR
    Michelle, Zakiyah, James & Da'Vonne

    talking about/studying the pics for comp

    Cams 3/4
    still HN room with Tiffany, Nicole, Corey & Paulie

    still talking about how great it's gonna be to basically blindside Frank, Bridgette, Bronte & Natalie by keeping Tiff and sending Bronte home

    talk about how c*cky Frank was...not really paying attention to the pics to study for comp

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  • Shan
    {{okay back but Flashback not working for me so gonna just jump in current}}

    Cams 1/2
    London BR
    Tiffany, Michelle & Da'Vonne

    sounds like just general chit chat ..Tiffany in a much better mood

    Cams 3/4
    HN room

    Corey, Paulie & Nicole
    talking about keeping Tiff... and when they are going to tell her ...(shes good/staying)

    Corey saying how many times he's had to tell her already this week that she's good

    Tiff comes in and she asks if they've been studying

    they say a little bit...but they say they were just talking about Frank too

    Tiff says he's been so rude ..they agree

    Paulie says Frank's face is going to be priceless

    Tiff: what when he gets put up?

    Paulie: yeah when he gets put up ..when you're still here

    Tiff: so he thinks I'm going?

    Paulie says yeah and that Frank is going to **** his pants when she's still there and she's playing in this type comp

    Tiff: Oh my God..that's hilarious

    Paulie: it's going to be epic...and then if you're the one that puts him on the blockz

    Tiff: oh I will

    Paulie: next to Bridgette

    they laugh

    Tiff: is that why Bronte looks so comfortable..because she thinks she's for sure staying

    Paulie: 100% the look on her face is going to be priceless...Natalie's face, Bridgette's face and Frank's face... it's going to be hilarious

    Paulie says it's going to be the look he was denied seeing on their faces when they were all tipped off that Jozea was going home

    they laugh and talk more about how Frank is going to be pissed and how great this is going to be

    ((oh please let this really happen!!))

    Tiff: you jerks didnt tell me this

    they tell her it's just Frank..they figured she would know that Frank would be trying to get her out anyway

    talk about how Frank thinks he's running the he thinks he's got all this the way he wants it... etc

    how he;s gonna be pissed and frazzled when Tiff is the one that stays

    Tiff says she's going to make her speech epic now...really elaborate..but not revealing anything

    they talk about how her speech should be she should say stuff like she believes she's staying and how Frank will be thinking 'wow shes saying all this and she's about to go out the door'

    the boys tell her she should look at Frank the whole time she's doing her speech she should say in her speech "Frank I want to go after you and Bridgette and the rest of the power puff girls"

    they continue talking about the speech and laughing about it

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  • Shan
    {{feeds keep freezing/loading..gonna reboot them and laptop if needed...BRB}}

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  • Shan
    Michelle continues saying it would be best to put up Brigette & Frank together because one of then is guaranteed to go home. That either one of them is no good without the other. She says Frank is "old" now (lol geez) and so who knows how good he'd even be at Veto.

    Paulie says as far as the comp..if it's down to just him & Frank he would try hard to win and that he trusts his memory as good as he trusts Tiffany's

    Nicole: that's not the sole reason to keep her...

    Mich: like Bronte's coming after you man...she wont go for another 3 to 4 weeks if we don't get rid of her now and Tiffany isnt gunning for you

    Paulie says yeah but Tiff could be freaked out easily if someone just whispers something to her Frank. (that they were on board with getting her out)

    Nic: yeah but we could just deny and say we worked our butts off to get you to stay in this house

    Nic says Tiff owes them if she says because she is going out the door as of right now

    Nic says Tiff can't be mad at them... if they get it flipped and they keep her

    Paulie: at the end of the day, if we keep her and she blows this comp then there's no reason to keep her

    Michelle says yeah but they can always get rid of her later...she'll be a target for when the Eight falls apart (ummmm.....hasnt that already happened?? LOL)

    Bronte comes in so that ends that

    the three act like they've been studying... talk about how tired they are..waiting to go to DR to do their goodbyes

    Bronte gets some stuff to go upstairs (she's sleeping up there)

    once Bronte leaves back to talk about future comps..Paulie saying the odds for Bronte winning are..

    Mich interrupts to say they are going to start being physical comps

    Paulie: she (Bronte) wont beat me in a physical or endurancezZ

    Mich: she lasted pretty long on that rocket..she fell off right before you

    Paulie: not long enough

    Mich: she might beat you on the wall

    Paulie: no she won't she's too tall and not enough muscle

    Mich: Natalie might

    Paulie: Natalie won't either

    Mich: do you know who won that comp in Frank's season?

    Paulie: who?

    Nic & Mich both say Danielle

    Paulie: that's fine..I'm not worried about any endurance comps or physical comps

    ((okay Mr Paulie....getting too ****y is not a good thing))

    Mich: I dont see why we dont just go with the original plan and get all those people out plus Frank and keep Tiffany

    Paulie: so we get Bronte out..Frank gets frazzled..tries to win the comp..goes after Tiffany again..if Tiffany wins, she'll send him home

    Mich: exactly

    Paulie: all it takes it just somebody to tip her off about anybody

    Mich: we'll just say it's another one of Frank's rumors

    Meanwhile on Cams 3/4 up in HOH room
    we have Nat & James snuggling

    talking about how they'll be woken up super early tomorrow ...what she's going to wear..James says he thinks they can dress up tomorrow. Nat says she's gonna dress super cute and he tells her not to dress too cute or she'll distract him

    she asks him how he thinks she'll do he says better than him probably

    back down on Cams 1/2
    9:57PM BBT

    Nic goes out and gets Corey to come in there

    the girls say they want to keep Tiff

    Corey says he knows..he;s good with that

    they talk about how they've been trying to get rid of Bronte for 3 it would frazzle Frank and others (keeping Tiff)

    they talk about votes they could have to keep Tiff ..there's four of them right about who could be the 5th

    Zakiyah comes in and they ask her (about keeping Tiff)

    Zak says she's with it if that's what they want to do

    they tell her they need to discuss that's what they about why it's best to keep Tiff... they dont want to be telling everybody

    talk about how they can't let Tiff get too far in the game though

    so these five (Michelle, Nicole, Corey, Paulie & Zakiyah) are *saying* this is what they should do....keep Tiff ... and how its gonna frazzle Frank and he's gonna be so pissed

    Paulie saying the five of the are all they need ..they only need five votes so they don't need to tell anyone else to get this done.

    They decide Bronte is going home tomorrow and they will keep it between themselves

    ((or will they??? lol))

    they are excited...they can't wait to see the faces

    they *say* they are gonna really do this...they aren't gonna let anyone know which of any of them voted like this

    talk about why it's so much better this way..keeping Tiff..putting Bronte out

    Paul comes in ....

    they stop the "keep Tiff" talk and say to him about how if any of them can win HOH ...put Frank & Bridgette up together right off... Paul is all about excited they all agree

    over on Cams 3/4
    bathroom Da'Vonne & Tiff talking
    10:05PM BBT

    ((I really wish Tiff would stop with the sunglasses makes her sketchy lookin and Vanessa lookin))

    Tiff saying it's whatever..nothing she can do at this point

    Da: you said you talked to everybody

    Tiff says yeah..just seems like we're all on the same side so it shouldnt even be an issue

    Tiff goes over who all she has talked to...

    She says she asked Paul and he said that Frank said Bronte is the one going

    Da: I would've thought he would've said you just to be a dick

    Tiff tells Da not to freak out

    Da says she isnt she's just trying to figure out what made him (Frank? I think) so comfortable

    Tiff tells Da she wants to give her some advice ..tells her not to act all suspicious (??? okay lol)

    Nic comes in and they ask where everyone is ..she tells them London BR and they ask if they're studying..Nic says they were but Paul came in

    Da says she is gonna go back there because she needs to study..asks if 'the ass' (Frank lol) is back there and Nic says Da leaves to go to London BR

    Tiff sitting with head down

    Nic asks if she's okay and Tiff says no, she is still freaking out...Nic tells her stop she's fine..she's going to be fine...

    Tiff: you promise?

    Nic: you have my back in this game 100%?

    Tiff: 200%

    Nic: yeah, I're're going to be fine

    Tiff says can you just imagine...she sees people talking and it freaks her out...she's a newbie never played BB so ...

    Nic tells her she's (Tiffany) gotta win that comp (HOH) tomorrow...and again that she's going to be fine

    Tiff says thanks for talking Nic tells her she wants her to rest well tonight and fight HARD for HOH

    briefly discuss something about a pic

    again Nic tells her not to worry she's good ...fight hard for the HOH comp tomorrow...Nic leaves

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  • Shan
    back to Cams 1/2
    Paulie has joined Nicole & Michelle

    talk about studying... Paulie says he will help Nicole study

    He says he is trying to stay away from people because it's "information overload" and he's already hearing people saying things wrong

    He says if Nat & Bridgette were to ask him info (about the pics they've been studying) he would give them the wrong info just to mess with them

    they decide to go into the London BR to study so no one can hear them

    when they get in there Michelle asks Paulie if he still thinks it's a good idea to send Tiffany home

    Paulie: I dont know I've thought about it

    Nic: she might be able to win this comp for us...

    Paulie: I dont know in the bathroom she was getting a little confused

    Nic: she might be trying to screw people up too though

    Nicole says she (Tiff) would for sure get out Frank

    Mich says Frank would then be confused for HOH...that he's not even studying right now

    she says she's fine with getting Tiff out the week after Frank

    Paulie: if we're able to
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  • Shan
    9:47PM BBT
    Cams 1/2
    Tokyo BR
    Nicole & Michelle
    talking about how it doesnt make sense (to send Tiff home I think)

    Michelle says best thing to do (next) is put Frank & Bridgette up together

    back to talking about how sending Tiff home doesnt make sense...

    Michelle saying the only person who would be upset (if Tiff was kept) would be Paulie...which they dont understand why

    Cams 3/4
    HOH Room
    Natalie, James & Bronte

    seems they are still doing more 'studying'

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  • Shan
    {{firing up feeds so will jump in here in a minute Thanks Ladycop!!}}

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  • Ladycop
    The groups continue to study for the comp so I am out for the night. Wish I could participate in this comp tomorrow night....I'm all studied out.

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