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Live Feed Updates-July 14-Day 30

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 14-Day 30

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    To catch up on overnight 'highlights' be sure to go back and read up HERE


    1:27AM BBT
    All cams
    sleeping HGs

    It seems all our little hamsters have turned in (relatively) early to rest up for tomorrow's big day

    {{and with that I'm out for the night as well }}


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      7:32 AM BBT

      Cams 1 & 2

      Sleeping houseguests.

      Cams 3 & 4

      Corey & James sitting at the Kitchen table. Talking about what time they're going to go to bed. Corey says he literally goes 72 hours without sleep sometimes. James asking because of working at the bar? Corey says because working at the bar and baseball. Corey starts talking about he loves his Adderall (drug used to treat narcolepsy and ADHD).


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        7:39 AM BBT

        James & Corey getting coffee. Sounds like it's Corey's first time drinking coffee. James sits back down and says he realizes someone left the milk out (gallon of milk sitting on the table). Corey says yeah but sits down anyway and mumbles about putting it away in a little bit. Now talking about different restaurants and food. James says when people first visit Texas he'll take them to Whataburger and the next day to Texas Roadhouse. Both talking about how great Whataburger is (I agree. They are delicious )


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          7:46 AM BBT

          Cams 3 & 4

          Now James & Corey talking about different universities and college sports. (no game talk)


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            7:54 AM BBT

            Corey's been talking about how it was in the works for him to go to Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA for 3 years but the week before he was suppose to go, a coach from Texas A&M offered him a spot there. Told him to be at the school at 9am the next morning. He told his parents and they were pissed. His dad took him anyway but didn't speak to him all the way there. After getting there and meeting the coach and seeing the school, his dad gave in and called his mom. His mom was crying. Corey says his mom was looking forward to going to Malibu to enjoy playing tennis, etc... there. Corey had to call Pepperdine and tell them he wasn't coming. He ended up going to Texas A&M.


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              8:00 AM BBT

              James talking about how he went to some college (missed which one) but he partied too much and got academic suspension and ended up loosing his scholarship.

              They continue to talk about college life, etc...

              Then we get the, "WE'LL BE RIGHT BACK" sign with no fish (I guess the fish are still sleeping ).

              (With that I'm out. If anyone could, please jump in and do some updates when there's something to update about. Thanks!)


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                10:30 AM BBT
                Cam 1

                Frank/Bridgette (Paul was there but left). They are on their own little island, oblivious to everyone talking about them in the other room.

                The rest of the group is in another room talking about them. They've got Frank's number.

                Corey did go in the HN room and tell Tiffany he's been with her all along and has her back, and she has nothing to worry about.


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                  Corey told the group he was going to go to hang out with Frank/Bridgette to do recon mission. He went in there and started talking about adderall. Camera left them. When it came back Bridgette grabs a magnifier and starts looking at Frank's face and saying I can do a facial with this. Pointing out Frank's blackheads. Corey leaves. No intel going on in there.


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                    10:52 BBT

                    Frank and Paulie in the bathroom. Frank goes over the pictures for the upcoming comp. Says I think me and you are gonna do good on this. Frank says he's got this upcoming comp in the bag.


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                      Bridgette getting ready to go in and shower. Frank says he is going to shower later. He is going to go get comfy on the couch.


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                        11:00 BBT

                        James/Natalie in bed. James just staring. Natalie sleeping. Can hear Bridgette showering.


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                          Paul can't wait to see their faces (Bridgette/Frank) when they see what is about to happen. (Bronte getting evicted, not Tiffany) Paul can't wait till they get that sinking feeling. Michelle says and drop a load in their pants. They call Bridgette Home Girl. They say its Home Girl's birthday. Take a seat, we got you a present. Michelle, now you can go celebrate your birthday with your family. Corey or Paulie says, just watch, she won't feel safe and she will go back on crutches. She's been skipping around here now with Frank.

                          Paul says if he wins HOH he is going to give them a show. Paul knows he is already under their skin and he is going to crank it up to a 12. Paulie thinks that Frank feels comfortable enough around him to drop out (of HOH comp).
                          Last edited by Lynette; 07-14-2016, 01:36 PM. Reason: Corey initially in the room, Paulie joined in at some point.


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                            11:15 AM BBT

                            Tiffany asks Paul to study with her a bit. Now Michelle and Tiffany studying together.

                            BB: Paulie, Please STOP singing.


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                              Nicole and Corey moved up to sleep in the HOH bed.

                              Went to FISH at 11:20 BBT.


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